Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 163 – Killing a Divine Core Warrior

Chapter 163 – Killing a Divine Core Warrior

Chapter 163 – Killing a Divine Core Warrior

Unruly, overbearing, and extremely rampant. He didn’t even take the Divine Core Sect Elder seriously. Throughout the entire Black Sect, only Jiang Chen could have such courage and boldness.

“Look, it is the head of Lord Blood Moon! Jiang Chen killed him and all those Blood Devils in Yellowstone! He has accomplished a mission that seemed impossible to complete, and he has helped the entire Qi Province greatly!”

“The head of Lord Blood Moon doesn’t look fake, his contributions are really huge! Jiang Chen is determined to kill Fan Kun, and those who gets in his way are considered his enemies!”

“Hmph! Fan Kun deserves to be killed, he a.s.saulted Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan while Jiang Chen was away, such behavior has violated the rules of the Black Sect! However, since the Sect Chief is in secluded cultivation, and his grandfather is the acting Sect Chief now, Fan Kun can do whatever he wants and be arrogant!”


Everyone were shocked, Jiang Chen was too aggressive, he didn’t even back off when facing two Divine Core Sect Elders. He was carrying the head of Lord Blood Moon in his hand, this was a great contribution. If the Sect Chief was here personally, he would have to give Jiang Chen the biggest reward he could, big enough to let Jiang Chen ask for pretty much anything.

Both Divine Core Sect Elder’s expressions changed. By taking out Lord Blood Moon’s head, Jiang Chen was showing them that the Black Sect owes him a lot, and that made both of them feel bad about blocking him. However, they had received orders from Fan Zhong Tang. At the same time, they were also Sect Elders of the inner circle, it would be shameful if they backed off just like that.

“Jiang Chen, please calm down from your anger first. You have killed Lord Blood Moon and all those Blood Devils, this is a contribution unmatched by anything else. Once the Sect Chief exits his secluded cultivation, I’m sure he will reward you handsomely. As for the score between you an Fan Kun, let’s just wait until Sect Chief comes out, I believe he will give you a satisfying answer.”

One of the Sect Elders tried to give advice to Jiang Chen.

“Hahaha, bulls.h.i.+t reward, your father doesn’t want any of that!”

Jiang Chen roared out in laughter. He unleashed some Yuan energy in his palm and instantly shattered the head of Lord Blood Moon.

Jiang Chen was so furious that all his hair was pointing towards the skies. He clenched both his fists so tightly that cracking sounds emerged. With an insidious look in his eyes, and eyes that had turned completely blood red, he looked like an ancient beast. He was at the edge of exploding.

“I said this before, I will kill those who gets in my way! Both of you old fools, go die now!”

Jiang Chen was extremely ruthless. He extended his hand towards one of the Sect Elders and unleashed the newly awakened True Dragon Palm.


Followed by a loud banging sound, a blood red dragon claw, huge as a house, suddenly descended from the skies. It had locked onto the old man.

“How dare you attack a Sect Elder?! This is disrespectful! Jiang Chen, you are courting death!”

The Sect Elder became angry. He waved his hand and unleashed a bright beam of light which pierced towards Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm.


A loud banging sound swept across the place. The True Dragon Palm was a dragon’s combat skill, it was not something easy to deal with. Besides, Jiang Chen had a total of 300 Dragon Marks, any strike from him would carry at least 3,000,000 Jin of force. Ordinary Divine Core warriors would find it difficult to handle an attack like this.

The True Dragon Palm struck like a mountain cras.h.i.+ng through the skies. It shattered the old man’s attack, then it caught the old man in the air.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you attack me!”

The Sect Elder’s expression changed, he never expected Jiang Chen would be so strong. So strong that he could defeat him, who was a Divine Core Sect Elder.

“True Dragon Flames, burn this man to ashes!”

Jiang Chen didn’t give him any chance to escape from the dragon claw. In an instant, the claw became covered with flames.


The hot flames was like a drill that could pierce anything. It ripped apart the old man’s body in an instant. This was the flames of a true dragon, the king of all beasts. Jiang Chen had managed to unleash it together with the True Dragon Palm. The combination of both was something that no ordinary man could withstand.

The old man had been wounded before this, he also didn’t really take Jiang Chen seriously either. He was sure Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare attack him, that’s why he was captured by the True Dragon Palm. If not, with his Divine Core cultivation base, even if he couldn’t defeat Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t have been captured by Jiang Chen so easily either.

Horrifying screams sounded out throughout Black Mountain. In just three breaths time, the old man’s screams had completely stopped. Because of the scorching True Dragon Flames, the old man was immediately burned into ashes.

The scene had stunned everyone who witnessed it completely. Right at this moment, everyone’s eyes had widened and were filled with looks of disbelief. A Divine Core Sect Elder was killed by Jiang Chen in such an easy way. If they hadn’t witnessed it themselves, they wouldn’t have believed it.

“By the heavens, what kind of flames are that?! It was so formidably powerful! An Early Divine Core warrior was just killed by it in an instant!”

“Did you guys see the combat skill unleashed by Jiang Chen?! That was a huge dragon claw fully covered with dragon scales, it was so formidable! Also, that ferocious flame, I had a feeling it could burn anything in this world!”

“How long has he been in the Black Sect? I think, at most only one month! And yet, he is able to kill a Divine Core Sect Elder! It’s funny that most people thought he would be defeated by Nan Bei Chao once their fight arrives, but look at him now, who the last man standing will be is now a mystery!”

