Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1594 – Thirty-Ninth Level

Chapter 1594 – Thirty-Ninth Level

Thirty-Ninth Level

Six evil creatures were killed by Jiang Chen with one sword slash. This type of deterrent force didn’t have any impact on them. These evil creatures seemed as if they were fearless and even had no knowledge of what death was, or it should be said that they were not sentient and were just born to kill. If they had eaten the flesh of human, they would have undergone some fundamental change.

*Hong Long……*

The void was ripped apart. Over a hundred evil creatures unleashed their attack at the same time. Terrifying qi waves and sharp claws intertwined into a huge net of energy that charged at Jiang Chen.

“Eternal Immortal Wind!”

Jiang Chen bellowed. He did put these evil creatures in his eyes. Naturally, he had to use the most powerful combat skill to deal with these enemies. Undeniably, the Eternal Immortal Wind was the most appropriate in this situation. He wasn’t worried that Nanbei Chao would sense his presence through the Eternal Immortal Wind. After all, he was now in a tomb left by an ancient Buddha. Nanbei Chao wouldn’t be able to sense anything even if he had the greatest of ability. Nanbei Chao’s Eye of Heaven had been severely injured. He was afraid that Nanbei Chao was still hiding somewhere, healing his injuries. Furthermore, knowing that Jiang Chen had an incredible being—Dragon s.h.i.+san—by his side, he would never come to find Jiang Chen before improving his strength once more.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

The Eternal Immortal Wind unleashed torrential qi winds that formed a huge domain. Integrating with the Five Elemental Spheres, all the evil creatures were enveloped within. The powerful Eternal Immortal Wind formed walls of wind that covered all directions, trapping them all like a cage.

*Hu La……*

The raging immortal wind wreaked havoc in the domain. Those half-step Immortal Emperor evil creatures simply couldn’t bear the blow of the wind. Most of them were instantly shredded to pieces.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

Those evil creatures let out mournful cries. Their huge bodies were cut into pieces by the Eternal Immortal Wind. Mists of blood drifted into the air, but very quickly, it was absorbed by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Those corpses that had been sucked dry were instantly turned to dust and vanished as it could no longer withstand the fierce winds.

This was an incomparably violent scene. It could make everyone’s scalp numb. In just a minute, all half-step Immortal Emperor evil creatures were blown to death by the immortal wind. Due to the presence of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, none of the corpses remained. All of them had vanished from the Heavens and Earth completely.

The scene was too shocking and terrifying. If an outsider saw this, they would be even more shocked with their souls almost leaving their bodies.

“Whoa! This type of combo attack is definitely bada.s.s! So many evil creatures were killed in an instant. Now, the cracks of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da are almost fully repaired. After killing the rest of the evil creatures, the thirty-seventh and thirty-eighth level of the paG.o.da will be completely condensed out.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san turned incomparably excited. Despite their pride, they had to admit that this Eternal Immortal Wind was an incomparably terrifying skill, especially when it was used on a cl.u.s.ter of enemies. It was simply invincible and much more terrifying than any kind of skill.

After absorbing the blood qi and essence of the half-step Immortal Emperor evil creatures, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was restored to its peak condition. Next, it would be the time for the paG.o.da to continue its advancement.

Jiang Chen’s killing intent soared up to the sky. He now had the desire to break through to the late Immortal King realm. Despite killing so many half-step Immortal Emperor evil creatures a while ago, he had gotten no benefit out of it, but now, the paG.o.da had already been fully restored. Every evil creature he killed next would allow him to obtain a portion of the pure energy that would then be converted into dragon marks. There were still a dozen powerful evil creatures ahead. All of them were of early Immortal Emperor realm. There was also an intermediate Immortal Emperor amongst them.

Putting the other things aside, an intermediate Immortal Emperor evil creature alone was sufficient for the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da to condense one level. The remaining early Immortal Emperor evil creatures would at least be sufficient for him to condense another level. The thirty-seventh level of the paG.o.da was about to be fully condensed. If all these evil creatures were killed, Jiang Chen estimated that not only the thirty-eighth level of the paG.o.da would be fully condensed. Half of the thirty-ninth level would also be condensed out.

The continuous advancement of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was one of the most important goals of Jiang Chen. The paG.o.da was very useful. He had been antic.i.p.ating the day when all ninety-nine levels of the paG.o.da were condensed. He wondered how terrifying it would be when the time came.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

Watching so many of their kind being eradicated, the remaining Immortal Emperors were infuriated. Unfortunately, such fury wouldn’t do them any good. They were now trapped in the Eternal Immortal Wind, which means they had to devote most of their energy just to defend against the wind. While in battle against Jiang Chen, their power was heavily restrained by his flames. In such unfavourable condition, it was already imaginable what the outcome of these evil creatures would be.

