Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1656 – Sneak Attack

Chapter 1656 – Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack

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Inside the golden pa.s.sageway was full of scorching light, causing the Fire of Sun in Jiang Chen to stir, giving him some sense of familiarity.

There were innumerable people in each pa.s.sageway. A large number of geniuses were currently flying through the pa.s.sageways that would lead them to the inheritance of the Golden Clan. However, no one knew what would happen next.

Big Yellow hadn’t said a word until now and looked pretty grim, so Jiang Chen resisted the urge to ask him something.

Very soon, both of them reached the end of the pa.s.sageway. There were already more than 10 000 people on the scene despite the fact that the pa.s.sageways had just appeared, and experts were still coming from all over the Golden Horizon incessantly. It only showed how much importance these people attached to the inheritance of the Golden Clan.

But no matter how fast they came, they could only stand at where they were now. Ahead of them was a vast expanse of void. There was nothing below their feet as though they were standing on an illusory land. Currently, everyone’s eyes fell upon the huge golden barrier in front.

That golden barrier covered the range of hundreds of miles, looking boundless as if it had merged with the sky. They knew that the gates to the Golden Clan were just behind this barrier. In order to enter the gates, they needed to break open the barrier first, however no one dared to touch the barrier. The lessons from the Xiao Yao Qin deterred them from making a life-threatening move.

They were all intelligent people. They knew very well that the situation ahead indicated that the gates of the Golden Clan weren’t opened yet. Once it was opened, the golden barrier would vanish automatically. What they needed to do now was wait, until the barrier disappeared and the things behind the barrier emerge.

The dense ancient qi that lingered in the void gave people a wave of indescribable unpleasant pressure.

The temperature in this area was pretty high, but it didn’t have much impact on them due to most of them being mighty Immortal Emperors. The air was scorching hot. Maybe this was the characteristic of the Golden Clan. After all, this clan was considered the offspring of the Divine Bird of Sun.

When Big Yellow arrived, his eyes were fixed on that barrier and furrowed tightly.

“So this is it?”

Big Yellow murmured. His eyes continued to sweep the barrier back and forth, as though he had discerned something. “This was the last resort of the Great Sovereign of the Golden Clan. It’s indeed something great.”

“Big Yellow, what do you see? What actually happened in these tens of thousands of years?” asked Jiang Chen.

He was eager to know the secrets behind it. He was almost certain that Big Yellow knew something.

However, Big Yellow seemed to have turned a deaf ear to Jiang Chen’s question. His mind had been entirely absorbed by the golden barrier.

Upon seeing his reaction, Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. There were many things that Big Yellow had yet to tell him. The dog’s secrets and origin were still a mystery to him. He knew that it wasn’t because Big Yellow didn’t want to tell him, but it was because his cultivation base was still weak and it wasn’t the time to tell him the secret yet.

Currently, Jiang Chen’s a half-step Immortal Emperor, only one step away to the next realm. Under the combat strength of the dragon transformation, he could already exterminate a late Immortal Emperor. Even so, Big Yellow still hadn’t told him anything. This made Jiang Chen even more curious. He wondered what secrets would be so great that not even the current him was qualified to know it.

Seeing Big Yellow being immersed in studying the barrier, Jiang Chen cast his eyes over it but failed to notice something significant.


All of a sudden, Jiang Chen’s brows knitted slightly as he felt a weak flow of air from behind. Immediately, he used the Great Void Technique.


Just as he exerted the Great Void Technique, an icy cold long sword suddenly rushed out from the interior of the void. The sword coated with intense killing intent pierced through Jiang Chen’s body in lightning speed.

The master of the sword was a young man. His face wore a ferocious smile, however his smile froze in the next moment. The one he stabbed was merely an afterimage of Jiang Chen.


The man wheeled around and saw Jiang Chen looking at him with great interest. The current Jiang Chen had already turned into his dragon form. This was the battle state of Jiang Chen. By now, this technique was no longer a secret in Golden Horizon.

“Impossible! How could he be this fast?”

The man was shocked, and could hardly accept the reality before his eyes. He had always been confident in his sneak attack. He had already imagined that Jiang Chen would be seriously injured even if the man didn’t die. It was out of his expectation that not only was his target hadn’t been harmed, but had also appeared behind him in an instant. Such horrifying speed sent chills down his spine.

“The people of Nanbei Family surely are unreliable. They only know how to sneak up on someone else.”

Jiang Chen spoke in a sarcastic tone. He knew this man. He had killed quite a lot of geniuses from Nanbei Family in their previous encounter and this man, Nanbei Jing, had been wanting to catch him but to no avail.

This infuriated Nanbei Jing very much. The incident back then had left a great shadow in his heart. Someone was killing the geniuses of his family, but he couldn’t do anything other than watch the killer harvest his comrades’ lives. It felt like his heart had been twisted into a knot.

He was crystal clear that by killing Jiang Chen, not only would it pay off the old score, but would also help him establish his prestige. Jiang Chen was a well-known figure. Whoever killed Jiang Chen would surely become famous.

Therefore, Nanbei Jing had decided to attack when he first saw Jiang Chen. He was incredibly confident in his own skill, but he still failed miserably. It seemed even more difficult to kill Jiang Chen now compared to the time when the Xiao Yao Qin appeared.

It was amazing how fast this man grew.

“Jiang Chen, you have killed so many of our people. Nanbei Family will take your life sooner or later.” Nanbei Jing spoke coldly.

“I’m afraid that it’s not your concern anymore because you are going to become the next genius of your family that will die in my hands. I, Jiang Chen, will never show mercy in killing you all.” Jiang Chen’s killing intent burst out.

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