Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 162 – Those Who Dares Obstruct His Path Will Die

Chapter 162 – Those Who Dares Obstruct His Path Will Die

Chapter 162 – Those Who Dares Obstruct His Path Will Die

Unleas.h.i.+ng ma.s.sive energy ripples and covering his body with flames of fury, Jiang Chen had transformed into a mighty G.o.d of war as he took one step at a time towards the direction of the inner circle.

All dragons had their reverse scale, and death awaited those who touched it; all dragons had mighty prides, and no one were allowed to step over it.

Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan were Jiang Chen’s reverse scale.

The anger of a dragon was enough to overturn seas and rivers, bring devastation to the world, and make all living beings perish. Jiang Chen’s fury increased with every pa.s.sing second, and both his eyes had become blood red. With every step he took, his energy became stronger. Within his Qi Sea, new Dragon Marks kept forming. One hundred and eighty, one hundred and ninety, two hundred!


Jiang Chen looked towards the skies and let out a loud roar. Endless cracking sounded out from his body; it was like countless stars were exploding. At the same time, numerous Dragon Marks emerged from his body and hovered around Jiang Chen. The scene looked amazing and mighty.

The vast energy was trembling, the entire Black Sect was shaking because of the powerful force. Right now, with the Dragon Transformation skill evolving to a stronger level, Jiang Chen had broken through to another realm, he had reached the Mid Heavenly Core realm.

“Heavens, his energy is incredibly strong! In just the time of a few breaths, he has broken through!”

“This is frightening, it happened because of extreme fury! Jiang Chen turned his fury into his power, and unconsciously broken through to the Mid Heavenly Core realm!”

Everyone were shocked by what the saw. Yu Zi Han had a confused expression on his face as he watched. He knew that today, the Black Sect was going to lose Jiang Chen. It would be an immeasurable loss.

“Brother Jiang is a man destined to have his name carved down in history, a peerless genius! Having him was a blessing for the Black Sect, but losing him would be a great loss.”

Yu Zi Han let out a long sigh and shook his head. He knew Jiang Chen very well. After today, Jiang Chen would no longer stay in the Black Sect.

Bam bam bam…

The energy ripples unleashed from Jiang Chen’s body was like a tsunami, wave after wave, rising higher and higher. Jiang Chen’s energy was increasing in an exponential manner.

Within his body, countless Mortal Restoration Pills were burning like they were something worthless. In an instant, he had consumed more than 50,000 of them, and there were still new Dragon Marks forming. Two hundred and ten, two hundred and twenty… this was a really rare encounter.

Jiang Chen’s anger had activated the true meaning of the Dragon Transformation skill. With the help of it, Jiang Chen was experiencing a truly amazing transformation.

The Dragon Transformation skill, its true meaning was to transform one into a dragon. A dragon was a Divine Beast, the king of all beasts, an almighty existence. The dragon’s fury could burn anything underneath the heavens, the pride of a dragon couldn’t be stepped on, and once it was provoked, it would send devastation in the direction of anyone who provoked it.

Jiang Chen’s current motives and anger had matched the true meaning of a dragon. In other words, Jiang Chen had now received approval from the Dragon Transformation skill. This transformation would bring him incredible advantages.

Besides, Jiang Chen had to kill Fan Kun today no matter what, because if he failed to do so, he would suffer backlash from the Dragon Transformation skill, and for the rest of his life, he would never be able to gain its approval anymore.

This was a mighty skill, only those who possessed the mightiest auras could cultivate with it; only those who possessed to courage to kill anyone who got in his way could cultivate with it.

The reverse scale of a dragon, those who touched it would be killed. Right now, Jiang Chen was like a dragon, and his reverse scaled had been brutally ripped apart by someone. He had to kill the person who ripped his reverse scale off, only by killing that person would he be a perfect match for the Dragon Transformation skill.



Jiang Chen’s voice sounded out throughout the entire Black Mountain. A lot of inner circle disciples were on their way to check out what was happening, but their faces turned pale immediately upon sensing Jiang Chen’s energy ripples. In an instant, they moved aside and tried not getting his way, worried that they might suffer from his anger.

Right at this moment, an inner circle disciple flew in front of Jiang Chen. He was a good-looking guy with a cultivation base at the Late Heavenly Core realm, and he held a minor position in the inner circle. On normal days, he would help the Sect Elders manage some minor issues within the inner circle.

“Junior disciple Jiang, we can talk about this, don’t be too reckless.”

This disciple was used to interfere in everything within the Black Sect, he simply didn’t have good judgment. Poking his nose into Jiang Chen’s business right now would only end badly.

“Get lost!”

Jiang Chen roared out loudly. The roar was supported by the Sonic Hawk Cry. The powerful sound waves immediately covered the inner circle disciple.


The inner circle disciple screamed out miserably. His body was cut everywhere by the sound waves. In an instant, he had turned into a man covered in blood. He fell down from the skies and died on the spot.

“Those who gets in my way will suffer from death!”

Jiang Chen was like a raging devil king. In his eyes, any living beings were nothing. Anyone who got in his way and tried to block him, they would only meet one ending, and that was death from the fury of the dragon.

“Heavens, this is terrifying! He killed a Late Heavenly Core warrior with just a roar! How strong is he really?”

“This matter has become worse, this is going to become huge! Everyone, do not get close to Jiang Chen! He is extremely furious right now, those who dares provoked him will get killed instantly!”

“This is frightening, he truly is a mighty divine being who kills all who gets in his way! I wonder how Fan Kun is going to handle this!”


