Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1640 – Exterminating Secret Ar

Chapter 1640 – Exterminating Secret Ar

Exterminating Secret Art

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While Jiang Chen was forcefully countering the attacks of the late Immortal Emperors, he didn’t forget to kill the other geniuses in the process. The whole scene was very chaotic. The void had been ripped apart. It was earth-shattering. Numerous people were still watching from the sides. After all, they were aware that even if they could stop Wu Ningzhu, they wouldn’t have a chance to obtain the inheritance of the Great Sovereign. The inheritance had just found its descendant. If the descendant died, the inheritance might close down.

More importantly, there’s already a lot of people banding together. If all of them really joined the group, it would put their face to shame. As young geniuses, face was very important to them.

Below, the Five Elemental Grand Formation was still unbreakable. The force of the G.o.d Trembling Monument was immeasurable. Tyrant sat cross-legged on the monument. His qi had completely fused with the monument. With the help of the monument, it had become extremely difficult for their opponents to break the grand formation. Even though the formation swayed every time an attack hit it, it was still very far away from breaking apart.

Big Yellow’s qi was constantly rising. The three drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk was pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation base towards late Immortal Emperor realm, however it wasn’t an easy process. Furthermore, his combat strength was also rising at a rapid speed.

Yang Lang, Grandmaster Hao Ran, Lan Lingji, Hua Xiaoqian, the four of them were doing their best to defend the grand formation. Their energy was being channelled into the formation to keep it stabilized. Due to them being abnormal geniuses, they were able to withstand every impact and didn’t suffer any severe injuries.

The sky and earth were turning into ruins. This was a great war. Several hundred experts attacked at the same time, but there was only Jiang Chen who could truly stop them.

He had already transformed into a true dragon and integrated with the Heavenly Saint Sword. It was a one-versus-five match. He couldn’t obtain the upper hand and his body shook with every impact, however he was able to keep the five experts firmly entangled, giving them no room to deal with the grand formation below.

It was afraid that there were around ten late Immortal Emperors in the battlefield, however not all of them should concentrate on Jiang Chen. They needed a portion of them to attack the Five Elemental Grand Formation. Without their efforts, it was virtually impossible for the grand formation to break.

It wasn’t only about stopping Wu Ningzh now. All eyes had fallen upon the G.o.d Trembling Monument, a blood-red rock monument that emitted dense and ancient qi. There was no doubt that the monument could suppress everything in the Heavens and Earth. Even a fool would know that it was a rare treasure. The benefits of getting it was limitless, nothing less than obtaining a treasure vault.

The situation on the other side was the most intense. Dragon s.h.i.+san had cast out his Battle Saint Technique to the maximum, colliding with Nanbei Chao’s Monarch Technique incessantly. The exchange of blows from these two unparalleled geniuses caused earth-shattering changes to the Heavens and Earth. The sky seemed to darken and several battlefields they created had already been destroyed, however no victory nor defeat could still be determined.

“Dammit! I, Nanbei Chao, have always been unmatched amongst my peers. I have never encountered a worthy opponent. How can I not take down even a monkey?”

Fury was blazing out from Nanbei Chao’s golden eyes. He got angrier the longer he fought. He had never put anyone in his eyes, but now, his opponent seemed to be giving him a hard time. Not even the Hand of Heaven and Monarch Technique could take his opponent down. Dragon s.h.i.+san was an Immemorial Battle Spirit, and his Battle Saint Technique was invincible.

However, Dragon s.h.i.+san was very much angered too. Nanbei Chao might be very arrogant, but Dragon s.h.i.+san was even more haughty compared to Nanbei Chao. As a Battle Saint Ape and a mighty Immemorial Battle Spirit, his bloodline was considered one of the best amongst the high and mighty Divine Spirits, and was comparable to the five great divine beasts. However he had yet to overpower his opponent, this made Nanbei Chao the first strong opponent that he had ever encountered.

From an outsider’s point of view however, such a battle was already extremely terrifying. Dragon s.h.i.+san had established his own prestige. After this battle, his name would certainly be spread across the immortal domains, not just within the Ethereal Immortal Domain, but also to the other two immortal domains. People from the three immortal domains would know that a peerless Immemorial Battle Spirit had been born in the Golden Horizon.

“The Swaying Heaven, Monarch Casualty!”

Nanbei Chao launched out an ancient secret art. He was undeniably the reincarnation of a Monarch. Each of his attacks contained the will of Monarch, high and mighty, and transcended all beings. This aura alone could bring infinite pressure to people.

A terrifying will descended and changed into a peerless Monarch. That was an illusory image, its body s.h.i.+ning with dignified golden light. That was the incarnation of will and energy, extremely terrifying. It then pressed downwards against Dragon s.h.i.+san.

“Monkey, I would like to see how you can resist this!” Nanbei Chao’s voice reverberated through the sky like thunder.

“Humph! It’s just a false Monarch! Which is also just an ant in front of me. Your dignity is of no use in front of me. Your honor is only a ten thousandth of mine. I will break your n.o.bility, then plunge you into the depths of h.e.l.l!”

