Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 184 – Powerful Cooperation

Chapter 184 – Powerful Cooperation

Chapter 184 – Powerful Cooperation

Facing the angry looks of despise, Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders’ faces turned purple. If a crack appeared on the floor right in front of them, they would jump in without any hesitation.

This was too humiliating, it was so shameful that they wanted to commit suicide.

After living for so long, they ended up being fooled by a young man and a dog in such a horrible manner. This incident was an insult that could definitely never be forgotten by the three of them. From now on, these three men had lost all their face in the Green Sanctuary Sect.

“Sect Chief, please punish me, I am the one who brought Firethorn Savage here, it had nothing to do with those two.”

Liu Hong gnashed his teeth as he spoke. At this critical point, he was still able to shoulder all of the responsibility. This had given the other two old men a really n.o.ble impression of him.

“Sect Chief, when that young man took out the golden egg, the two of us were at the scene as well, so the responsibility should not only be shouldered by Sect Elder Liu Hong. We have eyes, but we failed to see, we couldn’t tell that the golden egg carried a baby Firethorn Savage, that’s why the young man was able to fool us so easily.”

Another Sect Elder jumped into the conversation and explained what happened, but his words had attracted a scolding from Qing Styx. Even Liu Hong and the other old man stared at him angrily; d.a.m.n it, old fool, if you don’t know how to talk, just shut your mouth!

“d.a.m.n it, so you’re implying that I too have eyes but failed to see, and could not tell the origin of that golden egg, right? I felt a familiar energy from that golden egg, but I was deceived by your words, that’s why I didn’t bother checking further!”

Qing Styx shouted out loudly, causing the old man to become covered in cold sweat. Only now did he realize that his words were not appropriate, because Qing Styx himself also failed to tell that the golden egg was Firethorn Savage’s baby. So, when he said he had eyes but failed to see, it implied that Qing Styx was the same as them.

Liu Hong and the other old men inwardly sighed. It looked like this old fool not only had eyes but failed to see, he was also very ignorant. It really was a miracle that he could live to such an age, and even become a Divine Core warrior.

“I’m sorry, Sect Chief, that’s not what I meant.”

The old man wiped the sweat off his forehead and hurriedly tried explaining.

“That’s enough, this incident is not entirely your fault, the main culprit is that young man.”

Qing Styx waved his hand.

When the young man in white and the big yellow dog were mentioned, Liu Hong and the other two old men immediately became enraged. The flames of fury in their eyes could literally burn the air in front of them.

“Sect Chief, I don’t think that young man has fled too far away! I’ll capture him and bring him back here.”

Liu Hong said in a vicious manner.

“Fine, I’ll give you the opportunity to redeem your mistake. Get that young man back here, I want him to bear all the losses of the Green Sanctuary Sect! That dog as well!”

Qing Styx felt immense anger. As one of the biggest sects in the Qian Province, the Green Sanctuary Sect was a majestic and well respected sect, never once had anything like this happened before. They had suffered greatly today, and their foundation had almost been shaken. If they didn’t find and catch the main culprit, all of the Green Sanctuary Sect’s face would disappear, and they would have a hard time continuing to stay in power.


Liu Hong and the other two old men immediately stood up from where they knelt down. This was their only opportunity to redeem their mistake. No matter what, they had to captured that young man and dog. Chopping both of them into pieces was the only way to soothe their anger.

“Sect Chief, Firethorn Savage has turned his hatred towards us, and he’s even forbidding anyone from our sect entry to Misty Mountain. This will cause us to lose an excellent training ground for the lower rank disciples.”

After the three old men left the hall, one of the Sect Elders spoke.

“That’s right, Sect Chief, it will be a great loss for us if we aren’t allow to enter Misty Mountain. Because of today’s events, Firethorn Savage holds a grudge towards us and considers us as his worst enemies. I do not believe that the lower rank disciples will be able to enter Misty Mountain anymore. ”

Another Sect Elder worriedly said.

“Hmph! Nothing to worry about, I won’t allow the resources in Misty Mountain to go to waste! Besides, this is our best chance to rule Misty Mountain completely!”

Qing Styx snorted, and a sneer emerged on his face.

“Does Sect Chief have any ideas?”

All the Sect Elders felt delighted.

“That’s right. During the fight just now, Firethorn Savage burnt his life-force in exchange for a surge in his energy. Not long after having done that, he will enter a weakened state. During that period, the powerful Firethorn Savage won’t be so frightening, he will no longer be a fierce tiger, but a tame sheep. However, since I too suffered injuries from the fight, I’ll need two days to recover. Once my strength returns, I’ll personally go to Misty Mountain and kill Firethorn Savage. Its demon soul and child are both priceless treasures, if I can get both of them, I might be able to break through the bottleneck that has kept me from breaking into the Combat Soul realm for more than ten years.

Qing Styx kept laughing grimly as he fantasized about his plan.

“Perfect, this is perfect, this is indeed the best chance to kill Firethorn Savage! If Sect Chief is able to break through to the Combat Soul realm, you will be the first Combat Soul warrior in the Qian Province! At that point of time, we’ll be able to wipe out all other sects in Qian Province and rule it all by ourselves! After that, the Qian Province will be like the other big provinces that get their attention from the Martial Saint Dynasty!”

