Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1605 – Not Giving Face

Chapter 1605 – Not Giving Face

Not Giving Face

The shocking outcome happened. Everyone thought that Ye Peng’s technique would definitely destroy at least one of the protectors. However, the attack of Ye Peng didn’t cause any harm to the protectors. Instead, the powerful seal of Buddha Sect made Ye Peng somewhat uncomfortable.

“The protectors are truly powerful! The strength of these nine protectors can perfectly overlap and merge together. Even I won’t be able to break their defence and step into the immortal pond.”

Ye Peng was shocked. His facial expression changed slightly.

“Although these protectors have existed for roughly ten thousand years, the residual power left inside of them is still very terrifying. It’s very hard to imagine how powerful they were when they were just created. The means of a mighty Immortal Venerable are certainly beyond our imagination.”

“Not even Ye Peng is their match. Could it be that there’s no way to break their defence? Doesn’t that mean that we won’t be able to get the Great Earth Immortal Milk? I believe there are still some benefits in the ancient temple. Will we be leaving this place without obtaining anything?”

“These protectors are just too strong. It’s extremely difficult to break their defence.”


Everyone sighed. The feeling of witnessing the existence of the nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk but couldn’t obtain it was certainly very painful.

“Monkey, I suppose you should have very high confidence in dealing with these protectors, right?”

Jiang Chen looked over at Dragon s.h.i.+san. Lan Lingji too, looked over with a surprised look. Although she knew the might of Dragon s.h.i.+san after witnessing him killing Hei Lang with just a casual blow, she didn’t think that Dragon s.h.i.+san would be powerful enough to compare with Ye Peng’s strength. Not even Ye Peng could defeat these protectors, let alone Dragon s.h.i.+san.

“If Master Monkey is out there, these protectors won’t be able to withstand my iron staff. However, I don’t think this matter is as simple. If all these protectors are killed, there will be even greater danger after that. Perhaps, the true disaster will appear. So I think we just better wait and see. Some people want the Great Earth Immortal Milk more than us. So I believe these protectors won’t be able to stop them.” Dragon s.h.i.+san’s eyes sparkled as he explained.

Listening to this, Jiang Chen nodded. Dragon s.h.i.+san had the Fiery Golden Eyes. His words were the most reliable of all. Lan Lingji had also chosen to believe in Dragon s.h.i.+san. After all, Dragon s.h.i.+san was able to see the protectors before any of them saw it.

Ye Peng’s eyes swept back and forth the nine protectors. After studying their strength, he spoke to the crowd. “Everyone, the nine protectors are too powerful. Even my power won’t be able to destroy them. Now that the Great Earth Immortal Milk is just ahead of us, we can’t just let go of this chance. I invite all intermediate Immortal Emperors here to fight with me. I have already discerned that these protectors can combine into a single unit. As long as we attack from different directions, we will be able to break their formation, and their defence will then break, automatically.”

Ye Peng’s words immediately caused a commotion. Those intermediate Immortal Emperor exchanged glances, feeling what Ye Peng said was right. For the sake of getting the Great Earth Immortal Milk, this was the best and only way.

“Then, how should we divide the Great Earth Immortal Milk. You are the strongest amongst us. None of us will be able to fight you. If you take all the Great Earth Immortal Milk away at the last minute, all of our efforts will only be in vain.”

Someone asked. This was the most crucial issue and was also the matter that all intermediate Immortal Emperors was concerned the most. After all, Ye Peng was just too powerful. Even if all of them joined forces, they wouldn’t be able to defeat Ye Peng. Once they helped Ye Peng break the defence of the protectors, then turned his back on them at the last moment, they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

“You all can be rest a.s.sured about this. As long as we break the defence together, each of you will get one drop of the Great Earth Immortal Milk. I will take whatever that is remained. I, Ye Peng, am a member of Immortal Court. I will never break what I promised. If you all don’t do it now, no one else will be able to get it in the end.”

Ye Peng spoke. With a quick glance, he calculated that there were a total of six intermediate Immortal Emperors, including Lan Lingji and Dragon s.h.i.+san, which was already enough. Each of them would receive a drop of the Great Earth Immortal Milk, which was a lot better than getting nothing at all.

Hearing the words of Ye Peng, those four intermediate Immortal Emperors were clearly convinced, feeling that this was a good deal. It was already considered not bad that they could get one drop of the Great Earth Immortal Milk. Once they attacked, Ye Peng would surely be the one to exert the most effort, so they had no problem about Ye Peng getting the most of the Great Earth Immortal Milk. After all, this was a world of strength. As Ye Peng was a lot stronger than them, he should get more benefits.

“Alright. We agree to do this.”

“I agree, too.”

All of the four intermediate Immortal Emperors agreed to help. Their objective in coming into this immortal vault was to get the Great Earth Immortal Milk. Furthermore, they weren’t greedy. They knew that there were too many experts here. It would be impossible to get all the Great Earth Immortal Milk. Their objective was already considered achieved even they could get a drop of the Great Earth Immortal Milk.

