Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 3042 - Nine Reincarnated Golden Body

Chapter 3042 - Nine Reincarnated Golden Body

Chapter 3042 Nine Reincarnated Golden Body

Jun Tianchou never thought Jiang Chen was a tough opponent. He was after all three realms above Jiang Chen but he could hardly defeat him. It made Jun Tianchou feel depressed and frustrated.

Three Thousand Flames Divine Seal!

The Divine Flames transformed once again and turned into three thousand dragons, and flew through the air, rus.h.i.+ng at Jun Tianchou. Jun Tianchou stood firmly with the spear pointing to the sky. The attack Jun Tianchou to take a few steps backward. Jiang Chen was holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand, he was in hot pursuit of Jun Tianchou, watching for an opportunity to defeat him.

Hey kid, youre really trying my patience. I am not going to give you any chance.

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Anger was welling up in Jun Tianchou. This situation was undoubtedly a great shame and disgrace to him. He thought he could kill Jiang Chen easily but he was forced to back away instead.


Heavenly Overlord Divine Spear! Supreme Divine Light!

The green spear in Jun Tianchous hand transformed. It then struck out aggressively and devastated millions of stars in the night sky. The shadow of the spear blotted out the sky and covered the earth. That kind of Divine Strength forced Jiang Chen to fight to the utmost of his strength.

Limitless Sword, the Tenth Sword!

Jiang Chen swept through the sky with his sword. The power of the Tenth Sword swiftly turned the Divine Light on Jun Tianchou to nothing. However, Jun Tianchou launched a counterattack immediately.

Jun Tianchou was impressed by the dreadful Limitless Sword once again. But the might of his Heavenly Overlord Divine Spear was irresistible, it could fight the invincible Divine Strength of the Tenth Sword. Even Lan Luo and the others were staring at them in astonishment. Jiang Chen had proved his strength and capabilities once again as he was dealing with a real Hierarch Realm strong expert, the Eight Reincarnated Hierarch from Tian Fangjuns Family in the Middle Region Divine Land.

The Eight Reincarnated Hierarch should have been a Nine Reincarnated Divine Emperor expert; it was a pity that Jiang Chen took one of his lives. There was no doubt that those Eight Reincarnated Hierarchs from the Jun Family were incredibly formidable.

Lan Luo believed that it would be a great pleasure to Jiang Chen if he defeated the Eight Reincarnated Hierarch, Jun Tianchou.

The battle between Jiang Chen and Jun Tianchou was considerably intense. Both of them refused to compromise or yield. A series of terrifying shock waves came in succession, it was confusing and dazzling. However, they were not willing to stop the battle at the moment.

Jiang Chen was changing from defense to offence constantly, he was determined to have a life-and-death battle against Jun Tianchou. After all, Jiang Chen used to be constrained by Jun Tianchou. Jiang Chen exerted the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique again; his spirit was comparable with Jun Tianchou. Apparently, his battle strength eventually reached the top of the Hierarch Realm.

Jun Tianchou was in a towering rage but he could not do anything about the situation. How dare an despicable Early Hierarch challenge him and try to stand on an equal footing with him? He wondered what made him become strong and unbeatable.

Obviously, Jiang Chens spirit was comparatively stronger than Jun Tianchous. Even though Jiang Chen had not benefited a lot from the Great Emperors Dao Essence, his spirit still towered over all living beings at the moment. None of them was comparable with him. Jiang Chens aggressiveness had backed Jun Tianchou into the corner. Jiang Chen looked completely different after casting the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique and he was unwilling to give Jun Tianchou a breathing s.p.a.ce during the battle.

The Sword Soul of the Heavenly Dragon Sword had been awakened and it rose at the moment. The Sword Soul now accompanied the Limitless Sword. Jun Tianchou was moving cautiously while resisting the attacks. Dealing with the violent and rapid offensive of Jiang Chen, it seemed like he would soon be exhausted and collapse. Even though there were huge differences between their prowess, Jun Tianchous strength was completely constrained. The scene was absolutely unbelievable and astounding. Even Jun Tianchou looked anxious and gloomy at the moment. His clone was killed by Jiang Chen in those days, so he was now different from how he used to be. Jiang Chen cut across the entire Hierarch Realm boundaries and managed to compete against him. It was truly incredible and impressive.

