Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 181 – The Gargantuan Formation

Chapter 181 – The Gargantuan Formation

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Chapter 181 – The Gargantuan Formation


Energy waves swept across the skies. All places near the Green Sanctuary Sect were filled with ripples from the fight, and a colorful energy cloud had covered the sky. Beneath the cloud, there were some black energy waves hovering around. It had blocked the sunlight and immersed the entire Green Sanctuary Sect in absolute darkness. Everyone felt heavy in the mind.

The entire Green Sanctuary Sect was shaking. All the Divine Core warriors were continuously striking with their combat weapons as they fought the Firethorn Savage in a tough battle. It seemed like the war was not about to end any time soon.

Everyone from the Green Sanctuary Sect felt slightly depressed, including Sect Chief Qing Styx. No one knew why this Firethorn Savage was so angry. They had been living in peace for three years, and not once had something like this happened. Although there had been some minor conflicts throughout the years, not once has this Firethorn Savage become so violently angry.

What was more depressing is that this Firethorn Savage actually came here looking for his son. Wasn’t this the same as bullying someone innocent? When did the Green Sanctuary Sect come close to the Firethorn Savage’s son? This was insane!

Just as the Green Sanctuary Sect was suffering from the fury of the Firethorn Savage, on a cloud far away, a man and a dog were bouncing up and down excitedly. They looked extremely happy right now.

The man and the dog were none other than the culprits of this incident. Jiang Chen had brought chaos to the Green Sanctuary with just a golden egg.

“Entertaining, this is so entertaining! Buddy, you are really mean! Thanks to you, the Green Sanctuary Sect is in chaos now! They deserve it though, who let this d.a.m.ned sect offend us?!” Big Yellow was laughing out heartily while his saliva dripped all over.

Watching the intense fight between the Firethorn Savage and the Green Sanctuary Sect had made him; the real culprit, feel excited.

“Fight! Keep fighting! The best possible scenario is if both of them are seriously wounded! If they don’t fight, how are we going to reap the spoils of their war?” Jiang Chen’s face carried a cruel smile.

“This Firethorn Savage is really strong, he alone can fight the entire sect, and the strength of his bloodline is really extraordinary! But still, it’s no match for my Divine Beast bloodline!” Big Yellow said.

He wasn’t bluffing, the Firethorn Savage was a rare demon beast, and that’s why the strength of its bloodline was so extraordinary. If it wasn’t for its strong bloodline, there would be no way for it to have such powerful combat strength. Of course, no matter how strong a demon beast was, it still couldn’t compare with a Divine Beast. The difference between a Firethorn Savage and a Dragon Horse was not small.

If Big Yellow’s cultivation base was at the peak Mid Divine Core realm, a man like Qing Styx or Daoist Black would not be Big Yellow’s match. He might even kill them in an instant.

“That’s the reason why we need to use this Green Sanctuary Sect to fight with the Firethorn Savage. With our current strength, killing the Firethorn Savage and obtaining his demon soul is just impossible.” Jiang Chen sat back on the cloud and spoke with an indifferent voice.

The man and dog were both in good moods and seemed relaxed. They were chit chatting leisurely while watching the great show that was happening in the Green Sanctuary Sect.


Above the skies of the Green Sanctuary Sect, Qing Styx’s green rope was fluttering in the winds. He kept unleas.h.i.+ng spear shadows with the combat weapon in his hand, causing the air to continuously vibrate. Carrying the spear with a single hand, Qing Styx sprinted towards the Firethorn Savage and fiercely attacked. At the same time, all the other Divine Core Sect Elders had grouped together and where attacking the Firethorn Savage from another direction.


The Firethorn Savage’s flames of fury were rising. His ma.s.sive body was violently shaking, and metal clanging sounds could be heard coming from his body. He had finally unleashed his innate ability. In an instant, his body was covered with sharp golden spikes.

Each spike had the diameter of a water bucket. They looked extremely sharp and unbreakable.

Under the bright sunlight, all the sharp spikes blossomed with radiance. The Firethorn Savage’s huge body was like a hill that kept shaking violently above the skies. Then, like an ancient demon beast, he dashed towards Qing Styx’s spear with extreme speed.


A large amount of sparks emerged when Daoist Styx attacked the Firethorn Savage’s body. The powerful high-ranked combat weapon could only leave a white mark on his body, and it couldn’t even cause any wounds.

“What?!” Qing Styx shouted out in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that the Firethorn Savage’s innate ability could be so strong. Not only could those spikes be used to attack, they also gave the Firethorn Savage a solid defense. It was like a strong armor that could block any attacks from the enemies.

“What a mighty innate ability!” Jiang Chen’s eyes widened as he watched from afar. The Firethorn Savage’s innate ability was really frightening; it allowed one to both attack and defend at the same time.

“Buddy, you’re tempted now, right? I know you are cultivating some epic skill which allows you to absorb the innate abilities of demon beasts, but do not touch the Firethorn Savage’s demon soul! If we can get that golden egg, you might be able to inherit the Firethorn Savage’s innate ability from it.” Big Yellow knew Jiang Chen very well. He could tell what Jiang Chen was thinking just from his expression.

Jiang Chen nodded his head, but he didn’t comment on what Big Yellow said. He was really tempted by this powerful innate ability. If he wasn’t cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, he wouldn’t even be thinking about having an innate ability. But, since he had the ability to absorb any innate ability, it simply made him drool.

