Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1595 – The Golden Box

Chapter 1595 – The Golden Box

The Golden Box

The battlefield was soon restored to its usual peace. After obtaining such a ma.s.sive amount of benefits, not only had the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da recovered from being damaged, it had also succeeded in condensing two levels. Furthermore, more than half of the thirty-ninth level was also condensed. These wasn’t the end because Jiang Chen had also gained a huge benefit from the paG.o.da. The number of dragon marks in his body had increased by 10 000.

Counting the previous total of 1 190 000 dragon marks, the current total of dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s body has already reached 1 200 000 dragon marks, which was the precise threshold for advancing to the late Immortal King realm. That was to say, the current Jiang Chen was about to break through to the late Immortal King realm. Once he made the breakthrough, his combat strength would definitely improve tremendously again. At that time, it would be even harder for the people in the Golden Horizon to kill him. Even if he encountered Nanbei Chao, although he still might not be an opponent of Nanbei Chao, he wouldn’t be hunted down so badly like last time.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

A golden qi was rolling around the surface of Jiang Chen’s body wave after wave like wind.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is going to advance again.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san couldn’t help but comment, however he sounded quite delighted and excited about the growth of Jiang Chen. After all, he knew very well about the scariness of the Golden Horizon. He knew that nothing was more important than strength in here. Plus, Jiang Chen had too many enemies. The last day of the Golden Horizon’s opening, an earth-shattering war would surely break out, and the fact that Jiang Chen had so many enemies would surely put him at the focal point.

In other words, Jiang Chen’s current advancement would be the last preparation for the final war in the Golden Horizon, but Jiang Chen absolutely wouldn’t be satisfied by it. He was crystal clear that the others were also advancing during his breakthrough. For those late Immortal Emperor geniuses that came from the Immortal Court in particular, once they acquired some powerful treasures and advanced dramatically, they were going to be undefeatable opponents.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

There was a buzzing sound in Jiang Chen’s body. Huge qi waves rolled like a tide. A great number of Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones were absorbed extravagantly by Jiang Chen. Very quickly, all of his dragon marks had fully stabilized. His cultivation base has finally reached the late Immortal King realm. His combat strength was now many folds greater than before.

“Not bad, now that you have advanced to late Immortal King realm, your combat strength will be even scarier.” Dragon s.h.i.+san praised.

“Unfortunately, the number of dragon marks still aren’t enough. It has just reached 1 200 000. My current cultivation base has only stepped onto the threshold of late Immortal King realm so my combat strength won’t be as terrifying as you imagined, but it will be enough to deal with those intermediate Immortal Emperors. Let’s go deeper to see if there are any other benefits.”

Jiang Chen’s body trembled. His qi had risen enormously. In the blink of an eye, he vanished from where he was and headed for the interior of the spatial zone.

“Is that ancient Buddha joking with us by saying that each ancient path was filled with danger? I really thought that there would be powerful evil creatures in here. I didn’t expect it to be so calm.”

“I think it’s because we are lucky to have chosen a safer path. Since it isn’t that dangerous here, the benefits here are going to be greater.”

Two geniuses conversed with one another in the void. They were slightly amazed by the quietness of this place for it wasn’t as dangerous as they had imagined. Despite being in the path for so long, they hadn’t encountered even one evil creature. This had given them the sudden impression that they had chosen a safer ancient route compared to others.

However, this was the most dangerous route of all. It was just that over a hundred powerful evil creatures had cl.u.s.tered in one place and had encountered Jiang Chen and were killed before they could scatter around the spatial zone. Otherwise, it would be a disaster for the geniuses who entered this particular path.

One should know that there were less than 3000 people who entered the immortal vault this time. Only a few dozen of people were distributed to each of the 81 ancient paths, which was just too weak compared to the devil camp.

One had to say that those who entered this route were considered lucky. They should thank Jiang Chen for eliminating the crisis before them so that they had the chance to concentrate on finding their treasure.

“Monkey, cast out your Fiery Golden Eyes to see where the treasures are.”

Jiang Chen spoke. It would only be a waste if they did not use their advantage like Dragon s.h.i.+san who had chosen the path which lesser people would come in and had greater danger. Besides, given Jiang Chen’s current strength, he wouldn’t be afraid of anyone that he would meet at all. The worst that could happen was to have a battle. Apart from that saint girl Lan Lingji of Exquisite Paradise, he was certain that there were no other opponents for him in this spatial zone. As for that Hei Lang, Jiang Chen didn’t put him in the eyes since the beginning. He didn’t fear Hei Lang even if he didn’t advance.

It was true that Corpse Yin Sect had very horrifying means, but Jiang Chen was specialized in restraining them. Hei Lang would definitely cry in tears if he confronted Jiang Chen head-on.

