Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 328 – Black Ice Talisman

Chapter 328 – Black Ice Talisman

Chapter 328 – Black Ice Talisman

The current in the deep pond was really strong. Jiang Chen was swimming towards the bright light, and the current became stronger the closer he got to the bright light. Jiang Chen guessed that the reason why this pond wasn’t frozen was related this bright light.

“Let’s see what exactly this item is. Even the Ice Demon King dares not get close to it.”

Jiang Chen swam like a dragon. After just a few twists, he reached the center of the strong current. Shockingly, what he found was a palm-sized talisman. The talisman looked like a crystal, and it was freezing cold. The bright lights Jiang Chen saw all came from this talisman.

The talisman looked like a very cold ice cube, and its appearance was very transparent and crystal like. This talisman was much, much colder than the glaciers outside. However, the water in the pond hadn’t been frozen by this extreme cold. Even with Jiang Chen’s vast experience, he could come up with no explanation for such an unusual phenomenon.

“I think the Ice Demon King was scared by this talisman. Let’s find out what’s so special about this talisman.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen stretched his arm out and grabbed the talisman.


Right as Jiang Chen’s palm touched the talisman, a sound was immediately heard from it, and a s.h.i.+ver ran down Jiang Chen’s spine. Without hesitating, Jiang Chen immediately let go of the talisman. His arm was covered with ice, it was completely frozen!

“It’s so cold! Much colder than Little Yu’s Nine Yin Meridians!”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but exclaim. He immediately circulated the True Dragon Flames onto his arm and got rid of the frost. Luckily, it was Jiang Chen who encountered this. If it was any other ordinary warrior, he would have become an ice cube by now.

The True Dragon Flame was a Divine Flame underneath the Heavens, it had the purest Yang energy and the mightiest force. Since Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, his body was becoming stronger with every pa.s.sing day, and his Qi and Blood was extremely rich as well. Therefore, he was able to withstand the talisman’s extreme cold.

The talisman was really cold, but Jiang Chen wouldn’t just let it slip out of his hand, because he knew that this talisman was the only weapon he could use to defeat the Ice Demon King, or at least escape from him. Jiang Chen didn’t want to be trapped in this world of glaciers.

Jiang Chen could only grab this talisman with the help of the True Dragon Flames. Only with an extremely high temperature would Jiang Chen be able to withstand the talisman’s extremely low temperature.

Jiang Chen once again stretched his palm forwards, only this time he covered it with the True Dragon Flame. The scorching flame was dancing around his palm like snakes.

Without hesitating, with incredible speed, Jiang Chen grabbed the talisman once again.


The talisman was pulsating even more violently now that before. Even with the True Dragon Flame, Jiang Chen could still feel the s.h.i.+vering cold coming from the talisman. But, he could now at least hold onto the talisman. Although it was still pulsating, attempting to escape from Jiang Chen’s palm, it couldn’t escape from his grip.

Jiang Chen pilled the talisman close to his face and looked at it in an examining manner. Countless runes were engraved onto the talisman on of the sides. The runes were incredibly mystical, and even Jiang Chen couldn’t recognize any of them.

“This talisman should be from the ancient era. The runes are so complicated, and I’ve never seen any of them before.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. This Island of Ice only appeared after he sliced the Heavens with his sword. Therefore, there would inevitably some mysterious objects here, objects that people in the Saint Origin realm had never seen before.

Jiang Chen flipped the talisman over and looked at its back. On top there were three twisted characters, 【玄冰符 – Black Ice Talisman】.

“So it’s called the Black Ice Talisman. I wonder if it can be used to deal with the Ice Demon King outside… I’ll give it a try.”

Right as Jiang Chen was about to swim upward, his soul energy suddenly found something at the bottom of the pond. With his soul energy, he could clearly see the appearance of the object, causing his expression to instantly change.

With that, Jiang Chen immediately started swimming toward the bottom of the pond. In the blink of an eye, he reached the bottom and saw a palm-sized copper plate.

Jiang Chen stretched out his arm and grabbed the copper plate. Feeling its nearly 1000 Jin weight and being able to see it clearly, it was pretty much exactly like the previous two copper plates Jiang Chen had found before this.

“Another copper plate? I have found two of them on this Island of Ice, what exactly are they used for?”

Jiang Chen had mixed feeling regarding the copper plates. When he was at the Blissful Island, the reason why he bought the first copper plate from that old man was because he felt it was quite heavy. But, since he had obtained another two of them on the Island of Ice, Jiang Chen felt there must be a secret hidden within these plates, and it was certainly a big secret.

“Looks like I need to keep these copper plates safe, I might be able to get something good out from them later on.”

Jiang Chen carefully stored the copper plate into his storage ring. After that, he brought the Black Ice Talisman and rushed out from the deep pond.


Jiang Chen rushed out from deep pond in an extremely formidable and imposing manner like a ferocious Flood Dragon, causing gigantic waves to surface from the deep pond. Jiang Chen stood in the skies above the water pond. When he looked down at the water pond, he was surprised to find out that the water pond had completely frozen.

“It really had something to do with this Black Ice Talisman.”