Jun Tianchou was unable to contain his anger. He knew well that he did not have much opportunity. He would be placed in a difficult position if he was under Jiang Chens suppression. He had to seize an opportunity in order to make a turnaround. Jun Tianchou swore this was undoubtedly the worst battle for him.

Jiang Chen was filled with sword intent, travelling through the sky freely and the overbearing sword Qi was completely shown at the moment. The pressure of Dao of Heavenly Domination and the dominating sword intent had driven Jun Tianchou to desperation.

The Limitless Sword was moving swiftly and skillfully, while the extraordinarily strong spirit leapt to the sky directly. Jun Tianchou realized that there was not enough time. Under Jiang Chens irresistible and formidable suppression, Jun Tianchou couldnt help howling ferociously. His eyes blazed with fury and were about to explode.

Jiang Chen, I am going to cut you to pieces! Eight Reverends, gather! The reincarnation of the Heavenly Will! Nine Reincarnated Golden Body!


Jun Tianchou turned his spear, eight shadows a.s.sembled together. This was the most formidable trick of his, Nine Reincarnated Golden Body. Jun Tianchou had inherited the Ancient Will and he thought he could reach the Divine Emperor Realm once he gathered the Nine Reincarnated Body. Unfortunately, he did not expect Jiang Chen to kill one of them. Even so, his strength should not be underestimated. His power was still devastating even though he lost one of the Nine Reincarnated Golden Body.

Oh, that looks great!

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and his face turned gloomy. Jiang Chen realized that Jun Tianchous strength was greatly enhanced and he could feel great pressure on him. The Nine Reincarnated Golden Body was truly terrifying; it enabled Jun Tianchous strength to grow by leaps and bounds. The moment that Jiang Chen and Jun Tianchou met again, Jiang Chen was forced into a pa.s.sive position.

This guy is a tough rival.

Jiang Chen knitted his brows together. He summoned the Sword of Solitude, seven Heavenly Dragon Knights and Twelve Fire G.o.d Guards at once. He was going to find out how strong the Nine Reincarnated Golden Body was by exerting the Little Ashura Sword Formation.

Are you going to run away from me? I am afraid that you dont have the chance anymore.

Jun Tianchou said with a cold smile. The Heavenly Dragon Knights and Twelve Fire G.o.d Guards were getting in the way of Jun Tianchou. While the twelve Fire G.o.d Guards were almost exterminated by Jun Tianchou in the blink of an eye. At the moment, Jiang Chen looked extremely cold and gloomy. He had to form the Ashura Sword Formation in order to hit a death blow to Jun Tianchou. However, it was not easy to launch the Ashura Sword Formation immediately. Exerting the Ashura Sword Formation was definitely a drain on Jiang Chens strength.

After casting the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, half of the Divine Origin Strength in his body was exhausted and it would become a heavy burden on him to exert the Ashura Sword Formation. However, this was probably the only way to knock him down!

Lets see if you could get away from me.

Jun Tianchou struck out in succession. Although the Heavenly Dragon Knights were extraordinarily formidable, they could hardly resist Jun Tianchous terrible attack. Among the twelve Fire G.o.d Guards, four of them were killed instantly. That kind of matchless and unbeatable spirit was absolutely suffocating and oppressive.

It seems like Jun Tianchou is really outraged to exert the Nine Reincarnated Golden Body. It was rumored that he could resist a killing blow from a Half-step Divine Emperor with the Nine Reincarnated Golden Body and get away in a whole shed. It proves that the strength of the Nine Reincarnated Golden Body was incredible and stunning.

Lan Luo said in a low voice. Jiang Chen had fallen into a pa.s.sive position and lost the initiative to fight.

Is it true that he is an incredibly formidable strong expert?

Qian Renji said with a worried face.