Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 159 – Killing Liang Xiao

Chapter 159 – Killing Liang Xiao

Chapter 159 – Killing Liang Xiao

Both men unleashed their strongest attacks. Even though Jiang Chen’s Nine Phantom Wolves didn’t really confuse Liang Xiao, it had still freaked him out somehow. Just like now, when Liang Xiao struck out with his Great Fist of Devastation, he was actually using his own fist, and he didn’t notice the green light hiding within Jiang Chen’s palm.

Normally, with Liang Xiao’s sharp responses, he would have been able to find out about the green light. But, because he was freaked out by the Nine Phantom Wolves, he had completely overlooked it.


Both men forcefully struck at the same time. When it came to a fight between their bodies raw strength, Jiang Chen was the one who had the dominating advantage. Since he was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, with every new Dragon Mark he formed, his body would become stronger. The level of his body was not something Liang Xiao could compare with.

Because of the huge amount of force that went in, both men were forced back. Jiang Chen could still remain calm, but Liang Xiao was the opposite, he could only feel that Jiang Chen’s body was stronger than metal. The counter force had sent a numbing feeling down his hand.

“This guy is really an abnormal monster, I wonder what powerful skill he is cultivating. How could it make his body so strong? Too bad I didn’t kill him back then, now he has become very strong… Not good!”

Liang Xiao’s expression suddenly changed, this was because he began feeling something else in his hand other than numbness. He lowered his head and took a look, then he immediately discovered that his entire palm had become green. The green airflow within his palm resembled snakes as it corroded his palm.

He was poisoned!

Liang Xiao was no idiot, he instantly knew he had been poisoned. He wasn’t paying full attention to Jiang Chen’s palm just now, and he had therefore suffered from the consequences. Liang Xiao hurriedly started circulating his Yuan energy in hopes of expelling the poison from his body, but to his dismay, he found out that was useless. The poison resembled some snakes lurking in his bones, and it could even corrode his Yuan energy.

The poison from the Green h.e.l.lish Python was not something fun. Besides, Jiang Chen’s poison had been mixed with the deadly poison from the Silent Poisonous Needle, any Heavenly Core warrior would be killed by this poison. Even with Liang Xiao’s ability, trying to get rid of the poison in a short period of time was basically impossible.

“Despicable, how dare you use poison on me!”

Liang Xiao became enraged.

“Haha, Liang Xiao, I’ve got to kill my enemies by all means. To tell you frankly, the poison is a mixture of the deadly poison of the Green h.e.l.lish Python and the Silent Poisonous Needle. Even a Late Heavenly Core warrior would die with his body rotting from this poison. For you, it might take you one month to rid this poison from your body. Also, your cultivation level might drop because of it. Of course, I won’t give you the time to expel the poison now.”

Jiang Chen was laughing out loudly. He unleashed his energy and pierced towards Liang Xiao once again. Since Liang Xiao was now poisoned, even if he could survive, his overall combat strength would be greatly reduced. This was the best time to kill him.

In the Qi Province, Liang Xiao was considered a rare genius. His cultivation level was at the peak Heavenly Core realm, and he might break through to the Divine Core realm at any time. Once he reached the Divine Core realm, killing him would be extremely difficult.

Therefore, since Liang Xiao was here to ambush Jiang Chen, it was the perfect opportunity for Jiang Chen to kill him.


Jiang Chen transformed into a hawk and flew above Liang Xiao. He opened up his mouth and let out a hawk cry. Layers of powerful sound waves swept towards Liang Xiao as it resonated ripples.

The Sonic Hawk Cry was the innate ability of the Blood Winged Hawk. Since Jiang Chen had absorbed its bloodline, the innate ability would grow stronger following Jiang Chen’s increase in cultivation level. Besides, sound waves were the hardest to defend against.

Liang Xiao’s expression changed. Currently, he had to divide half of his focus to resist the deadly poison in his body, it made him have a hard time defending against Jiang Chen’s Sonic Hawk Cry.


