Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 158 – Fighting Liang Xiao

Chapter 158 – Fighting Liang Xiao

Chapter 158 – Fighting Liang Xiao

Jiang Chen didn’t accept the townspeople’s invitation for the celebration, he just brought the sleeping Big Yellow back to his mansion. When the townspeople found out Big Yellow was in a coma due to the battle with Lord Blood Moon, all of them begun praying for his recovery.

Within a room in Jiang Chen’s mansion, he placed Big Yellow on the cus.h.i.+on and let him absorb the energy from the energy vein. That combined with the Energy Sprint Water he fed him, both would make his recovery faster.

After doing that, Jiang Chen shut his doors and begun cultivating. The trip to the Valley of Yin Spirits had given him a lot. Aside from the Blood Banner, he still had four devil cores in his hand. Once was from Lord Blood Moon, and the other three belonged to the three Late Heavenly Core leaders. These devil core were really useful for Jiang Chen, especially the one from Lord Blood Moon, as it contained a huge amount of energy within. By absorbing it, Jiang Chen would be able to form a few more Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea.

Aside from absorbing devil cores, Jiang Chen would also need to meditate in order to stabilize his cultivation.

Early morning the next day, Jiang Chen awakened from his meditation. His energy level was much stronger than before, the combination of four devil cores had a huge impact, especially the one that belonged to Lord Blood Moon. The energy provided to him by all four devil cores had given him 30 new Dragon Marks in total.

Before absorbing these devil cores, Jiang Chen already had 120 Dragon Marks. Combined with the new 30 Dragon Marks, he now had a total of 150 Dragon Marks. With this, his combat strength had improved significantly, and he was one step closer to the Mid Heavenly Core realm.

As long as he managed to form a total of 200 Dragon Marks, he would be able to break through to the Mid Heavenly Core realm, and his combat strength would become much stronger.

When Jiang Chen walked out from his mansion, Yu Zi Han had been waiting for him for quite some time. Jiang Chen gave some tasks to Town Marshal Zhang Zhen, and asked him to take good care of Big Yellow, as well as never allow anyone to enter his mansion.

After everything settled down, Jiang Chen and Yu Zi Han flew up into the sky and left towards the Black Sect.

“Brother Jiang, you have killed all the Blood Devils, as well as Lord Blood Moon. Once we return to the Black Sect, I’m sure Sect Chief will reward you handsomely.”

Yu Zi Han said with a smile. Jiang Chen came to Yellowstone because of Sect Chief’s a.s.signment, and now he had perfectly accomplished the mission. His reputation in the Black Sect would definitely reach a new level, and he would become the number one genius in the Black Sect.

Jiang Chen replied with a smile and didn’t say anything. Right now, he just wished to return to the Black Sect as quickly as possible. Ever since he began his journey back towards the Black Sect, the uneasiness in his mind had appeared again. The feeling was rare to him, and he had a feeling that something bad had happened.

Yu Zi Han sensed Jiang Chen was thinking about something, therefore he also shut his mouth and concentrated on flying.


When both of them arrived above the skies of a desolate mountain range, a light beam suddenly appeared and blocked their way. It was a man with a grey long robe. His face carried a domineering expression that couldn’t be hidden. He was Liang Xiao from the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Jiang Chen and Yu Zi Han stopped flying and were hovering in the middle of the air. Liang Xiao was no stranger to both of them, Jiang Chen had a long history of hatred with the Heavenly Sword Sect. As for Yu Zi Han, every single inner circle disciple of the Black Sect knew about top geniuses from each individual sect in the Qi Province.

Even an idiot would know why Liang Xiao suddenly appeared here, the resentment between Jiang Chen and the Heavenly Sword Sect was known by everyone. The reason why Liang Xiao was here was obviously because of Jiang Chen.

I never expected that Lord Blood Moon was so weak, he actually got killed by you? This is really disappointing.”

