Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 165 – Murdering with a borrowed knife

Chapter 165 – Murdering with a borrowed knife

Chapter 165 – Murdering with a borrowed knife

Jiang Chen’s performance was really frightening, it made everyone in the Black Sect feel difficulty breathing. With his Mid Heavenly Core cultivation base, he had fiercely broken the defense of a Mid Divine Core warrior and captured Fan Kun. No one would have believed this had happened if they hadn’t witnessed it by themselves. In their minds, only Jiang Chen could have done this.

“Is he really just a Mid Heavenly Core warriors? Why is a Heavenly Core warrior so strong?”

“The skill he is cultivating, his combat skills, and also his weapons, they’re all beyond what a Heavenly Core warrior should have! Having an enemy like him must be terrifying!”

“Sigh… Fan Kun is doomed this time. Judging by the situation, let alone his grandfather, even the Sect Chief won’t be able to save him this time.”

“He deserved it! If he hadn’t kept going against Jiang Chen, and also if he hadn’t disturbed Yan Chen Yu while Jiang Chen wasn’t here, wouldn’t have ended up like this today! No matter how influential he is within the Black Sect, there are always someone who absolutely cannot be provoked!”


Everyone had the same feeling as they looked at Fan Kun who was captured by Jiang Chen. When they saw the terrified look on Fan Kun’s face and his trembling body, all of them felt pity for him. Of course, they were only able to feel pity for him now.

Jiang Chen wanted to kill Fan Kun, and n.o.body felt that there was anything wrong about that. An eye for an eye, what Fan Kun was experiencing right now, he had asked for it himself.

Jiang Chen simply ignored Fan Zhong Tang’s anger. He turned around and stared at Fan Kun, and just his gaze alone was enough to send terror down Fan Kun’s spine. It was a gaze of judgment, it was as if the gaze alone could cause a thousand cuts on Fan Kun’s body.


Fan Kun couldn’t restrain himself, and his voice was trembling. Right now, anyone could tell how frightened he was.

n.o.body wants to die, especially when death was so close by.

“Jiang Chen, we can talk about this! Just let Fan Kun go first!”

Fan Zhong Tang had softened his manner, since his grandson had become the lamb waiting for slaughter, he couldn’t help but lower down his pride.

“Let him go? Hahaha!”

Jiang Chen looked at Fan Zhong Tang as if he was looking at an idiot. After that, he started laughing crazily.

“Fan Zhong Tang, have you become a dotard, or was your head just kicked by a donkey? No way I will set him free! But, I can let you choose how he will be killed. First option, I’ll place him within the Blood Banner and let all the foul spirits within bite him until he dies. Second option, I’ll use my flames and burn him into ashes. Which do you like the most? Fan Kun, which one do you prefer?”

Jiang Chen stared at Fan Kun with a sneer. When he heard the two options Jiang Chen presented him, Fan Kun almost fainted due to fear.

Not only Fan Kun, even those in the Black Sect who were watching felt chills. Besides, no one had any doubts about what Jiang Chen said. Both method were part of his current abilities, and he would for sure use one of them to kill Fan Kun.

But both options were really cruel. Placing Fan Kun into the Blood Banner and have him be bitten by all the foul spirits within, he would be experiencing a slow, painful death. He would rather be killed instantly with a blade.

As for the second option, Jiang Chen had already used it just now. Everyone had witnessed how powerful Jiang Chen’s flames were. He just killed an Early Divine Core Sect Elder with it.

Even a Divine Core Sect Elder was burned into ashes, to say nothing of Fan Kun.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you?!”

Fan Zhong Tang angrily shouted.


Too bad, Fan Zhong Tang’s warning was worthless in front of Jiang Chen. Before he could finish his words, Fan Kun’s horrifying scream sounded out throughout the entire Black Sect. Every saw a golden flame dancing around the dragon’s claw. The flame was like a living being trying its best to squeeze itself into Fan Kun’s body under Jiang Chen’s control.

In an instant, Fan Kun had been flooded by a sea of golden flames.


The shrill scream sounded like it was coming from something that was no human, and those who heard it felt their hair standing on the end. Jiang Chen purposely controlled the flame’s temperature, making it burn slowly so that Fan Kun wouldn’t die quickly.

Countless peoples gasp at the same time, they couldn’t imagine what kind of pain was Fan Kun went through right now, but from his yell of pain could judge that it must be a terrifying experience.

This was an extremely cruel torture, killing a man by slowly burning him. Jiang Chen purposely controlled the temperature to slightly higher than what Fan Kun could withstand, making him slowly burn to death.

Flames like this would make Fan Kun feel a severe pain from inside out. Before he was completely burned into ashes, he would continue feeling extreme pain.

This was how Jiang Chen dealt with his enemies. He needed to get revenge for Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan. Fan Kun had to receive at least one hundred times the pain they felt.

“Ah… b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Fan Zhong Tang’s eyes turned red, and he roared out loudly. The pain and anger he received from witnessing his own grandson burn in the flames was not something that anyone could ever imagine or understand.


Fan Zhong Tang became extremely furious. The golden blade in his hand produced a buzzing sound, then he swung it towards Jiang Chen.

