Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 179 – The Furious Firethorn Savage

Chapter 179 – The Furious Firethorn Savage

Chapter 179 – The Furious Firethorn Savage

As expected, after listening to Jiang Chen’s words, Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders’ expressions changed dramatically. The way they looked at the golden egg had become extremely pa.s.sionate. They simply couldn’t take their eyes away from it.

“This guy really has the ability to defeat Early Divine Core warrior, he killed an Early Divine Core warrior earlier. How could a young man like him be so strong? It looks like it was all because of this treasure!”

Liu Hong was extremely tempted. Four day ago, he had witnessed how Jiang Chen killed an Early Divine Core warrior. Also, Jiang Chen looked really young, only in his late teens, so if he didn’t have any special encounters, he wouldn’t be so strong. Therefore, the three of them had no doubt about what Jiang Chen told them.

“This treasure must have been produced by the wonderful nature! It might even be a legacy treasure from the ancient era! The energy contained within is so ma.s.sive, this guy is really lucky! By just absorbing a little of its energy, he broke through to the Heavenly Core realm, and then ten days later, he broke through to the Mid Heavenly Core realm! This is a rare situation, it must be because of this treasure!”

Another Sect Elder thought in his mind.

“It’s such a waste for this young man to possess this rare treasure! If I can absorb the energy within this egg, I will certainly break through the bottle neck and reach the Mid Divine Core realm!”

Another old man couldn’t take his pa.s.sionate vision away from the golden egg.

“It really is a rare treasure! With this treasure, the overall strength of the Green Sanctuary Sect will increase, and at that time, we will be able to conquer the entire Qian Province!”

A pleasantly surprised expression filled Liu Hong’s face.

All three old men were deeply attracted by the olden egg. Or, they had been tempted by Jiang Chen’s words. The truth was, the Firethorn Savage’s egg didn’t have such great benefits. At most, it could be considered an object with a ma.s.sive amount of energy. But after Jiang Chen had manipulated them, the golden egg had become something really extraordinary.

The thing was, a treasure that could help a person break through to the Mid Heavenly Core realm from the peak Mortal Core realm was rare. Also, these three men couldn’t recognize the Firethorn Savage’s golden egg, therefore they all believed Jiang Chen’s words.

They never thought that this was an important thing for the Firethorn Savage. In their minds, no one dared touch anything that belonged to the Firethorn Savage. If this man and dog had the guts to do so, they would have died by now.

“This treasure is the breath of my life, but no matter how good the treasure is, it just can’t compare with my life. Now, I’ll present this as a token of apology to the Green Sanctuary Sect. I hope Sect Elder can spare my life. As for those disciples and Sect Elders that died, I can only say sorry, but there is no way for a dead man to walk again. Sigh… it was all my fault for behaving so recklessly.”

Jiang Chen bowed his head with sorrow and a bitter face. His apologetic expressed seemed extremely sincere.

“Hmph! Leave your treasure behind, and you’ll still have to face your death!”

Another old man let out a cold snort as he threatened Jiang Chen.

“I am sincere with my apology, I just want to walk away from here alive. If you three think I am not sincere enough, then never mind, I’ll just destroy this treasure in front of you all. After all, I won’t leave this treasure behind if I will die anyways.”

An insane expression emerged on Jiang Chen’s face, he was behaving desperately.


As expected, when Liu Hong heard Jiang Chen say he was going to destroy the golden egg, he immediately shouted out loudly and stopped him. If a rare treasure like this was destroyed, it would make them feel really bad.

“Little brother, what is your name?”

Liu Hong’s tone eased off a little, and at the same time, he retracted his energy and killing intent.

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fist towards Liu Hong.

“Just like you said, there is no way for a dead man to walk again. Even if I kill you now, I still won’t be able to revive them. Since you are so sincere with your apology, as long as you hand your treasure over to us, I’ll let you go.”

Liu Hong said with a friendly expression. However, in his mind, he was sneering. He had decided to kill the duo in front of him once he got his hand on the treasure.

But what Liu Hong had in mind couldn’t be hidden from Jiang Chen. But, Jiang Chen didn’t care about it either. What he wanted to do now was make Liu Hong firmly believe that this golden egg was a rare treasure, and make him try his best to get it.

“How can I trust you?”

Jiang Chen purposely asked. He had to show his desire to live so that these old fools wouldn’t have any doubts about the golden egg.

“I’m a n.o.ble and trustworthy Sect Elder of the Green Sanctuary Sect, I’ll guarantee your safety with my reputation.”

Liu Hong patted his chest and promised.

“Alright, I believe you.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen simply threw the golden egg towards Liu Hong.

Liu Hong extended his hand and grabbed onto the golden egg. When he felt the rich energy that was coming out from the egg, excitement immediately emerged on his face. He had no doubts about what Jiang Chen had told him.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, thank you for giving us such a priceless treasure! However, I still can’t let you go!”

Liu Hong was laughing heartily as he stored the golden egg into his storage ring.

“Old dog, how could you go back on your words?!”

Jiang Chen pretended he was angry.

“I did say I wouldn’t kill you, but I never said I wouldn’t cripple you! None of those who have offended the Green Sanctuary Sect have received good endings! Today, I’ll personally cripple you, but I’ll spare your life. This is the greatest mercy I can show you.”

