Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 3041 - Killed You Twice

Chapter 3041 - Killed You Twice

Chapter 3041 Killed You Twice

Youre such an arrogant guy, how dare you compete against me? Youre merely a minority in the Immortal World. Who you met back then was just my reincarnated soul, but now, you wont be able to fight against me. Those who decided to stand against me will come to a bad end. I would be able to remove the heart demon in my heart after I kill you, and broaden my vision and understanding of the Great Dao. Once I eliminate you, my heart demon will be removed as well.

Jun Tianchou glared at Jiang Chen silently, his eyes burned with resentment and determination. They had met once by coincidence and he was utterly defeated by Jiang Chen due to several reasons. Even though his reincarnated soul was considered invincible, he was still eventually knocked down by Jiang Chen. Undoubtedly, this guy used to be unbeatable in the Immortal World back then. However, he was not an unbeatable and unparalleled opponent in the Divine World.

Stop talking nonsense. Since I managed to kill you once, I can knock you down once again.

Jiang Chen howled in a low voice, and struck out aggressively. He had gained confidence after breaking through to the Hierarch Realm. He was fearless and was able to remain calm despite confronting a Late Hierarch Realm expert. Jiang Chen launched a series of terrifying attacks which was comparatively formidable. Even though there was not a tremendous change with regards to his strength, his Dao Essence was getting stronger and he was greatly impressed by the enormous growth.

Great. Youre going to die today!

AD Jun Tianchou did not feel surprised but was delighted. His face was slightly contorted, holding a green spear in his hand with an overbearing spirit. He did not expect to meet Jiang Chen in the Great Emperors tomb this time. That was the reason that he failed to make a breakthrough to the Divine Emperor realm, and Jiang Chen was the heart demon that had been bothering him all this time. He possessed the Nine Reincarnated Body but Jiang Chen had killed one of them. He had been suffering an indescribable pain and resentment over the years but he was determined to take his revenge on Jiang Chen. Obviously, there was a huge difference between Jiang Chen and Jun Tianchou in strength.

Jun Tianchous spear moved like a dragon, striking out arrogantly and shocking the world with overwhelming strength.

Jiang Chen did not show any fancy tricks, he struck out against Jun Tianchou with powerful blows. His mighty strong spirit was even comparable to ten experts, he soared high into the sky and surged toward Jun Tianchou rapidly. Their combat strength was extraordinary and irresistible. Each punch was earth-shattering and incredibly strong. Even though Jiang Chen was not able to exert his Dao at the moment, his Dao Essence that was collected previously led him to a continuous improvement in strength. Even those powerful experts who stayed in the same realm were no match for Jiang Chen at the moment. However, as a Hierarch Realm expert, Jun Tianchou struck out fearlessly and confidently with a domineering spirit.

Hey kid, I did not expect you to have such great improvement!

Jun Tianchou was not able to realize that from the beginning. However, he found out that Jiang Chens strength had undergone tremendous changes after battling against him head-on. It seemed like Jiang Chen could devastate the world with his bare hands. Although there were still some differences between him and a Half-step Divine Emperor Realm expert in strength, there was no doubt that he was a matchless opponent among the Hierarch Realm experts. Only those who had dealt with him would realize that his strength was devastating and overwhelming at the moment, an ordinary expert would not be able to defeat him easily. Someone even a.s.serted that his strength had nearly reached the Half-step Divine Emperor Realm. However, Jun Tianchou knew well that there was still a huge gap between him and the Half-step Divine Emperor Realm.

Jiang Chens strength is exceedingly terrifying.

Lan Luo was slightly startled. She did not expect an Early Hierarch Realm expert to have such a mighty strength. Even though she struggled hard and tried everything to defeat Jiang Chen, it seemed impossible for her to do so now. Even those Hierarch Realm experts would not be able to compete against Jiang Chens invincible and unparalleled spirit. Jun Tianchou was the Eight Reincarnated Hierarch Realm expert from the Jun family and she was astonished to find out that Jun Tianchou even inherited the ancient will of the Eight Reincarnated Hierarch Realm. He was supposed to be a Nine Reincarnated Divine Emperor Realm expert, but Jiang Chen took one of his lives previously. It sounded extremely overwhelming and stunning.

