Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1604 – The Protectors

Chapter 1604 – The Protectors

The Protectors

All of them flew towards the ancient temple. The geniuses of geniuses that appeared on the scene travelled extremely fast. They reached the destination in a matter of blinks.

Everyone opened their mouths, shocked by the scene.

Ahead was a vast and empty expanse except for the ancient temple suspending in the air. The temple didn’t seem huge and only had a dozen of rooms and an ancient palace inside. The palace and rooms were golden. Even after an extremely long period of time, the brilliance of the place didn’t seem to diminish in the slightest. Apart from that, the ancient temple looked more divine and high and mighty after being shone under the Buddha Radiance for so many years.

This was the sacred place of Buddha Sect. If Grandmaster Haoran was here, he would surely kneel down to express his respect and admiration.

*Dong…* *Dong…*

The ringing of the ancient bell still lingered in the air above. No doubt, it was coming from the ancient temple. No one saw the presence of a huge bell, but the ringing sounded as if it had been ringing for a long time. What really attracted the people’s attention was the mysterious immortal pond above them. It wasn’t huge and only had a size of one square foot. It was completely condensed using the Buddha Radiance, golden and the shape of lotus flowers were engraved on its surface. That was the sacred lotus of Buddha Sect. The illumination of the light seemed to be making it come to life. Everyone marvelled at the sight of it.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The immortal pond shook. Nine rays of light as white as jade shot out of it up to the sky like nine heavenly swords rising into the heaven. Each light seemed solid and radiated the unconcealed pure Buddha Radiance. The emergence of the white light immediately attracted the attention of everyone.

“Look, the light is emanated by the nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk. The Great Earth Immortal Milk is just inside the immortal pond.”

“That’s right. It has to be the Great Earth Immortal Milk. That’s the spiritual essence of Heaven and Earth, and is extremely precious. The immortal qi exuded from it can increase an ordinary person’s lifespan by one hundred years.”

“Sure enough, the old monk didn’t lie to us. There are truly nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk here. If I can obtain just a drop of it, the benefits will be inestimable. My cultivation base will immediately advance to the Immortal Emperor realm. I will undergo a transformation and my talent will be raised by a notch.”


Everyone was excited. The Great Earth Immortal Milk was an unparalleled divine medicine that had the effect of reshaping one’s abilities and bring the dead back to life. It was so attractive that even an Immortal Venerable would be influenced by it.

If words about the Great Earth Immortal Milk were spread out, it would inevitably cause a chaos and attract thousands of experts here to compete for it.

“I must get the Great Earth Immortal Milk.

Someone could no longer control his emotion and was the first to fly towards the immortal pond. Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but shake his head. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was being too impulsive. He should at least gauge his own strength before doing so. How dare a puny little half-step Immortal Emperor go and seize the Great Earth Immortal Milk? That was no different than seeking death.


Sure enough, before that man could get to the immortal pond, a sword appeared from behind to slash him into half before he could even let out a wail.

“Humph! How dare an insect like you try to get the Great Earth Immortal Milk first before measuring your own capabilities?”

A man snorted coldly. A youth in black robe emerged from the crowd. He was a genius of a major power of Radiance Immortal Domain that had a cultivation base of a peak intermediate Immortal Emperor. His strength sent chills down people’s spine.

The strength of this man jolted those who were ready to rush towards the immortal pond back to reality. Plenty of them showed disappointment in their eyes. After that, they began to shake their heads and sigh. Although they didn’t want to admit it, they knew it in their hearts that the Great Earth Immortal Milk was no longer related to them. It was something they could never touch.

“Do we have to make a move?” Lan Lingji asked, her pretty eyes looking at Dragon s.h.i.+san.

“Be patient. This isn’t as easy as it seems,” said Dragon s.h.i.+san.

He looked up at the immortal pond. Red-golden light glinted from his eyes. Although no light rushed out from them, Lan Lingji still noticed it. She was astonished by it as she had never seen such mystical eyes.

The Fiery Golden Eyes could see through everything. Dragon s.h.i.+san had predicted that the immortal pond wouldn’t be as simple. After checking it with his Fiery Golden Eyes, he had seen through everything.

“How?” Asked Jiang Chen.

“Sure enough, it isn’t as simple. Let’s wait and see,” said Dragon s.h.i.+san with a smile.

After a man has been killed, it created a great deterrent force. That genius of Radiance Immortal Domain wore a smile on his face. He launched a palm strike at the immortal pond. Just as his enormous palm was about to touch the immortal pond, a ray of light suddenly shone from outside of the immortal pond, then a large golden palm materialized and collided with that genius’ palm.


