Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 161 – Great Fury Because of Her

Chapter 161 – Great Fury Because of Her

Note about small change in terminology:

Xiao Yu > Little Yu

Ah Yan > Brother Yan


Chapter 161 – Great Fury Because of Her

“Look! That’s Jiang Chen and Yu Zi Han from the inner circle, Jiang Chen is back!”

“Heavens! He came back so quickly! Something huge is going to happen!”

“Something big is definitely going to happen today! Last time it was only a few outer circle disciples who got beaten, and Jiang Chen had caused a huge disturbance, and now, Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan are in critical conditions! I’m sure Jiang Chen going to pierce a hole through the heavens!”

“There will be no peace in the Black Sect today, Jiang Chen has even killed that Lord Blood Moon, his cultivation level has increased a lot! I’m afraid even Fan Kun won’t be his match!”


Everyone were frightened. Seeing the return of Jiang Chen was like seeing a huge mountain thrown into a vast ocean, it stirred up huge waves.

When Jiang Chen and Yu Zi Han came above the skies of the Black Sect, Jiang Chen couldn’t hold himself from frowning. Somehow, he could feel a weird atmosphere in the Black Sect today. Besides, the uneasiness he had been feeling was now even stronger than before.

Without doing anything, Jiang Chen went straight back to his own residence, Yu Zi Han also felt something was not right and followed behind Jiang Chen.

Outside Jiang Chen’s courtyard, there were a few men standing around. The leading men were w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zhen. After getting guidance and teachings from Jiang Chen, w.a.n.g Yun had broken through to the Early Heavenly Core realm, and had managed to enter the inner circle.

After Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan were a.s.saulted and wounded, the few of them had been waiting here every single day. They believed Jiang Chen would come back no matter what. Right now, when all of them saw Jiang Chen, they immediately walked up and greeted him.

“What happened?”

Jiang Chen saw their panicked and nervous expression, and he couldn’t help but furrow his brows once again. He had guessed they would feel happy and want to celebrate with him after he had accomplished the mission. Even if their expressions weren’t happy, they shouldn’t have such panicked and nervous expression either. Jiang Chen didn’t see Yan Chen Yu amongst them either.

“Senior disciple Jiang, something has happened.”

Huang Zheng said. He was almost in tears at this point.

“Tell me.”

Jiang Chen’s expression became stern, and he unleashed an imposing aura from all over his body which no one dared to reject. All who faced him felt fear in their hearts.

w.a.n.g Yun and the others trembled, they immediately told Jiang Chen about what had happened. Something like this couldn’t be hidden from him.

w.a.n.g Yun took a deep breath and said, “Senior disciple Jiang, something bad happened to senior disciple Yan and senior disciple Han Yan.”

“Something bad happened? What happened? Where are they?”

Jiang Chen felt shock in his heart, something really did happen. He knew this must have been why he felt the uneasiness.

“Senior disciple Jiang, a few days ago, Fan Kun was trying to do something nasty to senior disciple Yan. She rejected and fought back, but she was badly wounded by Fan Kun. At the same time, senior disciple Han Yan came out from his secluded cultivation, and he had just broken through to the Heavenly Core realm. He tried to fight Fan Kun, but he was seriously wounded as well. Both of them are in critical conditions and have been brought away by Sect Elder Guo Shan.”

w.a.n.g Yun told Jiang Chen everything he knew in detail.

“Senior disciple Jiang, Fan Kun…”

Before Huang Zheng could finish his words, Jiang Chen disappeared from where he was standing. He had flown away towards the direction of Guo Shan’s mountain with extreme speed. They could even see flames bursting out from Jiang Chen’s body, it was the flames of fury.

“Is there any danger to Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan’s lives?”

Yu Zi Han asked worriedly.

“I don’t know, when I checked on senior disciple Yan’s pulse that day, her life force was extremely weak, and so was senior disciple Han Yan’s. But, since Sect Elder Guo Shan is a Divine Core warrior, as well as a great alchemist, I believe he will be able to keep them alive.”

w.a.n.g Yun said.

“Sigh… something big is going to happen.”

Yu Zi Han let out a sigh. After being with Jiang Chen for quite some time, he knew pretty well about Jiang Chen’s character. He would never show any mercy to his enemies. Besides, Fan Kun’s actions this time had gone far above Jiang Chen’s limits. Today, even the Sect Chief himself wouldn’t be able to resolve this matter easily.

Everybody was looking at each other, the atmosphere had become extreme panic, they all knew Jiang Chen’s temper, he would never let this off easily.

On Guo Shan’s mountain peak, Jiang Chen appeared with lightning speed. When Guo Shan saw Jiang Chen, a rejoiced expression emerged on his face, “Brother, you’re finally back!”

“Where are they?”

Jiang Chen’s tone was stern, he was worried about Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan’s safety, therefore he was not in a good mood right now.

“Follow me.”

Guo Shan brought Jiang Chen into a room.

Jiang Chen went straight to Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan. He extended both hands and touched their wrists. An energy flowed into their bodies at the same time, and in an instant, Jiang Chen’s expression changed drastically.

“How could this happen?!”

The colors of Jiang Chen’s pupils immediately became red. The condition of both Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan was too serious, their internal organs had stopped functioning, and there was only the slightest life-force floating around in the deepest parts of their souls. It would be extremely difficult to revive their life forces now. If it wasn’t for the pills Guo Shan had concocted and fed them, both of them would be dead by now.