All of Jiang Chen’s current abilities were in the attack category, with the exception of the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft skill which was a speed skill. What he lacked now was a defensive skill. Although he had cultivated some defensive skills in his past life, the defensive stats those skills gave him were even weaker than his current body, and was far weaker than the Firethorn Savage’s body. Therefore, Jiang Chen was really tempted to inherit this ability.


The Firethorn Savage erupted, countless gigantic golden waves shot out from his body and swept across the entire place. Under the ma.s.sive impact of these gigantic waves, the Divine Core Sect Elders who were piercing towards him became like tiny boats in a raging storm, and they were immediately sent flying far away.


The Firethorn Savage had become extremely brutal. He had sensed the energy of the golden egg, it was right in the Green Sanctuary Sect, and it was hiding with Qing Styx.


Once again, countless gigantic golden waves were unleashed from the Firethorn Savage’s body. All the golden waves turned into energy ray beams and shot down towards the Green Sanctuary Sect.

It seemed like the Firethorn Savage was an energy fountain that possessed an endless amount of energy that would never deplete.



When the Firethorn Savage’s attacks fell within the Green Sanctuary Sect, a few hills were shattered in an instant, and numerous buildings were destroyed. Some unfortunate disciples were too slow at dodging the attack, and were instantly turned into ashes.


The Firethorn Savage had become crazy, there was only a single thought in his mind right now, and that was to kill all humans in the Green Sanctuary Sect. Frightening attacks rained down from the skies, golden energy beams, gigantic fireb.a.l.l.s, all of it brought devastation to the Green Sanctuary Sect.

“Sect Chief, this beast is too ferocious, we can’t defeat it even with the combination of all our strength! If this carries on, we are going to suffer some huge losses!” A Sect Elder shouted towards Qing Styx with a pale face.

“Firethorn Savage, stop right now!” Qing Styx shouted out loudly, “Firethorn Savage, the Green Sanctuary Sect has never offended you! We were living in peace in peace for the past three years, why did you suddenly attack us?”

“Return my son!” The Firethorn Savage shouted with a thunderous voice as he stared angrily at Qing Styx.

“d.a.m.n it, what son do you want?! There is no young Firethorn Savage in the Green Sanctuary Sect! We do have a few bears here... don’t tell me your son is a bear?” Liu Hong was so p.i.s.sed he felt like throwing up some blood.

“Firethorn Savage, you better not look for trouble where there in none! Since when did you have a son?” Qing Styx said as he felt a slight depression because of the situation.

“d.a.m.n humans, you have stolen what’s mine, and yet you still twist words and force logic! d.a.m.n it, all of you shall die, I’m going to ruin this place today!” Firethorn Savage’s flames of fury kept rising. In his mind, the Sect Chief in front of him had stolen his son, and was still pretending to have done nothing. He was just courting death.


Firethorn Savage roared out loudly once again. He continued spitting fireb.a.l.l.s out from his mouth and shooting out golden ray beams from his hard armor, once against sending a storm of attacks towards the Green Sanctuary Sect.

The battle had become even more violent. The real culprits were leisurely sitting on a cloud, watching. If Liu Hong realized he had been framed, he might throw up all his blood.

“Activate the Gargantuan Formation!” Qing Styx became extremely angry right now. If this situation continued, the Green Sanctuary Sect would suffer ma.s.sive losses. Judging from how Firethorn Savage behaved, there was no way he would let this matter be resolved easily.

“Understood, activating the Gargantuan Formation now!”

A few of the Sect Elders were shocked. After that, all the Divine Core Sect Elders began flying towards different directions.


Buzzing sounds could be heard with seemingly no end. A gigantic blue curtain of light appeared above the skies of the entire Green Sanctuary Sect.

There were countless mystical and complicated symbols on the curtain of light. It covered every single disciple of the Green Sanctuary Sect. Dozens of Divine Core Sect Elders were standing in different locations on the curtain of light, and Qing Styx stood right in the center of this curtain of light with a spear in his hand.

“So this is the Green Sanctuary Sect’s defensive formation, it looks powerful!” Big Yellow’s eyes lit up.

“The Gargantuan Formation is just an ordinary formation, and it only has one minor weakness. However, if it was unleashed by a dozen Divine Core warriors, it could be considered a perfect formation. Look here, Big Yellow, this Gargantuan Formation has activated fifteen cores, and each core is handled by a Divine Core Sect Elder, and Qing Styx is standing in the center. With this, the defensive strength of this formation can be maximized, and there will be no weaknesses. What’s most important here is that all combat strength of the 15 Divine Core Sect Elders will be transferred to Qing Styx, and that will make his combat strength increase exponentially. It will be extremely hard for Firethorn Savage to deal with him now.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were glowing brightly. As the once greatest Saint in the world, he was well verse with all types of formations. The secret of the Gargantuan Formation in front of him was nothing.

“Buddy, are you really a human? Why do I have a feeling that you are a cunning old fox who has lived for thousands of years? Why does it seem like you know everything?” Big Yellow said as he rolled his eyes.

Jiang Chen smiled and didn’t say a thing. He just kept staring at the Green Sanctuary Sect.

“Do you think Firethorn Savage can break this formation?” Big Yellow asked.

“Qing Styx is gathering the combat strength of all Divine Core warriors within him, of course Firethorn Savage won’t be able to withstand his attack. However, Firethorn Savage won’t give up on retrieving his golden egg. Therefore, he will counter with even more brutal and violent attack, probably some extreme measures. Soon, the ending where both sides are severely wounded will come, haha!” Jiang Chen laughed out heartily.

“Kakaka… so mean, so fierce, so crafty, I like it!” Big Yellow was laughing so much that even his fur was trembling.

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