Even though the Eight Reincarnated Hierarch Realm was formidable, Tian Fangjun Family in the Central Region Divine Land was planning to turn Jun Tianchou into a Nine Reincarnated Divine Emperor Realm expert originally. They had failed to do so and Jun Tianchou lost one of his lives. It had become one of the biggest regrets of the Tian Fangjun family. However, Tian Fangjun Familys Eight Reincarnated Hierarch Realm was incredibly strong in the Central Region Divine Land. Even Lan Luo had to admit that she was no match for them.

AD On the other hand, the intense battle between Xue Liang and Xuanyuan Canglan was also astonis.h.i.+ng and thrilling. There was a noticeable improvement in Xue Liangs strength after receiving the Inheritance of the Immortal Execution Great Emperor. He gained the upper hand while fighting against Xuanyuan Canglan. Apparently, he had undergone a complete transformation.

Xuanyuan Canglan was astounded as Xue Liangs strength was undoubtedly stronger than him and he was completely constrained at the moment. He wondered what made him become so strong. He did not realize that Xue Liang had become the successor of the Immortal Execution Great Emperor.

Xuanyuan Canglan stepped backward constantly, he was in a pa.s.sive position at the moment. While Xue Liang exerted the might of the Heavenly Frost Sword perfectly without any constraint. With the Inheritance of Immortal Execution Great Emperor and the great progress in his strength, Xue Liang had finally won himself the recognition of the Heavenly Frost Sword.

Immortal Execution Sword Rain!

Xue Liang swept through the sky with his sword, it caused huge towering waves and terrible sword rain. In the Immortal Execution Sword Rain, Jun Tianchou couldnt help but take a glance at Xue Liang. The Sword rain was absolutely terrifying, even Xuanyuan Canglan had to escape from it rapidly. Confronting the oppression of Xue Liang, Xuanyuan Canglan was bound to exert his power to the limit.

Oh, did you just receive the inheritance of the Immortal Execution Great Emperor?

Xuanyuan Canglan said with great astonishment.

You realize it too late. Humph.


Xue Liangs face lit up with a smile.

You forced me to do this. RoarRoar

Xuanyuan Canglans eyes glittered with light. Since Xue Liang had gotten the inheritance of the Immortal Execution Great Emperor, he was determined to teach him a lesson. The Tao Tie was his ultimate weapon, he would be able to seize the inheritance of the Immortal Execution Great Emperor if he could swallow Xue Liang. Once he received the inheritance of the Immortal Execution Great Emperor, he would be unbeatable and matchless in the world. None of them would be able to compete against him anymore, neither could Jiang Chen nor the man with the green spear.

Xuanyuan Canglan showed his fangs eventually, having an intense battle with Xue Liangs Immortal Execution Sword Rain.

True Dragon Seal!

Jiang Chen stuck out a dreadful seal. The sky changed tremendously and the True Dragon Seal had undergone a great transformation. The overwhelming dragon shadow was soaring high into the sky.

Turbulent Divine Spear!

AD Jun Tianchou roared ferociously, his spear pierced through the dragons shadow and leapt to the sky swiftly. Jiang Chen turned his hand instantly, the Five Elements Divine Dragon Seal surged forward once again. The spear and the dragon merged together and terrible explosions occurred everywhere. Jun Tianchou and Jiang Chen were well-matched and neither of them could gain the upper hand at the moment.

So that is what you got?

Jun Tianchou said lightly.

The most interesting part of the show is yet to come.

A smile touched the corners of Jiang Chens lips, his eyes slightly narrowed. He exerted the dragon transformation once again, his strength was growing by leaps and bounds. His fists were as powerful as a mountain and his palm was moving skillfully. Jun Tianchou couldnt help but fight using all of his strength. Confronted with the continuous growth in Jiang Chens strength, he was bound to cast his capabilities to the fullest. Otherwise, his strength would be completely constrained by Jiang Chen and would never be able to turn things around.

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