Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 167 – Profound Nine Solar Pill

Chapter 167 – Profound Nine Solar Pill

Chapter 167 – Profound Nine Solar Pill

Jiang Chen was convinced with Daoist Black’s promise, he believed that Daoist Black wouldn’t repeat the same mistake again.

“Let me remind you, do pay more attention to Fan Zhong Tang.”

Jiang Chen reminded Daoist Black. There must have been some reason behind why Fan Zhong Tang and Fan Kun wanted to kill him so much. He didn’t know either of them before this, and they still tried so hard to find a way to kill Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen guessed that they must have submitted to Nan Bei Chao. He had met Nan Bei Chao before, and he knew that he had the aura of a king. Nan Bei Chao was hugely ambitious, and he would never settle for anything ordinary. No matter where he went, he would become someone like a king.

“Fan Zhong Tang is a respectable Sect Elder of the Black Sect, he has proven his loyalty, and he would never betray us. Although the two of you have some disagreeable issues, I firmly believe in his loyalty.”

Fan Zhong Tang was one of the Black Sect’s foundational pillars, Daoist Black never believed he would do something bad to the sect. For him, the reason why Jiang Chen said this was because of his hatred towards Fan Zhong Tang. There was after all an unsettled score between the two of them, and Daoist Black could understand why Jiang Chen said so.

“As you wish.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen turned around and left. He understood what Daoist Black was thinking. But, if Jiang Chen wanted to kill Fan Zhong Tang, there was no need for him to borrow Daoist Black’s hand, he himself would kill him sooner or later.

Jiang Chen was never wrong when he judged a person. If Fan Zhong Tang wasn’t killed, sooner or later he would become a black sheep of the Black Sect and cause tremendous damage.

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t in the mood to consider all this right now. He had reminded Daoist Black, which was his purpose. What he needed to do next was more important, he needed to heal Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan from their critical conditions.

After leaving Palace Black, Jiang Chen flew straight towards Guo Shan’s mountain peak. After today’s fight, Jiang Chen had completely established his status and position in the Black Sect. By killing Lord Blood Moon and Liang Xiao, and even an inner circle disciple and Sect Elder, these incredible achievements had made everyone take him seriously. From now on, no one in the Black Sect would dare find trouble with Jiang Chen. Even those Divine Core Sect Elders would have to be polite and respectful when b.u.mping into Jiang Chen.

At the foot of Guo Shan’s mountain, tens of people had gathered around, and the leading man was Yu Zi Han. Behind him was w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng. They were waiting for Jiang Chen here.

When they saw Jiang Chen appearing in the skies above them, joyful expressions immediately emerged on all their faces.

“Brother Jiang, how was it? Did Sect Chief give you any trouble?”

Yu Zi Han hurriedly asked.

“No, don’t worry.”

Jiang Chen finally showed a smile on his face. These people were devoted to following him, Jiang Chen could really feel their sincerity.

“Senior disciple Jiang was really mighty today! All of us felt so happy when we saw you kill Fan Kun just now!”

“That’s right! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d should have been killed a long time ago! How dare he try to harm senior disciple Yan while senior disciple Jiang isn’t here?!”

“Senior disciple Jiang is indeed a peerless genius! Killing a Divine Core warrior with just a Heavenly Core cultivation base, this is something incredibly rare!”

Everyone were in high spirits. During the last few days when Jiang Chen was gone, they were all pretty tense. Now, with the return of Jiang Chen, he had just wreaked havoc once again, and he had killed Fan Kun; establis.h.i.+ng his dominance in the process. In the future, no one in the Black Sect will have the courage to offend Jiang Chen.

“That’s enough, all of you can leave first. Go back and put your effort into cultivation. I will need to check on Little Yu and Brother Yan’s conditions.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand casually, turned around and walked toward the mountain peak, he had no mood for all the flattering right now.

“Zi Han, please follow me.”

Jiang Chen said.

Yu Zi Han followed behind Jiang Chen as he started walking towards the mountain peak. w.a.n.g Yun and the rest were leaving the place too. Today’s fight had ended with Fan Kun getting killed, and Fan Zhong Tang being punished to face a wall for one month. In the coming days, the Black Sect would be completely peaceful.

On the mountain peak, Guo Shan had been waiting for Jiang Chen.

“Brother, both Little Yu and Brother Yan’s conditions are very serious, and your older brother has run out of solutions... Brother, with your vast knowledge, please help me find some way to save them!”

Within the room where Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan were resting, Guo Shan had a frown on his face. Even now, he was still deeply immersed with extreme regret. He looked at Jiang Chen with both apologetic feelings and fear. This young man was growing too fast, and he had overturned the logic of many. Although Guo Shan was still an Early Divine Core warrior, he could still feel a slight pressure from Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. With a wave of his hand, he unleashed two bright golden sparks and sent them into Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan’s bodies through the middle of their eyebrows. The sparks circulated throughout their bodies, then they came out from the same spot and flew back into Jiang Chen’s palm.

“How is it?”

Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han stared at Jiang Chen with panicked expressions.

