Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1586 – Fight Yun Zhangxiao

Chapter 1586 – Fight Yun Zhangxiao

Fight Yun Zhangxiao

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Those who hadn’t fought Jiang Chen would never understand how terrifying he was. Just like this genius of Great Cloud Empire, who only saw the cultivation base of Jiang Chen, then decided to not put Jiang Chen in his eyes. This was a fatal mistake and an extremely foolish act that would get himself killed.

The genius had rushed forward. No one tried to stop him. Just like the others, Yun Zhangxiao seemed to have the mentality of expecting a good show as well. This was because they didn’t understand how terrifying Jiang Chen was. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was nothing more than a clown. Jumping out at this time would definitely get himself killed.


Upon seeing the half-step Immortal Emperor rus.h.i.+ng towards him, Jiang Chen shook his head, feeling helpless. Some people were like this – not treating their life as important as they are. The immediate consequence of such an act would be incomparably miserable.

“Jiang Chen, got to h.e.l.l now! How dare you disrespect the Seventh Prince? Since you want to seek revenge for your Crown Prince, you might as well go and join him in the underworld!”

The genius was incomparably arrogant. He launched a punch at Jiang Chen’s skull. The punch radiated a red light and undoubtedly contained destructive force. The power carried by the punch was incredible. The consequences of being hit by it was unimaginable. Of course, this would have to depend on the target. Launching out this punch towards Jiang Chen was nothing more than a showy skill.

The genius’s fist was extremely fast, leaving afterimages in the sky. The punch had torn the s.p.a.ce apart and reached Jiang Chen in a blink.

Jiang Chen was as still as a mountain. No sign of apprehension could be seen in his eyes. He lifted his palm, though looking very casually, his movement speed was fast to the extreme. Before the punch of the genius could smash against his skill, he caught with his palm.


The genius’ fist pounded on Jiang Chen’s palm. It was like a small hammer pounding on a huge mountain or a drop of water falling into the ocean. It couldn’t even create the slightest bit of impact.


The genius’ facial expression changed dramatically. Immediately, he exclaimed. He looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief and suddenly felt the tremendous pressure coming from Jiang Chen. Under such invisible pressure, he felt suffocated, as though his body was being pressed against by an enormous mountain.

The genius wasn’t an idiot. He knew that he had underestimated his enemy who was so much scarier than his imagination. Perhaps, he wasn’t even his enemy’s opponent.


The first thing he could think of at this time was to retreat. Since he was no match for the opponent, he could only flee. Otherwise, he might even have to sacrifice his life. The moment the genius was about to retreat, he was shocked to find out that his arm had already been fully controlled by Jiang Chen. His enemy’s palm acted like a clamp, clutching on his fist so hard he couldn’t even break free no matter how hard he struggled.

“You have come with such momentum, why leave now?”

Jiang Chen showed a trace of a cold sneer. He exerted force on his arm, a wave of destructive force surged out.



Hearing a sound of explosion, under Jiang Chen’s destructive blow, the genius’ entire arm exploded into a fog of blood.

The genius covered his amputated arm with his other hand and cried mournfully. He was now filled with utter regret, scolding himself for acting so impulsively. He wouldn’t have imagined that his opponent was so powerful and that he wasn’t even a match for an intermediate Immortal King.

Unfortunately, it was already too late. Losing an arm was a huge loss to him. