Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1609 – The Target of All

Chapter 1609 – The Target of All

The Target of All

The ancient Buddha was settling down. The brutal qi in its body was fading. As though seeing itself and the familiar qi from Tyrant’s body, the awareness in his mind began to grow.

“Please forgive this disciple, Buddha Venerable.”

Seeing the changes in the ancient Buddha, Tyrant hastily seized the opportunity and struck a ray of edifying light into the Buddha’s glabella. The Buddha couldn’t help but shake, but just a few seconds later, all the brutal qi inside the buddha was completely eliminated by the edifying light.

Tyrant made another wave. The edifying light rushed out of the Buddha’s body and fell back into his hand and body. It was impossible for him to manipulate the ancient Buddha with the edifying light. He had a pious heart and wouldn’t dare show any neglect and disrespect to the ancient Buddha.

*Buzz……* *Buzz……*

The image of the dazzling relic suddenly appeared on Tyrant’s glabella, but it didn’t rush out of his forehead. It was only an image that emitted an incomparably pure illumination.

Sensing the qi of the relic, the ancient Buddha hurriedly lifted its eyes. Its originally empty and dull eyes emanated mystical light when it saw the relic.

“Buddha Venerable, disciple has come to help you in your reincarnation.” Tyrant spoke with reverence and bowed in front of the ancient Buddha with both palms together.

The ancient Buddha looked stunned. The whole scene was dead quiet. Everyone was waiting in antic.i.p.ation for a miracle to happen. They were also expectant to see the scene of Tyrant actually stopping the ancient Buddha. In which case, their lives would be saved. As for the nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk, or the treasures in the ancient temple, it was no longer important to them. After experiencing the disaster that had put them on the verge of death, they cherished their lives even more. Anything other than their lives was as superficial as clouds.

Tyrant maintained his bow posture. The ancient Buddha was just as motionless as before. This made the atmosphere incomparably oppressive, causing some people to have difficulty in breathing. They were worried that the ancient Buddha would burst into action once more and slaughter that little monk. If that happened, nothing would change. All of them would die here eventually. No one would be able to save their lives.

After a dozen of minutes of silence, the ancient Buddha moved mechanically. A trace of vital force seemed to radiate from its eyes. They were no longer empty and dull.

“Thank you!”

The ancient Buddha spoke in a deep and horse tone. The voice was from ten thousand years ago, the voice that came from his final will. After uttering the two words, the Buddha shut its eyes.


Tyrant had a look of compa.s.sion and melancholy. He could feel the sadness from the heart of the ancient Buddha and the sudden birth of hope.

As the ancient Buddha closed its eyes, Tyrant waved his palm, producing a wave of golden light. This was the pure light of Buddha Sect. There were characters of Sanskrit drifting brilliantly. After a while, it formed a huge golden coc.o.o.n, enveloping Tyrant and the ancient Buddha. Although the both of them were inside the golden coc.o.o.n, the people around could see the situation inside. The ancient Buddha lay in mid-air while Tyrant kept on producing seals and struck them into the body of the ancient Buddha. At the same time, he recited incomprehensible sutra. The ancient Buddha seemed calm and serene.

“It seems like our crisis is over. The little monk is reincarnating the ancient Buddha. He has saved our lives.”

“That’s right. Just now, the situation was too dangerous. If it wasn’t because of the sudden appearance of this monk, we would all be finished. He’s our saviour.”

“I hope that there will be no more accidents in the process and that the little monk can succeed in helping the ancient Buddha reincarnate. If that happened, the disaster will finally be over.”

Just at this crucial moment, a silhouette flew rapidly towards the immortal pond. He was precisely Ye Peng. He still wanted to acquire the nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk. Seeing that the ancient Buddha had already been subdued, he acted immediately to seize the Great Earth Immortal Milk.


Ye Peng was fast, but someone was even faster. Jiang Chen had been focusing his attention on Ye Peng. He had expected that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d wouldn’t give up on the Great Earth Immortal Milk. Sure enough, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d acted.

Jiang Chen stopped in front of Ye Peng, holding the Heavenly Saint Sword, and spoke coldly, “Ye Peng, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Humph! A puny little Immortal King dares to stop me? You surely don’t know what death is.” Ye Peng snorted coldly.

“I’m not the one who’s courting death now. It’s you. Because of your previous actions, you have caused so many people to die. Right now, the ancient Buddha has yet to be reincarnated. If you act at this time, you may cause the ancient Buddha to react again. At that time, the little monk will die. All the people here will have to die too. So are you ignoring the lives of everyone just for the sake of the Great Earth Immortal Milk?”

Jiang Chen spoke in an incomparably cold tone. He would never allow Ye Peng to step onto the immortal pond now. This was the most critical moment of Tyrant. He would never allow any accidents. If Ye Peng infuriated the ancient Buddha again, Tyrant would be the first to be in danger.

“Ye Peng, you have already caused the death of so may geniuses. Aren’t you satisfied with that?”

“Dammit! You think that you can ignore everything just because you are from the Immortal Court? Take a look at how many people have died. This moment is the most crucial moment for the ancient Buddha to be reincarnated. If you act now, you will only bring harm to all of us.”

“Motherf***er! Let’s stop him together. I don’t think he will dare to kill us all.”


An uproar broke out. Ye Peng’s actions immediately aroused the anger of everyone. Each genius rushed out, blocking the path of Ye Peng. Their cultivation base wasn’t as good as Ye Peng’s, and their combat strength was definitely a lot weaker compared to him, but this wouldn’t overcome their resentment towards Ye Peng. More than 1000 people had died. Although they were all killed by the ancient Buddha, it was all caused by Ye Peng.

Now that they had seen a glimmer of hope if the ancient Buddha was reincarnated by Tyrant, Ye Peng intended to rush onto the immortal pond to seize the Great Earth Immortal Milk which would likely enrage the ancient Buddha again and bring the ultimate disaster to all of them.

If it was before, they would definitely fear Ye Peng as much as a dear feared the tiger. None of them would dare to get near him. But given the current situation and after experiencing the near-death situation, they no longer cared about that trivial matter. Besides, Jiang Chen had already taken the initiative to stop Ye Peng. What reasons did they have to shrink back like a tortoise?

For a moment, Ye Peng had become the common target of all. Everyone had regarded him as their enemy, causing Ye Peng’s face to look incomparably unpleasant. If it was before, he would have killed anyone who stopped him, but given the current scene, he needed to consider the consequences of his actions. If he go against these people, an earth-shattering war would surely take place.

Furthermore, he didn’t want to alarm the ancient Buddha once more. After all, the ancient Buddha was just too strong.


Ye Peng snorted coldly then retreated back to where he came from, but his qi had already locked onto the immortal pond. In his opinion, the Great Earth Immortal Milk would be his sooner or later. No one here was a match for him. After the ancient Buddha was fully reincarnated, the nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk would belong to him.

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