Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1608 – I have gotten your relic, it will help you in the reincarnation

Chapter 1608 – I have gotten your relic, it will help you in the reincarnation

I have gotten your relic, it will help you in the reincarnation

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Tremendous changes had happened to the current Tyrant. The biggest change was of course, his cultivation base. Before, he was merely a half-step Immortal Emperor. Although he was only a step away from the true Immortal Emperor realm, there was still quite a gap between a half-step Immortal Emperor and a true Immortal Emperor.

However, after refining the relic, his cultivation base had advanced to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. More importantly, the relic consisted of the essence of energy, he had only refined less than a hundredth of the energy. The rest of the energy was stored in his body, allowing him to refine and absorb it at any time.

The relic was the legacy left by an eminent monk of Buddha Sect. If such an inheritance were to fall into some other people’s hands, its potential certainly wouldn’t be fully maximized. At best, the person could only use it to temporarily boost his cultivation base. However this became entirely different when it was in Tyrant’s hands as Tyrant had a very deep affinity with the Buddha, and understood how to utilize the relic. To put it bluntly, this piece of relic was enough for Tyrant to advance to the Immortal Venerable realm.

This was an unimaginable benefit. Frankly speaking, Tyrant was by far, the one who had obtained the greatest benefit in the expedition in Golden Horizon. Undeniably, this monk had the best luck compared to any one of them.

Currently, he was seeing a mighty ancient Buddha killing countless geniuses. The air was filled with the nose-stinging stench of blood. Innumerable geniuses were crying like crazy, and were running frenziedly around. Clearly, they were doing whatever they could to survive.

Tyrant was petrified. He didn’t have the slightest clue about what had happened, he spotted Jiang Chen very quickly, however. Regardless of what happened here and how dangerous the situation was right now, seeing Jiang Chen again was truly something he felt happy about.

“Little Chen!” Tyrant came to Jiang Chen’s side with a sway.


When Jiang Chen saw Tyrant, he was unable to conceal his joy. He had known that Tyrant had come to Golden Horizon as well after conversing with Grandmaster Hao Ran. So, Jiang Chen too had been looking for Tyrant, but he didn’t expect to meet this brother of his here. After confirming the cultivation base of Tyrant, his face instantly switched to shock. He remembered it very clearly that Grandmaster Haoran said that Tyrant was merely a half-step Immortal Emperor, but right now, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had already advanced to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. His progress was just too fast. There was no doubt that Tyrant had acquired some sort of great benefit.

“You have f***ing advanced to intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. How shameless!”

Jiang Chen pounded his fist on Tyrant’s chest. Despite their h.e.l.l like situation, he was still able to crack a joke with Tyrant. This was because the situation didn’t concern him as the monkey had mastered the Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra, at least, the ancient Buddha wouldn’t kill them now.

“Just because of some luck.” Tyrant chuckled.


Just at this moment, a slap hit the shoulder of Tyrant, causing him to curl his lips before he glared at Dragon s.h.i.+san. “Who the f*** are you? Do you have to greet Master Monk in such a way?”

Tyrant wasn’t a person to be trifled with. There were less than a few people in this world that could pat his shoulder. If this b.a.s.t.a.r.d wasn’t standing next to Jiang Chen, it was afraid that Tyrant would have sent a lethal slap to the person.

Upon hearing Tyrant’s words, Lan Lingji almost spurt out a mouthful of saliva. She initially thought that Tyrant was an eminent monk from the White Dragon Temple. Who would have thought that this monk didn’t seem the slightest bit like an eminent monk and swore just because he was. .h.i.t?

“Tyrant, how can you not know who Brother s.h.i.+san is?”

Dragon s.h.i.+san seemed slightly offended and sent another slap at the shoulder of Tyrant, but was dodged by the latter.

“Go f*** yourself. Who the h.e.l.l knows who you are?”

Tyrant retorted impatiently. He wasn’t the one to be blamed. During the time in the ancient tomb in One-Line-Sky, Jiang Chen had obtained the wondrous rock and placed it in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Later, he went back to Evil Abyss to fight the war with his brothers. One of them was Tyrant. Dragon s.h.i.+san had been watching their movements in the wondrous rock since then. He knew that these two brothers had a very strong bond. So he naturally wasn’t the slightest bit unfamiliar with this monk.

However, it was Tyrant’s first time seeing Dragon s.h.i.+san. Not just Tyrant, even Big Yellow had yet to see Dragon s.h.i.+san. This was merely the first day of Dragon s.h.i.+san’s birth.

“Tyrant, I forgot to introduce him to you. He’s called Dragon s.h.i.+san. Do you remember the wondrous rock I obtained from the ancient tomb? He’s precisely an immemorial battle spirit that leaped out of the wondrous rock. He’s a Battle Saint Ape.”

Jiang Chen hastily introduced the monkey to Tyrant, fearing that a fight would break out between these two in this inappropriate situation.


Upon hearing this, Tyrant couldn’t help but widen his eyes. Not just him, even Lan Lingji was shocked once more. Her eyes were fixed at Dragon s.h.i.+san. The Battle Saint Ape, a legendary immemorial battle spirit had actually appeared in this world. Lan Lingji finally understood why he was so strong, he wouldn’t be called a Battle Saint Ape if he wasn’t powerful.

