Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1596 – Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra

Chapter 1596 – Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra

Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra

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The Sanskrit letters drifted in the air. The originally dilapidated ancient palace was instantly filled with endless Buddha Radiance, making it like an empire of Buddha Sect. It seemed as though there was a Great Buddha chanting. A half invisible Great Golden Buddha was suspended dignifiedly in the golden light.

“What a powerful ancient Buddha! He’s just like a Buddha Ancestor.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes fell upon the ancient body. He couldn’t help but reveal a hint of respect. Despite all of these being just an illusion, it seemed so real. The kingdom of Buddha Sect was holy and dignified, allowing no blasphemy from people. If Hei Lang were to appear at this time, this illusion of Buddha alone could make him prostrate on the ground.

*Hua La……*

Soon, the image of the ancient Buddha disappeared, but the golden glow from inside the box shone even more vigorously. The fact that such a powerful momentum could burst out from the box indicated that the item inside was not ordinary.

“Quickly take a look what’s inside the box.” Dragon s.h.i.+san couldn’t help feeling excited.


Jiang Chen nodded, also feeling slightly impatient. He looked inside and found a page of paper placed neatly in the box. It was a golden paper written with words that resembled tadpoles. All the golden light in the ancient palace was emanated from this paper.

“It’s the heart sutra of Buddha Sect.”

Light was shone from Jiang Chen’s eyes. It was one of the supreme scriptures of Buddha Sect. Each of the scriptures was incomparably precious and couldn’t be inherited by others who weren’t monks of Buddha Sect. Just like the Great Compa.s.sion Sutra of Old Ancestral Greenlotus, and the edifying light. This sutra was written on the golden paper. The intensity and the pureness of the light showed that the sutra wasn’t an ordinary thing. He was afraid that this sutra had a tremendous weight even in the great Buddha Sect.

“Take it out and see.”

Hearing that it was a sutra, Dragon s.h.i.+san instantly lost his interest. His tone had become unconcerned.

Jiang Chen stuck out his hand to get the heart sutra which felt as weightless as a feather and smooth that he couldn’t tell what material it was made of, but he wasn’t concerned about the material of the paper. He was much more concerned about the content of the heart sutra.

He then saw four particularly huge words written on top of the paper – Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra.

The following was the dense packed heart sutra. Every line of the sutra was difficult to understand. Even Jiang Chen couldn’t help but frown and seemed puzzled as he skimmed through it. This, however, this was within Jiang Chen’s expectation. He wasn’t a monk of Buddha Sect and he had only come into contact with the edifying light. It was common that he couldn’t understand this profound heart sutra. Undeniably, this sutra was a rare treasure. Even though it was no use to him, he could give it to Tyrant. If Tyrant could cultivate this heart sutra, his cultivation base would surely soar.

“What? The Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra? Quickly let me have a look. Send it to the wondrous rock.”

Hearing the name of the sutra, the uninterested Dragon s.h.i.+san suddenly turned excited, and couldn’t wait to look at the content of the sutra. Judging from his tone, if he was outside, he would have seized it from Jiang Chen’s hand by now.

“What relation do you, a Battle Saint Ape, have with the Buddha Sect? Could it be that you can understand this heart sutra?”

Jiang Chen was stunned, he obviously didn’t think that this scripture would interest Dragon s.h.i.+san. He also didn’t think that Dragon s.h.i.+san would be this excited. How could a Battle Saint Ape have anything to do with the Buddha Sect? Even if the monkey was intrigued by the treasures left by the ancient Buddha, it didn’t seem like he would be intrigued by this scripture.

“What do you know? The forefather of Battle Saint Ape had ultimately made it into the Buddhahood and cultivated the body of Saint Buddha. As the descendant of Battle Saint Apes, my body naturally has the affinity with Buddha. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t understand the heart sutra of Buddha Sect, others wouldn’t understood it as well. The Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra may be of great use to me. Quickly, let me have a look at it.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san urged once more. The Battle Saint Apes had very strange inheritance. Dragon s.h.i.+san clearly possessed the complete bloodline of the Battle Saint Ape and had directly gotten the terrifying inheritance of his ancestors.

Jiang Chen hesitated no more and hastily hurled the heart sutra into the paG.o.da. A moment later, the wondrous rock began to tremble intensely. Clearly, the movement of the rock was caused by Dragon s.h.i.+san. Jiang Chen didn’t understand why this b.a.s.t.a.r.d would become so excited after seeing the heart sutra.

“Haha! Sure enough, I’m going to be born! Wakaka!”

Dragon s.h.i.+san’s voice came out of the rock. The excitement in his voice was unconcealed.

“Monkey, can you tell me what happened before getting too excited?” Jiang Chen had a frozen look.

