Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 164 – Unstoppable

Chapter 164 – Unstoppable

Chapter 164 – Unstoppable

With a powerful throw, Liang Xiao’s head turned into a beam which pierced towards Fan Zhong Tang and Fan Kun, and it exploded right in front of them and turned into a blood mist. Fan Kun’s face turned pale, and all his arrogance was gone. Even Liang Xiao was killed by Jiang Chen, if he had to fight face to face with Jiang Chen, what awaited him was a true h.e.l.l. There was no way he could survive Jiang Chen’s attack.

Fan Kun had turned into a real coward right now. He could only hide behind his grandfather. Even so, he was frightened by the ruthless Jiang Chen, he had no doubt that if he took a step forwards, Jiang Chen would immediately rip him apart.


Fan Zhong Tang shouted out loudly, an angry expression immediately emerged on his face. Jiang Chen’s behavior was an insult to him. No matter what, he was a highly acclaimed Sect Elder, and the acting Sect Chief at the moment. Jiang Chen’s behavior had insulted him in front of all the Black Sect disciples, and had put a shameful mark on his body that would never be washed away.


Jiang Chen let out a wild laughter. His next action told Fan Zhong Tang he could be even more impudent. Jiang Chen unleashed a heaven piercing energy and unleashed the True Dragon Palm once again towards Fan Kun.

“How dare you!”

Fan Zhong Tang was really p.i.s.sed off. He waved his sleeves and unleashed a powerful beam, an attack from a Mid Divine Core warrior. Both attacks collided together, and an explosion sounded out.

No matter what, Fan Zhong Tang was a real Mid Divine Core warrior, and his combat strength was far above that of the two Early Divine Core Sect Elders just now. The attack had forced Jiang Chen a few steps back, but, it could only force Jiang Chan back without causing him any injuries.

“Jiang Chen, you are a wicked man! Not only did you show no respect to the Sect Elders, you even killed a Sect Elder! A lawless disciple like who doesn’t respect the rules of the Black Sect is not welcome here! Today, I as the Sect Chief will bestow death upon you as punishment for the crimes you have committed!”

Fan Zhong Tang portrayed a strong intent to kill, and he carried a cruel smile on his face. He wanted to use this opportunity to kill Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had given him a good excuse to kill him when he killed the inner circle disciple and the Sect Elder.

Fan Zhong Tang took a step forwards and came close to Jiang Chen. With his sleeves fluttering in the wind, and lots of killing intent, he struck out with his palm and unleashed a huge golden palm which looked like a jail. It pierced towards Jiang Chen.

“Fan Zhong Tang, how dare you!”

Guo Shan shouted out loudly. With a move, he appeared in front of Jiang Chen and prepared to block. He circulated his Yuan energy, then he pushed out both palms at the same time, unleas.h.i.+ng layers of colorful bright lights, countering Fan Zhong Tang’s attack.


The battle between two Divine Core warriors was so powerful, it simply couldn’t be imagined by those who had never witnessed it before. Two great warriors, one was determined to kill Jiang Chen, another counter attacked with a heart full of regret. Both of them unleashed deadly strikes.


Although Guo Shan was the chief alchemist of the Black Sect, his cultivation level was only at the Early Divine Core realm, and he was not a match for Fan Zhong Tang. He suffered from the collisions of the attacks, then he was sent flying away by Fan Zhong Tang’s palm attack.

Jiang Chen reacted quickly. With a move, he arrived behind Guo Shan, then extended his hand and helped stabilize Guo Shan’s body.


Guo Shan looked at Jiang Chen, then he wiped away some blood on his lip.

“Let me handle this. You just stand aside and watch.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. After that, he took a step forwards and arrived in front of Fan Zhong Tang.

“Fan Zhong Tang, I am determined to kill Fan Kun today, there is no way you can stop me. Also, remember this, once I have the ability to kill you, you will face death as well. Both of you will be killed by me one day.”

Jiang Chen had a calm voice, it was as if he was he was talking normally. He knew very well about his own abilities. Although he had 300 Dragon Marks right now, and his combat strength was increased exponentially, and the fact that the True Dragon Palm and the True Dragon Flames had given the ability to kill Early Divine Core warriors, he still couldn’t kill a Mid Divine Core warrior now.

But, he had made up his mind to kill Fan Kun today no matter what. Even if Fan Zhong Tang interfered, he would still find a way to kill him.

“You’re shamelessly boasting.”

Fan Zhong Tang’s demeanor was incomparably imposing. He began drawing something in the air with his hand. Soon after, his powerful Yuan energy flew out from his body like a tidal wave and turned into a golden colored s.h.i.+eld. The golden s.h.i.+eld was about 10 meters tall, it glowed brightly, and it had some simple symbols on it.

Many people cried out in alarm. Fan Zhong Tang, a Mid Divine Core warrior, used his most powerful combat skill against Jiang Chen. One could easily tell that he really wanted to kill Jiang Chen, but many of them could understand why he did. Fan Zhong Tang and Fan Kun had tried crossing Jiang Chen many times before, and now that Jiang Chen was showing his intention to kill Fan Kun, of course they would try their best to kill Jiang Chen.

“Be careful brother, this is the Profound Golden s.h.i.+eld, it is a very powerful attack!”

Guo Shan shouted out loudly from behind.


Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He flipped his palm, and in an instant, a huge Blood Banner appeared out of nowhere. Jiang Chen injected all his Yuan energy into the flag, causing it to produce a loud and violent rocking sound. With his control, the flag immediately pierced towards Fan Zhong Tang and Fan Kun.

Huu… huu… haa… haa…

At this moment, an evil breeze swept across the places, and foul waves rumbled about. The steaming foul spirits unleashed by the Blood Banner covered the skies, and the demonic cries and howls coming from the flag sent a s.h.i.+ver down the spines of everyone present.