The power was ancient and extremely powerful. Even the intermediate Immortal Emperor was forced back by it.

*Hua La……*

Golden light began to rush out around the immortal pond. One by one, each light rapidly materialized and turned into nine monks that were completely made out of gold. Each monk had their palms together, looking dignified. Their eyes were gold in colour and lifeless.

The nine monks were standing at nine different locations, sealing the immortal pond and even the s.p.a.ce beneath it.

“These are the protectors left behind by the Buddha Venerable. They aren’t humans. They were created with the essence of Buddha Sect by the ancient Buddha to guard the ancient temple and the Great Earth Immortal Milk,” said Dragon s.h.i.+san.

The nine protectors had always been hiding in the void. They would only emerge if someone tried to touch the immortal pond. Dragon s.h.i.+san had seen them with his Fiery Golden Eyes. Which was why he looked incomparably calm.

“What was that?”

“They were left by the ancient Buddha to guard the immortal pond. These monks should be pretty powerful.”

“That’s right. These monks aren’t real beings but they possess very terrifying strength. Unfortunately, the energy in their bodies are constantly being used up as they’ve already existed for a very long time. Even so, each protector is equivalent to an intermediate Immortal Emperor supreme expert. With nine of them working together, not even a late Immortal Emperor expert will be able to make a step into the immortal pond.”


The sudden appearance of the protectors immediately set off a wave of commotion. Most of them were astounded. The means of the ancient Buddha was certainly unimaginable. Fortunately, this place had existed a very long time ago. Otherwise, these protectors were surely enough to slaughter them all.

Of course, the duty of the protectors was to only guard the immortal pond and the ancient temple. They would never take the initiative to attack. So as long as one didn’t go near the immortal pond, one wouldn’t be attacked by the protectors.

“Let me try how powerful these protectors are.”

The genius of Radiance Immortal Domain revealed a ruthless expression. Both of his hands formed a powerful seal and cast it at the protector that blasted his attack.

The protector’s eyes shone brilliantly. He stretched out both of his palms and struck out seals of Buddha Sect, and collided with the genius’ attack once more.

*Hong Long……*

Powerful combat waves tore the void apart, but the immortal pond and the ancient temple didn’t seem affected in the slightest. The genius was forced back by three steps again. His expression began to change.

“What a powerful protector! Each of them possess the cultivation base on par with mine and they could join forces with one another during the most critical moment. It’s almost impossible to get past them and obtain the Great Earth Immortal Milk inside. The circ.u.mstance was already very clear. The only way to obtain the Great Earth Immortal Milk is to get rid of these protectors.”

“Let me try it.”

Ye Peng stepped out from the crowd and immediately became the focus of attention. It was obvious that there was only him who could possibly fight these protectors and get the Great Earth Immortal Milk.

His body fluctuated. The mighty qi of a late Immortal Emperor was immediately unleashed from his body. Under the impact of the powerful qi wave, everyone could feel a tremendous pressure. The genius who came from the Immortal Court was surely exceptional. It seemed that Ye Peng could really get rid of these protectors.

But at the same time, those geniuses also felt another pressure. The presence of Ye Peng had made it extremely difficult for them to obtain the Great Earth Immortal Milk.

Taking one step after another, he strode towards the immortal pond. Just as he was nearing the immortal pond, the nine protectors suddenly shone brightly. Each protector moved. They seemed to be adjusting their energy as though they could feel the power of the opponent.

Ye Peng launched his move. It was a very simple move, but it wasn’t an ordinary fist strike and could never be underestimated. Its power was on par with Nanbei Chao’s Wisdom Three Fists. It contained an extremely powerful immortal technique.

The punch was sent out at one of the protectors. As though feeling the fist’s direction, the nine of them instantly wheeled to form a circle and aimed their palms at one of the protectors. For an instant, all the energy had converged in the body of the particular protector and had a ray of energy wave rushed out of his head.


The protector’s move was pretty simple. He struck out the same seal of Buddha Sect that was used to fight the genius of Radiance Immortal Domain with both palms, but its power was like day and night compared to the previous.


The protector’s seal collided with Ye Peng’s fist. The impact that broke out from such collision was horrifying. Inches of the void was ripped apart. Those geniuses who were close to the center of the battlefield felt it hard to breathe and began to retreat.

If one got hit directly by such a residual wave, it would surely be fatal, especially to those half-step Immortal Emperors who had too little power to counter it.

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