Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 168 – Firethorn Savage

Chapter 168 – Firethorn Savage

Change in terminology:

Nine Solar Energies > Nine Profound Solar Energies

Six Solar Fingers > Six Profound Solar Fingers


Chapter 168 – Firethorn Savage

“But according to what I know, in order to concoct the Profound Nine Solar Pill, there is one ingredient that can’t be replaced, and that is the Nine Solar Holy Water. It is a truly priceless treasure of this universe. Let alone the Qi Province, it’s even a super rare treasure for those super powers in the Eastern Continent. I have spent all my life studying pill concoction, and I have planted all kinds of herbs in this mountain, you can find most of the herbs required to concoct the Profound Nine-Solar Pill on this mountain, but I just don’t have the Nine Solar Holy Water.”

Guo Shan furrowed his brows. The pill Jiang Chen wanted to concoct was both rare and precious, and concocting it is more difficult than anything he could imagine.

“Of course I know about the rarity and value of the Nine Solar Holy Water.”

Jiang Chen smiled while feeling bitter in his mind. In his past life, Nine Solar Holy Water was like plain water to him. But now, it was so difficult to get just a little bit of it.

In his past life, the Nine Solar Holy Water might have been some priceless treasure, but since he had the Nine Profound Solar Energies, he could actually absorb the purest Yang energy from the skies above and turn it into the Nine Solar Holy Water. It was something really easy for him to do.

However, the Profound Nine Solar Energies was a peak Saint level skill, and with his current cultivation, there was no way he could is it to absorb the purest Yang energies. This was because Yang energies were cla.s.sified into different level as well. The purest Yang energy Jiang Chen could absorb now could at most be turned into Six Solar Holy Water, and it was far away from the level of Nine Solar.

“For the time being, there is no way for me to concoct the Profound Nine Solar Pill, but Little Yu’s condition doesn’t allow us to dragon on anymore. Therefore, I’ve decided to concoct the Profound Six Solar Pill. It will help keep her alive until I find the Nine Solar Holy Water in the future. When I find it, I’ll just let her drink it straightaway.”

This was Jiang Chen’s last resort. With his current abilities, there was no way for him to concoct the Profound Nine Solar Pill, therefore he was left with nothing better than the second choice; the Profound Six Solar Pill.

“Profound Six Solar Pill?”

Guo Shan was startled.

“That’s right, the Profound Six Solar Pill requires the same ingredients as the Nine Solar pill, the only difference is that I will used Six Solar Holy Water instead of Nine Solar Holy Water. I will write down the required ingredients later, I hope older brother Guo can find them for me.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Please rest a.s.sured, brother! Even if requires me to sell all my belongings to find them, I will have them gathered!”

Guo Shan patted his chest and promised. In fact, both he and Yu Zi Han were really surprised. Because, even the Six Solar Holy Water was hard to find. But, Jiang Chen was a man who knew what he was doing. Since he had said he would find it, it simply meant that he had a way to find it. Both of them had been with Jiang Chen for quite some time, they knew what kind of person Jiang Chen.

“But, in order to concoct the Profound Six Solar Pill or even the Profound Nine Solar Pill, aside from the Holy Water, we need another very important ingredient. The Firethorn Savage’s demon soul. It is a beast of pure Yang which will provide the pill with lots of benefits. Anyone of you know where I can find this Firethorn Savage in the Qi Province?”

Jiang Chen looked at Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han. In order to concoct a good quality pill, there were simply too many rare ingredients needed. The mission of saving Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan was a tough one. However, no matter what he needed to save them, or no matter how difficult it would be, he was determined to save their lives.

Besides, this was the path of Jiang Chen’s cultivation. He was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill. It was destined that he would have to defy the rules and natural orders. The road of his cultivation would be a tough one with endless obstacles. The process of saving both of them was another test for his determination as well.

Although the Firethorn beast was a rare demon beast, but comparing to the Earth Demon beast it was still easier to find, as least it was not extinct yet.

“I know, there is one Firethorn Savage in the Misty Mountain!”

Yu Zi Han’s eyes lit up.

“Misty Mountain? Where is it?”

Jiang Chen’s spirit strengthened. He had been in the Qi Province for quite some time and had some basic knowledge about different places, but he had never heard about the Misty Mountain before.

“The Misty Mountain isn’t in the Qi Province, it is located in the Qian Province right next to the Qi Province, and there is a Firethorn Savage in the mountain, but…”

Guo Shan furrowed his brows.

“But what?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Brother Jiang, Yellowstone is located at the border of the Qi Province, and this Misty Mountain isn’t actually very far away from Yellowstone. The Firethorn Savage residing in the Misty Mountain has a very strong cultivation level, and it is the king of the Misty Mountain. Rumors say that it has broken through to the peak of the Mid Divine Core realm. Combined with the advantages of being a demon beast, even Late Divine Core warriors wouldn’t be a match for this Firethorn Savage. Therefore, it is almost impossible for Brother Jiang to get the Firethorn Savage’s demon soul.”

Yu Zi Han explained. It because the Misty Mountain was so close to Yellowstone that he knew so much about it.

“That’s right, a demon beast like this Firethorn Savage being able to safely stay in a place like that, there must be something extraordinary about it. No ordinary big sects in the Qian Province would offend this Firethorn Savage. Brother, although you are very strong and can kill those Early Divine Core warriors, if you were to face this Firethorn Savage, there is no way you could defeat it.”