Everyone became frightened, Jiang Chen was simply too ferocious. The disciple who got killed just now was innocent, but no one really pitied him.

Guo Shan was following far behind Jiang Chen, his face was covered with a gloomy expression. He had made up his mind; today, he would stand together with Jiang Chen, he would risk his life and help Jiang Chen get revenge.


Jiang Chen’s voice was so loud the entire Black Mountain shook. Within his Qi Sea, the number of Dragon Marks had reached 250. Followed by the high circulation speed of the Dragon Transformation skill, rays of golden colored flames began emerging from his body.

The flames emerged in a bizarre manner, as if it had appeared out of nowhere. Jiang Chen couldn’t hold himself but investigate it with his Divine Sense, but before he could, a strange message appeared in his mind.

‘True Dragon Flames’

That’s right, the golden colored flame was the flames of the true dragon, it was the ultimate source fire of a dragon that could compare with the universe’s origin fire. It was not something that ordinary demon beast’s fire could compare with.

When the True Dragon Flames appeared, it immediately devoured all of the Fiery Tiger’s flames that was residing within Jiang Chen’s body.

Today, Jiang Chen’s body was covered in the flames of fury, there was only one thought in his mind, revenge and slaughter. This had made the Dragon Transformation skill evolve further, which awakened the True Dragon Flames.

The awakening of the True Dragon Flames was far from done. When Jiang Chen’s body was fully covered in flames, the Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea increased to a total of 280.

At this moment, another message appeared within Jiang Chen’s mind.

‘True Dragon Palm’

This was an combat skill exclusive for dragons, it was an extremely powerful innate ability. When this strange message appeared in Jiang Chen’s mind, Jiang Chen didn’t even need to study or cultivate it, the innate ability had been deeply rooted in his body, and he could unleash it any time he wanted to.

Crack crack…

Jiang Chen’s palm trembled. On his hand, pieces of dragon scales begun forming. They were the scales of a true dragon, and each of them were harder than the hardest steel. Right at this moment, Jiang Chen felt like he had never been so powerful before. It was a mighty feeling that couldn’t be described with words.

When Jiang Chen had almost reached the deepest area of the inner circle, there was a total of 300 Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea. With his current combat strength and form, he could instantly kill any Heavenly Core warrior with just his breath alone. The True Dragon Palm and the True Dragon Flames, with both skills he could easily kill an Early Divine Core warrior. He also had the Blood Banner, and with all this, he could even fight a Mid Divine Core warrior.

This was really frightening, the improvement of his abilities and strength had come to a state that defied all rules and orders.

“Look, Jiang Chen’s energy ripples are getting stronger and stronger! Wha… Look at his hand, what is that?!”

“Heavens! It looks like dragon scales! The skill he is cultivating can really transform him into a dragon! So formidable!”

“A dragon is a legendary divine being, the true king of all beings! There have been no dragons in Saint Origin since the ancient eras!”


Everyone were frightened by what they saw, even Guo Shan and Yu Zi Han couldn’t remain calm any longer. Especially Yu Zi Han, he had witnessed how formidable Jiang Chen was when he followed him back to the Black Sect, and the current Jiang Chen was at least ten times stronger than when he had returned to the Black Sect. The energy ripples that were being unleashed from his body could choke anyone who got close to him.

Within the deepest area of the inner circle, Fan Kun couldn’t sit still any longer. His expression changed dramatically, and with a panicked voice he said, “Grandfather, what should we do now? Liang Xian was unable to kill Jiang Chen, and now he has returned!”

“Hmph! Don’t worry, your grandfather is the acting Sect Chief now, I can decide anything as I like! If that Jiang Chen goes too far, I can punish him by killing him myself! Don’t worry, grandfather will keep you safe.”

Fan Zhong Tang let out a cold snort. He was a Mid Divine Core warrior, of course he wouldn’t take Jiang Chen seriously.

Bam bam bam….

Jiang Chen kept walking towards the deepest area of the inner circle. With every step he took, the air vibrated, and the ground shook. All inner circle disciple were standing far away from him, and no one dared get close to him or in his way.

“Jiang Chen, this is the inner circle, you have gone too far!”

Right at this moment, a deep and vigorous voice sounded out. Two men came forwards and blocked Jiang Chen’s path. Both of them were old men, one had a strong energy and was an Early Divine Core warrior.

“The Sect Elders of the inner circle have come to stop Jiang Chen! I wonder how he is going to deal with them!”

“Let me tell you, Jiang Chen would never give up on what he is going to do. But now, with the interference of a Divine Core warrior, I’m not sure he can handle it anymore.”

It was really frightening, the matter had reached a state where it would almost be impossible to resolve peacefully. Even the inner circle Sect Elders were here. No one could guess what was going to happen next.

“Jiang Chen, although you have broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, you haven’t officially become an inner circle disciples, you are not allowed to create a disturbance in the inner circle!”

Another old man scolded. This made Jiang Chen sneer, he knew these two men were sent by Fan Zhong Tang in order to stop him.

“Haha, both of you better get the h.e.l.l out of my way! Look, what is this?”

Jiang Chen laughed out loudly. He flipped his hand and showed them a head, “Look carefully, this is the head of Lord Blood Moon, I have accomplished the mission of killing all Blood Devils! With this huge credit, I want to exchange it for Fan Kun’s death! Those gets in my way will be punished with death, and neither of you are any exceptions, so get lost!”

Translated by XianXiaWorld