The huge golden blade sliced through the skies and transformed into a 30 meter tall golden blade beam. It was bright and s.h.i.+ny, and it carried a deadly attack force. This attack was unleashed with the full strength f a Mid Divine Core warrior, it was a mighty attack that no one could escape.

Fan Zhong Tang could tell that there was no way for him to save his grandson now. When Fan Kun was captured by Jiang Chen, the only thing awaiting him was death. Suffering from the pain of losing his grandson, what Fan Zhong Tang could do now was kill the one who murdered his grandson, let Jiang Chen’s death be the compensation for the death of his grandson.

The blade’s buzzing sounded out throughout the skies. Right at this moment, everyone held their breath. An attack with all the strength of a Mid Divine Core warrior was an attack that no one could escape.

When facing such a powerful attack, Jiang Chen still remained calm. With a cruel smile on his face, he just raised his head a little.

“Old dog, I will let you kill your own grandson! I wonder how that will make you feel!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. Right before the golden blade beam reached him, Jiang Chan retracted his True Dragon Flames, then he grabbed onto Fan Kun whose face was barely recognizable, and who was still somewhat conscious, then he simply threw him towards the incoming attack.

“Ahhh!!! Noooo!!!”

Fan Kun had a last frightened look in his eyes. He let out his last shrill scream in this world.


Blood spilled everywhere, and Fan Kun’s screaming completely stopped. His body was sliced in half by the blade beam, then he fell down from the skies.

After killing Fan Kun, the golden blade beam didn’t stop, but it continued its course towards Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen was prepared, and because Fan Kun had blocked the attack, Jiang Chen had time to spread his blood wings. His wings combined with the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft allowed him to move away with lightning speed and evade Fan Zhong Tang’s attack. As for the energy ripples unleashed by the blade beam, they could simply not harm Jiang Chen at all.

“Aaahhh!!!! Jiang Chen, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!”

Fan Zhong Tang roared out in disbelief. He was about to go crazy, and his body was violently trembling. Jiang Chen had just made him kill his own grandson.

Although he knew there was no way his grandson could have survived today, it was still two completely different concepts. Killed by someone else, or killed by his own grandfather. For Fan Zhong Tang, it was a completely different feeling.

“Hahahaha! Old dog, you are no better than an animal, you just killed your own grandson! You’re such a maniac, and you still had the audacity to call other people evil? Puh!”

Jiang Chen was laughing out heartily. He would never let go of any chance to attack Fan Zhong Tang, even if it was just with words.

This is frightening! He is so scheme full! The way he killed Fan Kun was the cruelest and most depressing way to kill someone!”

“Jiang Chen is a man full of schemes and wisdom, he has rich fighting experience, and he was determined to get revenge today. Now, by using such a tactic, he made Fan Kun die by his own grandfather’s attack! By doing this, not only did Jiang Chen get revenge for Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan, he also left a deep scar in Fan Zhong Tang’s heart. This painful memory will never leave his mind.”

“That’s right, there is a huge difference between being killed by Jiang Chen and his own grandfather. If Jiang Chen really killed Fan Kun himself, Fan Zhong Tang would at most just become incredibly furious and try his best to kill Jiang Chen for revenge, but when Jiang Chen made Fan Kun die by own grandfather’s hands, a shadow was left in Fan Zhong Tang’s mind.”

“Horrifying! We can never offend someone like this!”


Everyone were shocked by what they just witnessed. From the Sect Elders to the ordinary disciples, everyone let out sighs in their minds. They looked Jiang Chen as if they were looking at a little devil king. The consequences of offending someone like was deadly, the way he got revenge was not something anyone here could handle.


Fan Zhong Tang looked at Fan Kun’s dead body, then he roared out even louder. In the next second, he raised his head up and looked at Jiang Chen with cruel eyes.

“Jiang Chen, the two of us cannot exist together! Today, I will send you to accompany my grandson!”

Fan Zhong Tang was extremely enraged. He unleashed countless golden rays from his blade which interlaced into a gigantic web, then he threw the gigantic web towards Jiang Chen’s head.

Right at this moment, a huge hand descended from the skies. In an instant, it shattered the gigantic golden web unleashed by Fan Zhong Tang.

Someone with great power had finally stepped into this matter. Everyone were shocked once again. In the Black Sect, there was only one man who could shatter Fan Zhong Tang’s attack with a single strike.


A cold shout sounded out, and soon after, a man wearing a Daoist robe appeared out of nowhere and positioned himself in the middle of Fan Zhong Tang and Jiang Chen. Behind him there was a few Divine Core Sect Elders, and they all held high positions within the Black Sect. Each one of them was an highly acclaimed Sect Elder of the Black Sect.

The main in the Daoist robe was none other than Daoist Black. He was in secluded cultivation before this, and some Sect Elder had obviously interrupted his cultivation and requested him to look into this matter. Todays incident had gone too far, and it could only be resolved by Daoist Black himself. Only he could suppress these people.

“Sect Chief!”

Everyone bowed to Daoist Black. He was the number one man in the Black Sect, and no one dared neglect his existence.

“Sect Chief, this guy cruelly killed his fellow disciple! At the same time, he also killed an inner circle Sect Elder! He walks the path of evil, let kill me him now!”

Fan Zhong Tang’s emotions were still in a state of feverish agitation.

Translated by XianXiaWorld