Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1607 – A Stunned Monk

Chapter 1607 – A Stunned Monk

A Stunned Monk

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This was an absolute disaster. If the ancient Buddha were to launch his all-out attack, everyone in the spatial zone would be killed. No one would be able to escape. There was no doubt about it. The ancient Buddha was just too strong. Even if it was just a body, no one on the scene could fight against it. The gap in strength between them was too great.

“Run, quickly!”

Someone shouted aloud and ran with his tail between his legs, afraid that he would be a step slower. In such a moment, if they were even a little slower, they would most likely lose their lives. No one could measure how strong the ancient Buddha really was, but they all knew that it was too easy for the Buddha to kill all of them.

“Dammit! I have said that a trouble will occur after killing those protectors.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but swear. Currently, the ancient Buddha had gone berserk. Who would be able to control such a situation? The current scene was completely out of control. The only outcome of facing the mighty ancient Buddha was death.

“What should we do now?”

Lan Lingji’s face darkened. The power of the ancient Buddha had exceeded her imagination. No one had expected such a situation.

“We should run now.”

Jiang Chen said, then turned and fled. There was absolutely no other way this time. The ancient Buddha had already been enraged. A compa.s.sionate Buddha had been turned into a Buddha who take lives. No one would be able to stop the Buddha. The fact that the Buddha attacked them indicated that he was determined to leave no one alive.

“Argh…” “Argh…”

Wails were incessant. The expressionless Buddha had become the embodiment of slaughter. His attack was destructive. Each time he attacked, a dozen of people were killed. The scene turned incomparably b.l.o.o.d.y. This was truly a terrifying disaster compared to the evil creatures that they encountered on their way here. Given their abilities, they could surely deal those evil creatures, but in the face of the ancient Buddha, they were powerless.

Ye Peng was the fastest to run away. He was now in shock and didn’t mind the Great Earth Immortal Milk anymore. Comparing that to his life, it became worthless.

“Ye Peng, you mother***er……”

Someone cursed Ye Peng while fleeing. They didn’t put the blame on the ancient Buddha as they knew this was all caused by Ye Peng. If Ye Peng didn’t kill those nine protectors, the ancient Buddha would never be infuriated, and this disaster would not happen.

Unfortunately, everything was too late. The ancient Buddha had gone berserk.

As a matter of fact, Ye Peng couldn’t be the only one to blame. They were all greedy. They had also thought about the benefits in the ancient temple. Even though they couldn’t obtain the Great Earth Immortal Milk, they hoped that Ye Peng could kill all the protectors so that they could enter the ancient temple and get some treasures. Therefore, they also contributed to this disaster.

*Hong Long……*


The Ancient Buddha had completely turned into a killing machine that kept on killing people. The countless blood light and screams didn’t affect the Buddha in the slightest. In other words, he was no longer the compa.s.sionate ancient Buddha ten thousand years ago, but a powerful corpse that had gone ballistic. He had no other thoughts except killing.

Perhaps, the ancient Buddha too, didn’t expect such a scene to happen back when he left behind his inheritance, but right now, it was happening. The killing was incessant.

“Dang! Everyone, scatter around and run in different directions. Don’t gather together!”

“Quickly disperse if you don’t want to die. Find the exit! We must find the exit! Otherwise, all of us will have to die here.”


Everyone was in despair. They all knew very well in their hearts that it was almost impossible for them to find the exit after entering this place. This was the centermost place of the immortal vault. The spatial zone was incredibly solid as it was left behind by a late Immortal Venerable. The pa.s.sageways that they used to come here had already been closed. This spatial zone was completely sealed. They wouldn’t be able to find an exit out of here.

That was to say, they could only wait for their deaths, but no one wanted to die. So all they could do was to run in all directions, after all, there was only one Buddha. He could only launch his attack at one place at a time. If all of them converged at one spot, all of them would be killed by a single palm of the Buddha.

*Hua La……*

The ancient Buddha had a plain look. He regarded all living creatures as insects. He waved his giant palm and a large stretch of the void solidified. At least 30 people were imprisoned in the void and their bodies were solidified as well, making them motionless.


Each of their faces revealed unprecedented terror. That was the fear of death. At this point, all their glory as a genius had been turned into dust.


Next, the solidified void exploded. The people inside were blasted to pieces and turned into a huge mist of blood.

Everyone was horrified. Someone was s.h.i.+vering with dread as the ancient Buddha was too overpowering.

“It’s over. It’s over. There’s no way for us to escape. All of us will have to die here. What do we do now? Who can save us?”

