Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 169 – Big Yellow Awakens

Chapter 169 – Big Yellow Awakens

Chapter 169 – Big Yellow Awakens

Redsun Town was bustling with noise and excitement. Under the lead of Zhang Zhen, all townspeople were busy building a statue for Jiang Chen.

The huge statue was built in Redsun Town’s center square. When Jiang Chen and the other two arrived, what they saw was the busy scene of these townspeople working.

“Young master Jiang is back!”

Someone saw Jiang Chen and immediately shouted out. Right now, thousands of townspeople were deeply bowing towards Jiang Chen who was floating in the skies. It was as if they were wors.h.i.+ping their own G.o.d.

Although it had only been half a day since Jiang Chen left Redsun Town and came back, his image and prestige had been deeply rooted in the hearts of these townspeople, and nothing could change it.

“Brother, I never expected you would be so highly acclaimed in Redsun Town! Even if the Sect Chief came here himself, he wouldn’t be welcomed the way you were! But, this is normal, you did kill all Blood Devils after all. As the one who saved all their lives, the people of Redsun Town won’t forget about your contributions for many generations to come.”

Guo Shan nodded his head and said. He knew the details about how Jiang Chen had killed the Blood Devils. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, all of these townspeople would have been dead right now. A great kindness like this was more than enough for these townspeople to wors.h.i.+p Jiang Chen like a G.o.d.

“Blood Devils are evil and cruel, everyone has the responsibility of killing them.”

Jiang Chen waved at the townspeople of Redsun Town, then he flew straight towards his mansion.

After Jiang Chen left Redsun Town, Zhang Zhen had given out an order than no one was allowed to get close to Jiang Chen’s mansion. This was the first time Guo Shan had come to Jiang Chen’s mansion, and he wasn’t overly surprised by anything. There was nothing special about the place, and it couldn’t be compared to some of the courtyards back in the Black Sect.

Jiang Chen pushed the door open, and the trio immediately saw Big Yellow quietly lying on a cus.h.i.+on. There was some faded golden light blinking around his body. Looking at this, Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up.

“What an abnormal monster!”

Jiang Chen was speechless, he discovered that Big Yellow’s energy level had at least doubled, and all while Jiang Chen had been away for just half a day.

“I heard Big Yellow contributed a lot in the mission of killing Lord Blood Moon, but it looks like he suffered some serious injuries as well.”

When Guo Shan saw Big Yellow who was lying on the cus.h.i.+on, he couldn’t help but feel shocked. Right now, anyone would be able to sense the miraculous abilities of this dog.

“That’s right, Big Yellow is really brave and courageous. Although he suffered a serious backlash, it was actually a blessing in disguise. When he wakes up, I think he will break through to the Late Heavenly Core realm.”

Jiang Chen let out a sigh. The way Big Yellow leveled up couldn’t be judged by normal standards. The complete bloodline of a Divine Beast just couldn’t be compared with an ordinary demon beast.

“Brother, where is the energy vein you mentioned?”

Guo Shan asked. The underground vein was sealed by Jiang Chen with a formation, and without Jiang Chen’s help, no one would be able to sense the energy vein, even if the person stood above the cus.h.i.+on itself.

“The energy vein is connected right below Big Yellow, and he is now absorbing its energy source. With its help, Big Yellow should soon awaken. I will need his help for my trip to the Misty Mountain.”

Jiang Chen continued, “Older brother Guo, Zi Han, there are a few more rooms here, you just pick any room you like, then I’ll help you connect the room to the underground energy vein. I hope the two of you cherish this opportunity and use it to break through as quickly as possible.”

“Sounds good!”

Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han looked at each other. Both of them found extreme excitement in the opposite’s eyes. The difference between three people sharing one energy vein and thousands of people sharing one energy vein was huge; the benefits Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han would get were definitely unimaginable too.

Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han didn’t waste any time, they immediately picked two rooms separately. After that, Jiang Chen used his Dimensional s.h.i.+ft and venture deep down underground once again. Then, using the formation, he created another two nodes on the energy vein, then he connected them to the rooms Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han had picked.

When all was done, Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han sat down on their cus.h.i.+ons. When they felt the pure energy coming out from the ground below them, their expressions immediately changed, and their expressions immediately filled up with great spirit.

“The energy is so pure! Not only is it rich, its quality is not something the Black Sect can compare with! I never expected that there would actually be a energy vein hidden beneath Redsun Town that hasn’t been discovered the four big sects! Brother Jiang is really a man with great fortune, only someone like him would be able to find such a huge treasure!”

Guo Shan was really shocked. In his mind, Jiang Chen was a man capable of accomplis.h.i.+ng anything. Although the energy vein was discovered by Big Yellow, since Big Yellow was following Jiang Chen, both of them were a team. Therefore, Big Yellow was Jiang Chen’s luck as well.

On the other side, Yu Zi Han’s eyes lit up. He was shocked as well.

“Redsun Town is under the ruling of the Yu family, but we never knew there was an energy vein hidden underneath here. If the Yu family could occupy this energy vein, the strength of our family would definitely explode to new heights. Of course, with out current strength, not only can we not use this energy vein, we might even attract some deadly attention. I’ll followed Jiang Chen wholeheartedly in the future and keep this secret for him no matter what!”

Yu Zi Han sighed.