As for the others, they could only watch Ye Peng and the other experts divide all the drops of the milk. Even if they felt that it’s very unfair, they wouldn’t dare to say it out, because they knew that it would be useless. The Great Earth Immortal Milk wasn’t related to them anymore. They could only wait for some good items to emerge in the ancient temple. If they couldn’t eat the meat, it was still better to drink the soup.

Then, Ye Peng looked over at Lan Lingji and Dragon s.h.i.+san, and said: “What about the two of you?”

“We aren’t interested in the Great Earth Immortal Milk. You all go and settle it yourselves.” Dragon s.h.i.+san retorted.

Upon hearing Dragon s.h.i.+san’s words, Ye Peng’s face turned cold. In his opinion, it wasn’t important if Dragon s.h.i.+san wanted the Great Earth Immortal Milk. The important thing was that he was not giving him, Ye Peng face in the presence of so many people. Everyone knew what kind of figure Ye Peng was. Everyone had agreed to his plans except Dragon s.h.i.+san, which put Ye Peng to shame. So naturally, Ye Peng would be angered by it.

“You can choose not to take part in it, but you don’t have the right to represent the saint girl of Exquisite Paradise.” Ye Peng spoke coldly. His eyes immediately turned to Lan Lingji.

“Me too. I will follow his words.”

Lan Lingji reacted as resolutely as Dragon s.h.i.+san. Her demeanour as a saint girl couldn’t be pressured by a mere Ye Peng.

“Humph! You two are definitely not giving me face.” Ye Peng snorted coldly.

“What face do you have? In front of Brother s.h.i.+san, your face isn’t even worth a fart.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san was a legendary figure. How could he possibly put someone like Ye Peng in his eyes? Given his temper, he couldn’t even bear an unfriendly look on the opponent’s face. As a matter of fact, if he didn’t feel that something would happen behind the protectors, Ye Peng wouldn’t have the chance to say something about the Great Earth Immortal Milk.


Dragon s.h.i.+san’s words had undoubtedly angered Ye Peng. A wave of fury rushed out of his body. There was also intense killing intent. He was a figure that had reached the late Immortal Emperor realm at a young age, the genius of the geniuses and the genius of Immortal Court. His existence represented the high and mighty Immortal Court. No one would ever dare to talk to him in such a way.

“Brat, you are certainly courting death.” Ye Peng’s eyes turned incomparably violent, seemingly about to attack Dragon s.h.i.+san.

“Do you want to attack me? I suggest you to think it over.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san was calm and composed, totally not putting Ye Peng in his eyes. If Ye Peng dared to attack him, he wouldn’t mind sending him a swift journey to h.e.l.l.

“Good. You are the first who dared to talk to me in such a way. I won’t settle it with you now. When I get the Great Earth Immortal Milk later, you will die without a burial.”

Ye Peng left a line of malicious words. He would do whatever he said. He would surely kill this audacious brat for sure. He believed that if it wasn’t because of the Great Earth Immortal Milk, Dragon s.h.i.+san would already be a dead man by now.

Then, Ye Peng turned back to the four experts opposite him and spoke proudly. “It’s fine if they don’t want to join. The five of us are enough for this task. The four of you only have to work with me.”

“Don’t talk nonsense anymore. Attack now.” The black-clad youth was getting impatient.

“Let’s attack together. The four of you will launch your attacks in four different directions. Each of you will pick one protector to prevent them from combining their energy.” Ye Peng said.

The four of them dared not to delay. They moved at incredible speed, and appeared at four different locations in the blink of an eye. Each of them unleashed their powerful qi. Some had even summoned their immortal weapon. Their momentum of intermediate Immortal Emperor soared up to the sky as they launched their attacks at their respective protector.

Sensing the threat of the enemy, the four protectors that were aimed by the attacks immediately pushed out their palms and struck out incredible seals of Buddha Sect


Upon seeing this, Ye Peng shouted, and seized the opportunity and attacked decisively. He struck out a few powerful fists continuously. A huge golden fist charged at the protector which he had targeted previously.

*Hong Long……*

Ye Peng’s attack power was too powerful. This was his best shot. Its only purpose was to crush one of the protectors instantly. As long as one was eliminated, the others would be easily destroyed.

The timing of his attack was precise. As he launched the attack, the other four protectors were defending against the attacks separately, not allowing all of them to join forces.

*Ka Cha……*

Lines of cracks appeared on the golden body of the protector that was. .h.i.t by Ye Peng’s attack. The cracks continued to expand, seemingly about to break at any moment.


Upon seeing this, Ye Peng laughed pleasantly and launched another punch at lightning speed. Under such a powerful attack, the protector could no longer withstand it. Its body broke with a blast. This had greatly affected the other protectors as well. Their bodies had also began to tremble violently. Cracks had also appeared on the bodies of the four protectors that were attacked.

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