Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1641 – The Devil Emperor has come

Chapter 1641 – The Devil Emperor has come

The Devil Emperor has come

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Zhang Yulang, who was a monstrous talent from the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain, whose body contained the bloodline of an ancient living spirit, wasn’t comparable to Dragon s.h.i.+san at all. Not only was his bloodline not as n.o.ble as Dragon s.h.i.+san, it also wasn’t as complete as Dragon s.h.i.+san’s because he only inherited a trace of it.

Even so, he was terrifying enough, especially his cultivation base which was only a step away from the half-step Immortal Venerable realm. A figure like him was incomparable to the late Immortal Emperor genius like Nanbei Jing, both of them were at two totally different levels.


Zhang Yulang was ready to attack. He made a stride forward. A huge crater was immediately created in the void. He reached the battlefield in a flash, his mighty qi was unleashed.

“Look, that’s Zhang Yulang. Never thought that he will join the fight today.”

“I heard that Zhang Yulang had a good relations.h.i.+p with Nanbei Chao and was even very close to Nanbei Family. It seems like he’s doing this to help Nanbei Chao.”

“This could also be one of the reasons. To put it bluntly, Zhang Yulang hasn’t given up on the inheritance left by Empress Xiao Yao, unwilling to let the woman that came out of nowhere to take all the benefits away. It’s just that if he really attack now, Jiang Chen and his comrades will be in real danger. The grand formation has been swaying from the beginning, so I’m afraid that it won’t be able to hold until the woman stepped onto the fiery stairway the moment Zhang Yulang begins his attack.”


Plenty of people were shocked by Zhang Yulang’s action. In any case, Zhang Yulang was a famous existence in the young generation, a representative of the pinnacle of the generation. There were two geniuses of such on the scene right now. One was him, and the other was Xia Xiaotian from Radiance Immortal Domain. Xia Xiaotian, on the other hand, just displayed a smug look, no signs of getting involved in the fight, but one Zhang Yulang was already enough to change the situation.

More importantly, Zhang Yulang represented the high and mighty Immortal Court, the supreme ruler in the entire Ethereal Immortal Domain. No one had ever shown disrespect to the people of Immortal Court. Once one offended the Immortal Court, one would find it hard to hide anywhere in the entire Immortal Domain.

“Not good, some powerful b.a.s.t.a.r.d is going to attack.” Grandmaster Haoran spoke with a little concern.

“For G.o.d’s Sake! This son of a b*tch and that Nanbei Chao are truly shameless. Sister Ning only needed three more minutes to reach the fiery stairs. If this son of a b*tch attacks, adding the attacks from the other group of experts, I don’t know if the grand formation can still hold on for three minutes.”

Big Yellow cursed, although he was blunt, he too sounded worried. He was trying his best to refine the Great Earth Immortal Milk, but he wouldn’t be able to exert all of his strength yet. As a matter of fact, with his current strength, he was powerful enough to stop Zhang Yulang, but due to him and Grandmaster Hao Ran being the main pillar of the grand formation, neither of them could leave. Otherwise, the grand formation would collapse under the overwhelming attack.

Both Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san were engaged in great battles and couldn’t spare anything to their comrades. The sudden movement of Zhang Yulang was undoubtedly a disaster. It would deal them a very serious blow.

Zhang Yulang, dressed in his martial attire, appeared above the battlefield and gave a disdaining look at the grand formation below before he formed seals, bombarding it.

Its energy was so immense that it could literally destroy the Heavens and Earth. It hit the grand formation with loud booms.

*Ka Cha…* *Ka Cha…*

The power made the formation shake even more violently. Also, countless lines of cracks appeared on its surface. The G.o.d Trembling Monument began to let out buzzing sound. Big Yellow was fl.u.s.tered as he tried to repair the damage on the grand formation, but because there were too many of them, it was impossible to restore them in an instant.

The strength of Yang Bufan, Hua Xiaoqian and Grandmaster Haoran gradually weakened. The shock from the grand formation turned their faces pale. It seemed like Zhang Yulang only needed one more attack together with the others to break the formation entirely.


Both of Big Yellow’s eyes turned red. He had the impulse to rush up and start a great battle with Zhang Yulang, but he couldn’t. He needed to keep on repairing the grand formation. Once they lost the formation, they would be instantly drowned by the people. At that time, it would be even harder to protect Wu Ningzhu.

“No, this can’t go on like this. Zhang Yulang is too strong. We can’t defend against him at all. I’m afraid that it’ll only take him less than three strikes to break the grand formation!” Yang Lang shouted.

The situation had already reached a critical moment. There were too many enemies. Some of them were too strong. Only a short distance was left for Wu Ningzhu to reach the fiery stairs, but it seemed like the distance would soon turn into a heavenly chasm.

“We have to defend it even if we can’t! Use all of your strenght!”