Liang Xiao shook his hand, then a bright golden longsword appeared instantly. The energy unleashed by the sword was incredibly strong, it simply made one feel as if it was a weapon that couldn’t be resisted.

“High-ranked combat weapon!”

The expression of Yu Zi Han who was watching the fight from far away changed. He was shocked by the fact that Liang Xiao possessed a high-ranked combat weapon. Because, even for those ordinary Divine Core warriors, a high-ranked combat weapon was something rare.

Liang Xiao was indeed the number one genius from the Heavenly Sword Sect. He was so lucky that he even possessed a high-ranked combat weapon. But, Yu Zi Han didn’t worry too much. He had seen Jiang Chen’s battle axe, which was also a high-ranked combat weapon. Besides, Yu Zi Han was still immersed in deep shock right now.

He never would have thought that the fight between Jiang Chen and Liang Xiao could come to this state. Although Jiang Chen’s cultivation level and combat strength was lower than Liang Xiao’s, he still had some incredible abilities, and these abilities had slightly given him the upper hand. There was even a chance that he might be able to kill Liang Xiao.

If Jiang Chen really killed Liang Xiao today, that would really bring explosive news.

“Great Slash of Devastation!”

Liang Xiao shouted out loudly as he unleashed the Great Slash of Devastation. The longsword in his hand had brought forth a bright curtain which blocked Jiang Chen’s sound wave attack. At the same time, Liang Xiao broke through Jiang Chen’s lock down and flew far away.

Liang Xiao was fleeing from the fight. If news about this was spread out, his reputation would wash down the drain, he wouldn’t be able to face anyone with pride any longer. But, Liang Xiao really did have to run away, his condition was really bad right now. If he didn’t escape now, he might really get himself killed. He needed to find a way to get rid of the poison in his body before it reached his heart.

“Wish to run? Fat chance!”

Jiang Chen shouted as he spread his blood wings. He had reached the Heavenly Core realm now, the combination of the blood wings and the Dimension s.h.i.+ft had made his speed increase exponentially.


In an instant, Jiang Chen caught up to Liang Xiao who was fleeing for his life. A battle axe had appeared in Jiang Chen’s hand, and vigorous as a dragon, Jiang Chen chopped with the battle axe that was blinking with mystical symbols in his hand towards Liang Xiao.

If Liang Xiao was in his best form, he wouldn’t be afraid of Jiang Chen’s attack. Even if he didn’t want to fight back, running away was also something easy. But too bad, Liang Xiao had fallen into Jiang Chen’s trap. With poison running freely in his body, his combat strength was greatly reduced, and he was no longer Jiang Chen’s match.

“Great Slash of Devastation!”

Liang Xiao had no choice, he was forced to counter attack with the Great Slash of Devastation in order to block Jiang Chen’s attack.


The longsword and the battle-axe forcefully collided with each other. The collision of two high-ranked combat weapons produced a lot of sparks. The sparks ignited the air and turned it into a sea of flames which surrounded both of them. Liang Xiao’s body was like a kite with no string as he was sent flying backwards from the powerful impact, all while coughing out large amounts of blood from his mouth.

Sensing his bad condition, Liang Xiao coughed out another mouthful of blood. This mouthful of blood was forced out because of his anger. Liang Xiao felt so depressed right now, he was here to kill Jiang Chen, but he had never expected he would enter such a state. His chance at escaping death was now slim.

“Liang Xiao, face your death!”

Once Jiang Chen had the upper hand, he would never let his momentum slow down. He raised the battle-axe high up towards the skies, and in an instant, he arrived in front of Liang Xiao. The sky piercing axe beam turned into a huge curtain of light which pressed down onto Liang Xiao’s head.


Liang Xiao let out an angry roar, he was really p.i.s.sed off now. Again, he circulated all his available energy and raised up his longsword in hopes of blocking Jiang Chen’s attack.


Liang Xiao was forced flying away again.