“Their wounds are pretty fatal. Both have been hurt at their sources. All of Brother Yan’s internal organs have shattered, and if it wasn’t for the Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline supporting him, he would have died by now. However, since his life force is too weak, the Ancient Divine Devil’s power has stopped circulating. In order to save Brother Yan’s life, we need to find a way to reactivate the Ancient Divine Devil’s power, forcing it to start circulating once again. If that works, Brother Yan will recover with the power of the Ancient Divine Devil.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen furrowed his brows and continued, “Little Yu’s conditions are worse than Brother Yan’s. She cut her own heart’s veins, and this has almost caused her to lose her last drop of her life force. If it wasn’t for the Nine Yin Meridians’ support, I believe she would have died by now. Since she cut her own heart’s veins, her Nine Yin Meridians have completely stopped circulating as well. It will be really hard to awaken them again.”

Their conditions were worse than what Jiang Chen had expected. In other words, if it wasn’t for them having unique body characteristics, they would have been dead by now. Any ordinary person who suffered from such injuries would immediately lost all chance of recovering.

“Nine Yin Meridians!”

Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han shouted out in astonishment. This was an ancient body characteristic, they had heard of it before, but they didn’t think it really existed. And to their surprise, Yan Chen Yu actually possessed the Nine Yin Meridians.

“No wonder Xiao Yu has such a powerful cold in her body, it was actually the legendary Nine Yin Meridians!”

Guo Shan said with a shocked expression.

“Brother Jiang, if that is the case, do you have any ways to save them?”

Yu Zi Han asked. After having followed Jiang Chen for so many days, he had come to think, Jiang Chen was a man who could do anything.

“Of course there are solutions, but they are really difficult to achieve. In order to reactivate the power of the Ancient Divine Devil in Brother Yan’s body, there is only one method. The Ancient Divine Devil was one of the greatest devils in the ancient times, they had powerful devil characteristics and a n.o.ble bloodline. In order to awaken his bloodline, we need to find something with a bloodline even more powerful than his in order to stimulate his bloodline. If we can find the Earthly Devil Beast’s demon soul, then I’m sure Brother Yan will not only awaken, his cultivation will also improve significantly. The Earthly Demon Beast is a beast with a with a powerful devil character, it is the king of all devil beasts. But, it is a rare existence, and I am afraid we can’t find one in the Qi Province.”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows.

“Earthly Devil Beast?”

Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han were surprised at the same time. They had heard of this powerful devil beast before, but they had never actually seen one in real life. They had also never heard about one having appeared in the Qi Province.

“Brother, we can’t find an Earthly Devil Beast in the Qi Province. However, there is one place I can think off, and the possibility one exists there is high.”

Guo Shan said.

“What place is that?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up.

“Inferno h.e.l.l.”

Guo Shan’s expression became serious, “Inferno h.e.l.l is a special realm. A hundred years ago, the greatest Saint in the world cut open the doors leading to the Realm of Immortals, and this caused the barriers of Saint Origin to loosen and produce many unique realms, and this is how Inferno h.e.l.l came to be. I heard that there are all kinds of rare demons and devils running wildly in the lands of Inferno h.e.l.l, but at the same time, there are all kinds of rare treasures. It is a land filled with both opportunity and risk.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but slightly trembled. Guan Yi Yun had told him about this Inferno h.e.l.l, but he never knew that it was actually related to himself. It looked like after he broke the door leading to the Realm of Immortals a hundred years ago, he had caused some changes to the structure of Saint Origin.

“Looks like I need to find some time to pay a visit to this Inferno h.e.l.l.”

Jiang Chen stared developing a strong interest towards Inferno h.e.l.l. He wanted to see for himself what kind of existence Inferno h.e.l.l was. The appearance of these strange realms was proof that he had broken the structure of Saint Origin.”

“There is only a slim chance to survive in Inferno h.e.l.l. Brother, you better give it careful thought before deciding on whether or not you’ll go.”

Guo Shan reminded.

“I’ll have to visit this Inferno h.e.l.l no matter what, as I need to find that Earthly Devil Beast. If not, I don’t know how long Brother Yan will be in coma. Of course, I won’t go there right now, I’ll need to help Little Yu first. I’ll give you the Blood Banner later, just place Brother Yan inside the flag, then the devil spirits within should keep him alive.”

Jiang Chen said. He needed to go to Inferno h.e.l.l no matter what, but not now.

“Brother, how can we help Little Yu?”

Guo Shan asked.

“Similar to Brother Yan, in order to save Little Yu, we will need to activate her Nine Yin Meridians. As long as her Nine Yin Meridians awaken, Little Yu will awaken from her coma as well. But since the Nine Yin Meridians are the coldest body characteristics in the world, no items with cold characters can stimulate them. Therefore, in order to awaken the Nine Yin Meridians, we need to strike it from the reverse. If I can concoct the Profound Nine Solar Pill, I will be able to use the purest Yang energy contained within the pill to awaken her Nine Yin Meridians.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Profound Nine Solar Pill?!”

Guo Shan shouted out in disbelief. As an alchemist, he knew what the Profound Nine Solar Pill was. He knew better than anyone else how rare it was and how tough it was to concoct this pill.

“Brother, it is impossible to concoct the Profound Nine Solar Pill! I do have plenty of herbs with pure Yang properties, do you think those can help Little Yu?”

Guo Shan said.

“No, if it’s just some herbs with pure Yang properties, it will make the Yin and Yang collide, which will instantly kill Little Yu. The Profound Nine Solar Pills contains 49 different kinds of herbs. These ingredient will balance the Yin and Yang, and it won’t cause Little Yu any harm.”

Jiang Chen explained. In the field of herbs and medication, he knew a lot more than Guo Shan. He knew what the best way to save Little Yu’s life was.

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