Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 182 – The Cause is Here

Chapter 182 – The Cause is Here

Chapter 182 – The Cause is Here

All the Green Sanctuary Sect disciples stood underneath the Gargantuan Formation with pale faces and terrified expressions as they stared at the skies above them which looked like a scene resembling doomsday. They were so frightened that even their souls were trembling

This was too frightening. They were all used to being arrogant and looking down upon everyone else, they were proud to be disciples of the Green Sanctuary Sect. However, when up against a formidable being like Firethorn Savage, none of them had any chance to strike. They were just too weak against the powerful Firethorn Savage, they were like a group of ants who could only hide underneath the Gargantuan Formation’s protection. If they didn’t hide, just an energy ripple unintentionally unleashed from Firethorn Savage would be enough to kill them.

“Firethorn Savage is terrifying! He is much stronger now that he was three years ago, even the Sect Chief isn’t his match!”

“Firethorn Savage has never become so angry before, why is he here today asking for his son? This is ridiculous, since when did this Firethorn Savage have a son?! I have never seen any young Firethorn Savage in the Green Sanctuary Sect, isn’t he here to cause trouble without reason?”

“I don’t think that Firethorn Savage’s fury is fake though. Why would he want to attack us without any reason with such raging fury? I can’t really think of a reason.

“The Sect Chief has activated the Gargantuan Formation! I heard it is the sect’s defensive formation, and it’s controlled by more than 10 Divine Core warriors! It allows them to channel all their energy to the Sect Chief. With this, I’m sure Firethorn Savage will soon be defeated.”

“That’s right! I also heard that if the Gargantuan Formation is fully activated, every single disciple will be able to channel their energy together! It is really ma.s.sive!”


The activation of the Gargantuan Formation had calmed these disciples who were panicking about the attack down. As disciples of the Green Sanctuary Sect, they all knew certain things about the Gargantuan Formation. It was used as a sect’s defensive formation for a reason, it really possessed some unique and powerful features. Therefore, these disciples believed it could defeat Firethorn Savage without many problems.

“Firethorn Savage, you still don’t want to retreat? If you keep causing trouble, I’ll have to teach you a lesson!”

Qing Styx shouted towards Firethorn Savage. Although they had activated the Gargantuan Formation, he still didn’t want to make things any worse. He knew very well how strong Firethorn Savage was, his sect had even suffered ma.s.sive damage today. However, as long as Firethorn Savage retreats, Qing Styx won’t fight until one of them perishes.


However, Firethorn Savage simply ignored Qing Styx’s demand. He opened his mouth and spat out a few huge fireb.a.l.l.s towards the formation.


The fireb.a.l.l.s collided with the Gargantuan Formation, causing it to violently shake. The curtain was covered with countless symbols, and with a seemingly indestructible defense, it managed to block the fireb.a.l.l.s. The strike couldn’t break the Gargantuan Formation’s defense.

“Give me back my son!”

The furious Firethorn Savage had only one goal, and that was to retrieve his son. He also wanted to destroy the sect underneath his feet.

A golden flame emerged from Firethorn Savage and covered his body. The huge body looked like a flaming mountain as it rammed towards Qing Styx in a seemingly invincible manner.

“You’re seeking death!”

A wicked look emerged on Qing Styx’s face. An unending buzzing sound was produced by the spear in his hand. All 15 Divine Core Sect Elders kept channeling their energy into the Gargantuan Energy, which then pa.s.sed into Qing Styx’s body, causing his combat strength to rise to a new level.

The energy provided by a synergetic effect, when all the energy of 15 Divine Core warriors was channeled into a single person, that person would be able to possess combat strength much greater than the combined attack of all 15 Divine Core Sect Elders.

A shrill noise sounded out from the spear. After that, with a leap, Qing Styx jumped into the skies towards Firethorn Savage. He struck his spear with huge momentum towards Firethorn Savage’s abdomen.

Clang! Pop!

This time, the power of the spear was way stronger than before. It penetrated Firethorn Savage’s solid golden armor. The spearhead even went deep into Firethorn Savage’s body.

Golden colored blood flowed out from Firethorn Savage’s wound. It was s.h.i.+ning brightly as it dripped onto the Gargantuan Formation, then it disappeared in an instant.


Qing Styx let out a cold snort. With a shake of his spear, the huge Firethorn Savage was thrown far away. Qing Styx who had merged the energy of all 15 Divine Core Sect Elders now possessed combat strength greater than Firethorn Savage’s combat strength.

Above the clouds, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were still watching the show. Jiang Chen still had a calm expression on his face. As the once greatest Saint in the world, he knew far too well what kind of foundation a big sect had. Let alone those super ma.s.sive sects in the Divine Continent, even this Green Sanctuary Sect could be used as an example.

A big sect did not only benefit from being created at a perfect timing in a favorable location, it also had powerful treasures that could support a powerful formation. Just like what was happening right now, if the sect was without the Gargantuan Formation’s help, the Green Sanctuary Sect would most likely have been turned into ruins by Firethorn Savage. However, because they had the Gargantuan Formation, they were able to turn the tables.

This was the foundation of a big sect, and also the reason why a big sect could remain in power for many years in a territory. If the Gargantuan Formation was fully activated, it would be able to channel the energy of every single person in the Green Sanctuary Sect into just one person. This included the inner and outer circle disciples as well.

