Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1655 – The Opening of the doors of the Golden Clan

Chapter 1655 – The Opening of the doors of the Golden Clan

The Opening of the doors of the Golden Clan

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King Ping was utterly in despair, and was also full of reluctance. A man who had just risen to the power he had dreamt of was going to be executed before he got the chance to display his talent and strength. That kind of feeling couldn’t be understood by ordinary people.


King Ping laughed in sadness. His smiling face seemed expressionless.

The laughter lasted for three minutes before it came to a stop. His expression began to darken.

“Jiang Chen, can you answer a few of my questions before I die? So that I can die with reasons,” King Ping asked.

He didn’t beg for mercy as he knew Jiang Chen very well. Jiang Chen was someone even more ruthless compared to him. If Jiang Chen were to fall into his hands, he absolutely would never let Jiang Chen go. As such, he knew that not only begging for mercy was pointless, he would also be looked down upon by Jiang Chen. Since he was going to die, he would choose to die with dignity.

Jiang Chen knew what King Ping wanted to know, so he spoke, “King Ping, I, Jiang Chen, have to admit that you are indeed a capable figure that is very subtle, but I have never regarded you as my enemy, because you aren’t worthy of being my opponent yet. All along, you’ve been nurturing schemes to get rid of me and King Fan. You don’t even mind working together with the one you have been hostile to, the Crown Prince, because you know that the threat of King Fan and me was far greater than the Crown Prince. As long as we’re eliminated, no one else in the Great Qian Empire will be able to compete against you. You will become the absolute king...”

Jiang Chen paused for a moment and continued, “You took advantage of the hostile relations.h.i.+p between me and the other major powers, using them to besiege us when we just arrived in Golden Horizon. Unfortunately, we have already gotten the Blood Dragon Fruit which boosted our cultivation base, and I, having subdued some mighty blood demon kings before they attacked. The second time, you used the same method to launch a joint attack on King Fan, and lure me out. It happened just as you planned, however you didn’t think that an unparalleled genius, Dragon s.h.i.+san, an immemorial Battle Saint Ape that was on par with Nanbei Chao would emerge. By now, I have already grown to an extent where you could no longer resist me.

“I think the thing you wanted to know the most should be how was I able to catch you while you were fleeing. There’s a technique called the Great Void Technique in the Heavens and Earth, I wonder if you have heard of it before.” The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a plain smile.

“Great Void Technique? Could it be the legendary unparalleled secret art left by the Great Void Sovereign?”

King Ping’s eyes widened as he looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief.

“You surely are King Ping. You know a lot of things better than the others. You are right. I have obtained the inheritance of the Void Sovereign not long ago and cultivated the Great Void Technique, so you won’t be able to escape me. That’s a fact.” Jiang Chen said.

“So this is what it was. Jiang Chen, it seems like you are indeed a man with great luck. I really shouldn’t have made you my enemy that day. Also, you are very intelligent. You know everything that I did. I, Yang Buping, have no regrets dying in your hands.”

After that, King Ping closed his eyes. Despite his reluctance, he couldn’t help it. He finally understood why this happened. It wasn’t an accident that he couldn’t escape from the pursuit of the Great Void Technique.

At this moment, King Ping didn’t have any grudges left against Jiang Chen, but since they were enemies, this outcome was only logical. He felt somewhat regretful now. He had spotted the potential of Jiang Chen, but didn’t think that Jiang Chen could be this scary. Although he was a lofty person, he knew his own limits. He wasn’t qualified to compete with a monstrous genius that could obtain the inheritance of the Void Sovereign. Just as what Jiang Chen had said, Jiang Chen had never regarded King Ping as his opponent because King Ping wasn’t worthy.

Jiang Chen spoke no more. He stretched out an index finger right at King Ping’s glabella, taking King Ping’s life instantaneously.

The Crown Prince had died. King Ping had also died. Although King Ping seemed pitiful, it didn’t stir any pity in Jiang Chen’s heart. He had killed too many people, eliminated countless sects and sons of heaven along his path. One after another, the enemies fell before him, becoming the stepping stones of his future path.

This was a world ruled by the law of the jungle. As Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to alter the law, he was only left with one option, to become stronger and stronger.

“I wonder if anything major has happened during these past ten days, and where is Big Yellow, monkey and the others,” Jiang Chen muttered.

Although it had only been ten days, too many things had happened. He wouldn’t dare to have the slightest bit of carelessness even though he had the Great Void Technique now.

A moment later, he headed for the centre of the Golden Horizon in a ray of light. But while flying thousands of miles away, the entire Golden Horizon shook abruptly.

Buzzing sound erupted across the void. The vibration was tremendous, much stronger compared to time when the Xiao Yao Qin emerged.

“The doors of the Golden clan are about to opened.”

