Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1639 – Killing indiscriminately

Chapter 1639 – Killing indiscriminately

Killing indiscriminately

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“Come and join our forces, so that this grand formation would be destroyed sooner. And that rock monument is extremely magical. It will surely bring us boundless benefits if we can obtain it.”

A man yelled urgently. He was a genius of Nanbei Family. He had hated Jiang Chen to the very core because of the matter regarding the Fire Qilin. Additionally, he had received orders from Nanbei Chao to kill Jiang Chen and stop Wu Ningzhu with all their might. In Nanbei Family, the status of Nanbei Chao exceeded everyone. Even the patriarch of the family had to follow Nanbei Chao’s preference. To put it bluntly, Nanbei Chao was the hope of Nanbei Family, and Nanbei Chao’s wild ambition was also equivalent to the ambition of the whole family.

Naturally, Nanbei family was unwilling to be mediocre. It wasn’t easy for someone like Nanbei Chao to emerge from the family. His emergence had changed the family’s course. They no longer wanted to be a part of the major powers, but wanted to be the sole major power in the Eastern Profound Domain. They believed that Nanbei Chao could lead them in becoming a major power on par with the Immortal Court or even dominate the whole world.

More and more people joined the forces and began to bombard the grand formation frenziedly.

“Tyrant, defend the grand formation well. I will go and kill him.”

Jiang Chen left a word then flew out of the grand formation in a flash. Seals formed beneath his feet as he cast out the Nine Phantom Wolves, instantly filling the surroundings with his images, confusing people’s vision. This type of technique was truly horrifying, especially when it was used in a chaotic battle like this as it was impossible to guard against.

In just a matter of a few blinks, Jiang Chen’s true self appeared in front of that disciple from Nanbei Family. The Heavenly Saint Sword was already pointed at the disciple’s glabella while he was still calling out for people to join in the attack. He wouldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen would abandon the grand formation and appear in front of him so quickly.

“Who asked you to shout?”

The sword pierced through the head of the disciple. His eyes widened as he died in despair. He probably hadn’t thought that he would die so quickly. He was still trying to show his best performance in front of Young Master Chao, so that he could receive some sort of reward the moment they returned.

But now, Jiang Chen had given him the reward in advance—death.


The sword qi shook. The skull of that disciple was shattered. Jiang Chen didn’t stop after killing one man. He lunged at the other two disciples from the Nanbei family. Many of the disciples had gathered together. Although Jiang Chen didn’t know them, he recognized their uniform. Most of them were wearing the same uniform, and immediately these people had become the target of Jiang Chen.

As for the Five Elemental Grand Formation, Tyrant was already enough to hold it. Jiang Chen must teach these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds some blood-curdling lessons, to let them know that they had to pay a price, a very serious price, for what they did.

“Ah!” “Ah!”

Two miserable wails were heard. The two disciples from the Nanbei family died tragically in Jiang Chen’s hands. The disciples and Jiang Chen were at two totally different levels. It was absolutely effortless for Jiang Chen to exterminate them.

Jiang Chen was ruthless and merciless especially towards the people of the Nanbei family. He didn’t even blink when he killed them. Today, he was going to kill every expert from Nanbei Family that was in the battlefield. He wanted Nanbei Family to pay a hefty price.

Furthermore, the fact that he had chosen to attack was much more beneficial than just defending the grand formation. He alone was enough to turn the opposing encampment over, hindering them from launching full-fledged attacks at the Five Elemental Grand Formation.

The sword qi soared up to the sky and Jiang Chen lunged abruptly. It was beyond many geniuses’ expectation. With his ruthless means of attack, several men died under his Heavenly Saint Sword. Blood gushed out of their bodies, throwing the scene into instant chaos.

“Kill Jiang Chen!”

One man bellowed then a late Immortal Emperor charged at Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen, however, didn’t intend to get entangled with the opponent. The dragon wings on his back fluttered and he dodged the attack in a blink, heading towards those who had weak cultivation base with his sword full of boundless killing intent. Currently, he was already at the peak of late Immortal King, only one step left to advance to the next realm, which made his combat strength quite terrifying. Adding the fact that he didn’t hold anything back in his attack, even an ordinary intermediate Immortal Emperor would die under his sword. As for those late Immortal Emperors, Jiang Chen had already decided that he wouldn’t confront them. His target was very simple – to kill people. The more he killed, the greater the deterrent force.

He would never be lenient while killing these people. In his opinion, anyone who tried to stop Wu Ningzhu was his enemy, and all of them ought to die. Especially the geniuses of the Nanbei family, Divine Line Sect, Yellow Spring Sect, Great Cloud Empire, Corpse Yin Sect and Limitless Immortal Sect, were the targets of Jiang Chen. As the enmity between them was already irreconcilable, Jiang Chen naturally wouldn’t reserve any of his strength while killing them.


A furious dragon roar came from the frenzied sword of Jiang Chen as he waved it. When he saw a few disciples wearing the uniform of Nanbei Family, he charged at them with the sword.