“Little Chen, you’ve been a great help this time. Do you know what the meaning of the Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra is?” Dragon s.h.i.+san calmed his heart and spoke.

“Tell me more.” Jiang Chen said interestedly.

“The meaning of ‘great unrestrained’ is to be at ease, free from all kinds of restraint and achieve freedom. Its existence symbolizes freedom and was a supreme heart sutra left by the Great Unrestrained Ancient Buddha. It was rumoured that Great Unrestrained Great Buddha had acquired the body of freedom by cultivating this heart sutra. None of the laws of the world could restrain him. He was able to walk across the Heavens and Earth, and within the laws freely. I never thought that I could obtain the Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra from this ancient Buddha. Unfortunately, this heart sutra is very difficult to cultivate. It is even harder to acquire the true body of freedom. Otherwise, the Buddha wouldn’t have died here. This heart sutra alone is enough to help one broke through to the Sovereign realm.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san explained. He knew the origin of the heart sutra. This explained why he was so excited.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen’s face revealed a look of astonishment. Even he didn’t think that this heart sutra had such a huge power. The Heavens and Earth was too big and there were too many worlds. Who could dominate and surpa.s.s the tens of thousands of world below? Who could truly be free and unrestrained?

That was a kind of supreme realm, a state of mind that was beyond all senses. The change of the state of mind was the most important of all, and the most difficult. The Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra was left by the ancient Buddha. Its degree of preciousness was beyond imagination. If word about this heart sutra was spread out, White Dragon Temple would immediately be alarmed. He was afraid that even those peerless Buddhas would have to take matters into their own hands.

“To put it bluntly, this heart sutra is the most precious thing in this immortal vault. Even the nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk is far from the value of this ancient sutra. Of course, this only applies to the Buddha Sect. After all, not everyone could ignite the power of this ancient sutra. People who are unrelated to Buddha Sect will receive backlash when trying to cultivate the heart sutra.” Dragon s.h.i.+san spoke.

“Based on what you said, this ancient sutra indeed is the greatest treasure in this immortal vault. I never thought that the Buddha would hide it here. I’m afraid no one would think that the most valuable treasure will be hidden here. The attraction of the nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk is enough to cover up everything.”

Jiang Chen sighed. He couldn’t be feeling lucky. Of course, most of this was also the contribution of Dragon s.h.i.+san. If it wasn’t because of Dragon s.h.i.+san’s Fiery Golden Eyes, it was not realistic to find this ancient sutra, and this sutra might’ve fallen into someone else’s hands.

“Monkey, I reckon you are going to rely on the heart sutra to break the shackles of the wondrous rock,” said Jiang Chen, figuring out the key of the matter.

“What you said is right. With my current strength, I can already be born, but everything relies on fate. A heaven defying immemorial battle spirit like me won’t be able to get out even if I have fully grown because it hasn’t reached the fated time yet. That was why I needed to be in the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da. The temporal law here can shorten the period required to reach the fated time. But even so, the period required isn’t short. Even after your expedition here in Golden Horizon ended, I won’t be able to get out of the wondrous rock. Watching you taking all the risks like that is making me impatient. With the Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra, I can directly break free from the shackles of the rock and become the body of freedom. Of course, my body of freedom will be too far behind compared to the original meaning of the Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra. It’s impossible for me to achieve the stage of the Ancient Buddha, but this ancient sutra could allow me to walk out of the wondrous rock quickly and break free from the chains of the rock. If there’s no accident, it will take at most three days for me to get out of here,” Dragon s.h.i.+san said.

Three days in the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da was only a few hours outside.

Listening to what Dragon s.h.i.+san had said, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but get excited as well. He finally knew why the monkey had such a big reaction when he heard the name of the heart sutra. It turned out that the ancient sutra could speed up the process of his birth. If Dragon s.h.i.+san could get out of the rock earlier, it would be a great thing to Jiang Chen. There was no doubt about it. Given Dragon s.h.i.+san’s ability, there was virtually no one that could fight him.

Just as Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san were in the state of excitement, two silhouettes suddenly walked in from outside, and entered the ancient palace. The two men wore yellow robe and looked exactly the same. They both had pretty powerful cultivation base – early Immortal Emperor realm.

After the two of them entered and saw Jiang Chen, they immediately revealed killing intent and enshrouded Jiang Chen with their qi.

“Hand over the treasure and we’ll let you live.” One of them said.

“What kind of treasure?” Jiang Chen pretended as if nothing had happened just now.

“Brat, don’t pretend in front of me. There was a huge golden light coming from here and we happened to pa.s.s by. There must be some precious treasure in this ancient palace. Now that the golden light has vanished. The treasure must have been kept by you. You are just a puny Immortal King. If you are sensible enough, hand over the treasure now, otherwise, hehe!” The other man began to threaten Jiang Chen.

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