Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1587 – Trampled to death

Chapter 1587 – Trampled to death

Trampled to death

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Under the strong impact of the True Dragon Palm, Yun Zhangxiao’s attack became vulnerable and was destroyed instantly. Earth-shaking dragon roar burst out from the True Dragon Palm. Yun Zhangxiao retreated 300 meters just to stabilize himself. This mere collision made his body s.h.i.+ver, his blood and qi churned and he felt some other unpleasantness he couldn’t describe.

“No, this isn’t possible!”

Yun Zhangxiao was certainly shocked and couldn’t believe such an outcome, he was actually struck backwards. This was even more appalling than the scene of Jiang Chen exploding the head of the half-step Immortal Emperor genius, because both were different kind of concepts.

Scary. Jiang Chen was too scary. How could there be such a heaven defying figure in the Heavens and Earth?

As a matter of fact, being an alchemist, Yun Zhangxiao didn’t have too much of an advantage in combat strength. There was no one in this world that was exceedingly good in alchemy and strong in combat strength. Jiang Chen was just a rare kind. Therefore, Yun Zhangxiao’s combat strength was too weak compared to Jiang Chen’s.

“Little Chen, even Master Monkey has to say that your ferociousness is about to reach half of mine.” From the wondrous rock, Dragon s.h.i.+san’s voice was heard.

“Monkey, can you shut the f*** up? I’m in the middle of a battle. Such a heart-stirring scene doesn’t seem appropriate for your narcissism at all,” Jiang Chen spoke.

This monkey was already too conceited, but still continued to raise the bar. Jiang Chen had been praised by this monkey three times. First, he said that Jiang Chen was a tenth of him. Second he said that Jiang Chen was a fifth of him and lastly, he said that Jiang Chen was half of him. According to his ratings, Jiang Chen had progressed pretty quickly.

“Go ahead and kill him with your most ferocious technique.” Dragon s.h.i.+san was incomparably excited. Jiang Chen felt that if it hadn’t been for the lack of time, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d might have rushed out with the iron staff.

The atmosphere of the scene turned serious all of a sudden. It wasn’t just Yun Zhangxiao who was shocked. Everyone from Great Cloud Empire were stunned, including the intermediate Immortal Emperor Yun Yi. They also knew that Jiang Chen was powerful, but didn’t think that his power could reach such an extent. After all, killing a half-step Immortal Emperor and defeating an early Immortal Emperor were two entirely different things.

“Yun Zhangxiao, never thought that you are only so powerful and would dare to declare to kill me. I really have no idea where you’ve gotten that confidence from. Today, no one’s gonna leave. All of you would have to die.”

Jiang Chen’s momentum was incomparable. His murderous intent was revealed. He would never be the slightest lenient to the people of Great Cloud Empire.

“No one’s gonna leave today? You do have a boastful mouth. You think that I, Yun Yi, am here only for show?”

Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s arrogant words, Yun Yi was the first who couldn’t stand it. No one had ever looked down on him. There was no doubt that Jiang Chen was the most powerful and monstrous genius he had ever seen, but this didn’t mean that he was invincible. Yun Yi could already see it from Jiang Chen’s attack .Although Jiang Chen’s combat strength was powerful enough to defeat the early Immortal Emperor Seventh Prince, it was still no match for him.

“You’re right. I really have thought that your presence is just for show. I will kill Yun Zhangxiao now, I would like to see how you will stop me.”

Jiang Chen said, then stepped out the Azure Dragon Five Steps. With each step weighing billions of kilograms, Jiang Chen rushed towards Yun Zhangxiao at incredible speed.

“Yun Yi, you don’t have to do anything. I don’t believe that I can’t even take care of a puny intermediate Immortal King.”

As soon as Yun Yi was about to move, Yun Zhangxiao stopped him. Yun Zhangxiao was a prideful man. He proclaimed that his life was lofty and high and mighty. He had never put Jiang Chen in his eyes from the very beginning, and Jiang Chen had once greatly humiliated him. If he couldn’t kill Jiang Chen with his own hands today, he could never wash away that humiliation. More importantly, if he had to rely on Yun Yi to kill Jiang Chen, it would humiliate him once more as he had been defeated by Jiang Chen in the first round of battle. He would be a total failure. He had lost to Jiang Chen in alchemy and in battle as well. Even if Jiang Chen died, the failure would leave a lingering shadow in his heart.

Also, he didn’t believe that his strength wasn’t a match for Jiang Chen. The attack just now was merely a test and the main cause of his loss was because of him underestimating his opponent completely. If he was serious, Jiang Chen would never be a match for him. He was pretty confident in that.

Unfortunately, sometimes, people would get over confident and when that happened, the outcome would often be miserable.

“Boundless Palm!”

Yun Zhangxiao no longer held back. In the face of Jiang Chen’s powerful attack, he cast out the unique immortal technique of Great Cloud Empire. Both of his palms continuously sent out complex seals that condensed into a giant palm that was many folds larger than the previous palm. Carrying unparalleled destructive force, it lunged at Jiang Chen.

At this time, Jiang Chen was already at the fourth step of Azure Dragon Five Steps. This technique was one of the most powerful attacks in the True Dragon Combat Technique. Each step made contained limitless destructive force that could shatter the void at any second. Just like what happened now, the three previous steps made by Jiang Chen had left three huge holes in the void. The power of the fourth step was the combined power of all the three previous steps.