“Son of a b*tch!”

At this moment, a late Immortal Emperor launched out a mighty attack at Jiang Chen. His name is Nanbei Jing, a famous genius in Nanbei Family. If Nanbei Chao wasn’t born into the family, he would have been the most important genius in the family.

Nevertheless, he had no complaints about Nanbei Chao. He wouldn’t show any neglect towards Nanbei Chao’s command, and would follow it unconditionally. This showed how lofty Nanbei Chao’s status was in the said family. In his presence, all the disciples of his family were united. This kind of spirit was absolutely incomparable to the other major powers, especially a major power like the Great Qian Empire whose disciples had always been competing against one another fiercely.

“Humph! I will kill you sooner or later.”

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly and cast out the Nine Phantom Wolves once more. The dragon wings behind his back integrated with the flaming wings. It was fundamentally impossible for Nanbei Jing to trap Jiang Chen, likewise Jiang Chen wouldn’t choose to fight Nanbei Jing. His dodging speed was akin to lighting. At the same time, he killed one genius of Nanbei Family.


Upon seeing this, Nanbei Jing was infuriated. His qi continued to lock on Jiang Chen, and he lunged at Jiang Chen once more. His face was severely deprived of happiness. Jiang Chen was just a puny Immortal King. How dare Jiang Chen kill the disciples of his family in front of him? How could he possibly accept this?”

“All late Immortal Emperors, come out and kill Jiang Chen now! As long as he dies, the formation will break on its own.” Nanbei Jing clamoured at the surrounding spectators.

Upon hearing this, numerous late Immortal Emperors began to target Jiang Chen. They wanted to exterminate Jiang Chen too, not only because they wanted to break the formation and stop Wu Ningzhu, but also because they saw the terror of Jiang Chen. Such a monstrous genius was too heaven defying. He had such monstrous combat strength even though he was only a late Immortal King. If he was allowed to continue growing, no one could imagine how strong he would grow. Moreover, this man was extremely ruthless. A hostile relations.h.i.+p had already been established between them. They could never allow this man to live as the threat that he posed was just too great.


Jiang Chen laughed frenziedly. Given his current abilities, even if he couldn’t fight these many late Immortal Emperors, he wouldn’t have trouble escaping.

He had incarnated himself as a dragon, and rushed towards the crowd, killing non-stop. Those intermediate Immortal Emperors were slightly better as they could still resist the mighty attack. Those early Immortal Emperors and half-step Immortal Emperors geniuses had it worse. They couldn’t stand Jiang Chen’s charge. It was like ma.s.sacring a bunch of futile beings.

Every one of them were the geniuses of the geniuses. Some of them were still very young. The loss of any one of them would surely be a tremendous loss to a sect, but Jiang Chen didn’t care about all of this.

“Jiang Chen, you dare to kill the people of Heavenly Jade Dynasty? You are courting death!” Someone bellowed.

“I don’t care about any nonsense dynasty. As you all have already offended me, your dynasty will be annihilated by me one day.”

Jiang Chen was mad. The Heavenly Jade Dynasty was one of three greatest empires in Eastern Profound Domain. From now on, apart from Exquisite Paradise and Celestial Flower Valley which he had befriended, he had offended all the other major powers in Eastern Profound Domain, although there was still one major power named Zhuge Family that had yet to clash with Jiang Chen. Zhuge Family never got along with Nanbei Family, so as long as they didn’t attack, Jiang Chen perhaps would ignore this group of geniuses.

By now, seven major powers—Corpse Yin Sect, Yellow Spring Sect, Divine Line Sect, Limitless Immortal Sect, Great Cloud Empire, Heavenly Jade Dynasty and Nanbei Family—had been openly offended by Jiang Chen. Across the entire Eastern Profound Domain, it was afraid that only Jiang Chen could offend seven major powers at once. To anyone, this was certainly an act of death. He would no longer have a hiding place in Eastern Profound Domain.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

After launching a strike, he went to another spot and launched another strike. At least a dozen geniuses had died in his hands. It had become so difficult for the late Immortal Emperors to lay siege on him. Jiang Chen was extremely intelligent and cunning. He was constantly charging towards dense encampment, not giving them the slightest chance to lock on his position.

However, those late Immortal Emperors weren’t idiots. Very quickly, four or five of them had formed a circle around Jiang Chen.

Upon seeing this, the corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a hint of a cold smile. He didn’t choose to hide, seeming to confront these experts head-on. If he could keep these late Immortal Emperors occupied, the Five Elemental Grand Formation would be able to hold on much longer. The urgent matter now was to buy time for Wu Ningzhu, so Jiang Chen acted without hesitation.

At the centre of the grand formation, Wu Ningzhu showed a composed look. Her eyes were fixed at the Xiao Yao Qin above the ancient palace as she walked towards the fiery stairs, taking one step after another. It was as though everything that was happening around her had nothing to do with her.

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