Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 178 – Wicked Man & Dog Duo, Evil Plan

Chapter 178 – Wicked Man & Dog Duo, Evil Plan

Chapter 178 – Wicked Man & Dog Duo, Evil Plan

“There is a baby Firethorn Savage in this golden egg. The Firethorn Savage really put all its heart and soul into this, by providing the egg with the Energy Spring Water that was merged with its life-force essence every day, once the little Firethorn Savage comes out from the egg, it will be an abnormal monster for sure.”

Big Yellow said as he raised his eyebrows.

“You’re right, a little Firethorn Savage raised with Energy Spring Water and life-force essence will definitely become an existence that defies rules and orders. The adult Firethorn Savage really put its effort into this.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Buddy, this golden egg is a priceless treasure, it has absorbed so much Energy Spring Water and the adult Firethorn Savage’s life-force essence. This egg alone contains an enormous amount of the purest energy, and it also contains pure Yang energy. If you can absorb it, the benefits you get will be ma.s.sive!”

Big Yellow’s eyes lit up. This golden egg was a rare treasure, and any cultivator who obtained it would be able to harvest a great yield from it. If Jiang Chen could absorb it, not only would his cultivation increase a lot and give him the possibility of breaking through to the Late Heavenly Core realm, he might even inherit the Firethorn Savage’s innate ability, killing two birds with one stone, and compensate for the loss of not absorbing the Firethorn Savage’s demon soul.

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. Obviously, the temptation of absorbing the golden egg was huge. Just like Big Yellow had said, if he absorbed it, the benefits he would harvest would be ma.s.sive.

Of course, although the temptation was huge, Jiang Chen didn’t act recklessly.

“Big Yellow, we can’t take this golden egg.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Why?! We’ll be punished by the heavens if we don’t take something this good!”

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen with a gloomy face. Leaving such good stuff untouched was totally not Jiang Chen’s style.

“If we take this golden egg, the Firethorn Savage will definitely go crazy. With its senses towards this golden egg, we won’t be able to escape from its hunt. Besides, our goal this time is to kill the Firethorn Savage, we can’t take this golden egg now, but, we can put it to good use. This is our only chance.”

A grin appeared on Jiang Chen’s face.

Big Yellow Dog suddenly realized what Jiang Chen mean, his ears stood up instantly and his dog eyes shots out two bright beams.

“d.a.m.n, buddy, you’re really an insidious man! You are trying to frame the Green Sanctuary Sect by using this golden egg.”

Big Yellow jumped up excitedly.

“Clever. We’ll take this golden egg away now, then we’ll give it toe Sect Elders as a token of apology.”

Jiang Chen said.

“d.a.m.n, what a crafty plan! Those old fools of the Green Sanctuary Sect has never seen this golden egg before, of course they won’t be able to tell that there is a baby Firethorn Savage within. They will definitely take it back to the sect thinking that it’s some rare treasure. When the Firethorn Savage comes back from the pond and find out that the egg is missing, it will surely become furious and attack the Green Sanctuary Sect. When that time comes, either the fish dies or the net splits, and then, you and I will reap the harvest! Kaka, buddy, you’re so crafty to come out with this evil plan, but I like it!”

Big Yellow was filled with extreme joy.

“Hehe, the Firethorn Savage and the Green Sanctuary Sect already has a tense relations.h.i.+p. If the Green Sanctuary Sect takes away the Firethorn Savage’s most important thing, it will definitely go crazy, and the already hostile relations.h.i.+p between them will never be resolved. At that point of time, the Green Sanctuary Sect will sure fight the Firethorn Savage with all their strength. We will be able to sit back and watch them fight. When the Firethorn Savage is seriously wound, that’s the time when we will strike and kill it. After that, we’ll take its demon soul, and if we are lucky, we might even take the golden egg away as well.”

Jiang Chen let out an evil laugh. A man and a dog looked at each other, one was laughing out loudly, and the other one had his mouth wide open.

“Despicable, this is really brilliant! Serves them right for offending us!”

Big Yellow kept praising Jiang Chen. They way he looked at Jiang Chen was filled with admiration and respect.

“Let’s delay no more, the Firethorn Savage will be back in half an hour, we don’t have much time left.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen grabbed the golden egg and stored it in his storage ring. After that, they left the cave and flew towards the exit of Misty Mountain like lightning.

Right now, at the border of the third sector, three Sect Elders from the Green Sanctuary Sect were still waiting. All of them had dark expressions, especially the Mid Divine Core Sect Elder, Liu Hong.

“Sect Elder Liu, it has been four days, I’m afraid that young man has already become the Firethorn Savage’s p.o.o.p. There is no point for us to keep waiting here.”

An Early Divine Core Sect Elder said.

“That’s right. How dare they enter the third sector, they are no match for the Firethorn Savage with their cultivation bases. I’m sure they’re dead by now.”

Another old man said.

“Let’s just wait until the training ends. If that young man still hasn’t come out, then there is no point for us to keep waiting.”

Liu Hong had an insidious expression as he spoke. Right after he finished his words, the trio immediately saw two figures quickly coming towards them from the third sector. In an instant, they arrived in front of these Sect Elders.

Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elder’s eyes lit up. The man and dog were the targets they had been waiting for.


Almost an instant after they saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders immediately unleashed powerful energy and sky-piercing killing intent. The two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds in front of them had made them wait four days, and they had killed so many men from the Green Sanctuary Sect. They deserved a thousand deaths.

“I didn’t expect you would be so lucky as to not get yourselves killed by the Firethorn Savage. However, although the Firethorn Savage didn’t kill you, I will still do so myself. Let me teach you a lesson today, offending the Green Sanctuary Sect will cost you your life!”

Liu Hong’s killing intent was soaring high into the skies. The three Divine Core warriors had surrounded Jiang Chen and Big Yellow in a triangular formation, they didn’t want to let them escape.

“Don’t attack us!”

Jiang Chen hastily said.

“Why? Are you afraid now?”

Liu Hong sneered.

“Sect Elders, we and the Green Sanctuary Sect had no conflicts before this. I was being reckless when I killed the disciples and Sect Elders of the Green Sanctuary Sect, my apologies!”

Jiang Chen hold his fist toward these Sect Elders, when Big Yellow Dog saw the sincere expression on Jiang Chen’s face, he almost thrown out all his blood, this guy was really a crafty man, not only he was despicable, he was also good in acting.

“Haha, an apology? Are you nuts? So now you’re afraid and want to apologize. If you knew this was coming, then you shouldn’t have killed any men from the Green Sanctuary Sect! The score will have to be repaid with your life, I’ll have your blood spilled today to protect the honor of the Green Sanctuary Sect!”

Liu Hong was laughing out heartily. The other two Sect Elders were sneering at the same time. In their minds, this young man was scared. He thought that Jiang Chen might have spent his last few days frightened, and when he wanted to escape, he realized the exits were sealed. He knew he couldn’t escape at all, therefore, he came to them in order to apologize.

“Sect Elder Liu, don’t listen to this guy’s nonsense, let’s just kill them now.”

Another old man said as he drew out a longsword about 1,5 meters in length. With a large killing intent, he had completely locked down Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. If they dared move a bit, he would strike without hesitation.

“Young man, face your death!”

Liu Hong shouted out loudly. His body was covered with waves of golden Yuan energy, and the grandeur of a Mid Divine Core warrior was completely unleashed. He was getting ready to kill Jiang Chen and Big Yellow in an instant.

“Please spare our lives, Sect Elder!”

Jiang Chen purposely changed his expression into a frightened one and begun begging.

“Haha, now you’re begging me! Too late, I’ll let you taste the abilities of a Mid Divine Core warrior! Remember, my name is Liu Hong, and in your next life, think carefully before offending someone!”

Liu Hong let out a pleasant laughter. Jiang Chen’s fear and begging had made him feel satisfied. The feeling of having an enemy trembling in front was marvelous.

“Sect Elder Liu Hong, please don’t kill me! I have a rare treasure with me, and to keep me alive, I’ll give it as a surrendering gift to the Green Sanctuary Sect! I just hope that Sect Elder can spare my life and allow me and my companion to leave Misty Mountain! From today onwards, me and the Green Sanctuary Sect will walk separate paths!”

Jiang Chen hastily spoke again. His face carried a panicked expression, and it looked like he was scared Liu Hong would kill him. At the same time, his expression made it seemed like he had just made an important decision, causing these people to believe that he really had a rare treasure.

“What? You have a rare treasure with you?”

Liu Hong asked with a surprised expression, and he immediately stopped his action. In his mind, this young man in front of him had nowhere to run, and there was no way he could escape from this place, so he was curious about what kind of rare treasure he had. If he couldn’t show him, then he would kill him.

“That’s right! Please take a look, Sect Elder!”

Jiang Chen flipped his hand and retrieved the golden egg from his storage ring. The golden egg with the size of a human head was glowing in layers of golden light.

When the golden egg was taken out, a pure and rich energy immediately flowed out from it, and a strong sense of life force and essence was emitted from the egg, which attracted the gazes of all three Sect Elders in an instant.

“What kind of treasure is this?! How come I’ve never seen it before? What powerful energy! Look, there are so many mystical symbols on it, it looks so miraculous!”

Liu Hong was shocked, he had no idea what this golden egg was, but as a Divine Core warrior, he was no idiot either. His judgment was far better than that of those ordinary cultivators, he could tell how extraordinary and precious the golden egg was.

“Young man, what is this treasure?”

Liu Hong asked.

“I’m lacking experience and am unable to tell what it is, but I obtained this treasure some weeks ago. By just absorbing a little bit of the energy that was leaking out from this egg, I was able to break through from the peak Mortal Core realm to the Heavenly Core realm. After that, I used this golden egg for another ten days, and I broke through to the Mid Heavenly Core realm, and my combat strength was increased by a few hundred times. That’s why I’m able to fight Early Divine Core warriors.”

Jiang Chen kept explaining without showing any signs of guilt. When Big Yellow heard his words, he couldn’t help but cough and rub his head onto the ground nonstop. He feared that he might burst out in laughter.


f.u.c.k, this guy really knows how to act, what a crafty man!

Translated by XianXiaWorld