Jiang Chen trod on the Boundless Palm. The dignified unique immortal technique of Great Cloud Empire stood no chance in front of Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon Five Steps, and was crushed to pieces.

The destruction of the Boundless Palm made Yun Zhangxiao suffer a certain amount of backlash, and was sent a dozen steps backwards. At this time, even his confident self knew that he was no match for Jiang Chen. He couldn’t understand how Jiang Chen could become so powerful, but this was no longer important. What was more important was that his wish of killing Jiang Chen couldn’t be realised.


After shattering the Boundless Palm, Jiang Chen didn’t stop. He had already stepped out the fifth step of Azure Dragon Five Steps, and appeared on top of Yun Zhangxiao in a blink. If this step was to trample on Yun Zhangxiao directly, even if it couldn’t trample Yun Zhangxiao to death, Yun Zhangxiao wouldn’t be in any good condition.

“Not good.”

Knowing what was happening, Yun Zhangxiao exclaimed. He could feel the scariness of this strike. Given his current condition, he was no longer an opponent of Jiang Chen, or it should be said that he couldn’t even stand the attack of his opponent. He could already sense the threat of death from Jiang Chen. Under such a life threatening situation, he could feel his soul s.h.i.+vering. It was a feeling that he had never felt before.

Although Yun Zhangxiao was a young early Immortal Emperor peerless genius, he was most adept in alchemy. Compared to geniuses like Yang Bufan and the Crown Prince, his combat strength was still somewhat lacking. Now, in the face of Jiang Chen, he didn’t stand even a chance.

“Yun Zhangxiao, go to h.e.l.l now!”

Jiang Chen’s dark hair fluttered. His body was glaring with golden light, like a soaring war G.o.d. The terrifying condensed foot had the size of several dozen meters, seemingly like a big mountain. It pressed down ferociously against Yun Zhangxiao.

“Save me, Yun Yi!”

In this life-and-death moment, reputation was not important anymore. Yun Zhangxiao roared loudly. At this time, only Yun Yi could save him, and he could only rely on Yun Yi.

Yun Yi already acted even before Yun Zhangxiao’s urgent call for help. Yun Yi couldn’t let someone kill the Seventh Prince in front of him, because he wouldn’t be able to explain the loss the moment he returned. The Seventh Prince had a very powerful position in Great Cloud Empire. He was a young king and a genius alchemist. He was also famous in Eastern Profound Domain. He was the pride of the young generation of Great Cloud Empire. If there was no accident, the heir of the empire would be him. If he was killed by Jiang Chen today, Great Cloud Empire would surely suffer a major loss.

“Stop!” Yun Yi bellowed, lunging at Jiang Chen in a ray of light.

“Like I said, you can’t save him. Blood demon!” Jiang Chen yelled coldly.

The door of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da burst open, followed by an ear-splitting roar. An extremely st.u.r.dy looking blood demon king appeared in the sky like a ghostly figure, blocking Yun Yi’s path.

The blood demon king continued to roar. Since he was subdued by Jiang Chen, he had always been staying in the paG.o.da, which overwhelmed him with boredom. Now that he had the opportunity to slaughter someone, he would naturally not hold anything back, and unleash all his violent qi.

“What the h.e.l.l is this?”

Yun Yi was petrified. This sudden change was beyond his imagination. What astounded him was that this creature that came from nowhere actually had such an incredible combat strength. The creature’s cultivation base was the same as his, intermediate Immortal Emperor realm.

“Get lost!”

Yun Yin barked and struck out a palm at the blood demon king. He didn’t expect to kill this monster with a single palm, but he must force it aside, otherwise Yun Zhangxiao would be in real danger. That Jiang Chen obviously wasn’t a kind being: he would never be lenient in his attack. If he was delayed by this moment, Yun Zhangxiao would probably die a tragic death under Jiang Chen’s hands.


The blood demon king roared furiously, raised his fist and smashed at Yun Yi’s attack. The physique of the blood demon was too strong. Plus, he had consumed the Blood Dragon Fruit, which boosted his combat strength to a terrifying level. Even if he couldn’t defeat a powerful figure like Yun Yin, he wouldn’t have problem getting him entangled.

*Hong Long……*

A fierce combat broke out between Yun Yi and the blood demon king. Victory and defeat could not be discerned.


Just at this moment, Jiang Chen’s huge foot fell heavily on Yun Zhangxiao’s body. This was the unparalleled power of the Azure Dragon Five Steps. As Yun Zhangxiao thought that Yun Yi was going to save him, he didn’t make any attempt to block, but confronted the fifth step of Azure Dragon head-on.


Agonizing wails resounded throughout the sky. An arm of Yun Zhangxiao was amputated by the attack. Blood stained all over his body. His eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to burst out from their socket.

After all, Yun Zhangxiao was an Immortal Emperor. He wasn’t trampled to death, but this was no different than actually dying. He had already become a crippled person and was grabbed by Jiang Chen’s hand like a helpless dying dog.

“Seventh Prince!” Upon seeing this, Yun Yi and the geniuses of Great Cloud Empire exclaimed.

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