Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 183 – The Praying Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind

Chapter 183 – The Praying Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind

Chapter 183 – The Praying Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind

“Despicable human, how dare you steal my son?! And you even denied it just now!”

Firethorn Savage had finally stopped his attack. He stared at the golden egg held by Qing Styx with a gentle expression on his face.

Hearing what Firethorn Savage said, Qing Styx once again threw up a mouthful of blood. He was extremely mad right now. In an instant, he turned around and stared at Liu Hong and the other two Early Divine Core Sect Elders, and a fury erupted within his heart.

These three useless fools, how dare the bring back a baby Firethorn Savage?! They were framed, but they were still so happy. Now, they had brought a terrible disaster to the Green Sanctuary Sect.

“What? This rare treasure was a baby Firethorn Savage?! I thought that guy said he got it much earlier and had used it to cultivate?”

Liu Hong was stunned, but soon after, he finally understood what had happened, and his face turned dark. He was trembling because of the extreme anger.

“So this rare treasure was actually a baby Firethorn Savage?! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare he cheat I?! Ahh… I’m so p.i.s.sed off, I’m really p.i.s.sed off!”

Liu Hong beat his chest and stamped his feet, he almost hurt himself due to the extreme anger. If Jiang Chen jumped in front of him now, Liu Hong would definitely tear him into pieces.

The two other old men who were with Liu Hong felt a bitter taste on their tongues as well. The angry gaze from Qing Styx made them feel ashamed. They never thought that the terrible disaster today was brought by them. This made them feel really bad.


At the same time, laughing that seemed to never stop could be heard above the clouds. Big Yellow was rolling around laughing out loudly while kicking his legs in mid-air. Jiang Chen was also laughing his head off. The scene really eased their anger, especially when they recalled the scene where Liu Hong looked extremely excited after he got the golden egg and linked it to the scene they saw just now. It was hilarious.

“I guess this old fool’s lungs are going to explode due to anger, he must be thinking about eating you alive right now!”

Big Yellow was trembling with laughter. Being able to set up a trap and fool a big sect to such a stage, it was more enjoyable than striking and attacking himself.

“Haha, even after Firethorn Savage retreats, Liu Hong and the other two old fools won’t have any good days to come. The Sect Chief will definitely put all the blame on those three!”

Jiang Chen was laughing with satisfaction. Both man and dog were rolling around with excitement. On the other side however, the intense atmosphere was still covering the entire Green Sanctuary Sect.

“How did this happen? Where did that golden egg come from, why is it Firethorn Savage’s baby?”

“In the end, the son of Firethorn Savage was really hiding here, is this a joke? No wonder Firethorn Savage was so angry and didn’t want to give up!”

“d.a.m.n it, how dare they take away something so important from Firethorn Savage?! Don’t they know that it would bring them a devastating disaster? Normally, the Sect Chief wouldn’t leave the Green Sanctuary Sect, so I don’t think he is the one who took the golden egg away… However, I wonder who the one who gave him that egg is, he deserves death!”


All the disciples were yelling and shouting. The terrible disaster was all because of that golden egg. Not only did it cause the entire outer circle area to be destroyed, it had also caused the death of many disciples.

“Roar! All of you are too despicable! I’m going to destroy this place today!”

Firethorn Savage was still angry, and did not wanted to let this matter be resolved easily. In his mind, the Green Sanctuary Sect was too despicable. Three years ago, they had come to an agreement where they wouldn’t fight amongst each other any longer. But now, the snuck into his cave and stole his most precious thing. Such treacherous behavior, he was unable to bear it.

“Firethorn Savage, we are not the ones who took your child, it was stolen by a young man! This guy killed a few of our Sect Elders and disciples, then he used this egg as a token of apology to us! That young man is the real culprit behind all this, the Green Sanctuary Sect has no intention of breaking the agreement between us!”

Qing Styx explained

“What a lame excuse!”

Firethorn Savage became furious once again. He felt that this old fool’s explanation was too ridiculous. How could he used a bulls.h.i.+t young man story? This was just an insult to his intellect! Besides, what young man had the abilities that allowed him to have the guts to steal the golden egg from his cave, wasn’t this just bulls.h.i.+t?

The energy surge brought by the burning of his life-force was still there. If he struck out of fury now, he could still cause devastating damage to the Green Sanctuary Sect.


Qing Styx shouted out loudly. He knew Firethorn Savage wouldn’t believe his explanation anymore.

“Firethorn Savage, I’ll return your son now. After that, please leave at once. If you still don’t want to give up, and want to keep attacking us, then I’ll crack this golden egg now. Worst case scenario, both of us will suffer great losses. Also, I don’t think the energy surge that came from you burning your life-force will last for long. And I haven’t fully activated the Gargantuan Formation yet, if I fully activate it, I’ll be able to merge with the thousands of disciples’ energy. Do you have the confidence to defeat me?”

Qing Styx went straight to the point.

Hearing this, the furious Firethorn Savage instantly calmed down. After noticing that his child was unharmed, he calmed down a bit and finally regained consciousness. He knew that Qing Styx’s words were correct. If they fought till there was only one man standing, no one would gain any advantages. The most important thing was that the golden egg was still with them.

Firethorn Savage didn’t say a word, and he remained calm. It made everyone from the Green Sanctuary Sect feel nervous, because Firethorn Savage’s decision would determine whether or not a violent battle was going to break out.

