Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 166 – Biased

Chapter 166 – Biased

Chapter 166 – Biased

The scene immediately became quiet. Everyone stared at Daoist Black, awaiting his decision. His next words would decide Jiang Chen’s fate.

Judging from how Fan Zhong Tang behaved, there was no way he would let Jiang Chen go. Also, Jiang Chen had killed an inner circle Sect Elder and disciple, which is a violation of the Black Sect’s most seriously rules. In the entire history of the Black Sect, there hadn’t been a single disciple who had done this. Therefore, as the Sect Chief, it would make perfect sense if Daoist Black wanted to punish Jiang Chen.

But, Jiang Chen had killed Lord Blood Moon, and this was considered a magnificent contribution. Even if he had violated the most serious rules, he could use this contribution to compensate for it. Besides, Jiang Chen was a peerless genius, he was a man destined to have his name remembered for many generations, he had potential and talent that could defy any rules. In other words, he really was the future hope for the Black Sect. Just from this alone, it was understandable if Daoist Black didn’t punish Jiang Chen.

So, whether or not Daoist Black punishes Jiang Chen, either decision was understandable. Now, it all depended on how he would make the decision.

With a calm look on his face, Daoist Black looked at the angry Fan Zhong Tang, then he turned around and looked at Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He placed one hand on his back, then he stared back into Daoist Black’s eyes with a fierce expression. In his mind, both Guo Shan and Daoist Black were responsible for Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan’s injuries. Daoist Black had met Jiang Chen once and promised to provide anything he needed. But now, he as the Sect Chief couldn’t even protect Jiang Chen’s girl and brothers, and this really p.i.s.sed him off.

Daoist Black’s mind trembled. He focused his gaze and tried looking through Jiang Chen, but to his disappointment, he couldn’t find anything. In his eyes, this young man in front of him portrayed an aura of superiority, an aura of a man with lots of power, and a pride that came from his very roots. This was not something one could fake.

And although Jiang Chen’s cultivation level was way weaker than his, Jiang Chen still gave him a feeling that he should admire Jiang Chen. The feeling felt so natural, as if Jiang Chen was an immortal who had descended from the immortal realm, looking down upon everything in this mortal realm.

For Daoist Black, this was a feeling beyond logic and reason, but it really existed in his mind.

“Please give out your order and kill this guy, Sect Chief.”

Fan Zhong Tang continued.

Finally, Daoist Black moved his gaze away from Jiang Chen. He took a deep breath and said, “I know the cause of today’s incident. It was all Fan Kun’s fault, he had violated the rules and bullied his fellow disciples, and he deserved to be killed. Therefore, Jiang Chen’s revenge was understandable. But, Jiang Chen also cruelly killed inner circle disciples and Sect Elders. This is a crime that cannot be forgiven. But, since he killed Lord Blood Moon and all the Blood Devils in Yellowstone, as this is a great contribution, I’ll have both matters dropped. That’s it for today.”

Daoist Black’s words had poured oil on the flames and shocked everyone present. This decision was obviously biased towards Jiang Chen. Killing a Divine Core Sect Elder was a serious offense in the Black Sect, but Daoist Black had marked it as resolved just like that. This had shown everyone how much he cared about Jiang Chen. He could offend a highly acclaimed Sect Elder like Fan Zhong Tang just for the sake of protecting Jiang Chen.

“Did you see that? This is what I call true abilities! This is the privileges of being a peerless genius!”

“That’s right! It is obvious that the Sect Chief is siding with Jiang Chen! Think about it like this, if Jiang Chen wasn’t a peerless genius, and didn’t have that mighty talent, I’m sure the Sect Chief would punish him and have him killed instantly!”

“It is understandable that the Sect Chief made this decision. If he doesn’t cherish and protect a genius like Jiang Chen, he would be an idiot! Besides, Fan Kun deserved all this! Both he and his grandfather looked down upon everyone in the Black Sect just because of their high status, but they finally b.u.mped into a tough guy like Jiang Chen!”


Many people whispered to each other. Most of them felt that Daoist Black’s decision was perfectly fine. It was all because of Jiang Chen’s value. In this world where the weak prey on the strong, everything would need to be backed up by strong abilities. Jiang Chen’s abilities and potential had made Daoist Black take him seriously.

Since Nan Bei Chao’s debut in the Qi Province, he had proven that he was a rising star. If there were no other rising stars who could stop him, with Nan Bei Chao’s talent and potential, it would only take him a few years to change the patterns of the Qi Province completely. However, the appearance of Jiang Chen had given Daoist Black a hope to stop Nan Bei Chao, and that was the main reason why Daoist Black took Jiang Chen so seriously.

“Sect Chief!”

Fan Zhong Tang’s expression changed dramatically, he had never expected Daoist Black to make this kind of decision. If Daoist Black really wanted to protect Jiang Chen, he would never be able to get his revenge anymore.

“Enough, Sect Elder Fan! During this period where you were the acting Sect Chief, you allowed this to happen and made our Sect suffer great loss. You will be punished with facing the wall for one month. After one month, you will resume your position as a Sect Elder.”

Daoist Black said with a stern voice. He portrayed a majestic and dignified image that belonged only to the Sect Chief. No one dared resist the Sect Chief’s orders.

“Sect Chief!”

