Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1657 – Instant Kill

Chapter 1657 – Instant Kill

Instant Kill

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Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s words, Nanbei Jing burst into laughter, as though he had heard something extremely funny. He understood what Jiang Chen meant. Jiang Chen was going to kill him, but unfortunately, how could he be killed so easily? If he died under a half-step Immortal Emperor’s hands, he would have no face left.

But in the next moment, the smile on his face froze once more. He could feel an incredibly dangerous qi coming from behind. This time, it felt as if his heart had stopped beating. He didn’t even know who the attacker was. Immediately, he dodged.

*Bang!* *Ah!*

Despite his fast reaction, he still couldn’t avoid it entirely. The attacker was no stranger, he’s Big Yellow who had channeled the energy of his body onto his skull and was smashed aggressively at Nanbei Jing. His attack speed was as quick as lightning.

Furthermore, the current Big Yellow was already a late Immortal Emperor. Nanbei Jing was totally not his match. Even if they fought one on one, Nanbei Jing still wouldn’t be able to resist Big Yellow, let alone when it was a sneak attack coming from Nanbei Jing’s back. Along with a wail, half of Nanbei Jing’s body was smashed to pieces. Only the other half managed to escape from the attack. The scene was tragic to look at.

“Playing sneak attack in front of Master Dog? I don’t think you know how to write the word ‘death’.” Big Yellow yelled disapprovingly.

One had to say that this was a real tragedy. Although Nanbei Jing was proficient in sneak attacks, he had chosen the wrong target. Sneak attacks were simply useless in front of someone who cultivated the Great Soul Derivation Technique, Great Divination Art and Great Void Technique, because any slight fluctuation could be accurately sensed by the target.

What was even more unfortunate was that he had ignored the huge yellow dog—the master of sneak attack—behind him. Facts had already proven that any opponent who underestimated Big Yellow would end up in a very miserable situation. Nanbei Jing was just one of the many examples.

“Ah! You d.a.m.ned dog!”

Nanbei Jing let out a blood-curdling scream. At this time, a few geniuses from Nanbei Family emerged, hastily coming to Nanbei Jing’s aid. There was a late Immortal Emperor and one early Immortal Emperor amongst them while the rest were intermediate Immortal Emperors. It only showed how strong the forces of Nanbei Family was. As for the reincarnation of the Great Sovereign, Young Master Chao, he hadn’t shown up ever since that incident. No one knew where he had gone to.

The movement here had immediately alarmed numerous people, attracting countless of gazes, but they weren’t taken aback. All of them knew about the grudges between Jiang Chen and Nanbei Family. It was only logical to see a fight break out between them. It was just that the condition of Nanbei Jing was somewhat tragic.

“Terrifying. That dog is even scarier compared to last time. And that Jiang Chen, I wonder what technique he has cultivated that allowed him to dodge the sneak attack of Nanbei Jing so easily.”

“Ai! It seems like as long as Jiang Chen is here, there won’t be peace. He’s a troublemaker and has already offended too many people and major powers. He is always accompanied by killings and battles wherever he goes. Despite it all, I’m still quite impressed by him. If it was anyone else who offended so many geniuses, he would have died long ago. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, is still alive until today, and many geniuses have already died under his hands.”

“This is a man with great fortune. Despite the countless number of geniuses that wanted to kill him, he is still very much alive and has grown to the point where it has become very difficult to kill him.”

“We’ll see. There will be even more intense battles when the doors of the Golden Clan are opened. Too many people wanted Jiang Chen dead. Quite a few half-step Immortal Venerables have been born at this point. I wonder if Jiang Chen can still survive this time.”


Discussions resounded in the air. Jiang Chen was already a well-known figure. He set off storms anywhere he went. Just like now, a battle had started with the geniuses of Nanbei Family the moment he arrived here.

“Jiang Chen, you are courting death!”

The late Immortal Emperor of Nanbei Family spoke through gritted teeth. He’s called Nanbei Zhong, a powerful figure like Nanbei Jing. It was imaginable how infuriated he was right now after seeing Nanbei Jing’s current condition. The other geniuses of Nanbei Family were also staring maliciously at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow with unconcealed killing intent.

“You will know who will die soon. Since you all have come, then I will eliminate all of you together. Your family has already made me an enemy. It’s only a matter of time before your family is annihilated.”

Jiang Chen spoke plainly. Across the entire Immortal World, it was afraid that there was only Jiang Chen who would dare to make such a wild declaration of annihilating an ancient family.

“Big Yellow, kill them all!”

Jiang Chen shouted. One man and one dog lunged at the geniuses of Nanbei Family in two rays of light. No mercy should be shown when it comes to killing the people of Nanbei Family.

Big Yellow laughed heartily. Such killing was his favourite. Now that he had advanced to the late Immortal Emperor realm, he was virtually invincible in the Golden Horizon. It was impossible for those half-step Immortal Venerables to kill him. So naturally, these geniuses from Nanbei Family were no threat to him.


Jiang Chen summoned his Heavenly Saint Sword. With the Great Void Technique, he could appear anywhere in an instant. Compared to Nanbei Jing, the gap of power was just too great. The Great Void Technique was even more terrifying compared to the Nine Phantom Wolves.



Along with a wail, one of the intermediate Immortal Emperor geniuses was slashed in half by Jiang Chen, dying on the spot even before he could put up any resistance. The two of them were at two totally different levels.

On the other side, Big Yellow rushed forward. Nanbei Zhong was left with no option other than to face the dog head-on. After all, Big Yellow’s a late Immortal Emperor. The others would only die if they went for the attack.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen was a disaster to all of them.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

The shrieks were incessant. In merely a few blinks, all the geniuses of Nanbei Family died a tragic death under Jiang Chen’s sword. All of them were severed in half. Now, the only one left was the half-bodied Nanbei Jing, watching Jiang Chen in front of him in horror, as though he was looking at the G.o.d of death.

Both of Nanbei Zhong’s eyes went red, however he was no match for Big Yellow, let alone Jiang Chen. All the geniuses of Nanbei Family were killed in an instant. This had made it hard for Nanbei Jing to accept it. He finally understood that Jiang Chen had already grown to a very terrifying extent that anyone who confronted him would die without a doubt.

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