Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 3040 - An Old Rival

Chapter 3040 - An Old Rival

Chapter 3040 An Old Rival

Xue Liang took the Sword of Solitude and the breath of the Immortal Execution Great Emperor disappeared in the void in the twinkling of an eye. He realized that the Immortal Execution Great Emperor was gone. He came and then was gone with the wind. The moment he looked down, the shadow on the Eight Diagrams Altar turned into quicksand and disappeared immediately. The Six Directions and Eight Desolates Formation slowly dispersed before turning to ashes.

He was gone. The Immortal Execution Great Emperor just left us.

Bing Yun murmured under her breath, her eyes were full of tears. She had treated the Immortal Execution Great Emperor like a parent. Even though there was no interaction between them, she felt grateful for what he did for her.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes slowly. The moment that Xue Liang and Jiang Chens gaze met, their glance was filled with will to fight. Both of them just smiled at each other. Even if they decided to fight against each other, it would be better to have it after they left this dangerous place. However, they realized that both of them had made a huge leap in strength. Xue Liang dared not to challenge Jiang Chen before he received the inheritance of the Immortal Execution Great Emperor.

Jiang Chen, youre awake! This is the Sword of Solitude, the Immortal Execution Great Emperor left you.

AD Xue Liang said.

The Immortal Execution Great Emperor is gone.

Jiang Chen said, nodding his head silently. The Ancient Great Emperor just faded away while the lonely overbearing shadow had turned into quicksand. Jiang Chen was holding the Sword of Solitude in his hand, he was the only person who could feel the loneliness that the Immortal Execution Great Emperor had experienced. The Great Emperor did not leave the Sword of Solitude to Jiang Chens rival, he was the one who owned it eventually. The Immortal Execution Great Emperor was used to loneliness his entire life, even his sword intent was full of solitude.

At the moment, the Eight Diagrams Altar had fallen apart and the Six Directions and Eight Desolates Formation disappeared in the void. They finally regained their freedom.

Lets find Xuanyuan Canglan!

Xue Liang looked gloomy at the moment, and said in a low voice.

Jiang Chen and the others moved forward swiftly and found Xuanyuan Canglan. A person who was holding a green spear caught their eyes.

Oh you guys managed to survive that. It seems like you guys have such good luck.

AD Canglan Xuanyuan struck out a strong blow and defeated the man with a green spear then said with a gloomy smile.

The man with the green spear looked back instantly and his face was contorted. Even Jiang Chen looked dignified at the same time.

The moment their eyes met, it felt like travelling back in time. It was not about a priceless friends.h.i.+p but a strong determination to fight to the death.

Its you! I didnt expect to meet you again.

The man with the green spear said coldly and glared directly at Jiang Chen. His eyes were filled with terrifying killing intent.

I never thought of it. But that is only part of you, it seems like you are quite competent to exert such a formidable trick in the Immortal World.

Jiang Chen said lightly. At first glance, he was slightly astonished to meet this guy again in the Immortal World. They recalled those grudges and resentment between them. Jiang Chen could hardly believe that this guy was Jun Tianchou who was killed by him in the Saint Origin World previously!

Thats merely part of my body, but I will make you pay for the price today.

AD I would have broken through to the Divine Emperor Realm long ago without you.

Jun Tianchou and Jiang Chen glared at each other furiously. None of the people present expected that they were old rivals. However, Jun Tianchou was slightly superior to Xuanyuan Canglan in strength. Hence, Xuanyuan Canglan was not able to gain the upper hand over Jun Tianchou even though he struggled hard to do so.

Youre out of luck to meet me again.

Jiang Chen said.

You have good fortune too. It is our fate to meet again in this vast Divine World. Hahaha. That means I am destined to kill you in order to vent my anger and resentment.

Jun Tianchou was full of killing intent, he was getting more agitated and was in towering rage. It was a humiliation of his life. Part of his Nine Revolution Golden Body was destroyed and he was not able to break through to the next realm but stayed in the Hierarch Realm for a long time. Or else, he would have advanced to the Divine Emperor Realm long ago, or even a higher stage. He would never forget what Jiang Chen had done to him.

Lets see if youre capable of doing so. Since I was able to defeat you once, I will also be able to kill you this time.

Jiang Chen said confidently.


Hahaha. Youre ridiculous. Do you really think that you are capable of fighting against me? You look foolish and funny. I will send you to heaven today, you should just blame yourself for your ignorance and foolishness.

Jun Tianchou said coldly. Jiang Chen was merely an Early Hierarch Realm expert, it was not a difficult thing for him to take his life.

Do you still remember how you got killed back then?

Jiang Chen said softly and stood with his arms folded. Jun Tianchous face turned ghastly pale at the moment. This guy was way too overconfident and arrogant.

Youre going to die soon.

Jun Tianchou took a step forward and a terrible kind of spirit spread over the sky. It was completely different from the spirit of the Scarlet Flame, The Enlightened and Xuanyuan Canglan. Even though they were of the same realm, Jun Tianchou was relatively strong in strength when compared to those two. That was the reason Xuanyuan Canglan was unable to resist his attack.

My enemys enemy is my friend, how about making an alliance with me?

Xuanyuan Canglan took a glance at Jun Tianchou, and said smilingly.


Even though Jun Tianchou looked arrogant and never a.s.sociated himself with others, it sounded good to gain a helper for free. He would have enough time to kill him after he killed Jiang Chen.


It seems like they are going to challenge you, Jiang Chen.

Xue Liang said and glanced at Jiang Chen.

Lets fight then. Only the winner has the right to speak.

A smile was plastered on Jiang Chens face.

Oh, it seems like you just broke through to the Hierarch Realm. No wonder youre acting so arrogant. So you managed to make a breakthrough as well?

Xuanyuan Canglan fixed his eyes on Xue Liang. He realized that Xue Liangs strength was slightly superior to his strength. Surprisingly, Xue Liang had reached the Late Hierarch Realm at this moment. Xuanyuan Canglan looked dignified. He had to act cautiously after finding out that Xue Liang made huge improvements within a short period of time. It seemed like he had to deal with him with a stronger trick.

I will deal with Xuanyuan Canglan. That guy, I will leave it to you.

AD Xue Liang said. He was determined to fight to the death with Xuanyuan Canglan previously. His strength had grown by leaps and bounds after receiving the inheritance of the Great Emperor. He wasnt sany weaker to Xuanyuan Canglan at the moment. He would be ashamed to call himself the successor of the Immortal Execution Great Emperor if he failed to defeat this guy.


Jiang Chen nodded his head and glared at Jun Tianchou with sharp eyes. Since he managed to defeat him once, he was confident to knock him down once again.

I hope youre not going to collapse on the first blow, just like what you did before.

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