Someone’s face paled. They had completely given up the hope of survival. The change happened so quickly that they simply couldn’t accept it. A moment ago, they were feeling excited about the Great Earth Immortal Milk, but now, they were waiting for their turn to die. It was like a nightmare, unfortunately, it wasn’t a nightmare after all.

In a matter of a few blinks, at least 200 people died in the hands of the ancient Buddha. The scene was chaotic. Everyone had lost their hope. No exit could be found. Each of them wondered if they were the next to be killed. There was nowhere to run. The ancient Buddha could lock a part of the void with just a casual wave and destroy them without mistake.

*Hong Long……*


The ancient Buddha struck again. Another dozen of people died miserably without resistance. Someone tried to send out a powerful attack to resist, but it was a futile attempt as he ended up dead, just like the others.


The ancient Buddha trod onto the void. Each step he made left a big hole in the void. Despite his enormous body, he appeared in front of Jiang Chen and his comrades like a ghostly figure. A wave of indescribable pressure spread towards them.

“Not good!” Jiang Chen muttered.

The movement of the ancient Buddha was untraceable as he was just too fast. Now that their position had already been locked, any attack sent by the Buddha would surely crush them. It had become impossible for Jiang Chen to open the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da now. At this moment, they were faced by an unprecedented crisis.

Lan Lingji’s expression changed dramatically into despair. In the face of such a powerful ancient Buddha, there was nothing she could do.

Just at this critical moment, Dragon s.h.i.+san face was still very composed. He suddenly put his palms together and silently recited an incantation. A wave of Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra’s qi flowed out of his body. It was relatively weak. Normal people wouldn’t be able to feel it, but the ancient Buddha could sense it clearly.

The ancient Buddha’s eyes seemed stunned, after a glance at Dragon s.h.i.+san, he turned unexpectedly and continued his killing at another direction.


After the departure of the ancient Buddha, Jiang Chen, Dragon s.h.i.+san and Lan Lingji couldn’t help but heave a huge sigh of relief. The pressure just now had almost exhausted them, especially Lan Lingji who felt as though she had just come back from the gates of h.e.l.l.

“The ancient Buddha didn’t attack us. Young Master Dragon does have great means.”

Lan Lingji looked at Dragon s.h.i.+san with increased respect. She didn’t know what kind of technique Dragon s.h.i.+san used, but she saw the divinity of Dragon s.h.i.+san. A peerless figure like him was destined to have an immeasurable future. Moreover, her dependence on and affection for Dragon s.h.i.+san was getting stronger, because she had been saved by him for the third time.

Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san exchanged a glance and saw the grateful look in each other’s eyes. Lan Lingji might not know what had happened just now, but the two of them were incomparably clear about what transpired. The qi of the Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra must have resonated with the qi of the ancient Buddha, which caused the Buddha to leave them and went for the others.

“I beg for mercy, ancient Buddha. I know it’s my fault now. Ah……”

“Please don’t kill me, ancient Buddha. As long as you don’t kill me, I will go and wors.h.i.+p you everyday.”


Countless people were in despair. Most of them were begging for mercy, but to no avail. What awaited them was the cruelty and slaughter of the ancient Buddha. The enraged Buddha only had slaughter in his eyes. In front of him, every living being was only his object of killing.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Horrible cries resounded in the sky. The immortal vault had now become h.e.l.l on earth. Too many people had died. Those geniuses who proclaimed themselves extraordinary were completely vulnerable in front of this disaster. The attack of the ancient Buddha was ruthless. Half of the people had died in the hands of the Buddha. This was a ma.s.sacre, a ma.s.sacre with no suspense.

From afar, Ye Peng was constantly fleeing, and looked incomparably fl.u.s.tered. At this point, even he felt dread in his heart. He could almost imagine that even if he didn’t die now, the moment all the other people were killed here, he would surely die as well. Besides, he was the one who killed the nine protectors. The ancient Buddha would definitely not be lenient to him.

This time, a pa.s.sageway suddenly opened and a figure appeared in the spatial zone. It was a one-way pa.s.sageway that one could only enter, but couldn’t exit using it. Clearly, this man had just arrived at the scene. He was immediately petrified when he saw the ma.s.sacre.

“What the f*** is going on here?”

The incomer couldn’t help but swear. His face froze. He wore a monk robe and a necklace of Buddha beads on his neck. Who would he be if he wasn’t Tyrant? This b.a.s.t.a.r.d had been refining the relic in the ancient path. That was why he had only arrived in this spatial zone now.

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