Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 185 – One Move, Two Gains

Chapter 185 – One Move, Two Gains

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Chapter 185 – One Move, Two Gains

The blood red dragon claw was as huge as a mountain. In an instant, it started pressing down with an enormous force.


Taken by surprise, Firethorn Savage was slapped back onto the ground. His huge body collided with the ground; causing a huge crater to appear. The attack unleashed by Jiang Chen’s full force was incredible, his muscles alone could give him the strong of over 3,000,000 jins, and when it was combined with the True Dragon Palm, the force would be much greater than that. Firethorn Savage was a powerful being, but since he was caught off guard while being in a weakened state, as well as being severely wounded by Big Yellow and Jiang Chen’s combined sneak attacks, no matter what strong abilities he had; there was no time for him to unleash them underneath Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s flawless combined attack.


After being hit by the True Dragon Palm, Firethorn Savage still showed no signs of dying. He was still unceasingly bellowing while dim golden lights had begun to surround his body. He was preparing to unleash his innate ability.

“Hmph! Firethorn Savage, don’t waste your time struggling, your last day is here! Big Yellow!”

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly. Right after the words left his mouth, Big Yellow immediately attacked. With extreme speed and his head that was as hard as diamonds, he once again rammed into Firethorn Savage’s body.

This time, Big Yellow had impaled Firethorn Savage’s abdomen, causing blood and internal organs to pour out everywhere.

“True Dragon Flames, burn for me!”

Jiang Chen could not let this opportunity pa.s.s. He unleashed the True Dragon Flames from his dragon claw. The flame penetrated Firethorn Savage’s wound and begun burning within his body. They had to attack repeatedly until he was dead, they couldn’t allow him a single chance to regain control.


With Jiang Chen attacking with both the True Dragon Flames and True Dragon Palm simultaneously, no matter how strong Firethorn Savage was, there was no way he could withstand it; his injuries were getting worse and worse. Big Yellow had used his head to make two big b.l.o.o.d.y holes on his body, and his life-force was getting weaker and weaker.

The True Dragon Flame was the king amongst all flames, and when it was combined with the True Dragon Palm’s pressure, Firethorn Savage could only let out horrible screams.

Firethorn Savage kept letting out painful roars. He struggled to survive.. However, it was futile as there was no way he could escape from Jiang Chen’s dragon claw. In the end, he died from Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s combined attacks.


Firethorn Savage fell onto the ground; his charred body had finally become motionless.

The king who had dominated Misty Mountain for so many years, he had never thought that one day his life would end like this. He didn’t even get the chance to clearly see the faces of those who killed him… This was truly a tragic way to die.

Jiang Chen retracted his energy and looked at Big Yellow. The duo could see the excitement in each other’s eyes. Frankly speaking, before coming to Misty Mountain, none of them had any confidence in accomplis.h.i.+ng their goal, they had no idea how they would deal with the powerful Firethorn Savage.

Now, with the Green Sanctuary Sect’s ‘help’, he had finally been able to kill Firethorn Savage and obtain the ingredient that could save Yan Chen Yu’s life.

“Hurry up and retrieve his demon soul.”

Big Yellow pushed Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen pointed his finger like a sword and unleashed a bright light which split open Firethorn Savage’s skull. Firethorn Savage had a st.u.r.dy body, so even if a Mortal Core warrior arrived after Firethorn Savage had died, he wouldn’t be the ability to retrieve the demon soul from the corpse.


A golden colored pearl that was the size of a fist shot out from Firethorn Savage’s skull. It was Firethorn Savage’s demon soul, as well as Jiang Chen’s main goal for this trip. With a wave of his hand, Jiang Chen grabbed onto the demon soul. The demon soul felt lukewarm and contained a ma.s.sive amount of energy.

“What a worthwhile trip!”

Jiang Chen smiled and placed the demon soul in his storage ring. Finally, he could be at peace.

“Buddy, Firethorn Savage’s body is like a treasure trove! Aside from his demon soul, the fur is priceless as well!”

Big Yellow said. A huge beast like this, if one used it to make armor, the armor would possess incredible defensive properties.

“Hehe, just leave it for the Green Sanctuary Sect. They’ve helped us greatly this time, we need to leave something good for them.”

Jiang Chen laughed mischievously. He didn’t have much interest in Firethorn Savage’s body. After cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, his body had become extremely strong, and the armor made from Firethorn Savage’s fur was useless to him. Big Yellow didn’t need it either, as his body was even stronger than Firethorn Savage’s.

“Oh right, the golden egg!”

Big Yellow’s eyes lit up.

“That’s right, the golden egg is the real treasure!”

Jiang Chen turned around and flew into the cave with lightning speed. In an instant, he returned with a golden egg in his hand.

“This golden egg contains a ma.s.sive amount of source energy. If I can completely absorb it, I will be able to form at least another 100 Dragon Marks and break through to the Late Heavenly Core realm. Firethorn Savage’s complete bloodline is also within this egg, so I might be able to obtain Firethorn Savage’s innate abilities.”

Jiang Chen was extremely happy. The trip to Misty Mountain was truly plentiful. Not only had he accomplished his goal and obtained Firethorn Savage’s demon soul, he had also gotten Firethorn Savage’s golden egg. It really was two gains with a single move.

“Buddy, you’re a man of great fate, and no matter where you go, fate will follow. And thus, there is nothing you cannot achieve. I don’t think Nan Bei Chao’s fate can be compared with yours.”

Big Yellow said in a manner which showed he had confidence in Jiang Chen. Fate was something that couldn’t be seen or touched, it was something mystical and inescapable. Being able to reincarnate like he did, Jiang Chen actually did possess a grand fate. And cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill had made his fate even grander. His encounters along his journey had proven this.

