Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1654 2 – Disappointmen

Chapter 1654 2 – Disappointmen


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Qi burst out from Jiang Chen’s body abruptly like a volcanic eruption. He had struck out the Qilin Divine Arm. The arm of his transformed into the head of a Qilin with powerful flames that seemed to want to burn the entire void. With lightning speed, he appeared before King Ping in a blink of an eye. The Qilin Divine Arm smashed violently at King Ping, sealing everything around.

King Ping was in shock because Jiang Chen had moved too fast, so fast that he didn’t even have the chance to respond.

This was the scariness of the Great Void Technique. It had immensely enhanced Jiang Chen’s speed. This directly affected the composure of the enemy. Just like just earlier when Jiang Chen appeared behind King Ping without him noticing; Jiang Chen’s attack reached him in an instant. This had put him in a state of total disarray. Even if he wanted to defend against it, he wouldn’t be able to perfectly cast out his combat strength.

Out of helplessness, he could only lift his palms to meet Jiang Chen’s Qilin Divine Arm. However, one of their qi increased whereas the other waned, widening the gap between them. Adding the fact that King Ping’s cultivation base wasn’t stable yet due to having just advanced to the late Immortal Emperor realm, King Ping didn’t seem to be able to resist Jiang Chen’s overbearing attack – the combination of Qilin Divine Arm and True Dragon Palm, even if he was at his peak state he still wouldn’t be able to do it, let alone now when his mind was in disarray and his combat strength couldn’t be perfectly displayed.


The ferocious attacks collided with each other. An arm of King Ping was almost engulfed by the fire of the Qilin Divine Arm.

The energy was fierce and irresistible, enough to tear everything apart. Its ferociousness could tremble even the innermost soul of people.


King Ping let out a wail and was blown 300 meters away by the wild energy. An arm of his was completely contorted, blood dripping from it. His palm was fully ripped.


Jiang Chen’s speed was so fast that his shadow seemed to disappear behind him. He appeared in front of King Ping when King Ping had just regained his stability. Jiang Chen’s current eyes were incomparably cold. That kind of coldness was unimaginable. They were like the eyes of the G.o.d of death. Immense qi enveloped King Ping. Jiang Chen was like a war G.o.d that had just descended from the Heaven, making people yield unconditionally.

“No, this is impossible. Impossible!”

King Ping shook his head. He couldn’t accept such a fact. This was too much of an impact for him to bear. He was incomparably confident in himself. He had advanced to the level that he had dreamt of. He felt that he had already become the number one genius of Great Qian Empire and could be considered one of the renowned young figures across the entire Immortal World.

He also felt that he would become the absolute king the moment he returned to the empire. As the Crown Prince was already dead, the next heir would be him. No one would be able to compete with him. King Fan wouldn’t be a threat because the man was bound to become his stepping stone.

The truth, however, was incomparably cruel. Just as he was in high spirits, he encountered Jiang Chen, a man who was only a half-step Immortal Emperor, whom he thought he could eliminate without trouble, as easy as trampling on an ant. Instead, he had become the one who received the biggest blow from the opponent.

He had failed miserably in the first match right after he advanced to late Immortal Emperor. The glory which he had dreamt of hadn’t realized. All of his aspirations and reprisal were crushed by Jiang Chen violently. How could King Ping be able to accept such a cruel reality?

“The things that you thought impossible are normal to me. Your pride, n.o.bility, confidence, subtlety, and plots are just something illusory to me, including you yourself. All of these will eventually be crushed under my feet. What are your last words, King Ping? I’ll give you a chance to say it. Of course, it would only be in vain because no one is going to help you realize them.”

Each word of Jiang Chen stabbed King Ping’s heart like a knife. Despite the humiliation and unscrupulous insult, he could only bear it.

“Jiang Chen, do you really think that you can kill me? I have to admit that you are the most heaven-defying genius that I’ve ever met, but even if I can’t beat you, you are not powerful enough to kill me,” spoke King Ping.

He then turned into a stream of green smoke and fled, vanis.h.i.+ng from the end of the void. Not only did he have a subtle mind, but he was also a man who knew how to give up things. Since he couldn’t win the fight, he could only choose to flee. It was most important to protect his life now. This was akin to a saying – as long as the green hills are there, one needs not to worry about the firewood.

Upon seeing this, the corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a trace of a smile. If it was before, King Ping might be able to escape without trouble. With the Great Void Technique, Jiang Chen was able to grasp the trace of King Ping perfectly.


Similarly, Jiang Chen vanished out of sigh after casting the Great Void Technique. When he appeared again, he was standing right in front of King Ping.

Currently, King Ping’s facial expression seemed pretty contorted as he had been forced out of the void by Jiang Chen. This only indicated that he couldn’t escape from Jiang Chen.

“King Ping, there’s no chance for you to escape. You should have thought of this day when you decided to make me your enemy back in the King-Conferring Ceremony. Despite your plans and calculations, you still lost to me, and will die in my hands. The same happened to the Crown Prince. I forgot to tell you that anyone who is hostile to me will always have an unpleasant outcome,” said Jiang Chen coldly.

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