“Alright, let me have a look.”

After speaking, Dragon s.h.i.+san immediately cast out the Fiery Golden Eyes. The Fiery Golden Eyes was incomparably powerful, it was inherited from the old ancestor of Battle Saint Ape. Even if Dragon s.h.i.+san had yet to be truly born, the wondrous rock couldn’t stop the light of the Fiery Golden Eyes.

The Fiery Golden Eyes scanned around before being withdrawn by Dragon s.h.i.+san. After all, he was still in the wondrous rock. He couldn’t cast the Fiery Golden Eyes for a long time, otherwise it would affect his time of birth.

“Go in that direction. There seems to be an ancient palace ahead,” said Dragon s.h.i.+san.

His divine sense rushed out of the wondrous rock and pointed Jiang Chen to a direction. As this spatial zone was too illusory to distinguish between east, west, north and south, Dragon s.h.i.+san could only depend on his own divine sense.


Without hesitation, Jiang Chen flew towards the direction mentioned by Dragon s.h.i.+san. Dragon s.h.i.+san’s Fiery Golden Eyes could see through everything. The fact that an ancient palace was left behind indicated that there would be treasures. The things left behind by the ancient Buddha absolutely wouldn’t be ordinary items. Jiang Chen was very certain about this.

In accordance to the guidance of Dragon s.h.i.+san, an ancient palace soon emerged in front of Jiang Chen. It was a very small palace that was baseless, hovering in mid-air, but the air current around the ancient palace was turbulent and seemed variegated.

“There’s a formation outside the ancient palace.”

Jiang Chen spoke, saying that the swirling air around was an ancient formation.

“This palace is covered with formations. There has to be treasures inside. Little Chen, although this palace’s formation is strong, due to it having existed for a long time, its power has weakened considerably. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to break it,” said Dragon s.h.i.+san.

“You’re right. If this formation had been recently created, it wouldn’t be possible for an early Immortal Venerable to break it, but because it has been here for too long, most of the power of the formation has already disappeared and plenty flaws have appeared. To me, this is just a simple matter.”

Jiang Chen nodded, then strode towards the ancient palace. Staring at the formation, he couldn’t help thinking about Big Yellow, who was proficient in the Holy Book of Formation and couldn’t be stopped by all kinds of grand formation.

I wonder how Big Yellow and Sister Ning are now.

Jiang Chen muttered to himself, but he didn’t worry about them as much.

Although Big Yellow wasn’t very strong, given his ability, he could go anywhere in Golden Horizon. There was nothing that could stop him. Anyone who wanted to kill Big Yellow would find it incomparably difficult.

Soon, Jiang Chen approached the ancient palace. His Great Soul Derivation Technique spread out like a torrent, allowing him to find the flaws of the formation very quickly. Then, he formed a seal with both hands, striking out a series of complicated seals that rapidly merged into a miniature formation, then was struck at the weakest spot of the ancient formation.


After a bang, cracks instantly appeared on the swirling formation. Once more, Jiang Chen struck out another series of seals. Due to the ancient formation having existed for a very long period of time, it could no longer withstand the pressure and shattered on the spot.

After breaking the formation, Jiang Chen came to the front of the palace. The wooden door of the palace seemed shabby. Its surface was full of traces of time. With a slight push, the door collapsed like a decayed wood. The scent of decay that came from the inside made Jiang Chen couldn’t help but frown.

Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to go in. Instead, he scanned the surroundings with his spiritual force. He wanted to make sure that there was no danger inside before stepping in. In Golden Horizon where dangers could be found everywhere, there was no mistake in being careful wherever you went.

Sensing no dangerous qi inside, Jiang Chen strode inside. The interior of the ancient palace was very small and empty. There was nothing in it. It was gloomy, looking like a haunted house that gave people an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

But very quickly, Jiang Chen saw a box in front. It was a golden box. This was probably the only thing in the palace.

“Get that quickly. There’s treasure inside the box.” Dragon s.h.i.+san urged.

Jiang Chen strode forward and stopped in front of the golden box. Despite existing for so long, there wasn’t any mark on the box. It only showed how extraordinary the material of this box was. Jiang Chen placed the box in his hand and felt that its weight wasn’t as heavy as he expected.

The box could be opened directly as there wasn’t any lock on it. Jiang Chen struck out a wave of air and the box flung open. For an instant, light shone brilliantly. Golden Buddha Radiance rushed out from the box and flooded the entire ancient palace. Within the Buddha Radiance, he could clearly see golden Sanskrit flying in the air like b.u.t.terflies. The scene was incredibly breathtaking.

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