When Jiang Chen raised his head, he turned to the Ice Demon King. He saw the faceless Ice Demon King ‘staring’ at the Black Ice Talisman in his hand. If this Ice Demon King had eyes, Jiang Chen would be able to see a terrified look in them. Looking at the Ice Demon King’s trembling body, Jiang Chen could understand how the Ice Demon King was feeling right now.

Jiang Chen could feel the Ice Demon King’s fear toward the Black Ice Talisman. At the same time, he could else feel that this Ice Demon King relied on this talisman as well.


The Ice Demon King harshly roared out once again, but this time, its voice was much softer than before. Furthermore, its fury and irritation could no longer be sensed. It stood at the same spot as before, and it dared not take a step forward. The killing intent it was previously unleas.h.i.+ng at Jiang Chen was gone as well.

“Haha, looks like you’re really scared of this item… Goodbye!”

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. With the Black Ice Talisman in hand, he simply turned around and started flying in another direction.

Seeing this, the Ice Demon King became greatly frightened. Without hesitating, it immediately followed after Jiang Chen with incredible speed.


“What? You still have the courage to chase after me?”

Jiang Chen stopped and threw an angry glare at the Ice Demon King. At the same time, the Ice Demon King had stopped as well. It kept making noises and waving its hands, as if it was trying to tell Jiang Chen something.

“What are you trying to tell me?”

Jiang Chen asked with a frown on his face. He couldn’t understand the Ice Demons’ language. But, the Ice Demon King could understand what Jiang Chen was saying.

The Ice Demon continued waving its hands and making noises. After a few minutes of doing so, it finally realized that there was no way it could communicate with this human.

Soon after, as if having remembered something, it started sending out some sort of waves from its body. It was a kind of communication wave, similar to humans’ divine sense. It could be used to communicate with a human’s divine sense.

“I beg you, leaving behind that Black Ice Talisman, I’ll let you go if you do so.”

Finally, the Ice Demon King could perfectly express what it wanted to tell Jiang Chen. Most importantly, Jiang Chen could completely understand what it wanted to tell him with this method of communication.

“Impossible! If I throw this Black Ice Talisman away, you’re still going to kill me. Do you think I’m a three year old kid?”

Jiang Chen immediately rejected. What a joke, this Ice Demon King was a Late Combat Soul demon, if Jiang Chen really threw away the Black Ice Talisman in this environment, it would be no different from putting his own life in the hands of this Ice Demon King. Jiang Chen had not yet forgotten how formidable this Ice Demon King was, and he wouldn’t do so in the near future.

No matter how sincerely the Ice Demon King guaranteed his safety, Jiang Chen would never put his life in the hands of someone else.

“I swear in the name of Ice G.o.d, if you leave the Black Ice Talisman behind, I’ll never bother you again!”

The Ice Demon King continued, expressing its intentions.

When Jiang Chen saw how serious the Ice Demon King was, he finally realized how important this Black Ice Talisman was. Out of curiosity, he asked, “Tell me, what exactly is this Black Ice Talisman? If you don’t tell me the truth, not only will I not throw it away, I might just destroy it right here.”


Hearing Jiang Chen mention destroying the Black Ice Talisman, the Ice Demon King immediately cried out, “I too have no idea what the Black Ice Talisman exactly is, but it’s supporting the entire world of glaciers, and I was also born because of it! Without this Black Ice Talisman, my cultivation will never be able to progress further! One more thing, if the distance between me and this Black Ice Talisman is too large, I’ll lose the ability to hide my Demon Soul.”

After hearing this explanation, Jiang Chen was even more shocked. The way he looked at the Black Ice Talisman became even more unusual.

“What exactly is this miraculous item? Is it actually supporting this entire world of glaciers? And is it the thing giving birth to these Ice Demons?”

Jiang Chen was really shocked. He believed what the Ice Demon King said. If this Black Ice Talisman wasn’t important, there was no reason to beg Jiang Chen in this manner.

“If that’s the reason, why don’t you bring it with you?”

Jiang Chen enquired.

“I can’t, we’re all children of the Ice G.o.d, and that Black Ice Talisman is the symbol of the Ice G.o.d; it’s the supreme existence that none of us can insult! You too can’t take it as your own, that’s an insult to the Ice G.o.d!”

The Ice Demon King explained. In its eyes, just by holding the Black Ice Talisman, Jiang Chen had insulted the Ice G.o.d.

Jiang Chen finally understood everything. This Black Ice Talisman was something like a totem to the Ice Demons, it was the symbol of the ‘Ice G.o.d’.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and thought for a while. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he turned to the Ice Demon King and said with a smile on his face, “Ice Demon King, do you want to see what the outside world looks like?”

“The outside world?”

The Ice Demon King was startled. Although the other Ice Demons weren’t as intelligent, the Ice Demon King was a Late Combat Soul demon, and its intellect had completely developed. It had lived in this world of glaciers since it was born, so it had no idea what the outside world looked like.

“The outside world is a colorful place, the sceneries there are much prettier than in here. I can bring you out of here, to the outside world.”

Jiang Chen persuaded. If he could sooth this Ice Demon King and keep it by its side, it would definitely be a great weapon in the future.

“No way! If I leave this Black Ice Talisman, my cultivation will stop progressing!”

The Ice Demon King shook its head. From the way it talked, Jiang Chen could clearly feel that it wanted to see the outside world. But, because the environment was different, it was forced to stay back in this world of glaciers.