Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1658 – Become the Atmosphere

Chapter 1658 – Become the Atmosphere

Become the Atmosphere

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“Jiang-Jiang Chen, what are you doing?”

The half-bodied Nanbei Jing looked in horror at the approaching Jiang Chen. His voice began to quaver. The fear inside of him had reached its peak after seeing Jiang Chen’s ruthlessness. As a first-cla.s.s genius of Nanbei Family, he had never thought that he would die one day. He had never seen someone as horrifying as Jiang Chen.

“What am I doing? That’s a very idiotic question.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. Without conversing any further, he lifted the long sword and beheaded Nanbei Jing. Then, Nanbei Jing’s ident.i.ty brocade pouch fell automatically into Jiang Chen’s hand. Jiang Chen had collected quite a lot of brocade pouches, but he had yet to check the items in them. This was because he knew that all the geniuses that found a treasure would immediately consume and refine it to improve their cultivation base and combat strenght. No one would keep those benefits in their belongings. He was afraid that there weren’t any valuable treasures in those pouches that’s why it didn’t really attract his interest.

After killing Nanbei Jing, Jiang Chen lunged at Nanbei Zhong with his sword. He absolutely wouldn’t let any geniuses of Nanbei Family go .

“This Jiang Chen is truly a monstrous genius. His progress is a little too fast. Although his cultivation base is still the same as ten days ago, why do I feel that he’s a lot more powerful now? Could this be an illusion?”

“This is no illusion. Such a figure is making progress all the time. He simply can’t be judge using common sense. It’s a real tragedy to the Nanbei family. So many of their geniuses had died, including Nanbei Jing. This is going to be a huge loss to them. Now, it seems like Nanbei Zhong won’t be able to escape his fate as well. He isn’t a match for the dog at all. Adding the fact that he’s being targeted by Jiang Chen as well, his life is definitely in danger.”

“That’s terrifying! A ma.s.sacre has already broken out before the doors of the Golden Clan opened. We should stay away from Jiang Chen and his comrades from now on. This man is too unruly. Killing a late Immortal Emperor is as easy as cutting melon to him. I wouldn’t have believed this without witnessing this with my own eyes.”


Everyone was shocked. Despite knowing the brutality of Jiang Chen, they were still startled by what they saw. Many people secretly warned themselves that they must not become enemies of such a G.o.d of slaughter, or else they wouldn’t have a good end. Despite being one of the two ancient big families in Eastern Profound Domain and having a Sovereign’s reincarnation in the family, its geniuses still met a tragic death. Even the Sovereign’s reincarnation was beaten until he ran with his tail between his legs ten days ago.


Nanbei Zhong yelled all of a sudden, immediately rus.h.i.+ng towards one direction in a ray of light. A wise man doesn’t fight when the odds are against him. He wasn’t a fool. Knowing that he stood no chance in front of Big Yellow and Jiang Chen, he would only end up like Nanbei Jing if he continued to stay.

“You can’t run away from me.”

With a sway of his body, he locked on the qi and route of Nanbei Zhong. A sword light that looked like a heavenly river was slashed out from the Heavenly Saint Sword, instantly forcing Nanbei Zhong out from the interior of the void.

“How could this be possible?”

Nanbei Zhong was in shock. He couldn’t imagine how Jiang Chen was able to lock onto his position so accurately. One should know that a late Immortal Emperor had very precise control of the spatial force, which meant that their mastery of the spatial force had already reached near perfection. So it was incomparably easy for them to escape.

But now, Jiang Chen seemed to have located his position straightaway, s.n.a.t.c.hing away his chance of escaping. He couldn’t help being surprised by this.

This was the mystery of the Great Void Technique. The inheritance that was left by the Void Sovereign could never be compared to ordinary secret arts. It would be very difficult to escape from the Great Void Technique.

“*Jie…* *Jie…*……”

Big Yellow laughed sinisterly then charged his indestructible head at Nanbei Zhong. He could already see that Jiang Chen had already mastered the early stage of the Great Void Technique. This was something worth celebrating.


Nanbei Zhong had lost his focus. Also, Big Yellow’s attack power was just too aggressive and very fast, Nanbei Zhong was sent flying away. The dog’s head pounded on the chest of Nanbei Zhong, causing a huge dent. He was spurting blood crazily along the way.


Jiang Chen’s speed was even faster. He moved like a shadow and caught up with the injured Nanbei Zhong in an instant. The Heavenly Saint Sword was slashed down mercilessly. While Nanbei Zhong was still in mid-air, he was slashed into halves by Jiang Chen’s sword.

Blood sprinkled from the sky. It was tragic to the extreme. Countless people were freaked out. A late Immortal Emperor supreme genius was killed just like that. That was overly shocking!

“Awesome! I’m afraid that Nanbei Family is surely going to be p.i.s.sed off this time.”

“Such losses are definitely huge to any major power. Nanbei family is going to go crazy this time. I think there are still geniuses from this family around, but as long as they aren’t fools, they won’t choose to stand out at this time.”

“Jiang Chen has already become the atmosphere. And he isn’t the only one who’s fighting the battle. He’s a.s.sisted by a group of monstrous geniuses. This group of geniuses could never be underestimated.”


The geniuses of Nanbei Family including the two late Immortal Emperors were killed the moment they saw Jiang Chen.

At this time, one of the golden pa.s.sageways was shaking very intensely. An incomparably strong qi rushed out from inside. A youth appeared in the sky like a peerless war G.o.d. Everyone could feel an incomparably strong pressure from the qi unleashed from his body. That was the qi of a half-step Immortal Venerable. This realm alone had surpa.s.sed everyone on the scene.

The incomer wasn’t a stranger, he was precisely Zhang Yulang, a supreme genius from the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain. He has successfully advanced to the half-step Immortal Venerable. In between his brows was full of endless arrogance. His eyes were full of contempt, looking high and mighty as if he disdained all kinds of sentient beings.

After registering Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and those severed corpses, fury blazed in his eyes.

“Jiang Chen, it seems like you are enjoying too much.”

Zhang Yulang spoke. He was close to Nanbei Chao. So his relations.h.i.+p with Nanbei Family was quite good. A grudge had already stirred in him back when the inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao emerged. Now that he had succeeded in advancing to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm, he would never put Jiang Chen in his eyes. Killing intent rose inside of him immediately.

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