“That’s right, the Qian Province is one of the lowest ranked provinces in the Eastern Continent, there isn’t even a single Combat Soul warrior here, that’s why we are being neglected by the Martial Saint Dynasty. Once Sect Chief breaks through to the Combat Soul realm, the Martial Saint Dynasty will surely pay great attention to a Combat Soul warrior!”

Hearing that Qing Styx would be able to break through to the Combat Soul realm, all Sect Elders rejoiced with unrestrained excitement. They had begun picturing the future of the Green Sanctuary Sect within their minds.

If all the Divine Core warriors from Green Sanctuary Sect combined forces and snuck into Misty Mountain, and waited until the weakened state of Firethorn Savage arrived and struck, they would definitely be able kill him, and even Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to stop them. If that was the case, all of their dreams would really come true.

Too bad, Firethorn Savage had just left the place, and no one dared to enter Misty Mountain right now. They could only wait for their Sect Chief to recover. However, what they didn’t know was that someone had already beat them to it.

In the center of Misty Mountain, Firethorn Savage carefully placed the golden egg back into the cave. After that, he walked out from it and laid back down where he usually slept. From his look, one could easily tell how tired he was. His eyes had dulled, and in the time of a few breaths, he had already entered a deep slumber. He didn’t notice that not to far away from him were man and a dog concealing themselves/hiding..

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were still laying in the same spot in the middle of the mountain. They stared at the sleeping Firethorn Savage without even blinking their eyes. Right now, the Firethorn Savage’s body still emitted a blood red light. This meant that the true weakened state had still not arrived.

Jiang Chen had extraordinary patience. He had waited for a few days, and he didn’t mind waiting a bit more. There was no way for them to strike right now, the weakened state had yet to arrive, and Firethorn Savage was even stronger than he usually was. If they struck now, it would be the same as committing suicide.

“I estimate it will take less than an hour before his weakened state arrives.”

Big Yellow said.

“That’s right. Let’s just keep waiting until his weakened state comes, then we’ll strike at once and kill him.”

The reason why Jiang Chen had come to Misty Mountain was for this moment. With the ‘help’ from the Green Sanctuary Sect, Jiang Chen had finally achieved his goal in the shortest period of time possible.

An hour later, the blood red light covering Firethorn Savage had completely disappeared. Even the golden color on his body had faded away. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow could both tell that the Firethorn Savage was extremely fatigued, and the energy of his source had become extremely weak as well.

“Firethorn Savage has entered his weakened state.”

Big Yellow’s eyes lit up. Firethorn Savage had just entered his weakest possible state. Firethorn Savage was in such a bad condition that he couldn’t even utilize more than one percent of his full power, he was extremely weakened. He could easily be defeated by any Early Divine Core warrior now.

Jiang Chen strengthened his spirit. The final moment was here, and his expression became serious. There was a saying that a dead camel was still bigger than a living horse; so even if the Firethorn Savage had entered a weakened state, he still couldn’t be underestimated.

“Big Yellow, you’ll walk up to Firethorn Savage and attack him upfront while I go launch a sneak attack from behind. Let’s try our best to kill him with a single strike and give him no opportunity to counterattack. I don’t know what other powerful abilities he might have.”

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and spoke word by word. He had always planned ahead and covered all bases before striking. He didn’t allow any accidents to happen. Although Firethorn Savage had entered a weakened state, a demon beast like him might still have some earth-shattering skill he could use if his life was threatened.

Therefore, Jiang Chen didn’t even want Firethorn Savage to have the chance to fight for his life; Jiang Chen wanted to kill him with a single blow.


Big Yellow’s face was filled with excitement. A bright golden light covered his body, and in an instant, he dashed out with lightning speed. Some mystical symbols instantly appeared on his steel-like head as he rammed towards Firethorn Savage’s head.


Firethorn Savage who was currently slumbering suddenly opened his eyes. An extreme feeling of danger arose in his heart; he never expected that there would be such a huge risk hiding right beside him.

But too bad, Big Yellow was simply too fast. It was as fast as a lightning strike. Even though Firethorn Savage was able to respond at the critical time, he still couldn’t dodge Big Yellow’s attack.


Big Yellow’s head rammed right onto Firethorn Savage’s head. Because he wasn’t really defending himself, Firethorn Savage who was in his weakest state had no way of withstanding Big Yellow’s powerful slam.

This was also because Big Yellow’s head was something that could even shatter a mid-ranked combat weapon.

Firethorn Savage’s huge body was sent flying backwards in a straight line. At the same time, he let a horrible cry out towards the skies. His huge head had a big b.l.o.o.d.y hole which was caused by Big Yellow’s fierce attack. Blood and brain could be seen leaking from the hole; it was a deadly wound.

Big Yellow’s head is his invincible weapon, using it to launch a sneak attack would kill anyone in an instant.

But even when suffering such a severe injury, Firethorn Savage would not die so quickly; his bloodline was simply too strong. Even when he was at his weakest, even when he suffered such a severe injury, he was still able unleash a powerful combat strength. A ferocious demon beast like this was most frightening when he was struggling for his life.


Firethorn Savage once again became covered in the flames of fury; how dare a demon lord launch a sneak attack on him in his own territory? This was something that he couldn’t bear at all. He felt that his dignity was being challenged.

After that, when Firethorn Savage was about to counterattack, a loud explosive sound came from above his head. The next second, he saw a huge blood red dragon claw pressing towards him while emitting a mountain-like pressure.

Translated by XianXiaWorld