Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 170 – Green Sanctuary Sect

Chapter 170 – Green Sanctuary Sect

Chapter 170 – Green Sanctuary Sect

Big Yellow showed a grieving look. Guo Shan had obviously told him what had happened during the three days he was in a coma.

After Big Yellow had broken through to the Late Heavenly Core realm, he had planned to show off in front of Jiang Chen and pressure him a bit, but when he heard Guo Shan tell him that Jiang Chen had killed an Early Divine Core warrior, he immediately felt somewhat depressed. But, with Big Yellow’s cultivation level right now, he too could defeat an Early Divine Core warrior.

He did after all possess the complete bloodline of a Divine Beast. Battle and defeating someone with a higher cultivation level than him was not a problem at all.

“Big Yellow, don’t worry, there will be plenty of chances for you to show off in the future.”

Jiang Chen laughed with a grin on his face. Since Big Yellow hadn’t been around him during the last few days, he felt like he had missed a lot of laughter. Now that Big Yellow has broken through to the Late Heavenly Core realm, he would provide great help for his trip to Misty Mountain.

“I heard Little Yu was badly wounded, d.a.m.n it! Luckily, Fan Kun is already dead! If he wasn’t, I would for sure go tear him into a million pieces and get revenge for Little Yu! How dares he bully my Little Yu, this is ridiculous!”

Big Yellow angrily said. He had been very worried after learning about Yan Chen Yu’s condition. He and Yan Chen Yu had established a deep relations.h.i.+p during their journey, and now, Yan Chen Yu was severely wounded and in critical conditions. It was obvious why Big Yellow became extremely angry.

“Fan Kun is dead, but Fan Zhong Tang is still alive. I’ll kill that guy sooner or later.”

Upon mentioning Fan Zhong Tang, a cruel and ferocious look emerged in Jiang Chen’s eyes. After that, he turned to Guo Shan and said, “Old brother Guo, since you have broken through to the Mid Divine Core realm, with the powerful combat skill Six Profound Solar Energies, I believe you should be able to have a fair fight with Fan Zhong Tang. Big Yellow and I will be going to Misty Mountain now, I’ll leave everything here to you.”

“Don’t worry brother, even if I have to pay with my life, I will protect Little Yu at all costs! I won’t let the same thing happen twice!”

Guo Shan said in a serious manner. For him, what happened to Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan was the biggest disgrace of his entire life, a knot in his heart. What he wanted to do now was make up for his mistakes so that could get rid of the guilt in his mind.

Furthermore, Guo Shan considered Jiang Chen his benefactor, or perhaps even his teacher. He had learned a lot regarding alchemy from Jiang Chen, and he had even given him the Great Soul Derivation Skill and Profound Six Solar Energies. These two skills were both priceless and rare, advanced skills.

“Buddy, killing the Firethorn Savage and obtaining its demon soul is no easy task. I heard you want to leave the Blood Banner behind for Han Yan, but in my opinion, you should bring the Blood Banner with you. The trip to the Qian Province is full of uncertainty, and the banner is a powerful weapon. We might need to use it in a critical time. At least, it can be a hidden trick for us.”

Big Yellow reminded Jiang Chen. He learned from Guo Shan what Jiang Chen’s next move was.

“We don’t need it. I now have the True Dragon Flames and True Dragon Palm, and with these skills, I can kill Early Divine Core warriors without the help of the Blood Banner. Besides, Brother Yan really needs the help from the environment within the Blood Banner. If I attacked an enemy while he is still sealed within the banner, it will have a really bad effect on him. I’ll just leave it here.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand. He wasn’t going to bring the Blood Banner with him. Han Yan was sealed within the banner, and if he used it to attack the enemies, it would really make Han Yan suffer. Besides, his target this time was the powerful Firethorn Savage, if the Blood Banner was damaged during the fight, it could endanger Han Yan’s life.

Besides, leaving Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan in the Black Sect was far safer than having them close to him. The trip to the Qian Province was filled with uncertainty, so bringing them with him would be a bad idea.

In fact, after Jiang Chen had learned the True Dragon Flames and the True Dragon Palm, his combat strength had increased exponentially, and this allowed him to have the confidence to deal with the uncertainty.

“As you wish.”

Big Yellow wagged his tail.

“Let’s delay no more, we’ll go to the Qian Province right now.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen started flying towards the Qian Province. The task in the Qian Province was not an easy task, his opponent was too strong. In order to obtain the Firethorn Savage’s demon soul, he was have to use his mind.

Big Yellow Dog let out a long howl, turned into a golden beam of light and chased behind Jiang Chen, this dog was not someone could settle with peace, if there was nothing exciting for him, he might became nuts, the trip of fighting with Firethorn Savage at Misty Mountain had really excited him.

“Buddy, where is my broken sword?”

Not long after they left the Black Sect, Big Yellow hastily asked Jiang Chen for his broken sword. This proved how important the broken sword was to him.

“Big Yellow, tell me, what kind of treasure is that broken sword?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. He had a great interest in the broken sword. Something even he couldn’t tell what was, of course it would attract his interest.

“I don’t know either, but my innate ability can sense the innate character of any treasure. The broken sword is not something that belongs to this realm. Although it’s broken, its power is still great. I have the bloodline of a Divine Beast, that’s why I could barely unleash its power.”

Big Yellow didn’t hide anything from Jiang Chen this time, he told Jiang Chen everything he knew about the broken sword. He also did not know much about its origin.