This trip to Misty Mountain had completely shown that Jiang Chen was really followed by a great fate. The introduction of the golden egg had given Jiang Chen an opportunity to use the Green Sanctuary Sect, and only with this did he have a chance to kill Firethorn Savage. A fateful encounter like this, how could one not be convinced?

“Big success! Let’s leave Misty Mountain at once and return to the Black Sect.”

After saying those words, Jiang Chen jumped into the skies. Together with Big Yellow, they flew towards the exit of Misty Mountain.

Outside Misty Mountain, just as Jiang Chen and Big Yellow exited the mountain, they immediately heard a loud shout.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Jiang Chen, stop right there!”

The shout was loud like a clap of thunder, it sounded like the person who shouted had just suffered from an immense amount of anger. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow turned around; they immediately saw Liu Hong and the other two old men soaring towards them with extreme anger.


Seeing who was coming, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow immediately burst out into laughter.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s laughter was like pouring hot oil onto burning flames. The trio immediately roared, and it looked like they were going to tear the duo into pieces.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you frame us?! You deserve a thousand deaths!”

Liu Hong shouted out furiously.

“Haha, I’ll need to thank Sect Elder Liu for helping, thank you very much!”

Jiang Chen cupped his fist towards Liu Hong. After that, he placed his palm on Big Yellow’s head and said,” You are such an ungrateful dog, hurry up and say think to our benefactors!”

Big Yellow finally awakened. He hurriedly turned his head towards the trio, and while nodding his head he said, “We’ll never forget Sect Elder Liu’s great deeds, kaka!”


Liu Hong beat his chest and stamped his feet, he couldn’t bear it any longer, and he screamed out with extreme fury. He felt like he was choking on his own anger, and he felt like throwing up blood.

This was so infuriating, so f*cking infuriating! These two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, were they trying to kill him by provoking him? No one poured oil onto fire like this.

“Kill, kill, kill! I’ll kill both of you! I’ll peel off your skin and tear out your tendons, I’ll crush every single bone in your bodies!”

Liu Hong was covered in flames of fury. A sword immediately appeared in his hand; he unleashed all his Yuan energy at swept his surrounding with ma.s.sive energy ripples. In an instant, he dashed towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow with a ferocious attack. The other two old men who were equally furious took out combat weapons and followed Liu Hong.

“Haha, he is mad!”

Big Yellow was laughing out heartily without giving it much though.

“I have no interest in fighting Sect Elder Liu right now, so I’ll have to say goodbye to you now. Don’t worry, we’ll be brought together by fate in the future."

Jiang Chen waved his hand towards Liu Hong who was coming towards him with great speed. At the same time, he spread his blood wings, and together with Big Yellow, they flew away with incredible speed.

“Let’s chase after them, I’ll kill them both today!”

Both of Liu Hong’s eyes had turned red. He had never hated someone to this extent, he had never been so eager to kill someone. All three Sect Elders increased their speed to the maximum and chased after Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“Big Yellow, let’s ditch them.”

Jiang Chen had gotten what he was looking for. Therefore, there was no need for him to keep struggling with the Green Sanctuary Sect. Besides, his current combat strength didn’t allow him to defeat Liu Hong. Although he couldn’t defeat them in terms of strength, in terms of speed, even two Liu Hongs wouldn’t be able to catch up to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.


Jiang Chen’s blood wings flapped violently, and together with his Dimension s.h.i.+ft skill, he immediately became like a meteor. On the other side, a pair of light wings appeared on Big Yellow’s back. He flew side by side with Jiang Chen, and in an instant, they managed to ditch Liu Hong and the other two old men far behind.

Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders kept chasing crazily for a few hundred miles, but in the end, they were forced to stop chasing. They couldn’t even see the shadows of their targets, so what was the point of chasing? They couldn’t even see the dust left behind by them.

“Sect Elder Liu, they managed to escape.”

An old man angrily said.

“Did you guys see that? They were heading towards the Qi Province! Perhaps they’re originally from the Qi Province?”

Liu Hong said.

“There is no strong young man like him in the Qian Province. If there was one, he would be famous by now, and we’d know who he was.”

Another Sect Elder said.

“Let’s go. We’ll return to the sect and report to Sect Chief, then we’ll catch those people who have met with Jiang Chen and question them. If this guy really isn’t from the Qian Province, we’ll head to the Qi Province to search for him. We can’t let go of this matter, if we can’t kill this man and dog, us three won’t be able to live good lives in the Qian Province, and our reputations will be gone.”

Liu Hong gritted his teeth as he spoke. Since they couldn’t chase after Jiang Chen, they could only return empty handed.

For the Green Sanctuary Sect, finding people who had met with Jiang Chen was a piece of cake. It only took Liu Hong one day before he found all the men who had appeared outside Misty Mountain on the day when Jiang Chen had arrived, including the man who Jiang Chen had asked for information.

Because of that man, Liu Hong found out that this was Jiang Chen’s first time coming to the Qian Province. Also, since Jiang Chen and Big Yellow fled towards the Qi Province, he came to the conclusion that Jiang Chen really was from the Qi Province.

So, the trio personally went to the Qi Province, with the addition of a Mid Divine Core warrior. They vowed to find the young man whose name was Jiang Chen. This was an enormous shame for their sect and themselves, they had to find this young man and dog. If they didn’t, the sect’s reputation and face would be greatly damaged.

Late afternoon the next day. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow appeared above the skies of the Black Sect, then they landed on Guo Shan’s mountain peak.

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