Liang Xiao had his razor sharp vision locked onto Jiang Chen, then a shocked expression appeared on his face, “But what surprises even me is, from the Qi Province compet.i.tion until now, you could have such huge improvements in such a short period of time.”

By sensing Jiang Chen’s energy himself, Liang Xiao was shocked by what he found out. It had only been a month since the Qi Province compet.i.tion, and in just one month, Jiang Chen had grown from the Early Mortal Core realm to the Early Heavenly Core realm. And, he had even killed Lord Blood Moon himself. This really overwhelmed him.

“I supposed it was Fan Kun who told you where I was.”

Jiang Chen sneered. Yellowstone was under the Black Sect’s ruling, it was a place far away from the Heavenly Sword Sect. Since the incident regarding the Blood Devils had just happened, it would take some time before the other areas of the Qi Province got the news. However, Liang Xiao had gotten the news and had come all the way here to block his way. Obviously, someone had told him what happened, and that man must be from the Black Sect. Aside from Fan Kun, Jiang Chen couldn’t think of a second person who would do that.

“All of that is not important. What is important is that today you will die. Since I am here it simply means you are dead meat. My advice to you is to try not to struggle and fight back. If you surrender now, I might consider giving you a quick death.”

Liang Xiao said lightly. In his mind, Jiang Chen was already a dead man.

“Brother Jiang, what should we do? Liang Xiao is not easy to deal with.”

Yu Zi Han’s face darkened. Liang Xiao was not someone Fan Kun could compare with, he was one of the four top geniuses in the Qi Province, a person comparable to Guan Yi Yun.

Although Jiang Chen had killed Lord Blood Moon, Yu Zi Han knew why he was able to do so. If it wasn’t for Lord Blood Moon being in the middle of a blood sacrifice ceremony, Jiang Chen would completely not be Lord Blood Moon’s match.

“Just in time, I also wanted to see how strong Liang Xiao really is.”

An upward curve appeared on Jiang Chen’s lips. His current combat strength was not the same as when he had just broken through to the Early Heavenly Core realm. 150 Dragon Marks had given him sufficient confidence. With his current combat strength, it was really difficult to find a match amongst all Heavenly Core warriors. Liang Xiao appeared just in time for Jiang Chen to test his true combat strength.

Yu Zi Han felt astonished. With an expression of disbelief, he looked at Jiang Chen who had a confident look. He thought to himself that this man was really courageous, he didn’t even fear Liang Xiao at all.

“Zi Han, you just stand aside.”

Jiang Chen told Yu Zi Han. After that, in the blink of an eye, he arrived close to Liang Xiao. His body was glowing, and his spirits were high.

“Jiang Chen, you can still have such high spirits after seeing me? Since that is the case, I’ll just kill you now.”

Liang Xiao unleashed his energy. Obviously, he didn’t want to waste any time either. He extended his hand and forcefully grabbed towards Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen snorted. He clenched his fist tightly, and with a bright golden light glowing on his fist, he punched out with a ma.s.sive amount of force towards Liang Xiao.


The brutal attacks from the two great warriors had caused ground-shaking energy ripples to appear. These ripples turned into colorful ray of lights that swept across the skies. The ma.s.sive impact of energy even caused the small hill beneath them to collapse.

Jiang Chen was forced three steps back in the air. When he looked at Liang Xiao, he found that Liang Xiao was still floating in the same spot. Obviously, Liang Xiao had won a hand in the first round. But, it was actually a close fight, and the outcome had really surprised Liang Xiao.

“What a strong guy, he is just an Early Heavenly Core warrior, but he can already fight me so closely… This is unbelievable, this guy is talented and has huge potential! I need to get rid of him as quickly as possible, if not, he will become a huge threat.”

The glow in Liang Xiao’s eyes became crueler. An intense killing intent filled his body. It was the determination to kill. Today was a rare opportunity, he had to take this opportunity and kill tis huge potential threat. Once Jiang Chen returned to the Black Sect, it would be really hard to find a similar opportunity.