Ghosts cried and howled. There were ghostly faces flying all over the place. These ghostly faces kept roaring and yelling like they were in h.e.l.l. The entire Black Sect was covered by an evil atmosphere.

“Heavens, what is that?! It’s so frightening!”

“That is the Blood Banner, Blood Moon Shaman’s most powerful weapon! He killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, then he use their souls to make this banner! It’s one of the evilest weapons in this world! I heard it has also killed quite a number of Divine Core warriors decades ago, but I had never expected Jiang Chen would actually manage to get it!”

“He must have gotten it from Lord Blood Moon after killing him! This is really frightening, the banner is a true weapon of evil, and it should have been destroyed! But, Jiang Chen didn’t destroy it, and now he is using it… Looks like Jiang Chen really is determined to kill Fan Kun at all costs!”

“d.a.m.n it, there are over 100,000 foul spirits within that banner, if Jiang Chen goes mad and releases them all, the entire Black Sect will literally become h.e.l.l!”


Everyone were stunned upon seeing the Blood Banner, even Guo Shan was shocked by it. Who would have thought that at this critical point, Jiang Chen would take out a powerful weapon such as this.


When the Blood Banner crashed into the Golden s.h.i.+eld unleashed by Fan Zhong Tang, the black mist exploded, and foul spirits flew around. The huge Blood Banner trembled and turned into a huge black mouth which tried absorbing Fan Zhong Tang.


Fan Zhong Tang shouted out loudly and unleashed two symbols, defending himself from the banner’s absorption force. Because he was facing the infamous Blood Banner, a ferocious and evil weapon that had caused a huge disturbance in the Qi Province decades ago, even Fan Zhong Tang felt scared.

Luckily, it was Jiang Chen who was controlling the Blood Banner now, and he wasn’t cultivating a demonic or evil skill. If it was Blood Moon Sham himself who was controlling the flag right now, Fan Zhong Tang would have already been devoured by now.

Wuu… Wuu…

The cries of the ghosts and the foul spirits didn’t seem to stop. The evil breeze kept sweeping across the land and making the skies change color. Jiang Chen held the Blood Banner with one hand, and he looked like a mighty devil king.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you use such an evil weapon? You are out of your mind!”

Fan Zhong Tang scolded with a loud voice.

“Hahaha! Those who hurt my lover, those who wounded my brother, no matter who it was, I will kill him! Let alone this Blood Banner, even if I had the evilest and most brutal ability in the world right now, I would use it to kill Fan Kun! None can stand in my way, so do not try to lecture me with whatever bulls.h.i.+t you have! And do not try to teach me about the rules of the Black Sect! Do you honestly believe I won’t just release all evil spirits within this banner and turn the Black Sect into a real h.e.l.l?”

Jiang Chen let out a wild laughter; he had turned into a complete maniac right now. This was the fury of a true man. If a man couldn’t protect his own woman and brother, then he would not be a true man.

If he couldn’t get revenge for them, how could he call himself a man?!


Hearing what Jiang Chen said, the expressions of everyone at the scene changed dramatically. No one had any doubts about what Jiang Chen said. With his character and incredible courage, he meant what he had said. He would really release all foul spirits within the banner. It might not cause the Black Sect to perish, but it would surely cause tremendous damage.

Besides, these hundreds of thousands of foul spirits were to escape from the banner, even if they could only survive for a short period of time after leaving the Blood Banner, with such a huge amount of them, a huge amount of lives would definitely be sacrificed.

“You really dare to do so?”

Fan Zhong Tang’s expression changed. He had never seen anyone so ruthless before.

“Whether or not I dare is not your problem! Today I want to kill Fan Kun, let me see if you have the ability to stop me!”

After saying that, Jiang Chen immediately released hundreds of foul ghosts from the banner. These frightening and ferocious spirits darted towards Fan Zhong Tang immediately upon being released. After that, Jiang Chen threw the flag high up into the skies.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh…

At the same time, Jiang Chen unleashed the Nine Phantom Wolves. In an instant, nine Jiang Chens and nine Blood Banners appeared. Combined with those hundreds of foul spirits, even Fan Zhong Tang felt dazzled by the mess and was unable to tell which one of them were real.

“Oh no!”

Fan Zhong Tang was surrounded by nine Jiang Chens and lots of foul spirits. He suddenly had a bad feeling, but it was too late.

“Break apart now!”

Fan Zhong Tang roared out loudly. A bright golden blade appeared in his hand, and with all his effort, he instantly killed all the foul spirits, as well as shattering all phantoms.

But at the same time, the real Jiang Chen had already arrived in front of Fan Kun. A blood red dragon claw had turned into a strong jail, and Fan Kun was captured within.

Only now did Fan Kun realize what had just happened, he found out he had been captured by Jiang Chen, and this instantly sent a tremendous amount of terror to his mind. He struggled with all his effort in attempt to escape from the dragon claw, but to his fear, he was too weak compared to Jiang Chen. No matter how hard he tried, there was no way he could break the dragon claw apart.

“Save me, grandfather!”

Fan Kun shouted out loudly. He finally felt true terror now. The feeling of having gotten himself killed was creeping in his mind, it was a feeling that he had never experienced before.

“Jiang Chen, let go of my grandson!”

Fan Zhong Tang’s expression changed dramatically. He had underestimated Jiang Chen’s abilities, he had never thought it was possible for Jiang Chen to catch his grandson while underneath his protect. Now, with Jiang Chen’s extremely high intention to kill, it seemed like there was no way for Fan Kun to escape h.e.l.l’s calling.

Translated by XianXiaWorld