The incredible Eternal Immortal Wind contained tremendous destructive force. Apart from the intermediate Immortal Emperor who was able to resist it with ease, the other evil creatures would have to expend most of their energy just to keep themselves from being killed.


The Heavenly Saint Sword moved like a true dragon in Jiang Chen’s hands. And with extreme speed, it could emerge anywhere in the Eternal Immortal Wind at any time.

*Pu Chi!*

The head of an early Immortal Emperor evil creature was cut off by the sword. The devil died on the spot without any resistance. Its tremendous blood qi and essence were immediately absorbed by the paG.o.da.

The evil creature had an incomparably strong physique and incredible combat strength. They had a tacit understanding within one another while launching a siege attack. Unfortunately, they had encountered a monster like Jiang Chen who had blown more than half of their forces to death with the Eternal Immortal Wind. This had dealt a huge impact to their mind and had thrown their formation into disorder.

“Nine Phantom Wolves!”

Jiang Chen bellowed once more. Illusions of himself appeared in the wind. The sword in his hand moved like lightning. In the blink of an eye, three powerful evil creatures died a tragic death. One should know that they were powerful early Immortal Emperors, but in the hands of Jiang Chen, they were just like melons and vegetables waiting to be sliced into pieces. Such power was certainly too shocking. Fortunately no one was here. Otherwise, the bystander would experience shock that was indescribable.

*Hong Long……*

The thirty-seventh level of the paG.o.da let out a buzzing sound and glittering light. The thirty-seventh level was about to be condensed. Now that the paG.o.da had gotten a huge amount of energy, the condensation of the thirty-seventh level was completed straightaway. Jiang Chen had also absorbed pure energy from the paG.o.da. He circulated the dragon transformation skill and converted them into dragon marks.

As the number of dragon marks continue to increase, his combat strength improved as well. Under such a situation, it was imaginable that these evil creatures would only be killed by him. Even a powerful intermediate Immortal Emperor evil creature would be deeply restrained by Jiang Chen. Plus, this domain was his world, allowing him to move in unimaginable speed.

*Pu Chi…* *Pu Chi…*

The fierce battle continued. The number of evil creatures continued to decrease. Jiang Chen had become a total frenzied G.o.d of slaughter. The evil creatures weren’t enough for him to kill even if there were more.

Three minutes later, all of the early Immortal Emperor evil creatures died miserably in his hands. There was only an intermediate Immortal Emperor evil creature left on the battlefield. This evil creature seemed to be panting for air due to grievance. Both of its fists continued to pound on its chest. Its murderous intent roared to the sky, but that didn’t seem to improve its situation.

After obtaining an enormous amount of energy, Jiang Chen’s current combat strength was even more terrifying than before. In the face of this last evil creature, Jiang Chen withdrew the Eternal Immortal Wind and held the Heavenly Saint Sword that was crackling with flames.


The evil creature suddenly burst out an earth-shaking roar, then a 120 meter figure lunged at Jiang Chen. In the face of such a powerful opponent, the evil creature didn’t choose to flee, but launched his final strike. All of his comrades were already killed. He had no reason to escape.


Jiang Chen flicked his arm and the Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a fire dragon. With him holding the dragon’s tail, it charged at the evil creature. Under the heavy restraint, the evil creature was no match for the dragon. Instantly, an arm was slashed off from the devil.

“Die now!”

Jiang Chen showed no mercy. The Heavenly Saint Sword s.h.i.+fted, and pierced through the evil creature’s body from another angle.

*Chi…* *Chi…*

The destructive flames from the Heavenly Saint Sword began to burn inside the body of the devil. In just a matter of a few blinks, the huge evil creature had turned into a sea of fire. If it was an ordinary flame, it wouldn’t be able to deal any damage to the evil creature. Given the scariness of the evil creature, it could easily extinguish any kind of flames.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen’s flames weren’t ordinary. Three types of supreme flames had integrated perfectly. It was the nemesis of devils. The harder it tried to put out the flames, the stronger the flames would burn.

“Let me grant you a swift death.” Jiang Chen yelled and pushed the sword through the evil creature’s skull, killing it instantly.

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da began to absorb the blood qi and essence of the evil creature greedily. The paG.o.da was like a bottomless pit that couldn’t be filled up. Very quickly, the thirty-eighth level of the paG.o.da was fully condensed. The continuous advancement of the paG.o.da had boundlessly benefited Jiang Chen. Not only had he gotten tremendous benefits, but also managed to condense a huge number of dragon marks. More importantly, the higher the level of the paG.o.da, the stronger it becomes. It would be harder for Nanbei Chao to break the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da now.

Soon, the last bit of energy from the great evil creature was absorbed by the paG.o.da. Half of the thirty-ninth level had been condensed out.

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