Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1606 – The Crowning Calamity

Chapter 1606 – The Crowning Calamity

The Crowning Calamity

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The ancient Buddha that had created them designed them to have such a unitary kind of defence. Due to them having existed for a long period of time, they had lost much of their strength, so it was no longer hard to break their defence. Just like what happened now, under the joint efforts of Ye Peng and the other four geniuses, Ye Peng was able to eradicate one of the protectors with a single strike. In addition, the other four protectors had also received considerable damage; serious cracks had appeared on their bodies. At this rate, it wouldn’t take long for all the protectors to crumble.

“Look, one protector has already been taken down by Ye Peng. Their defence is about to collapse. Amazing!”

“It seems like they are going to get the nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk soon. It’s such a pity that none of us have a share of it.”

“We don’t have to think about the Great Earth Immortal Milk anymore. After all, we didn’t contribute anything. In my opinion, there should be many other benefits and treasures in the ancient temple. If we are lucky enough, perhaps we will be able to obtain something in it. In which case, our trip to this immortal vault won’t be in vain.”


Many people could already see that the defence of the protectors had already been broken. The other protectors seemed to be also eradicated soon. The Great Earth Immortal Milk would fall into Ye Peng’s and the other four geniuses’ hands. There was no doubt about it. Although numerous people felt regretful about this; since the defence barrier of the protectors had been broken, they could still go into the ancient temple and seek for treasures. They believed that there must be some extraordinary stuffs in there.

“Let’s attack together, and crush all these protectors at once.”

Ye Peng’s momentum was formidable. A powerful energy was launched at another protector. The energy was destructive. After the unitary defence was destroyed, the protectors were no match for Ye Peng. They had no spiritual intelligence of their own and only had the duty of protecting the immortal pond in their heads. Even if they attacked, they would all launch their attack as a unit.


Without accident, another protector was eliminated by Ye Peng. At the same time, each of the other four geniuses had also destroyed their target. By now, six protectors had been crushed, leaving only three, but their outcome was already imaginable.

From afar, Jiang Chen knitted his eyebrows and couldn’t help but say, “I still feel that it’s a very unwise choice to crush these protectors. It may cause some unnecessary troubles.”

As Jiang Chen cultivated the Great Soul Derivation Technique and Great Divination Art, he could sense that something was going to happen. With his perception, he could feel that it was absolutely not a good thing to destroy all the protectors.

“Could it be that there is any other terror hidden behind all of these?”

Lan Lingji was somewhat surprised. Initially, she had the same thought as Ye Peng and the others. As long as they eliminated the protectors, they would be able to step into the immortal pond. These nine protectors were the last line of defence in the immortal vault. By eradicating them, they would be able to get the immortal milk, but the words said by Dragon s.h.i.+san and Jiang Chen slightly changed her mind.

“It’s hard to tell. I’m having a bad feeling.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. As more and more protectors were killed, the underlying bad feeling intensified.

In the sky, Ye Peng and the other four geniuses were in a state of thrill. Neither of them thought that something horrifying would happen after killing all of the protectors. To them, the Great Earth Immortal Milk was the most important of all. After killing the protectors, the Great Earth Immortal Milk would be theirs. Right now, there was only the picture of the infamous milk in front of their eyes.

“Let me do this.”

Ye Peng’s qi rushed out of his body frenziedly like a tide, enveloping the remaining three protectors in the blink of an eye. Without the cooperation of the other protectors, these three protectors appeared to be vulnerable. Under the formidable attack of Ye Peng, the three protectors exploded in an instant. All of the nine protectors were completely eliminated.

The nine protectors turned into nine rays of light and rushed into the ancient temple.

The immortal pond now seemed defenceless in front of them. Those nine rays of jade-white light from the Great Earth Immortal Milk was fatally attractive.

“I can finally get the Great Earth Immortal Milk.”

Ye Peng’s eyes sparkled brilliantly. Without hesitation, his huge palm clawed at the immortal pond. As his palm was about to touch the immortal pond, his facial expression changed dramatically.

“Not good!”

Ye Peng exclaimed. As a late Immortal Emperor expert, his senses for danger was beyond ordinary. At this very moment, he could sense an extremely dangerous scent. The danger he felt was unprecedented that could endanger his life.

His reactions was fast. Hastily, he withdrew his hand and backed away. The whole process was undeniably fast. The other four intermediate Immortal Emperors were still in a daze, not knowing why Ye Peng had withdrawn his palm when he was about to get the Great Earth Immortal Milk, and retreated.

They knew why Ye Peng reacted in such a way after a while, but it was already too late.