As for Jiang Chen, such an outcome didn’t surprise him much. Although his combat strength had increased a lot, Liang Xiao was one of the top four geniuses in the Qi Province, and he was also the representative of the Heavenly Sword Sect. He was not someone an ordinary Late Heavenly Core warrior could compare with. Also, Jiang Chen’s cultivation level was two stages lower than Liang Xiao’s, it was perfectly normal for him to be suppressed by him like this.

“Jiang Chen, you really are a peerless genius, and this makes me even more determined to kill you today no matter what.”

With a sky-piercing killing intent, Liang Xiao shouted out loudly, “Great Fist of Devastation!”


Followed by Liang Xiao’s loud shout, he punched out countless rays of light that caused even the air to tremble. These rays of light soon merged into a huge golden fist more than 30 meters tall. It carried a devastating grandeur as it quickly pierced through the skies towards Jiang Chen with great speed.

“Six Solar Fingers!”

Jiang Chen also shouted out loudly at the same time. He unleashed his counter attack, the Six Solar Fingers. Right now, he was able to unleash four huge golden fingers. With Jiang Chen’s current strength, unleas.h.i.+ng four solar fingers was something really incredible.


The two ma.s.sive attacks collided. The energy ripples created from the impact were three times stronger than the previous ones. Under the pressure f such a ma.s.sive amount of energy, Yu Zi Han who was standing far away, his face turned pale. With his combat strength, if he were to join the fight right now, he would have gotten himself killed in an instant.

Great Fist of Devastation and Six Solar Fingers were both Earth rank combat skill. But, doesn’t matter if it’s quality or the mightiness from the skills, the Six Solar Fingers was a skill the Great Fist of Devastation couldn’t compare with.

With the ma.s.sive energy collision, both Jiang Chen and Liang Xiao suffered from violent shakes. Jiang Chen’s combat strength was as strong as a vast ocean, and combined with a powerful combat skill, he could actually narrow the gap between himself and Liang Xiao. The outcome was a tie this time.

In other words, the current Jiang Chen was not someone Liang Xiao could kill as he wished. Even if he could slightly suppress Jiang Chen, it was impossible for him to kill Jiang Chen now.

“How could he be so strong? The combat skill he used just now, I can tell it’s a stage higher than my Great Fist of Devastation.”

Liang Xiao was extremely shocked. The Great Fist of Devastation was his strongest combat skill, he thought he could use it to defeat Jiang Chen. But, he never expected Jiang Chen would counter-attack with an even more stronger combat skill.

“Liang Xiao, it’s hard to tell which one of us will be the one to die today. Nine Phantom Wolves!”

Jiang Chen was also emitting a sky-piercing killing intent right now. Liang Xiao was trying to kill him, Jiang Chen also wanted to kill Liang Xiao. With 30 newly formed Dragon Marks, combined with the hidden skills Jiang Chen possessed, he was confident that he might be able to kill Liang Xiao today.

Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh…

In an instant, nine Jiang Chens appeared at the same time. Liang Xiao’s expression which had been calm the entire time finally changed.

“What a strange movement skill! How does he unleash so many identical phantoms at the same time?”

Right now, facing the powerful Jiang Chen, Liang Xiao had lost his calm and confidence. The appearance of nine identical Jiang Chen’s had made him confused, and he couldn’t find out which one the real Jiang Chen was.

Nine Jiang Chens struck out with their palms at the same time. Liang Xiao who was confused by so many Jiang Chens in front of him counter-attacked with his Great Fist of Devastation, instantly destroying five Jiang Chens with just one strike.

Liang Xiao was really fast, and he had found the real Jiang Chen. He instantly punched out forcefully towards Jiang Chen’s palm.

But, Liang Xiao didn’t see the insidious smile on Jiang Chen’s face, and the green light that was blinking within Jiang Chen’s palm.