Fan Zhong Tang’s eyes widened, and he felt like he was going to vomit blood. What was all this about? His own grandson had been killed by someone, and the person who killed him wasn’t punished at all! But he who had lost his grandson was sentenced to face the wall for one month?

“Sect Elder Fan, are you doubting my decision?”

Daoist Black’s expression turned stern. As the Sect Chief, he needed to maintain dignity that no one could challenge. No one could question his decision, even if that person was a highly acclaimed Sect Elder.


Fan Zhong Tang cupped his fist and bowed slightly. Although he didn’t want to accept this decision, Daoist Black’s strength was greater than Fan Zhong Tang’s. If he really argued with Daoist Black now, he would be unable to gain any advantages.

“Go to the Cliff of Remorse now to have your punishment.”

Daoist Black waved his sleeve, signaling for Fan Zhong Tang to leave.

Fan Zhong Tang glared at Jiang Chen fiercely. The meaning contained within the look was obvious, he would never let today’s matter be resolved easily.

Jiang Chen hated this kind of gaze. But, it also let him make up his mind. Once he had the strength to kill Fan Zhong Tang, he would definitely kill him at once.

Fan Zhong Tang turned around and started flying towards the Cliff of Remorse. An insidious look filled his eyes; today’s events was like a sharp blade that had been forcefully stabbed into his heart. He couldn’t forgive what happened, and his heart was now filled with hatred.

“Jiang Chen, I’ll rip you into a thousand pieces one day! Daoist Black, you wait for me as well, sooner or later I will kill you as well! The day Nan Bei Chao conquers the entire Qi Province will be your last day in this world, and the Black Sect will be mine!”

Fan Zhong Tang’s mind was fully packed with hatred and evil thoughts. What happened today had made him completely hate Daoist Black. It was too obvious that Daoist Black was siding with Jiang Chen, he didn’t care about the pain Fan Zhong Tang felt after losing his own grandson.

“Jiang Chen, follow me.”

After saying that, Daoist Black disappeared from the place.

Jiang Chen started flying towards Palace Black. What happened to Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan had made him disappointed in Daoist Black. However, Daoist Black was the Sect Chief after all, and it was rare for him to actively get involved in conflicts between disciples. And Jiang Chen was also satisfied with Daoist Black’s reaction today.

Jiang Chen’s initial plan was to bring Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan away from the Black Sect and return to Redsun Town, but considering Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan’s serious conditions, it was better for them to stay in the Black Sect to recover. The Black Sect did after all have better equipment and resources than Redsun Town, and Daoist Black also took him seriously and considered him the Black Sect’s only hope.

What’s more important was that Jiang Chen had too many enemies now, not only Fan Zhong Tang. Jiang Chen believed that when he left the Black Sect’s territory, Fan Zhong Tang would hunt him down at all cost. Also, there was the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Burning Sky Pavilion, both of them were Jiang Chen’s enemies as well, especially the Heavenly Sword Sect. The news about Jiang Chen killing Liang Xiao would soon spread to the Heavenly Sword Sect. Once Jiang Chen left the Black Sect, he would step into a situation where no matter where he went, he would surrounded by all his enemies. Of course, he wasn’t scared of this, but he needed to find a peaceful place for Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan to recover.

Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to continue staying in the Black Sect. With Daoist Black’s help, Jiang Chen would at least have place where he could rest. He couldn’t just give up on this.

Within Palace Black.

“Jiang Chen, do you blame me?”

Daoist Black asked.

“I don’t blame you, I’m just disappointed with you. As I was risking my life for the Black Sect killing those Blood Devils, my fiancée and brother were suffering back in the Black Sect.”

Jiang Chen spoke with a cold tone, he didn’t show much respect when facing Daoist Black. In the entire Black Sect, only Jiang Chen dared talk to Daoist Black like this.

“Indeed, this was a careless mistake of mine, but I don’t want to explain too much about that. You have completed the impossible mission of killing Lord Blood Moon and all Blood Devils, exceeding my expectations, and I am glad for your achievements. At the same time, the amazing speed of your growth has also surprised me, and I have to admit that you really are a peerless genius. You are the only one who can fight Nan Bei Chao in the entire Qi Province, and that is the reason why I didn’t punish you today.”

Daoist Black went straight to the point. He didn’t punish Jiang Chen because Jiang Chen had huge potential. As the Sect Chief of the Black Sect, his cultivation level and judgment was far better than that of other people. Of course, he could tell that Nan Bei Chao had huge potential and ambitions as well.

The reason why he was siding with Jiang Chen now was to find a genius that could fight Nan Bei Chao. In other words, Daoist Black did all of this for the future of the Black Sect.

“I’ll handle Nan Bei Chao. However, Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan were seriously injured, and they need some time to recover. I’ll leave them on Guo Shan’s mountain peak. As for Fan Zhong Tang, I don’t want to see anything similar happening again.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure something similar never happens again. You just need to put all your focus and effort into cultivation so that you can soon fight Nan Bei Chao. As for Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan’s injuries, you can just leave that to Guo Shan. He is the chief alchemist of the Black Sect, and he manages the majority of herbs in the Black Sect. If you need anything, just go to him straightaway.

Daoist Black said. In his mind, Jiang Chen’s cultivation and continuous improvement was the most important thing. After all, Jiang Chen’s opponent was Nan Bei Chao.

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