“I have once seen something related to the Battle Saint Ape in the ancient records. Their body contained the bloodlines of both Battle Saint Ape and a True Dragon and is one of the strongest battle spirits in the Heavens and Earth. I had never thought I could actually meet one in person.” Tyrant was astounded.

“Haha! So, call me Brother s.h.i.+san. I guarantee that you won’t lose anything from it.” Dragon s.h.i.+san burst into laughter.

Unexpectedly, after a serious consideration, Tyrant spoke. “En, I still think that It’s better to call you monkey.”


Dragon s.h.i.+san’s smile froze and Jiang Chen was now the one who laughed. If Big Yellow joined this two, their group would certainly be lively.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Agonizing cries were incessant. The ma.s.sacre still continued. Innumerable geniuses had died tragically. The ancient Buddha had gone mad. The killing intent on his body was getting stronger and stronger. A trace of black light has already appeared in his eyes. The originally pure ancient Buddha was showing signs of being possessed.

“Little Chen, what’s this all about?” Tyrant asked.

“This is what happened…”

Jiang Chen told everything that happened to Tyrant. After listening to it, Tyrant’s facial expression turned grim. He turned towards the ancient Buddha that was constantly crus.h.i.+ng the geniuses. The depths of his eyes revealed a hint of sadness.

“I have to stop him.” Tyrant spoke with determination.

“No. This ancient Buddha has already lost his senses and only knows how to kill. His anger has already been ignited. He can’t be stopped. You will only die by advancing ahead.” Dragon s.h.i.+san spoke hastily.

“No way. Although the ancient Buddha is only an inherited body, many changes have taken place. The killing intent in his body is getting stronger and stronger. The more people he kills, the stronger his brutality becomes. His qi is gradually turning into evil. If he isn’t stopped as soon as possible, he will become a real devil. If that happened, the final outcome of the ancient Buddha will be completely destroyed. His body that has been left here for ten thousand years will be for nothing.” Tyrant said.

“You can’t save him. He has already died.” Lan Lingji said.

“Only I can stop him, because I have obtained his relic. My body now possesses his legacy. I can now be considered a disciple of the ancient Buddha. I can never watch him stray towards the devil path. This ancient temple has been here for too long, but the origin of Buddha is still incomparably strong. As I have obtained his relic, I will help him to be reborn. The ancient Buddha’s ten thousand years of effort would not be wasted.” Tyrant said and flew towards the ancient Buddha.

Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san didn’t stop Tyrant this time. Jiang Chen knew Tyrant pretty well. Tyrant was a man who wouldn’t change his mind once he already decided on something. Furthermore, Tyrant had gotten the relic of the ancient Buddha. He was a man who valued kindness and sentiments. He would never watch the ancient Buddha sink into the devil path.

“No wonder his cultivation base has progressed so quickly. It turns out that he has gotten the relic of the ancient Buddha. It’s his luck.” Dragon s.h.i.+san couldn’t help but praise.

“That’s right. He’s the most profound person I have ever seen.”

Jiang Chen nodded. Tyrant indeed had a very deep affinity with the Buddha which allowed him to obtain the relic of the ancient Buddha. This only showed that his future was immeasurable. It was only a matter of time before he became the brightest star in Buddha Sect.

“Is he going to stop the ancient Buddha for real?” Lan Lingji said in disbelief.

“If he can’t stop the ancient Buddha, no one else in this world can, then all the people here will have to die.” Jiang Chen replied. He had tremendous confidence in Tyrant.

Wails continued to be heard. The ancient Buddha didn’t stop the ma.s.sacre. His evil side was growing stronger and stronger. Soon, he would truly become a machine that only knows how to kill.


At this moment, a sound came from the depths of the void. A silhouette appeared in front of the ancient Buddha. The ancient Buddha who had been completely immersed in the bloodshed suddenly halted himself as though he had been called by someone. His eyes turned towards the tiny monk that appeared out of nowhere.

Currently Tyrant’s body was glowing brilliantly. The light of the relic and the edifying light had been unleashed. He wanted to help the ancient Buddha edify the evil nature inside its body. As the evil nature was still not very strong, Tyrant would have no trouble erasing it by just using the edifying light.

“Disciple greets Ancient Buddha.”

Tyrant deeply saluted. He became incredibly solemn. All of his qi was unleashed.

The ancient Buddha was petrified for a moment. Different colors was shone from its eyes as it stared unblinkingly at the little monk. An unprecedented sense of familiarity washed over it, and then, the intense killing intent and brutal qi gradually subsided.

“Look, who’s that monk? He seems to be able to stop the ancient Buddha.”

“He seems like an eminent monk from White Dragon Temple. My G.o.d! Our savior has finally arrived. Or else, all of us will be finished. The eminent monk of White Dragon Temple must have ways to restrain the ancient Buddha.”

“He should be able to. Did you all see that? Instead of killing him, the ancient Buddha froze in his tracks. It seems like the monk’s technique is working. He must be the blessing from the Heavens and the White Dragon Temple to help stop this ruthless ma.s.sacre!”


The scene had quieted down. Everyone’s eyes turned to the ancient Buddha and Tyrant. This kind of situation was undoubtedly a good omen to them, beginning to give them a glimmer of hope.

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