Jiang Chen’s expression changed. He then saw a dazzling golden pa.s.sageway appearing not far away. Not just that, he also saw many other golden pa.s.sageways appearing simultaneously at different places.

“I heard that the Golden Clan has a total of eighteen pa.s.sageways. Now, it seems like it’s true seeing that eighteen pa.s.sageways has been opened at the same time. All of them will lead to the mountain gates of the Golden Clan.”

Jiang Chen sighed. The scene was too spectacular. The appearance of the golden pa.s.sageways almost covered up all the places and s.p.a.ce in Golden Horizon.

Naturally, such movement was going to attract all the experts who had been waiting for the opening of the doors of the Golden Clan. The emergence of the pa.s.sageways instantly attracted their attention.

“Look, some golden pa.s.sageways has just appeared inexplicably. It must be leading to the inheritance of the Golden Clan. I never thought that the legends tens of thousands of years ago will resurface at last.”

“That’s right. It has to be related to the Golden Clan, an ancient clan that has been silent for tens of thousands of years. It’s rumoured that the Gold Feather Fan is in that clan. I wonder if it will appear this time.”

“It’s very likely. The Xiao Yao Qin has already shown up. It won’t be surprising for the Gold Feather Fan to appear as well. The opening of the doors of the Golden Clan will surely be different from the emergence of the Xiao Yao Qin. Now that the expedition is nearing its end, everyone is expecting this moment to happen. Therefore, there will be numerous geniuses. I believe that as long as those people aren’t dead, they will step into these pa.s.sageways, and into the inheritance of the Golden Clan. I’m afraid that even a tiny bit of the inheritance of the ancient clan will give limitless benefits.”

“This will be the pinnacle of this expedition. Countless monstrous geniuses will certainly appear. If the Gold Feather Fan emerged as well, it will set off a storm of blood. It’s hard to tell who will become the descendant, who will wield the Gold Feather Fan and become the heaven-defying symbol of the young generation. I heard that many of the geniuses from Immortal Court have advanced to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm. Their scariness is going to be unimaginable. And there’s also Nanbei Chao, Dragon s.h.i.+san and Jiang Chen that can’t be underestimated.”

“Let’s stop talking and hurry forward. I’m afraid that we won’t be able to get even a hair from it if we are a little slower.”


Numerous people were astonished. They were flying towards the nearest pa.s.sageway one after another. Most of them were extremely excited as they had been waiting for this for a long time. Some of them who knew their own limits decided to make concessions as they had already obtained certain benefits. They knew pretty well that the next battles would be too intense for them to join.

Therefore, they had put on the role of a spectator. They wouldn’t mind if they couldn’t get any benefits at all. To them, it was already considered a great honour to be able to witness the legendary ancient clan. It would give them something to brag about the moment they returned outside.


Big Yellow appeared next to Jiang Chen out of nowhere. His eyes were fixed at those golden pa.s.sageways that emitted some sort of complex aura.

“The doors of the Golden Horizon are going to be opened soon,” said Jiang Chen.

“Yes. I have already expected this when the Xiao Yao Qin appeared. Let’s go over and have a look. Don’t delay any longer,” prompted Big Yellow. Then, flew towards one of the pa.s.sageways with Jiang Chen at his heels. One man and one dog then vanished out of sight.

In the golden pa.s.sageway, they could feel the scorching qi of the Golden Clan whose people possessed the bloodline of the Golden Crow which was the living spirit of the Heavens and Earth.

No one knew what had happened all these years ago and why such a huge clan had headed to the road of extinction.

Jiang Chen too, couldn’t figure out why. He looked over at Big Yellow and guessed that Big Yellow might know the reason.

Innumerable silhouettes were rus.h.i.+ng towards the golden pa.s.sageway. The moment had finally arrived. No one could keep their calm anymore. The emergence of the Xiao Yao Qin had already caused unimaginable uproar, let alone the opening of the golden doors. Everyone was eager to know what had happened tens of thousands of years ago.

Han Yan, Tyrant, Yang Bufan, Lan Lingji, and Yang Lang had also entered the golden pa.s.sageway nearest to them.

Dragon s.h.i.+san, on the other hand, was still sitting next to the huge green rock, constantly comprehending the profound meaning of the Life Symbol Art. The appearance of the golden pa.s.sageways didn’t seem to affect him.

Tremendous changes were taking place in him. His supposedly dark hair was now chequered with black and white.

That’s was right. His hair now seemed pepper and salt. Those changes were induced by the Life Symbol Art. During this period of time, he had been constantly comprehending life and death and his hair seemed to be symbolizing the same thing with those two different colours.

Currently, each strand of his hair was as sharp as a sword, sticking out into the air.

His mouth was continuously muttering something incomprehensible. He had fallen into an abstruse state.

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