Treasure hunting was one of Big Yellow’s innate abilities. As long as there was a rare and priceless treasure, he would be able to sense it. He could also tell the rarity of the treasure by how strong his senses towards the treasure were. This innate ability was really awesome.

“Not something that belongs to this realm… It might be something that has fallen down from the Immortal Realm.”

Jiang Chen murmured. He had no doubt about Big Yellow’s words. If the broken sword’s origin was from Saint Origin, Jiang Chen would have been able to tell.

If the broken sword really was something from the Realm of Immortals, then it was a really rare treasure. Jiang Chen had always wanted to enter the Realm of Immortals, Saint Origin was just an inferior realm. Since the ancient era, the connection node between Saint Origin and the Realm of Immortals had been completely sealed.

This head sealed the road for all the Saints in Saint Origin. Every single Saint who had reached the absolute peak had a primes desire to enter the Realm of Immortals, and Jiang Chen was the one with the most desire. That’s why he had swung his sword towards the heavens and split open the door leading to the Realm of Immortals. But too bad, he was unable to enter it afterwards.

This was Jiang Chen’s biggest regret about his past life. This life, he was determined to walk through the gate leading to the Realm of Immortals, he was determined to get rid off his regrets.

“Buddy, give your father the broken sword back, you can’t use it now!”

Big Yellow kept rus.h.i.+ng Jiang Chen.

“Take it you miser.”

Jiang Chen simply threw the broken sword towards Big Yellow. He had tried many times to use it, but he just couldn’t unleash its power. It simply meant that he didn’t have the sufficient cultivation level to use it. Only Big Yellow could put this broken sword to good use.

Big Yellow opened his big mouth and swallowed the broken sword instantly. Big Yellow’s stomach was like a huge storage s.p.a.ce, and he really dared to devour anything.

“Buddy, I heard that the Firethorn Savage has a strong cultivation level, a Mid Divine Core beast, and that’s why it can occupy the entire mountain without anyone daring to challenge it. Do you have any good ideas on how to deal with it?”

Big Yellow asked.

“We could can only use our minds to deal with this Firethorn Savage, we can’t go at it with force. With our current combat strengths, even if we fight it together, we will easily be defeated by it and get ourselves killed. I don’t have any good ideas right now, we can only take it one step at a time. Let’s get to the Qian Province first.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. He was completely blind about the Qian Province and the Misty Mountain right now, and he had no idea about the details regarding the Firethorn Savage. There was no way he could think of a good solution right now.

The Qian Province and the Qi Province were connected to each other, and both of them were also ranked lowest amongst all provinces in the Easter Continent. Also, their powerful sects and clans were almost equal in strength.

Although they were connected to each other, between the Qian Province and the Qi Province there was a huge wasteland, which was what separated them. It took Jiang Chen and Big Yellow an entire day of flying before they managed to cross the wasteland arrive in the Qian Province.

“Don’t waste any time, let’s just get to the Misty Mountain as quickly as possible.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen flew straight towards the direction of the Misty Mountain.

The Misty Mountain had a circ.u.mference of over ten thousand miles. It was a huge mountain range with a dragon-like shape, and it was covered with faded mist all day long; that’s why it got the name Misty Mountain. Countless powerful demon beasts resided within, and it was a rich land.

When Jiang Chen and Big Yellow arrived at the Misty Mountain’s outer perimeter, the time was already late in the afternoon. With their vision, even though they were high in the skies, and far from the mountain, they could still see a huge crowd of people walking back and forth underneath them.

“There are so many people here. Let’s go and check it out.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow descended to the outer perimeter of the Misty Mountain. Jiang Chen could see a lot of people walking away from the Misty Mountain, many of them cursing and scolding with unsatisfied expressions.

“d.a.m.n it, this really p.i.s.ses me off! The Green Sanctuary Sect thinks they are so powerful that they can do whatever want! They just don’t want us small influences to survive!”

“Hmph! The Misty Mountain is a public mountain of the Qian Province, since when has it become their territory?! How could the block us from accessing for a few days? This is outrageous!”

“That’s right, the disciple of the Green Sanctuary Sect will have to train in the Misty Mountain once every month, and every time they will deny the public access, blocking all from entering it! Many caravans were chased out from it!”


All these people had angry and unsatisfied expressions, but they dared not speak with lord voices. Obviously, they were afraid of the Green Sanctuary Sect.

Jiang Chen heard what they said, but he couldn’t really understand what had happened. He then called upon a guy who pa.s.sed by.

“Brother, I’ve got some questions.”

Jiang Chen arrived in front of the man. The man was obviously in a bad mood right now, so when he saw a young man getting in his way, he simply waved his hand and said, “Go away, I’m angry right now!”

“Brother, I just came to the Qian Province, I need to know something about this place.”

While saying that, Jiang Chen took out 20 Mortal Restoration Pills and put them in the man’s palm. When the man saw the pills, his eyes lit up.

“Little brother, so this is your first time visiting the Qian Province! No worries, just ask me anything you want to know, there is nothing that I do not know!”

The man’s att.i.tude immediately changed, and a smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. Money really makes the world go around. He had just come to the Misty Mountain, and he really needed more information regarding this place and the Firethorn Savage, as well as the Green Sanctuary Sect who had sealed the Misty Mountain.

Translated by XianXiaWorld