“After breaking through, return to the Black Sect at once.”

Jiang Chen left behind a message with his Divine Sense in Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han’s hands. At the same time, he also left a message for Big Yellow. After that, he simply started flying back towards the Black Sect.

He couldn’t neglect the safety of Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan any longer. More importantly, Jiang Chen also needed some time to enter secluded cultivation.

After killing Fan Kun, the Dragon Transformation skill had experienced some changes which had given Jiang Chen many benefits. He needed some time to truly digest these newly acquired abilities. Especially the True Dragon Flames and the True Dragon Palm. Both of them were skills inherited from a real dragon; causing Jiang Chen to be like a tiger that had grown wings.

Back in the Black Sect, Jiang Chen went straight to Guo Shan’s mountain. After he had checked on Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan, he entered secluded cultivation.

Buzzing sounded out from around Jiang Chen, layers of golden flames darted in and out of his body like snakes, causing the surrounding air to pop and the temperature to rise significantly.

“The True Dragon Flames are truly power! This flame is king amongst all beast flames, and it can burn anything in this world! With this flame, pill concoction has become easier for me. But, too bad, with my current strength, I am unable to unleash its true power. Cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill has given me the True Dragon Flames and True Dragon Palm, this skill isn’t simple… If my guess is correct, this skill might contain a powerful inheritance of a real dragon, and if I follow its transformation, I might get more benefits in the future!”

Jiang Chen was amazed by it. He had the cultivation experience of a Saint, therefore his judgment was far better than the judgment of anyone else.

Initially, he had thought that the Dragon Transformation skill was just a simple powerful skill, but now, he had changed his mind. It actually might be an inheritance from a true dragon. Those who cultivates the skill, once they gain its acceptance, that’s when the truly frightening part of the Dragon Transformation skill begins.

Jiang Chen estimated that the more he cultivated with it, the Dragon Transformation skill would keep transforming and changing, and his own bloodline would experience a complete change as well.

With a thought of his mind, a huge blood red dragon claw appeared in the skies. At the same time, his palm transformed as well. It was covered with blood red dragon scales, and it was glowing with a frightening red light. When he unleashed the True Dragon Palm, all 300 Dragon Marks in his body vibrated and caused Jiang Chen to unleash a huge amount of energy, causing him to look like an ancient beast with a frightening power.

“The True Dragon Palm is an authentic combat skill of the dragons, it was inherited from ancient times, and it’s a real secret skill that only a dragon could learn. Now that I learned this skill, my combat strength has improved significantly. With the support of the 300 Dragon Marks, I can kill any Early Divine Core warrior with the True Dragon Palm.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. With 300 Dragon Marks, just with his muscles alone he could unleash the force of 3,000,000 Jin. A ma.s.sive force like that could easily tear a mountain apart.

“Hmph! I wonder if that Nan Bei Chao has broken through to the Divine Core realm! If he hasn’t done so, I could just kill him right now.”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. Nan Bei Chao was no doubt a peerless genius, but Jiang Chen didn’t believe that Nan Bei Chao would always be stronger than him. He was a Saint before reincarnation, and now he was cultivating an ancient immortal skill, the Dragon Transformation skill. If Nan Bei Chao was still at the peak Heavenly Core realm, Jiang Chen had the confidence that he could easily kill him.

However, there was still a year before his fight with Nan Bei Chao, there was no need to rush it. Jiang Chen was still in a period of rapid growth, and what he needed now was just time. Besides, with Nan Bei Chao’s talent and potential, he might have broken through to the Divine Core realm by now.

Besides, Jiang Chen’s focus was not Nan Bei Chao right now. His next target was the Misty Mountain in the Qian Province, he needed to search for the Firethorn Savage who was at the peak of the Mid Divine Core realm, and that’s what really give him a headache right now. With his Mid Heavenly Core realm right now, there was no way he could be a match for the Firethorn Savage.

Three days later, two figures suddenly appeared on the mountain peak. They were Guo Shan and Big Yellow. At the same time, Jiang Chen had awoken from his secluded cultivation. In about three days, he had managed to achieve completely control over the True Dragon Flames and True Dragon Palm, and had managed to stabilize his combat strength.

When Jiang Chen saw Big Yellow and Guo Shan, he discovered that Guo Shan had broken through to the Mid Divine Core realm. As for Big Yellow, he had broken through to the Late Heavenly Core realm, one stage higher than Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen wasn’t any surprised with this situation. With the help of both the Six Profound Solar Energies and the energy vein, if Guo Shan still couldn’t break through, then committing suicide would be the right thing to do.

As for Big Yellow, no matter how he broke through, Jiang Chen wouldn’t feel surprised at all. He was happier than anyone that Big Yellow had broken through to the Late Heavenly Core realm. The stronger Big Yellow was, the greater help he could provide Jiang Chen.

“d.a.m.n you, buddy, they told me that while I, your father was in a coma, you did something really awesome in the Black Sect? It really p.i.s.ses me off, I didn’t have the chance to partic.i.p.ate in such an event! I, your father have lost another opportunity to show off my mightiness, if I hadn’t, I would have been the center of attention for sure! Just thinking about it… sigh… too bad, what a waste… sigh…”

Big Yellow kept complaining upon seeing Jiang Chen.

Translated by XianXiaWorld