Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 160 – Return of Jiang Chen, Something Big Happening

Chapter 160 – Return of Jiang Chen, Something Big Happening

Chapter 160 – Return of Jiang Chen, Something Big Happening

Liang Xiao was dead, it meant the fall of a peerless genius. He had gotten himself killed in this nameless place. Before coming here, Liang Xiao would never have imagined that this would be his ending. He had also never imagined himself getting killed by Jiang Chen.

Life was changeable. The fight between Jiang Chen and Liang Xiao had taught Yu Zi Han a lesson, and that was to never underestimate any opponent. If not, the consequences could be devastating.

Jiang Chen unleashed his Divine Sense and went inside Liang Xiao’s storage ring straight away. After a person dies, his Divine Sense would disappear as well. The Divine Sense Liang Xiao had left in his storage ring was gone, so anyone who got his storage ring would be able to open it straight away.

Jiang Chen sent his Divine Sense into Liang Xiao’s storage ring. To his surprise, he found a huge pile of Mortal Restoration Pills within. It was a ma.s.sive amount of wealth.

Besides, the s.p.a.ce within Liang Xiao’s storage ring was five times bigger compared to Jiang Chen’s storage ring. Jiang Chen estimate there were over 200,000 Mortal Restoration Pills stored within Liang Xiao’s ring, and ten Earth Restoration Pills.

Ten Earth Restoration Pills were equal to 100,000 Mortal Restoration Pills. That meant that in this storage ring, there was a wealth worth 300,000 Mortal Restoration Pills. For a Heavenly Core warrior, this was pretty unbelievable.

“Haha, no doubt Liang Xiao was the number one genius from the Heavenly Sword Sect. What a great fortune, but it’s all mine now!”

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. He treated this fortune as his very own without any feelings of guilt. He was more than happy to kill someone and rip all their fortune. Besides, leaving this great amount of fortune behind was forbidden by the natural laws.

Jiang Chen removed the storage ring on his finger and stored it into Liang Xiao’s storage ring. With this, he had a much bigger storage s.p.a.ce.

Aside from the big amount of restoration pills, there were dozens of precious herbs in the storage rings as well, and each of them were at least 100 years old. Not only this, Jiang Chen even found a golden colored booklet. Jiang Chen took it out and saw some words written on its cover, Great Devastation Combat Skill.

This combat skill carried a devastating energy. Although it was only a Low Earth skill, it was a good skill anyways. It was not easy for a Heavenly Core warrior to possess a Low Earth combat skill.

Yu Zi Han walked up to Jiang Chen. He calmed down a bit and said, “Brother Jiang is extremely mighty, even Liang Xiao wasn’t your match! Now, in the entire younger generation of the Qi Province, I’m afraid only Nan Bei Chao can match brother Jiang.”

“I never took Liang Xiao seriously, but Nan Bei Chao is someone really extraordinary. He was born with a great destiny, not something Liang Xiao can compare with. With my current cultivation level and combat strength, I would be defeated by Nan Bei Chao in seconds.”

As the once greatest Saint in the world, Jiang Chen was a man with pride. A man he looked highly upon would definitely be someone extraordinary.

“That is nothing! The speed in which brother Jiang levels up is amazing! It has come to a state that no one could have ever imagined! In one year, you and Nan Bei Chao, the one who will be the last man standing, it’s really difficult to tell now!”

Yu Zi Han had completely submitted to Jiang Chen now. He was the fiercest and strongest genius he had ever met.

“Nan Bei Chao has great talent and potential, he is not someone who will stay in a small place for long, he has the aura of someone with the potential to become a king. Someone like him would never surrender under someone else for long.”

Jiang Chen could accurately judge anyone. Nan Bei Chao was a true genius, and someone like him would never target the Qi Province. A man like that had the ability to leave a great name in history. No matter where he went, he would be the hero of the time. Jiang Chen guessed that the entire Qi Province would one day become chaotic because of Nan Bei Chao.

When Jiang Chen thought about this, he couldn’t help but feel his blood boiling. Not only was he not afraid to have an enemy like this, he even felt an extreme excitement. Only by having such a strong enemy would he not have to feel lonely on his journey.

“Zi Han, what do you think about this Great Devastation combat skill?”

Jiang Chen handed the booklet over to Yu Zi Han.

“This belongs to brother Jiang, Zi Han dares not possess it!”

Yu Zi Han hurriedly rejected.

“Just take it. This Great Devastation skill is useless to me. But, since Liang Xiao could reach his current level with this skill, it means that this skill is pretty awesome. Here, this sword is yours too.”

Together with the longsword s.n.a.t.c.hed from Liang Xiao, Jiang Chen held both items in his hand and gave them to Yu Zi Han.

Yu Zi Han’s expression changed dramatically. They were simply too precious. Put aside the Great Devastation skill, the high-ranked combat weapon alone was an ultimate treasure. Even an ordinary Divine Core Sect Elder of the Black Sect would find it difficult to have a high-ranked combat weapon.

“Brother Jiang, this…”

Yu Zi Han tried rejecting again, but he was stopped by Jiang Chen, “Zi Han, by giving you these items, I am actually treating you as one of my own men. As long as you work sincerely for me, there will be even greater things ahead. If you still want to reject me, that means you are treating me as an outsider.”

“If that is the case, I will accept them. From now on, brother Jiang just needs to tell me what to do, and I will do whatever I can accomplish without even furrowing my brows!”