“What’s more important is, he really killed a Divine Core Sect Elder! This is huge! In the Black Sect’s history, a disciple has never even tried to kill a Divine Core Sect Elder, Jiang Chen is the first one! This really shows how much hatred he has towards Fan Kun, he is determined to kill Fan Kun today no matter what!”


Everyone were shocked that Jiang Chen had just killed a Divine Core Sect Elder. Jiang Chen had killed two men so far, one of them was an inner circle disciple, and another was a Sect Elder of the inner circle. Both his actions showed how determined he was to kill Fan Kun today.

“Jiang Chen, you… how dare you to kill Sect Elder, you're outrageous!”

Another Divine Core Sect Elder was so angry that his entire body was trembling. He pointed at Jiang Chen with his finger and spoke with a trembling voice. Everyone could tell he was frightened. Jiang Chen’s brutal behavior and the ability to quickly kill a Divine Core warrior had made this Sect Elder extremely frightened.

“Get out of my way if you wish to stay alive.”

Jiang Chen glared at the Sect Elder. The Sect Elder felt a tremble in his mind, and he couldn’t hold on any longer. He took two steps backwards. The man in front of him was too frightening.

“Today really is an eye opener for me.”

Yu Zi Han took a deep breath. He couldn’t find any words to describe his feelings right now. Jiang Chen’s growth had really made everyone speechless.

“Good, that’s my good brother!”

Guo Shan looked really excited. Jiang Chen’s performance today had way exceeded his imagination. He had never seen anyone who could experience such a quick growth in such a short period of time.


Jiang Chen moved his leg and took a step forwards once again, his loud voice sounded out above the entire Black Mountain. When he walked past the Sect Elder, he didn’t even take a second look at him. Although the Sect Elder was angry at how he behaved, he had no courage to step up and block his path anymore. He had no doubt that if he did it again, his ending would be no different than the other Sect Elder, who was now dead.

With an indomitable spirit and an overwhelming aura, the Dragon Transformation skill had successfully evolved. It had brought Jiang Chen huge benefits, 300 Dragon Marks, True Dragon Flames, and the True Dragon Palm. All of this had made Jiang Chen much stronger. Now, what Jiang Chen needed to do was kill Fan Kun despite all the obstacles. Once he did it, he would successfully gain the Dragon Transformation skill’s approval and would match it in a perfect manner.

Now, no one had the audacity to get in Jiang Chen’s way anymore. This man was unstoppable, only those Mid Divine Core Sect Elder can stop Jiang Chen from proceeding further.


Right at this moment, a cold snort sounded out from the depths of the inner circle area. After that, two figures flew out. Finally, Fan Zhong Tang and Fan Kun were out. Fan Zhong Tang had a cruel and insidious look in his eyes as he stared at Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, you are an unruly disciple, how dare you kill an inner circle Sect Elder? This is a crime that cannot be forgiven! As the acting Sect Chief, I’ll have to punish you by killing you today!”

Fan Zhong Tang said in a righteous manner.


A human figure suddenly appeared next to Jiang Chen, it was Guo Shan. When he saw Fan Zhong Tang and his grandson, it immediately reminded him of what happened that day and made him furious.

“Fan Zhong Tang, Fan Kun violated the rules first, and now, Jiang Chen wants to bring justice! You, as the acting Sect Chief shouldn’t stop him, you should give him a chance to fight Fan Kun in a deathmatch, let them decide who the last one standing will be!”

Guo Shan said with a stern expression.

Hearing this, all the people who were watching from far away nodded their heads. This was really the fairest method to resolve this matter. Of course, everybody knew that Fan Zhong Tang would never agree to Guo Shan’s suggestion and allow Fan Kun and Jiang Chen to have a deathmatch. This was no different than killing Fan Kun himself. Jiang Chen could kill Divine Core warriors now, Fan Kun was too weak compared to Jiang Chen.

“Cruelly killing a Sect Elder is a capital offense; it’s way worse than what Fan Kun did!”

Fan Zhong Tang said with an indifferent tone.

Guo Shan still tried to say something, But Jiang Chen just waved his hand and stopped from saying anything else. Jiang Chen didn’t want to quarrel with anyone, what he wanted today was to kill Fan Kun, and no one could stop him.

“Both of you have tried to kill me so many times, you even informed Liang Xiao from the Heavenly Sword Sect about my mission to kill all Blood Devils in Yellowstone, then you asked him to ambush me on my way back to the Black Sect! But too bad, my abilities are beyond your imagination, Liang Xiao is nothing in my eyes!”

After saying that, Jiang Chen took out another head from his storage ring. When everyone saw the face of that head, the atmosphere immediately heated up.

“It really is Liang Xiao! Jiang Chen has killed Liang Xiao from the Heavenly Sword Sect!”

“Heavens! This is frightening! One of the four geniuses of the Qi Province was killed! Jiang Chen can kill Divine Core warriors now, killing Liang Xiao actually means nothing to him!”

“If what Jiang Chen said is true, then Fan Kun and his grandfather are doomed! Their actions are considered betrayal!”


Now everyone could tell that the head belonged to Liang Xiao. Even Fan Zhong Tang and Fan Kun’s expressions changed slightly. They couldn’t believe that even Liang Xiao was killed by Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had destroyed all their plans.

“Fan Kun, by causing Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan severe injuries, you have offended me by creating hatred that cannot be resolved. Today, I will kill you no matter what!”

Jiang Chen stared at Fan Kun.

Translated by XianXiaWorld