Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 180 – The Green Sanctuary Sect Wages War

Chapter 180 – The Green Sanctuary Sect Wages War

Chapter 180 – The Green Sanctuary Sect Wages War


Followed by the continuous furious roars, the entire Misty Mountain entered a state of turmoil. Even from afar, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow could see explosive golden energy waves from the center of Misty Mountain. The continuous furious roars were loud as thunder strikes, they were coming directly from the Firethorn Savage’s fury.

“The Firethorn Savage has become extremely furious.”

Big Yellow was bouncing all over.

“Every dragon has a reverse scale, and those who touch it will get killed. The golden egg is the Firethorn Savage’s reverse scale, and those who touches the golden egg will suffer from its fury. The Green Sanctuary Sect is going to be bustling with noise and excitement!”

Jiang Chen let out a grim laughter.


Explosive sounds continuously sounded out like thunder strikes. The furious Firethorn Savage was running amok with its huge body, countless flowers and plans were destroyed, and numerous demon beasts were fleeing for their lives. Some of them were even crawling on the ground with bodies seemingly trembling without any signs of stopping. The Firethorn Savage was the true king of Misty Mountain, and once the king was angry, every living being would tremble.

The anger was burning within the Firethorn Savage’s heart, it had gone completely amok. Although it had a huge body, its speed wasn’t slow. In the blink of an eye, it had flown out from sector three. Without making any stops, it continued flying towards the Green Sanctuary Sect.

“The Firethorn Savage has sensed the Golden Egg’s energy, and it’s now heading towards the Green Sanctuary Sect. Let’s follow it and watching this great show!”

Jiang Chen laughed brightly with a huge grin on his face. He and Big Yellow immediately jumped up into the skies and followed the Firethorn Savage from afar.

Hundreds of miles away from Misty Mountain there was a mountain range with green hills and clear waters. On top of these hills there were splendid buildings, and the entire place was covered with a faded fog. This was the heart of the Green Sanctuary Sect.

The sky was clear, and the sunlight was s.h.i.+ning brightly. Suddenly, a wild wind blew out of nowhere onto the peaceful Green Sanctuary Sect. It was like something big was going to happen. A sky-piercing demonic energy was quickly approaching, and moments later, a huge and majestic demon lord appeared above the Green Sanctuary Sect. The demon lord’s body was fully covered with golden scales, and it reflected beams of sunlight.

“Ah! It’s the Firethorn Savage, the Firethorn Savage is going to attack us!”

“Heavens, it really is the Firethorn Savage! Hurry, inform the Sect Chief that the Firethorn Savage is here! Only Sect Chief can defend against this beast!”

The disciples of the Green Sanctuary Sect entered a state of turmoil. The disciples who had just come back from their training in the Misty Mountain didn’t even have the time to check out their loot. All of them were frightened and stunned when they saw the Firethorn Savage.

After the Green Sanctuary Sect had come to an agreement with the Firethorn Savage three years ago, there were no more conflicts between them. Even when they were fighting each other before the agreement, the Firethorn Savage had never come to attack the heart of the Green Sanctuary Sect.

Besides, the Firethorn Savage looked extremely furious right now. Obviously, it was not here for some chit chat.

“Roar!! You despicable humans, you should all perish in h.e.l.l, d.a.m.n it!”

The Firethorn Savage was speaking in human tongue, and his voice was as loud as a thunder strike. It sounded out throughout the skies above the Green Sanctuary Sect. In the next second, the Firethorn Savage opened up his mouth and spat out a golden fireball.

Bang! Ahhh! …

The fireball collided with the Green Sanctuary Sect’s front gate. The huge gate instantly exploded into ashes, and the fire spread all over the place. Some of the disciples who were hit by the fragment of the fireball immediately cried out in pain and died on the spot.


At this moment, a Late Heavenly Core Sect flew up into the skies. While trembling, he arrived not to far away from the Firethorn Savage. He shouted out loudly, “Red Sol Beast, the Green Sanctuary Sect has an agreement with you, we will not fight with each other! Although he entered Misty Mountain, we have never gone beyond sector one, so what is your purpose for coming here to attack us today?”


The Firethorn Savage’s heard was filled with flaming fury. What he wanted to do now was to kill anyone who got in his way. He opened his mouth and spat out a golden ray beam. The beam was like an invincible sharp beam, and it pierce through the old man in an instant. No Late Heavenly Core warrior could withstand a single attack from the Firethorn Savage.

At this moment, the huge disturbance caused by the Firethorn Savage reached Qing Styx and Liu Hong.

“What? The Firethorn Savage? We never offended him, why would he suddenly come here and attack us?”

Liu Hong was startled.

“Let’s go check it out.”

Qing Styx’s face turned stern, and he instantly disappeared from the scene.

Many strong figures were coming from everywhere within the Green Sanctuary Sect. In just a short period of time, more than ten Divine Core warriors had appeared, and all of them were blocking the Firethorn Savage’s path. These Divine Core Sect Elders all had high positions in the sect, and it was very difficult to directly meet one of them. The arrival of the Firethorn Savage had made all these Sect Elders come out. From this, one could tell how much attention the Green Sanctuary Sect paid to this Firethorn Savage.

“Firethorn Savage, why did you suddenly attack us?”

Qing Styx shouted out loudly.

“Return my son to me!”

Firethorn Savage’s eyes turned red as he shouted with an extremely loud voice.

“What? How can your son be in my Green Sanctuary Sect? Besides, I have never heard that you had a son before, you’re just making trouble without any reason!”

Liu Hong shouted back. The had fought this Firethorn Savage countless times, but they had never seen any son before, and no one had ever seen a second Firethorn Savage in Misty Mountain either.

