Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1610 – Opening a path of Survival

Chapter 1610 – Opening a path of Survival

Opening a path of Survival

Ye Peng had a very good plan. As long as the ancient Buddha was reincarnated, those nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk would belong to him. There were so many people on the scene but none of them was a match for him. Those four intermediate Immortal Emperors that fought with him had already died. Now, there were only two intermediate Immortal Emperors left, Dragon s.h.i.+san and Lan Lingji, both of which were definitely no match for him. Plus, these two individuals had also disgraced him in public. He wouldn’t forget to kill them after getting the Great Earth Immortal Milk.

Indeed, his idea was very good and even seemed perfect. If there was no accident, the situation would develop according to his imagination. Unfortunately, this was all based on the fact that no one would fight him. The truth was, he wasn’t invincible in this spatial zone. Putting aside the fact that Jiang Chen could already fight him after using his dragon form, Dragon s.h.i.+san alone could also defeat him.

The geniuses didn’t pursue the matter when they saw Ye Peng retreated, they didn’t put away their watchful eyes on him, however. Now was the most crucial moment. They could never allow Ye Peng to do anything stupid. Everyone was ready to stand out and fight if they notice any sign of unusual movement from Ye Peng before the ancient Buddha was fully reincarnated.

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth displayed a hint of a smile. This plan of Ye Peng would only be a wishful thinking in the end. If Ye Peng had discerned his opponents’ true strength, he should find a chance to escape and that would perhaps, keep him alive. Otherwise, his life would be in danger.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The golden coc.o.o.n grew bigger and bigger. The situation inside had become indistinct. The chanting of Buddha sutra continued to be heard from the huge coc.o.o.n. The ancient Buddha just laid there with a serene look. It was definitely rare for him to be so peaceful in ten thousand years.

About a dozen minutes later, the body of the ancient Buddha and the huge coc.o.o.n sank. Under the control of Tyrant, it sank towards the ancient temple and disappeared as though it had never appeared before.

Tyrant put his palms together, turned to the crowd and spoke coldly, “The Buddha Venerable will reincarnate in the ancient temple. No one is allowed to go into the temple and disturb him. Otherwise, you will bear your own consequences. In addition, the pa.s.sageway leading outside is about to be opened. All of you have to do is leave as soon as possible.”

Upon hearing Tyrant’s words, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. They felt like surviving a huge disaster. Although this was a vault of treasure, no one was reluctant to leave. The thought of the ancient Buddha slaughtering those geniuses gave them palpitations.

This time, nearly 3000 people had come into the immortal vault, but only less than a thousand of them were left alive. That was to say, more than 2000 people had died in this immortal vault.

This was an incomparably scary adventure. Those who died were the proud sons of the Heavens, an outstanding talent of their respective major power. They were the high and mighty figures of the young generation, but in here, they could only be exterminated like insects and vanished for good from this Heaven and Earth.

This was their fate and it was a pity that all their efforts in this life had vanished along with them.

Those who survived were naturally the lucky ones. Most of them had seen through life and death, which was also a very good thing to them. This was a very rare experience. It was believed that after they left this place, tremendous changes would happen to their disposition. If they were able to walk out of the Golden Horizon alive after all of this, transformation would take place within them, allowing them to break through to the next level of their cultivation realm.

*Hong Long……*

Just as the entire spatial zone had quieted down, the immortal pond in the air crumbled with a bang. Those nine rays of jade-white light vanished as well, turning into nine drops of white immortal milk. Those were the Great Earth Immortal Milk. They seemed to have its own spirituality as they drifted automatically to Tyrant and fell onto his hands.

No one was surprised by that fact that Tyrant got the nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk. This was perhaps the gift given by the ancient Buddha to thank Tyrant. No one envied him. Everyone was in a state of calmness. No one went to rob the immortal milk. Tyrant was their saviour and they didn’t want to be the ungrateful one.

“Little Monk, hand the Great Earth Immortal Milk over and I will spare your life.”

Ye Peng swayed his body and appeared in front of Tyrant and yelled. It seemed like he would never give up unless he got the Great Earth Immortal Milk.

“This benefactor resembles someone as the stench from your mouth is almost unbearable. This monk reckons that benefactor should have just climbed out of the dung pit.” Tyrant spoke with a serious face.

His words stunned everybody. They all felt that their perception of Tyrant had been completely overturned. How could this mother***er be a peerless monk?

Where was the disposition of an eminent monk? Where was his dignity as an eminent monk?

These words made people’s jaw drop. There was only Tyrant who could provide such a huge contrast.

Ye Peng also didn’t expect that an eminent monk of White Dragon Temple would suddenly swear. Also, the way Tyrant spoke was so good that there wasn’t even a swear word in his sentences but the meaning was clear. This had completely caught Ye Peng off guard.


Dragon s.h.i.+san burst into laughter. He would feel sorry for the solemnity shown by Tyrant if he didn’t laugh now.

“Stupid monk, it’s seems like you are really courting death.”

Ye Peng yelled furiously. As a peerless expert of the Immortal Court, who wouldn’t show him respect upon seeing him? How could this monk shame him in public? This was definitely an act of seeking death.

*Hong Long……*

Just as Ye Peng was about to strike Tyrant, a loud roar burst out over the ancient temple, followed by the emergence of a huge spatial pa.s.sageway.

“Ye Peng, if you have any personal grudge, settle it outside the immortal vault. You will probably infuriate the ancient Buddha again, and bury everyone here if you start a fight here.”

Jiang Chen said to Ye Peng then turned and flew towards the pa.s.sageway, along with Dragon s.h.i.+san, Lan Lingji and Tyrant. This was the pa.s.sageway that would lead everyone outside of the immortal vault. It was their only chance of walking out of this place.

“Humph! None of you will leave. All of you will have to die here today!”

Ye Peng harrumphed coldly, afraid that Jiang Chen and the others would flee with the Great Earth Immortal Milk. Immediately, he chased after them and vanished into the pa.s.sageway.

“Let’s go guys. Let’s get out of here.”

“Remember not to go near that ancient temple. Don’t anger the ancient Buddha again.”

“Don’t worry. Only a fool will go to that temple at this time. I won’t go there even if there’s a great treasure inside.”


The opening of the pa.s.sageway had undoubtedly opened a path to life for everyone. All of them rushed into the pa.s.sageway as fast as they could. Who would still care about the things inside the ancient temple at this moment? Even if there were treasures inside the temple, they still wouldn’t choose to go inside. As the ancient Buddha was reincarnating in there, and given their cultivation base and capabilities, it was no different than seeking death.

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