Qing Styx felt nervous as well. Although he could deal with Firethorn Savage with help of the Gargantuan Formation, he didn’t want to place the Green Sanctuary Sect’s destiny on a betting table. Who knew if Firethorn Savage had any more fierce and powerful attacks? A real life and death battle erupting was not something fun. Even if they managed to kill Firethorn Savage, in the end, the overall strength of the Green Sanctuary Sect would be reduced significantly. At that time, the big sects of the Qian Province would take advantage of the opportunity and attack them, and the Green Sanctuary Sect will be completely removed from the Qian Province.

A moment later, Firethorn Savage finally spoke, “Give me back my child.”

Firethorn Savage’s words had surprised Qing Styx. Without any hesitation, he immediately threw the golden egg over. Firethorn Savage opened up his big mouth and placed the egg within, and a loving expression emerged on his face.

After that, Firethorn Savage turned his huge body around and retreated towards Misty Mountain. Before he left, he said, “From today onwards, no man from the Green Sanctuary Sect shall be allowed access into Misty Mountain. If you do enter, you’ll have to bear the consequences.”

After saying that, Firethorn Savage disappeared from the scene.

Qing Styx had expected this. After a tough battle with Firethorn Savage, there was no way he would allowed the Green Sanctuary Sect to use his mountain as their training ground.

Qing Styx deactivated the Gargantuan Formation. With a dark face, he stared at the Divine Core Sect Elders, then he spoke with a stern voice, “All of you, follow me.”

Qing Styx flew towards the Green Sanctuary Sect’s inner area, and all other Sect Elders followed behind closely. Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders looked at each other, all of them carried awful expressions. They were prepared to received Qing Styx’s fury.

At the same time, above the clouds far away.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had been waiting for this moment. When they saw Firethorn Savage leaving the place, both of them looked at each other with a smile on their face.

“The praying mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. It’s time for the oriole to reap all benefits, let’s go!”

Jiang Chen’s body swayed, then he started flying towards Misty Mountain.

“Don’t go so fast, the weakened state of Firethorn Savage is not here yet. Let’s wait until he completely enters his weakened state, that’s when we’ll strike.”

Big Yellow reminded.

“Alright, let’s count the time carefully. Once the weakened state arrives, we’ll strike at once. The Green Sanctuary Sect’s Sect Chief is a wise man, he should know about Firethorn Savage entering his weakened state soon. Now, Firethorn Savage has warned them not to enter Misty Mountain anymore, and this is a great loss for them. If my guess is correct, the Sect Chief will also strike when Firethorn Savage temporarily becomes weak. This is the only chance for him to kill Firethorn Savage, and I’m sure Qing Styx won’t let it go.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Buddy, you’re a really smart fellow! Nothing can hide from you!”

Big Yellow really admired Jiang Chen. What happened since they came to Misty Mountain had all gone according to Jiang Chen’s plan. His ability to carefully plot a plan and execute it perfectly was nothing something ordinary people had.

Within the deepest area of the Green Sanctuary Sect, in the main hall of a magnificent palace, two huge pillars stood firmly. Golden colored dragons that looked real coiled around the pillars, the floor of this main hall was made with a unique silvery white rock, and mystical symbols could be seen everywhere.

Qing Styx was standing right in front with a pale face. He was wounded during his fight with Firethorn Savage, but compared to his anger right now, these injuries were nothing.

“You three, kneel down!”

Qing Styx cast his razor sharp vision onto Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders.

The trio felt a chill in the spines; they immediately knelt down.

“Sect Chief, we were fooled by that young man, Jiang Chen! We had no idea that the golden egg contained Firethorn Savage’s child!”

Liu Hong tried to explain.

“What?! You are the one who brought back the golden egg? Liu Hong, are you an idiot? Look at the disaster you brought upon us! Firethorn Savage became furious, and he won’t allow us to enter Misty Mountain! Just with this alone, will you be able to take the responsibility?”

“You have really become old, how could you be fooled by a young man?”

“This is ridiculous! If it wasn’t for the Sect Chief remembering the golden egg in the most crucial moment, I’m sure the Green Sanctuary Sect would face a truly devastating disaster today! Can you three really bear the responsibility for that?!”

Hearing that the golden egg was brought back by Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders, all other Divine Core Sect Elders became mad. Every single one of them pointed their fingers at Li Hong and the other two Sect Elders and scolded. If it was another situation, they wouldn’t behave rudely like this. Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders were after all Divine Core warriors, they had high virtues and glorious reputations within the sect. These Sect Elders would still respect each other no matter what.

But today’s situation was completely different. Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders had almost caused the Green Sanctuary Sect to be removed from the Qian Province. All of them had witnessed how strong Firethorn Savage was, and if it wasn’t for the Gargantuan Formation, many of them would have been killed today by Firethorn Savage.

All of this happened because this trio of old fools were cheated by a young man and a dog, this was ridiculous.

All Sect Elders were so furious that they could devour anyone with their vision. In any case, these three old men had been living for decades, and they had vast experiences. It was fine for them to make wrong calls, but with they age, they were still fooled by a young man in his late teens and a dog. d.a.m.n it, how could they still have the dignity to live on?

Translated by XianXiaWorld