Therefore, no matter who wanted to topple a big sect, it would be something extremely difficult to accomplish.

“Firethorn Savage is wounded, is he finished?”

Big Yellow asked.

“Don’t worry, this kind of minor injury is nothing for Firethorn Savage. Rather, it will ignite his true fury and brutality, which will cause him to counterattack with an even more devastating attack. The battle is far from finished.”

An upward curved appeared on Jiang Chen’s lip.

“Haha, look, Firethorn Savage is wounded!”

“The Gargantuan Formation is really powerful! Firethorn Savage isn’t Sect Chief’s match anymore!”

“Look, it looks like the injured Firethorn Savage is transforming!”


When the excited disciples saw Firethorn Savage’s transformation, all their expressions changed once again.


A furious roar sounded out throughout the place. Firethorn Savage didn’t bother checking on his bleeding wound. It was if his blood was of little value too him.

Firethorn Savage had gone completely crazy. His ma.s.sive body was rolling around in the skies. He raised his head up proudly and let out a long cry. Both his eyes had become completely red, and no other colors could be found within his eyes.

Not only that, the golden flames covering his body had slowly changed into a blood red color. With all of this, Firethorn Savage’s energy was also rising continuously. In just a short moment, it had doubled.

“d.a.m.n it, what kind of skill is this beast using, how could it be so powerful?!”

Liu Hong couldn’t help but curse.

Above the clouds far away, the eyes of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow lit up. They knew why and how Firethorn Savage was transforming.

“Perfect, mission accomplished!”

Jiang Chen couldn’t hold his excitement.

“That’s right, when the Sect Chief wounded Firethorn Savage with his spear, it completely ignited Firethorn Savage’s fierceness and causing him to start burning his life-force in exchange for an increase in combat strength! He’s using his life in exchange for a surge of energy so he can retrieve the golden egg. After doing so, Firethorn Savage will become weak for a period of time, and that time is when we strike!”

Big Yellow said. He had an Jiang Chen both had excellent judgment, they could easily tell what was going on with Firethorn Savage with just one look. Although he looked invincible now, that combat strength was only temporary. Once he became weak, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow would be able to kill him.


The invincible Firethorn Savage’s flames of fury soared up into the skies. With both eyes completely red, he once again forcefully leapt towards Qing Styx.

“Why is this b.a.s.t.a.r.d burning his life-force?! What is the reason for this struggle? Is it really true that his son is in the Green Sanctuary Sect?”

Qing Styx frowned. Up until now, he was still puzzled why Firethorn Savage did this. If it was just because of nothing, then there was no need for Firethorn Savage to burn his life-force at all.

He didn’t have enough time to think any further as Firethorn Savage’s attack was coming towards him with great speed. Qing Styx let out a furious shouted, then he turned the spear in his hand into a dragon which clashed with Firethorn Savage’s attack.


The ear-splitting sound shook the entire Gargantuan Formation, and many disciples who stood underneath lost their hearing in an instant. Firethorn Savage’s combat strength had more than doubled, and Qing Styx who had activated the Gargantuan Formation couldn’t even withstand a single attack.

The collision had sent Qing Styx flying a large distance.


Qing Styx opened his mouth and puke out a mouthful of blood. The blood fell onto the Gargantuan Formation, and with a sparkling bright light, it disappeared. Qing Styx’s face had turned pale, his qi and blood was being circulated in a messy way which made him feel nauseous. The collision had seriously injured him.

Qing Styx looked at his palm and found out that the part between his thumb and forefinger had been torn apart, and blood was flowing out from the wound.


Firethorn Beast stamped his muscular foot onto the Gargantuan Formation, cause it to shake violently, many parts of the formation had starting to crack, it looked like going to shattered soon.


The furious Firethorn Savage was desperately attacking. Right at this point of time, everyone in the Green Sanctuary Sect had pale faces. None of them knew why Firethorn Savage had become so angry, and they were guessing whether or not Firethorn Savage’s son really was in the Green Sanctuary Sect.

Right as Firethorn Savage was going to attack the formation, Qing Styx’s expression changed, and he suddenly thought about the golden egg.

“Golden egg, it must be that golden egg! No wonder I could sense a familiar energy from it! It was the energy of a Firethorn Savage! That’s right, the egg contained a powerful life-force energy, Firethorn Savage’s son is inside that egg!”

When thinking about this, Qing Styx threw up another mouthful of blood once again. However, this time it was because of anger. In fact, when he saw the golden egg for the first time, he had sensed a familiar energy from it. But, since it had been three years since he last met Firethorn Savage, as well as the fact that the golden egg was brought back by Liu Hong and that he had received it from a young man as a token of apologies, he hadn’t related it with Firethorn Savage.

“Firethorn Savage, stop your attack now! Is this what you’re looking for?!”

Qing Styx hurriedly shouted. He couldn’t let Firethorn Savage continue his attack anymore. In an instant, he retrieved the golden egg from his storage ring.

When the furious Firethorn Savage saw the golden egg, he immediately stopped his attack. The redness in his eyes slowly faded away, and the fierce energy calmed down.

Translated by XianXiaWorld