Liu Hong became treacherous and ruthless in the next second. He unleashed his energy and leapt towards Jiang Chen with his attack.

“d.a.m.n you! Old dog wants to kill I? No way!”

Jiang Chen cursed out loudly. With the same understanding, he and Big Yellow immediately turned around and sprinted into sector three, and they soon disappeared from their sights.

“d.a.m.n it, he escaped again.”

A Sect Elder exclaimed in dismay.

“Don’t chase him anymore, just let that guy run his own course. If he b.u.mps into the Firethorn Savage, they will die anyways. Even if they can come out from there unharmed, I believe they won’t have the courage to challenge the Green Sanctuary Sect again.”

Liu Hong said with a prideful expression.

“Sect Elder Liu, what kind of treasure is that, can you recognize it?”

A Sect Elder asked.

“This is a rare treasure, I have never seen one before. However, I am sure it is an extraordinary treasure! There is no way for the three of us to possess this rare treasure alone, let’s bring it back to Sect Chief, maybe he can recognize what it is. By submitting this treasure, we can receive huge credit, and I’m sure he will reward us greatly! We will be able to enjoy this treasure together, or perhaps even break through with its help!”

Liu Hong was laughing out loud, by obtaining this priceless treasure had made him felt extremely happy, the gloomy feeling for the past few days had gone in an instant.

“Alright, we’ll do what Sect Elder Liu said.”

The other two old men looked excited. They could imagine how happy the Sect Chief would be when he saw this treasure.

“Release the signal, gather all inner and outer circle disciples, tell them their training has ended early, and everybody needs to return to the sect at once.”

Liu Hong said.


Both old men cupped their fist towards Liu Hong. None of them dared show any neglect towards Liu Hong’s words.

At the same time, within the third sector of Misty Mountain, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were rolling on the ground while laughing. Big Yellow was so excited that while rolling and crawling around, he kept smas.h.i.+ng his hard heard everywhere, creating holes in the ground.

“Crafty, really crafty! Buddy, you’re the kind of all evil-minded men in the world, this is so wicked! Those three old dog were cheated by you, but it’s so exciting! I don’t think it’ll take long before everyone in the Green Sanctuary Sect start crying for help!”

Big Yellow had complete admiration towards Jiang Chen now. He used to think he was a mean guy, but he never expected Jiang Chen to be even worse than him. This evil plot that he had set up would dragon the Green Sanctuary Sect into a chaotic situation, and both of them could just sit back and relax while waiting to reap their harvest. It was a perfect plan!

“Only by doing this will we have the opportunity to defeat the Firethorn Savage. If we don’t, I don’t know when we’d get the Firethorn Savage’s demon soul.”

Jiang Chen said as he laughed out heartily. He felt no guilt about framing the Green Sanctuary Sect. Since they were so determined to kill him, why would he need to show them mercy?

“Let’s find a place to hide. We’ll wait until the Firethorn Savage becomes enrage, then we’ll followed behind and watch the big show!”

Big Yellow was laughing with his mouth wide open. He was extremely excited because Jiang Chen had used the golden egg to frame the Green Sanctuary Sect.

After receiving orders from their Sect Elder, all inner and outer circle disciples left Misty Mountain with great speed, then they returned to the Green Sanctuary Sect in a short amount of time.

In the deepest area of the Green Sanctuary Sect there lays a magnificent palace. Four old men were gathered in the main hall. Three of them were Liu Hong and the other two Early Divine Core Sect Elders. The other man looked to be in his fifties. He had a bright and clean face, and he wore a green rope. He portrayed an image of grandeur, and his smooth face gave anyone an impression of dignity. The man’s cultivation base was much stronger than Liu Hong’s, he had reached the Late Divine Core realm, and he was no weaker than Daoist Black. He was the Sect Chief of the Green Sanctuary Sect, and his name was Qing Styx.

Right now, a golden egg was floating right in the middle of the four men.

“Sect Chief, can you recognize this treasure?”

Liu Hong asked. At the same time, he recited what Jiang Chen had told him to Qing Styx.

“I don’t recognize what it is. It contains a strong life-force essence within, and it looks like a demon beast’s egg. But, how can it possess such powerful energy?”

Qing Styx furrowed his brows. He was puzzled as well.

“You don’t know what this is? This is an extraordinary treasure!”

Liu Hong said.

“It is indeed an extraordinary treasure… but, why do I feel a familiar energy from this egg?”

Qing Styx furrowed his brows. He had never seen this golden egg before, but he could sense a familiar energy from it, and the feeling was really ridiculous.

Besides, this golden egg was indeed an extraordinary treasure, but Qing Styx had a bad feeling regardless. What exactly it was, he had no idea at the moment.

Within Misty Mountain, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were hiding in a quiet place while counting time.

“It’s been half an hour!”

Big Yellow’s ears stood up.

“The Firethorn Savage should return from the pond about now.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up at the same time.


Right after their words, they immediately heard a furious roar coming from the depths of Misty Mountain. The roar seemed to carry an emotion saying it wanted to tear everything apart. It was so furious that the entire Misty Mountain shook.

Roar… roar…

Following that, the roars didn’t seem to stop, and they were getting more violent each time. The furious roars had caused a tremendous storm to sweep across Misty Mountain.

Translated by XianXiaWorld