Yu Zi Han grabbed the Great Devastation skill and the high-ranked combat weapon longsword. He knew Jiang Chen’s character, Jiang Chen was a man with his own mind. If Yu Zi Han kept rejecting him, that would just show Jiang Chen that he was a weak man.

Besides, what Jiang Chen said was right. This combat skill and combat weapon was useless for him. Jiang Chen’s abilities were far more powerful than both of them.

“Let’s go, it’s time to return to the Black Sect.”

Both men flew up once again and continued their journey towards the Black Sect.

“Brother Jiang, you’ve killed Liang Xiao, I’m sure the Heavenly Sword Sect won’t let go of this matter easily.”

Yu Zi Han said worriedly.

“So what? The Heavenly Sword Sect has offended me, that’s just unfortunate for them. With the Blood Banner in my hands now, it will be difficult even for a Divine Core warrior to kill me.”

Jiang Chen snorted. His ambitions laid in the Divine Continent, not this small Qi Province. Even the entire Eastern Continent was of no concern to him. In his mind, the Eastern Continent was only a stepping stone for him. Those who got in his way would definitely suffer a miserable ending.

Yu Zi Han gasped. He could sense an ultimate domineering aura from Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was a man like Nan Bei Chao, and with the existence of both men, the Qi Province would sooner or later become a chaotic place. Who would have ever thought that a dark horse who came out of nowhere during the Qi Province compet.i.tion could have such incredible growth in just one month?

When the one-year fight agreement happened, what Jiang Chen’s cultivation level would be, Yu Zi Han had no idea, and he dared not give it a guess.

Back in the Black Sect, it was like a bomb had just exploded. The news of Jiang Chen having killed Lord Blood Moon and all the Blood Devils was known by everyone. All the disciples felt extreme shock as Jiang Chen had just completed an impossible mission. Once again, he had proved that miracles could really happen.

This was inspirational news, but no one could feel excited about it, because everyone knew that the Black Sect was going to enter a chaotic state once again. With Jiang Chen’s character, once he returned to the Black Sect and was informed about what happened to Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan, no one could imagine what Jiang Chen would do.

“In just a few days, he has killed all the Blood Devils! Even Lord Blood Moon was killed by him! This Jiang Chen, he really defies all logic! He has broken through to the Heavenly Core realm now, so I wonder how strong he has become. He is a peerless genius that has never been seen in history before!”

“This was a top mission from the Black Sect, and by killing all Blood Devils, once the Sect Chief comes out from his secluded cultivation, I’m sure he will reward Jiang Chen handsomely! Since the mission was related to the safety of the Qi Province, Jiang Chen really did a great job!”

“Don’t mention the reward first, Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan were severely wounded and are now in critical conditions! With Jiang Chen’s character, once he returns to the Black Sect, I’m sure he won’t let this matter be resolved easily!”

“That’s right, when Jiang Chen is back, I’m sure he will explode with fury upon learning about the news, and the Black Sect will become a place of chaos once again!”

“Jiang Chen has the credit of killing all Blood Devils, therefore the Sect Chief will need to do something in order to calm him down… But, Fan Kun is backed by a strong grandfather… This matter will be really tough to resolve.”


Everyone were discussing the coming events. Jiang Chen had killed all Blood Devils and returned as a hero. In the Black Sect, this is something everyone should celebrate about, but now, the celebration might just turn into something bigger and nastier.

On the peak of Guo Shan’s mountain.

Guo Shan looked at both persons who were lying in the beds. He couldn’t help but shake his head, breath out a long sigh, and say, “I’ve tried my best… By using all my long saved herbs, I’ve concocted three pills that can quench one’s life source, but this can barely keep them alive…”

Guo Shan looked like he had become a few hundred years older. In the past few days, he had spent all his time concocting pills while immersed in deep regret. He had no idea how to face Jiang Chen once he returned.

Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan’s conditions were extremely severe. That day, in order to not let Fan Kun insult her virginity, Yan Chen Yu had chose to cut her own heart’s veins. Even with Guo Shan’s ability, he could only keep her alive so she wouldn’t die immediately, but he couldn’t wake her up from her coma.

“Fan Kun, Fan Zhong Tang, both of you better be prepared for Jiang Chen’s anger!”

It seemed like flames were about to shoot out from Guo Shan’s eyes. He clenched his fist tightly. No one knew better than him how frightening Jiang Chen was, becoming Jiang Chen’s enemy was the worst decision one could make. He was a miraculous young man, Guo Shan firmly believed this.

Being able to kill Lord Blood Moon had proved Jiang Chen’s awesome abilities.

At the same time, within the depths of the Black Sect’s inner circle area, in Fan Zhong Tang’s residence.

“Why is that guy so difficult to kill? Even Lord Blood Moon couldn’t kill him, and was instead killed by Jiang Chen.”

Fan Zhong Tang had an insidious expression.

“Don’t worry grandfather, Jiang Chen killing Lord Blood Moon was just a fluke. At most, he is only an Early Heavenly Core warrior. Liang Xiao of the Heavenly Sword Sect has been waiting for Jiang Chen on the return path. With his abilities, even if there are ten Jiang Chens, he would be able to kill him with ease. I’m sure Jiang Chen won’t be able to make it back to the Black Sect.”

Fan Kun said with a confident look and an insidious smile on his face. He might not know Lord Blood Moon well, but he sure knew Liang Xiao. As the number one genius of the Heavenly Sword Sect, one of the top four geniuses in the Qi Province, for him, killing Jiang Chen was just a piece of cake.

Just as Fan Kun firmly believed that Jiang Chen would be dead for sure, two figures appeared outside the Black Sect.

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