*Hong Long……*

A giant golden palm suddenly charged out from the ancient temple below. It was a cattail leaf fan that turned into an indestructible cage, trapping all four of them.

The four geniuses were horrified. Their faces were filled with dread. They tried to break free from the grasp of this giant palm by exhausting all their techniques, but to no avail. Their strength were just too weak, like the power of an ant that wasn’t worth mentioning at all, in front of the giant palm.



Abruptly, a wave of destructive force rushed out of the giant palm. The four intermediate Immortal Emperor geniuses let out wails before their bodies shattered completely under the impact of the force, and turned into a fog of blood.


The sudden change set off gasps of horror from the crowd. Everyone’s face darkened. Ye Peng in particular still had palpitations. If it wasn’t because of his fast reaction, he would have already become a dead man.

Lan Lingji’s jaw dropped, then looked over at Dragon s.h.i.+san and Jiang Chen with admiring eyes. At the same time, she felt incomparably fortunate. Dragon s.h.i.+san and Jiang Chen had saved her life again. She could almost imagine that without Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san’s presence, she would most likely agree to Ye Peng’s idea and attack the protectors with the other four geniuses. If that really happened, she would surely end up just like those four geniuses.

“What’s going on? Why is there such a powerful existence? It’s too strong. All of the intermediate Immortal Emperor geniuses were killed in an instant.”

Countless people cried out. The scene was very horrifying and frightening.

A roar came from the ancient temple all of a sudden. Then, a golden light flashed past. A ghostly figure drifted out of the building. That was an old man in golden robe. No, he was an ancient Buddha, a very powerful ancient Buddha.

Formidable might was radiated from his body. By just standing there, everyone could feel his mountain-like pressure. It made people hard to breathe.

Although it seemed like an ancient Buddha had been born, anyone with a good eyesight could tell that this Buddha’s eye expression was blank and his body contained no vital force. He was a dead person, a corpse. For some reason, he was able to stand up again.

“This is the ancient Buddha. This piece of immortal vault was left behind by him. He has died for ten thousand years, but something strange has happened to his corpse. He isn’t an evil creature, but he’s incredibly terrifying.” Dragon s.h.i.+san’s face changed slightly.

“A mighty ancient Buddha. Despite being dead for ten thousand years, his body still remained intact. He has been undergoing metamorphosis, hiding inside the temple. Perhaps he can really relive again after another ten thousand years. It seems like the nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk have a.s.sisted in such a change.”

Jiang Chen spoke. The ancient Buddha re-merged into the world after ten thousand years. Although he was only a corpse, he was still irresistible.

“What a scary ancient Buddha! How could he have been disturbed? If we infuriate the ancient Buddha again, all of us will have to die here.”

“That’s right. That’s an ancient Buddha of ten thousand years ago. No one knows how powerful he is. Even if he’s only a corpse, he’s still terrifying enough. The death of the four geniuses was a good example.”

“What do we do now? In the presence of such an ancient Buddha, I’m afraid that it’s impossible for us to get the Great Earth Immortal Milk or walk into the ancient temple.”


Everyone’s facial expression changed. Even at this time, some of them were still thinking about the Great Earth Immortal Milk and the treasures inside the ancient temple. These people were surely out of their minds. Their greed would surely lead them to their deaths.

Ye Peng fixed his eyes at the ancient Buddha with an unpleasant look. There was fear in the depths of his eyes. He had just experienced the scariness of the Buddha. Despite being a late Immortal Emperor, he would’ve ended up like the four geniuses if he was a little slower . To the ancient Buddha, an intermediate Immortal Emperor was no different to a late Immortal Emperor. They were just insects even if its size was larger.

The ancient Buddha stuck out his palm. On top of his palm, nine golden light circulated. Someone recognized that those nine rays of light were formed by the nine crushed protectors. Then, the hollow eyes of the ancient Buddha suddenly let out a dazzling brilliance. That was the light of death. It was full of thick killing intent.

“Not good, let’s go everybody. The death of the nine protectors has infuriated the ancient Buddha. We are all finished.”

Someone yelped. The scene was thrown to chaos. With so many people on the scene, if the ancient Buddha struck now, it would be an absolute calamity.

The Buddha acted. With emotionless look and extremely cold eyes, he suddenly stuck out his huge palm and clawed at the crowd of people below.

*Hong Long……*


Wails filled the air. There was blood and pieces of flesh splattering all over the place. The ancient Buddha was going to exterminate all of the living creatures in this place. He had been truly enraged. As he was only a corpse, he certainly had no spiritual intelligence and lacked compa.s.sion. His only motive now was to kill all of the people here.

This strike had killed at least 20 people. In front of the mighty Buddha, they were too weak to withstand even a single blow.

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