Guo Shan reminded.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He knew that they weren’t trying to scare him away. He knew about this Firethorn Savage much better than these two did. A peak Mid Divine Core Firethorn Savage, even Daoist Black would find it difficult to defeat it.

“I can’t worry too much now. I’ll prepare myself for a trip to this Misty Mountain.”

A determined look filled Jiang Chen’s eyes. He was never scared of powerful enemies. The strong his enemy was, the tougher his challenge was. He loved challenges.

“Please think twice, brother! A peak of the Mid Divine Core Firethorn Savage is really frightening, if you really want to go and find it, it might be a deadly trip!”

Guo Shan’s expression changed.

“Don’t worry, I will act according to circ.u.mstances, and not recklessly. Before I leave, I still have something that I need your help with.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand and stopped Guo Shan from continuing. He wouldn’t change his decision. The trip to the Misty Mountain was confirmed, but he had learned from his previous experience that before he leaves, he would need to solve all potential threats.

“Please tell me, brother.”

Guo Shan nodded his head. He knew about Jiang Chen’s personality, therefore he didn’t interfere with his decision anymore. Besides, Jiang Chen had caused too many miracles, and he might just create another during his trip to the Misty Mountain.

“During this trip, the person I worry about the most is Fan Zhong Tang. Although he has been sentenced to face the wall for one month, we still have to be careful about him. Older brother Guo, your cultivation level is at the peak of the Early Divine Core realm, but you are still no match for Fan Zhong Tang. I will teach you a skill now, it is called the Six Profound Solar Energies. It is a High Earth skill, and it can help you improve your cultivation level significantly.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen sent a long message into Guo Shan’s Divine Sense. With a shocked expression on his face, Guo Shan immediately began studying the Six Profound Solar Energies, and his expression became one of excitement.

“What a good skill, what a profound skill!”

Guo Shan was really excited.

“There is a second part of this skill, and once you have mastered the first part, I will teach you the rest of it according to your situation. I also have a big secret to tell you all, promise me you will keep this secret to yourselves, as it is related to something really huge.”

Jiang Chen had a serious expression.

“Don’t worry brother, just let us know.”

Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han both looked at Jiang Chen at the same time.

“I found an untouched underground energy vein during my trip to Yellowstone. I’ll being you to Redsun Town now and let you cultivate with the help of it. Combined with the Six Profound Solar Energies skill, you will be able to break through to the Mid Divine Core realm within three days. At that time, you will have the abilities to fight Fan Zhong Tang, and I will be able to leave for Misty Mountain with a peace of mind.”

Jiang Chen said.

“What?! Underground energy vein?!”

Both men shouted in astonishment at the same time, especially Yu Zi Han. He almost jumped on his feet. Jiang Chen had found another energy vein? The news would shake the entire Qi Province, especially the four big sects. If anyone of them could obtain another energy vein, within a few years, the rest of the three sects would be ditched far behind.

Cultivating with the energy essence from an energy vein, it would simply make anyone feel excited. Try to think about this, there was only one energy vein underneath the entire Black Sect, and thousands of disciples and Sect Elders were sharing the same energy vein. The amount of energy they got just couldn’t compare with Jiang Chen’s energy vein.

“Brother Jiang, by telling me such a huge secret, it means you have complete trust in me! I, Yu Zi Yan will definitely keep the secret for you no matter what!”

Yu Zi Han said seriously. His mind was filled with grat.i.tude. By telling him this secret, it meant that Jiang Chen didn’t treat him like an outside. Being able to become close to Jiang Chen was an a.s.surance for him.

Besides, he and Guo Shan both knew what owning an energy vein meant. If the news was spread out, with his current abilities, there was no way they could protect this energy vein at all.

“Alright, I’ll place Brother Yan in the Blood Banner, after that I will bring the two of you to Redsun Town.”

Jiang Chen had to use this energy vein for his own good. He needed to establish himself in the Qi Province now. Both me in front of him were someone he could trust, so when their cultivation levels became stronger, they would be able to provide Jiang Chen with great help. Guo Shan was an Early Divine Core warrior, as well as an alchemist, so he would be able to provide Jiang Chen great help in the future. He had also helped Jiang Chen fight Fan Zhong Tang in a critical moment.

As for Yu Zi Han, he had the potential to grow. With his young age, he has already broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, and this showed that he actually had a huge amount of potential.


Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han were trying their best to hold their excitement, especially Guo Shan. When he thought about himself soon breaking through to the Mid Divine Core realm, he became extremely excited. Alchemists focused most of their time and energy on pill concoction, therefore their cultivation levels were usually weaker compared to others. Being able to reach the Divine Core realm, it actually proved that Guo Shan was a man with potential as well.

But after reaching the Divine Core realm, it would be extremely difficult to level up. Therefore, Guo Shan was incredibly excited right now.

Jiang Chen took out the Blood Banner and placed Han Yan into it. At the same time, he controlled the devil spirits within the Banner using some formation, then he put it somewhere secret, making sure no one could discover it.

After that, Jiang Chen brought Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han with him and left towards Redsun Town. Fan Zhong Tang was in the Cliff of Remorse, and he wouldn’t be able to leave so quickly. Therefore, Jiang Chen was not worried about him now.

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