Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1642 – Stepping onto the fiery stairs

Chapter 1642 – Stepping onto the fiery stairs

Stepping onto the fiery stairs

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With just a word from Han Yan, an imposing black-clad man immediately emerged from the crowd. His devil qi was also incredible. Who could it be if it wasn’t Mo Wuqing? Mo Wuqing made a stride and joined the encampment of Big Yellow to help them defend the grand formation.

The sudden emergence of two great experts turned the situation around, giving Jiang Chen and Big Yellow a sigh of relief.

Mo Wuqing, who was also a supreme genius of Profound Yin Cult, normally he would’ve refused to obey Han Yan’s order as he had been brooding over the matter of Han Yan becoming the chosen one instead of him. However, Han Yan had a n.o.bler bloodline compared to him, so he couldn’t talk much about it. As Han Yan’s cultivation base wasn’t as good as his, he behaved coldly in front of him.

But now, the fact that Han Yan’s cultivation base had reached the late Immortal Emperor realm and his combat strength had exceeded Mo Wuqing, reaching the extent where he was powerful enough to fight an opponent like Zhang Yulang had eased Mo Wuqing’s grievance. He was a forthright person and had a strong belief that the strong must be respected. As for those who weren’t his allies, even if the person was a Great Sovereign’s reincarnation, he wouldn’t give the person a d.a.m.n.

Just like now, he didn’t express any complaints when Han Yan gave him the order with the tone of the chosen one.

Besides that, he was once defeated by Nanbei Chao, almost costing him his life. It left a stream of resentment that had yet to be vented in his heart. Jiang Chen and his comrades’ courage and determination impressed him. He was about to lend them a hand just now. Now that Han Yan had appeared, it gave him the right reason to help them.

“Nine Layers Devil Waves!”

Han Yan and Zhang Yulang had opened up a ma.s.sive battlefield. Han Yan had kept his devil sword and struck out the devil wave technique he was so proud of with the supreme Devil Emperor’s might. Horrifying devil dragons wreaked havoc on the battlefield, and charged at Zhang Yulang.

“When did such a powerful devil cultivator appear in Profound Yin Cult?” Zhang Yulang knitted his brows. Even with his cultivation base, he could still feel a trace of pressure.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t afraid of it. He also had terrifying means. With a grasp of his bare hand, a huge mountain below was detached from the ground. After being charged with a terrifying amount of energy, it was then hurtled towards Han Yan.

The sky darkened as they fought. The situation was similar to the battle between Dragon s.h.i.+san and Nanbei Chao. It was a draw.

Sigh could be heard from the people once more. Monstrous geniuses were emerging in an unending flow. First was Dragon s.h.i.+san, and now, the Devil Emperor Han Yan. It would surely be difficult for them to fend off these monstrous talents of the generation.

“The Ancient Heavenly Devil’s bloodline is really powerful. He’s able to fight Zhang Yulang and gain the upper hand while being only a late Immortal Emperor. How could I ever believe this without witnessing this myself?”

“The one chosen by the Profound Yin Cult surely isn’t a mediocre person. It seems impossible for Zhang Yulang to interfere in the war now. That woman is going to reach the fiery stairs. Once she laid her foot on it, no one will be able to stop her anymore.”

“I have no idea how many conflicts will be formed after this war. I’m afraid that the Immortal World won’t have its peace anymore after this.”


Everyone was filled with shock. Han Yan was overpowering. He displayed the War Devil’s body. The terrifying devil waves continued to suppress Zhang Yulang. The residual momentum of the battle was no weaker than the battle between Dragon s.h.i.+san and Nanbei Chao.

Soon, The battle intensified, absorbing everyone’s attention. They had never seen such a battle before. It was definitely worth it being able to witness such a war once in their lives. The female disciples of Exquisite Paradise and Celestial Flower Valley had long been petrified. During normal days, they thought of themselves as extraordinary and high and mighty figures. Now, they understood what the true meaning of a frog being at the bottom of a well. In fact, most of them had the same enlightenment. There were also numerous people who began to think that they shouldn’t even be called geniuses anymore after seeing the fierce battle of these supreme geniuses.

The battle between Dragon s.h.i.+san and Nanbei Chao was the most intense. These two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds seemed determined to defeat each other, and establish their prestige. The strength of both combatants rendered people speechless. The Battle Saint Technique and the Monarch Technique had been competing against one another until now, but no victor has emerged. It seemed virtually impossible for the battle to have a conclusive end.

*Hong Long…….*

The void within the thousands of miles was blown apart. The cruel battle continued, but Xia Xiaotian still stood motionless amongst the crowd.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Suddenly, the Xiao Yao Qin let out a strong buzzing sound. The one hundred steps fiery stairs began to shake violently. Boundless Fire of Sun spread out, making the temperature in the void rise. Changes began to take place in the Great Sovereign’s inheritance once more. Wu Ningzhu finally laid her feet on the first step of the stairs.


Big Yellow and the others let out a sigh of relief after seeing this. Their faces were filled with excitement.

A dozen of them charged forward at Wu Ningzhu impulsively. It seemed like their minds had been clouded by the desire to kill.

Yang Lang wanted to go after them, but was stopped by Big Yellow.

“There’s no need to go after them. They are just seeking death. Once she laid her feet on the fiery steps, she has already entered the vicinity of Empress Xiao Yao. Whoever dares to attack her now is equivalent to blaspheming Empress Xiao Yao,” Big Yellow explained.

Only then did they settle down and looked at those people with pitying eyes. The consequences of blaspheming the dignity of a Great Sovereign was already conceivable.

Sure enough, before those men could even get close to the fiery stairs, at about more than ten feet from it, they were attacked. A dozen fiery arrows shot out, piercing through their bodies, instantly turning them into ashes.

“Don’t attack, everybody. She has already stepped onto the fiery stairs. Attacking now is equivalent to disrespecting the dignity of Empress Xiao Yao and courting death,” someone yelled, jolting the others back to reality.

It was seeking death to oppose the Great Sovereign. The power of a Great Sovereign was immeasurable, even though the inheritance had already existed for tens of thousands of years. A single blow from the Empress could take their lives as they were all as weak as an insect.

*Hua La……*

Most of them stopped attacking the formation after seeing Wu Ningzhu stepping on the stairway. Their eyes fell upon the burning stairway. Most of them acted for the sake of the inheritance, but now they wouldn’t have the chance of getting it anymore, thus losing the desire to act or destroy the forces of their enemies.

Upon confirming that those people were no longer attacking, Big Yellow and the others removed the grand formation. Tyrant kept his G.o.d Trembling Monument. All of them were truly relieved that Wu Ningzhu had finally reached the fiery stairs.

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