What they didn’t know was that the golden egg was produced by the Firethorn Savage after absorbing the natural energies. The golden egg contained the complete bloodline and life-force essence of the Firethorn Savage, of course it was his son.

The Firethorn Savage was a rare demon beast in this world, there was only a limited number of them. If an adult Firethorn Savage wanted to pa.s.s down its bloodline, this was the only way to do it, and the success rate was extremely low. This Firethorn Savage had put in a lot of effort for many years, and he had only produced one. And now, it was taken away by the Green Sanctuary Sect while he was away. This was so wicked.

“Roar!! Despicable humans! All of you shall face your death!”

The Firethorn Savage kept roaring furiously, he was extremely enraged. He could clearly sense that the golden egg was hidden within the Green Sanctuary Sect. These humans always liked to pretend that they had high morals, but they just took his golden egg, and were now denying having taken it. This was ridiculous.

The Firethorn Savage kept shooting fireb.a.l.l.s everywhere within the Green Sanctuary Sect. It looked like he was going to completely destroy the sect.


In just a short amount of time, sound of explosions were coming from everywhere, and flames leapt into the skies. Many disciples were trapped by the burning flames and died on the spot.

“What a ridiculous beast, how dare you wreak havoc in the Green Sanctuary Sect?!”

Qing Styx was mad. In the blink of an eye, he arrived not to far away from the Firethorn Savage. He used both his hands to draw something in the air, then he unleashed a huge barrier which pressed towards the Firethorn Savage.


The Firethorn Savage kept roaring. His body seemed impervious to sword and spear. He unleashed a layer of golden light which covered his body, then he rammed towards Qing Styx.


The thin air was almost ripped apart by their attacks. This was an intense fight of Divine Core warriors. The ma.s.sive ripples from their fights could send chills down anyone’s spine. There was no way for ordinary people to imagine how intense the fight could become.

Clop clop clop!

Qing Styx was forced back three steps, and his face carried a shocked expression.

“This beast is much stronger than it was three years ago, even I can barely hold it down!”

Qing Styx’s expression changed, and he felt a powerful shock in his mind. The Firethorn Savage was a rare demon beast of this world, and they possessed powerful combat strength. Although this one was just a peak Mid Divine Core demon beast, only a Combat Soul warrior could kill it. Ordinary Late Divine Core warriors would find it difficult to deal with.

Above the skies, far away, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were leisurely sitting on a cloud. They were watching the fight in the Green Sanctuary Sect from far. From where they were sitting, they could clearly see everything that was happening in the Green Sanctuary Sect.

“This Firethorn Savage is indeed very strong. Buddy, luckily you were clever enough to come up with this idea! If you hadn’t, even with the combined attack of both of us, we would have been killed in an instant!”

Big Yellow had an excited look on his face.

“This is the result I wanted. Now, the Firethorn Savage is covered by the flames of fury, and those men from the Green Sanctuary Sect still have no idea what’s going on, kaka!”

Jiang Chen was laughing out loudly.

“Hehe, I think that old fool still thinks that the golden egg is your treasure! He will never be able to relate it to the Firethorn Savage! As long as they don’t hand over the golden egg, the Firethorn Savage won’t let this matter be resolved. Just let them right, the more violent it becomes, the better! I hope both of them are seriously wounded, then we’ll have a chance to reap our harvest!”

A huge grin emerged on Big Yellow’s face. Jiang Chen’s idea was really marvelous. Of course, this was the only chance for them to obtain the Firethorn Savage’s demon soul.


Firethorn Savage had become angrier and angrier, he hates these human, in his mind, all of these humans shall be perished in h.e.l.l, until now they still didn’t want to hand over his golden egg, if that was the case, there was not much to discuss anymore.

With a sway of his body, the Firethorn Savage unleashed some golden ray beams from his body. Each beam was like an indestructible sharp blade. At this point of time, the entire Green Sanctuary Sect was being showered with golden beams. This was a furious attack from the Firethorn Savage with no specific target. All the beams were shooting towards the tens of Divine Core Sect Elders in front of him.

“Everyone be careful, this beast is enraged!”

Qing Styx shouted out loudly. Even he himself didn’t dare hesitate. In an instant, he unleashed all his energy and covered his body with bright energy. In his hand, a 3 meter long silver spear suddenly appeared.

This was a high-ranked combat weapon, and its quality was even better than Jiang Chen’s Axe of Thunder. It was glowing brightly in Qing Styx’s hand.

“Break away for me!”

Qing Styx shouted as he swept his spear. In an instant, countless spears appeared in the skies above the Green Sanctuary Sect. The spears weaved into a gigantic web, then it clashed with the Firethorn Savage’s golden beams.


The scene resembled countless lightning bolts striking endlessly at the same time above the skies. Gigantic colorful waves swept across the skies above the Green Sanctuary Sect; all these waves were destructive energy ripples. The Firethorn Savage who was covered in flames of fury had become incredibly powerful, the attack unleashed by him in this state was so strong that even Qing Styx who had counter attacked with his high-ranked combat weapon couldn’t block the attack at all. Some of the bright beams pa.s.sed through the web and shot towards the other Divine Core Sect Elders.

The expressions of the Sect Elders immediately changed. No one dared hesitate, and they all immediately took out their combat weapons. With the combined counter attack from all of them, they had finally managed to block all beams. Some of the weaker Sect Elders felt their qi and blood being circulated in a messy way, which made them feel really bad.

“d.a.m.n it, this beast has become much stronger than he was three years ago, and he is now in a frenzied state. It will be hard for us to defend!”

Liu Hong couldn’t help but curse at the situation. He still had no idea that what happened today was all because of him, he was the one who brought chaos to the Green Sanctuary Sect, and he was still in the dark.

Translated by XianXiaWorld