Clang… clang… clang…

Coming next, Jiang Chen kept roaring in laughter. He kept slas.h.i.+ng and chopping at Liang Xiao with his battle axe. Liang Xiao was forced back hundreds of miles from the attacks, and his momentum was completely suppressed by Jiang Chen. Finally, he was unable to defend himself any longer from Jiang Chen’s frenzied attacks. Blood covered his entire body, and his breath was rapid. The poison had reached his heart, and Liang Xiao was on his last mile.


Jiang Chen leapt forwards and arrived in front of Liang Xiao. He placed his battle axe on Liang Xiao’s throat. The razor sharp axe kept blinking in a bright light, and it would only take one push from Jiang Chen to chop Liang Xiao’s head off.

Yu Zi Han who followed closely behind felt like his mind had been struck by thunder. It was like he was standing in the middle of a raging thunderstorm right now. Jiang Chen’s position in his heart had now gone up to a high level that no one could surpa.s.s.

Yu Zi Han knew Liang Xiao was doomed for sure. The genius who was so famous in the Qi Province would meet his death today. With Jiang Chen’s approaches, there was no way he would allow Liang Xiao to survive even one more day.

From the fight just now, Yu Zi Han had truly witnessed Jiang Chen’s abilities. He was a man with careful thoughts and an extremely rich fighting experience. The whole fight seemed like it had gone exactly according to Jiang Chen’s plan.

Such an experienced fighter, he shouldn’t be just a 16 year old young man. This was experience that could only be gained by fighting countless battles.

Jiang Chen’s cultivation level and combat strength was clearly lower than Liang Xiao’s, but he was able to decide the outcome by himself and force Liang Xiao into a dead end. A dramatic fight like this, if Yu Zi Han hadn’t witnessed it by himself, he would have never believed it.


Liang Xiao who was forced into a dead end spat out another mouthful of blood. The poison had penetrated into all his internal organs, even if Jiang Chen didn’t kill him now, there would be no way for him to live any longer.

“Liang Xiao, I’ll kill you right now. But let me ask, are you convinced with the outcome?”

Jiang Chen spoke with a cruel voice. The edge of his battle-axe had cut an opening in Liang Xiao’s throat, causing blood to start pouring out.

“Haha, I have lived a reputable life. I never expected I would get myself killed by you, Jiang Chen. Today’s fight, although it was due to my careless mistake, I am convinced. Come, kill me now.”

Liang Xiao’s laughter was filled with bitterness and unreconciled emotions. But, he willingly admitted his defeat. When it came to a life or death battle, there was no winning or losing; there was only life or death.

If it was Jiang Chen who was defeated by Liang Xiao, he would have been killed without any doubts.

“Good. Liang Xiao, I consider you a true man because of what you just said. I’ll allow you a quick death.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head in approval. At this critical moment of life or death, Liang Xiao didn’t kneel down to beg for mercy. Instead, he proved he was a robust man. But no matter what, Jiang Chen still had to kill him.


The razor sharp battle-axe edge slashed through Liang Xiao’s throat, and blood shot up like a fountain. Under the reflection of the sunlight, it was a fierce scene.

Yu Zi Han stood not to far away with his mouth wide open due to the extreme shock. Liang Xiao was dead, he was killed by Jiang Chen. If news about this was spread out, it would cause an earthquake in the Qi Province for sure.

After today’s fight, Jiang Chen’s status amongst the younger generation had been confirmed. He had become a top genius like Guan Yi Yun. The one-year fight date with Nan Bei Chao, who would be the last man standing, it would become hard to tell.

This was how Jiang Chen treated his enemies, he never showed them any mercy. After killing Liang Xiao, Jiang Chen took away his storage ring. As the number one genius from the Heavenly Sword Sect, Liang Xiao was sure to possess a great amount of wealth. Jiang Chen’s thirst towards Mortal Restoration Pills and Earth Restoration Pills was beyond comparison, as he needed to replenish his energy at all times.