Big Yellow was infuriated. He knew all too well how important this encounter was to Wu Ningzhu. The chance of being the descendant of Empress Xiao Yao was miraculous. Once this chance was ruined, it would become virtually impossible for her to encounter it again.

The others gritted their teeth. Just as Big Yellow said, they had to persevere no matter what until Wu Ningzhu reached the fiery stairway as this was an unimaginably great fortune that she couldn’t miss.

Big Yellow was no doubt a formidable formation master. The cracks on the formation were being repaired by him with the fastest speed. Although he was unable to repair all of them at once, much of the damage had been restored.

“You are really good in repairing it, but even so, you won’t be able to withstand my attack.”

Zhang Yulang sneered, his tone full of provocation. In his opinion, what they are doing was akin to a mantis trying to stop a chariot. Their efforts were futile.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Powerful energy began to surge from his body. He was preparing for another attack. It was imaginable that the power of this attack would be a lot stronger compared to the last. It was hard to tell if the grand formation could withstand it.

“Zhang Yulang, if you dare to attack, I, Jiang Chen, swear that I will kill you.” Still facing the five opponents, Jiang Chen bellowed at Zhang Yulang.

Upon hearing this, Zhang Yulang darted a glare at Jiang Chen and spoke plainly, “Even an ant dares to talk to me in such a manner. This alone is enough for you to die a hundred times.”

Being a monstrous genius of Immortal Court, he did have the right to be proud and act high and mighty, and wouldn’t put anyone in his eyes.

*Hong Long……*

At the critical moment when Zhang Yulang was about to launch his second attack, an earth-shattering rumble rang from afar, followed by a black devil wave that was rus.h.i.+ng from a direction. Despite the distance, everyone could clearly feel its momentum.

“My Goodness! What a powerful devil wave! Could it be that the immortal vault of a peerless ancient devil is about to emerged?”

“It’s indeed from an immortal vault of an ancient devil, but it seems like someone is coming out of it, and is heading towards our direction.”

“The devil aura is unparalleled. It has to be a mighty Devil Emperor.”


It was difficult for them not to be attracted by such huge movement. The terrifying qi of a Devil Emperor spread across the sky. Under the countless gazes, a silhouette emerged on the battlefield in a flash of black light.

Ten miles of the area was lingered with devil qi. Very quickly, the cloud of devil wave turned into a handsome young man, with white hair and sharp facial features. He was standing there like a true Devil Emperor that had descended from h.e.l.l. His cultivation base was terrifying – late Immortal Emperor realm. Above his head was the Heavenly Devil Sword that looked like an unparalleled devil dragon, making people avert their eyes.

“Ah Yan!”

After confirming the newcomer, Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Tyrant yelled simultaneously. Their eyes were with blazing emotion – surprise, excitement, and uncontrollable delight.

The brothers had reunited. They hadn’t seen each other since the departure from One-Line-Sky. Tyrant and Han Yan hadn’t seen each other ever since they ascend to the Immortal World.

Now, they could finally fight side by side with one another once more. That excitement was akin to the time when they were still in Saint Origin World, disdaining all the unparalleled geniuses.

What surprised them was Han Yan’s cultivation base. Judging from the previous movement, Han Yan must have gotten some unimaginable benefits in the immortal vault of an ancient devil, which boosted his cultivation base to a terrifying level. The Heavenly Devil Sword on top of his head was an impressive Venerable Immortal Weapon.

“It’s him. He’s the chosen one of Profound Yin Cult of Northern Profound Domain. Never thought that he could progress so rapidly.”

“That’s right. He’s the one in Profound Yin Cult, who has risen to fame in just a short period of time. Now, it seems like the cult master has indeed chosen the right person.”

“The atmosphere has become more and more lively here. It seems like the chosen one knows Jiang Chen and the others too. Also, I heard that he’s the reincarnation of an Ancient Heavenly Devil, which was why he was chosen by Profound Yin Cult and was intensely nurtured.”


A commotion suddenly began to fill the air. Many of them recognized Han Yan and knew that he was the chosen one of a famous great devil cult.

“Let me handle that man,” said Han Yan.

He stretched out his hand and the devil sword fell onto it. He then moved at extreme speed, carrying boundless devil aura, appearing near Zhang Yulang in a flicker. Without another word, he slashed.

Feeling the terror of Han Yan, Zhang Yulang’s facial expression changed slightly. Knowing the power of the opponent, and that the people of devil cult were hard to deal with, he immediately launched a divine seal to meet the attack.

*Hong Long……*

Han Yan’s devil sword was overbearing. It straightaway ripped apart the divine seal of Zhang Yulang. Immense devil waves were unleashed from him. His slash turned into a terrifying net of swords, thrusting at Zhang Yulang. At the same time, he yelled at the crowd of people, “Mo Wuiqng, why aren’t you doing anything? Are you still watching the show? Go and help them!”

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