Dragon s.h.i.+san harrumphed once more. His body shook, turned into his original appearance of a Battle Saint Ape, and enlarged until becoming a 30 meter giant golden ape.


Dragon s.h.i.+san let out frenzied roars towards the sky. He had reverted to his true form. The immemorial fierce aura spread out, shaking the sky above. At this moment, Dragon s.h.i.+san had turned into the king of tens of thousands of demons. Even the living spirits in the Heavens and Earth would feel the tremor.

“Battle Saint Technique, Exterminating Symbol Art!”

Dragon s.h.i.+san voice rumbled like the ringing of a bell, echoing continuously on the battlefield. After the symbols emerged, it straightaway turned into a character that fused into his body. Then, some transformation took place once more in his body. His body was filled with the will of extermination, the extermination of enemies.

He launched his attack. He had become the G.o.d of extermination. Moving at incredible speed, he reached the illusory Monarch in the blink of an eye, and his giant golden fist smashed forward violently.

*Hong Long……*

One of the battlefields was instantly destroyed. This attack was filled with the aura of death. Not even the Monarch could handle it. Thus, it was exterminated.

Nanbei Chao felt a tremor. His face paled slightly. The power of the Battle Saint Technique was far greater than his imagination. By now, he no longer had a reason not to take Dragon s.h.i.+san seriously.

However, his expression remained unchanged after the illusion of the Monarch perished. And instead, his overall momentum rose again.

“The Swaying Heaven! I, as the Monarch, suppress all beings.”

He spat out ancient characters. He had activated the ancient Monarch Secret Art. Changes also began to take place in his body. In just a matter of a few blinks, he became a peerless Monarch as tall as Dragon s.h.i.+san. His brilliant eyes were as bright as the Sun, seemingly able to even pierce through nothingness. He had turned into a true Monarch that was revered and wors.h.i.+pped by all sentient beings.

The two giant bodies collided with each other in the most terrifying way. The Battle Saint Technique versus the Monarch Heaven Art. A world-shattering battle had broken out.

“My G.o.d! What kind of monstrous talents are these two? Aren’t they a little too powerful?”

“Such terrifying combat strength is truly unimaginable. It’s a battle between the Immemorial Battle Spirit and the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign. This is the true pinnacle of battle. Although they are only intermediate Immortal Emperors, even a late Immortal Emperor will certainly die in such a fierce battle.”

“These two will surely be the most dazzling stars in the Immortal World. They are even greater than the peerless geniuses like Xia Xiaotian and Zhang Yulang. However try to look over there. Compared to them, I think Jiang Chen is the scariest.”

“That’s true. Although Jiang Chen’s combat strength is still no match for Dragon s.h.i.+san and Nanbei Chao, his potential and talent are simply too shocking and rare. He’s only a mere late Immortal King, and hasn’t even stepped into the Immortal Emperor realm yet, however he’s already able to fight five late Immortal Emperors. He has jumped so many levels and overcomes the huge gap in their cultivation base. I don’t think that there’s anyone else that can do this.”

“Jiang Chen was able to kill intermediate Immortal Emperor with ease even if he only had a late Immortal King realm cultivation base. It’s my first time seeing such a heaven defying figure. His future achievement is surely immeasurable. I’m afraid that he will surpa.s.s both Dragon s.h.i.+san and Nanbei Chao in the future. It’s a pity that he has offended so many major powers. I’m afraid that he’s going to fall in the end.”


Everyone was astounded. There were too many monstrous talents in this generation. Xia Xiaotian and Zhang Yulang were the obvious ones. There were lots of geniuses of such in the Immortal Court. But the ones that shook them all was Dragon s.h.i.+san and Nanbei Chao, and also Jiang Chen. They represented the pinnacle of their generation.

*Hong Long……*

The intense battle between the two continued, causing the sky to darken even more. No one could tell how many battlefields had already been destroyed. The sky was now in a state of chaos. A huge hole was created in the void above. Even if it was a pinnacle battle between the Battle Saint Technique and Monarch Technique, a clear victor could still not be determined.

This situation helped Jiang Chen very much. If Dragon s.h.i.+san didn’t stop Nanbei Chao, no one else could. Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao were fated enemies, but since Jiang Chen’s current strength was still weak, he wouldn’t be able to fight Nanbei Chao. If no one was there to keep Nanbei Chao busy, the Five Elemental Grand Formation would have been already destroyed and the connection between the inheritance of the Great Sovereign and Wu Ningzhu would be severely affected.

At the center of the formation, Wu Ningzhu was taking each step forward. The distance to the fiery stairs was getting close. The walk was difficult, but she made no attempt to stop. Her eyes were full of desire and fascination.

The situation had reached a stalemate. The five late Immortal Emperors were entangled by Jiang Chen while Nanbei Chao was entangled by Dragon s.h.i.+san. The Five Elemental Grand Formation seemed unbreakable. At this rate, it was certain that Wu Ningzhu would reach the stairway. However, just at this moment, one person acted. It was Zhang Yulang.

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