“Little Yu is a staunch girl with a mortal integrity. She was scared she might get profaned by Fan Kun, therefore she cut her own heart’s veins. It is extremely difficult to wake her up. Han Yan possesses the bloodline and power of the ancient Divine Devil, and supposedly, he should have no problem recovering, but he suffered from severe injuries, and all his internal organs are dislocated. It will be tough for him to recover.

Guo Shan explained the current situation to Jiang Chen, he didn’t even dare look at Jiang Chen’s eyes.

“Good, good, perfect! Guo Shan, what the f.u.c.k were you doing?! When I left the Black Sect, I thought you promised me to keep her safe!”

Jiang Chen burst out in extreme fury. The flames of fury covering his body, and the aura of someone above all else hidden deep within his very source which had turned into an invisible pressure forced Guo Shan to take two steps back. It had given Guo Shan an extreme shock. Right at this moment, he had a feeling he wasn’t facing a young Heavenly Core man, but a mighty Saint.

“Brother, it was Guo Shan’s fault for not being able to protect Little Yu, I have failed you, brother. Guo Shan is willing to redeem this mistake with death.”

Guo Shan bowed deeply towards Jiang Chen. He had already prepared himself for Jiang Chen’s fury. There was nothing he could do when the mistake had already happened and the consequences had taken effect. Any actions now were worthless.

“Then go kill yourself, get the h.e.l.l out of here, I do not want to see you here!”

Jiang Chen roared at Guo Shan. No matter what, Guo Shan couldn’t escape from his responsibility. Jiang Chen could imagine what happened, Guo Shan must have bee attracted by the Great Soul Derivation skill and couldn’t help himself. But if Guo Shan had put a little more attention towards Yan Chen Yu, this wouldn’t have happened at all.

Guo Shan remained silent and accepted the blame, he just stood there without moving. He didn’t leave the place to seek his own death, he still needed to redeem his mistakes by good deeds.

Jiang Chen turned around and looked at Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan who were lying there motionlessly. With an indifferent tone, he said, “Did you know, Little Yu possesses the Nine Yin Meridians. She suffered from extreme cold ever since she was six years old. When I brought her along with me, I promised her father, and myself, that no one would ever hurt her. She is my heart’s treasure, the reverse scale of I, Jiang Chen. Han Yan was my first brother, he could stand out and protect Little Yu, even if his life was at risk. No one is allowed to touch my brother either. But you, Guo Shan, I considered you my brother, but, you really disappointed me.”


Guo Shan choked with emotions. What Jiang Chen said made him feel ashamed. Tears were flowing down his face, and he wished he could tear Fan Kun apart right now.

“Little Yu, Brother Yan, wait for me, I’ll get revenge for you now. After this, I’ll bring both of you with me and leave this disgusting place.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen turned around and walked out from the door. When he left the room, a heaven piercing energy instantly emerged from his body.


Jiang Chen looked up towards the skies and let out a loud roar. It was incredibly loud, as if it was a mighty dragon that was roaring. His hair stood up and pointed towards the skies, his anger had reached its absolute maximum. He took a step forwards and flew up into the skies, towards the inner circle area.

Today, Jiang Chen became extremely enraged for his girl. Right now, no matter the Black Sect, the Black Mountain, whatever the mission was, who Daoist Black was, it was all bulls.h.i.+t to him. At this point of time, there was only hatred in his mind, a heaven piercing anger.


This was the first time Jiang Chen had truly become furious since he was reincarnated. It was the anger that came from the deepest source of himself. Ignited by the flames of fury, the Dragon Transformation skill began circulating itself, and it produced a buzzing sound in his Qi Sea.

The fury that came from Jiang Chen’s source had activated an inherent quality of the Dragon Transformation skill, causing it to start circulating restlessly. In an instant, Jiang Chen’s body began resonating with it. This was a rare situation that changed even the characteristics of the Dragon Transformation skill. With its self-circulation, it began forming new Dragon Marks in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea.

One, two, five, ten… In an instant, 20 new Dragon Marks formed in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea, making it a total of 170 Dragon Marks. Followed by the constant burning of Jiang Chen’s fury, new Dragon Marks continuously formed.

Jiang Chen had entered a state of fury, he didn’t even notice his newly formed Dragon Marks. There was only one thing on his mind right now, killing Fan Kun.


With every step Jiang Chen took, a vibration was sent throughout the thin air, and the ground started shaking.


Jiang Chen was so enraged that his hair was pointing towards the skies. His strong energy shook the entire Black Sect, and every single disciple were rus.h.i.+ng towards his direction. Even all the outer circle disciples were on their way. Right at this moment, every single person in the Black Sect could feel Jiang Chen’s heaven piercing fury.

“Oh heavens! Jiang Chen is really furious, his anger is so extreme!”

“What powerful energy ripples! He is like a G.o.d of war! This is terrifying!”

“His energy is still climbing! Look, it seems like there are some shadows of dragons hovering around him! Looks like only the Sect Chief can resolve this matter!”

“Even if the Sect Chief interferes, I’m sure he will need to give Jiang Chen a good explanation. This time is different from the previous one, Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan are both in critical conditions, and Jiang Chen just killed Lord Blood Moon! Judging by his current aura, I’m sure he won’t let this matter be resolved easily.”


The entire Black Sect was shaken. The mighty return of Jiang Chen had stirred up a huge thunderstorm in the Black Sect. This time, Jiang Chen was determined to kill Fan Kun, and no one could guess how bad things would become.

Translated by XianXiaWorld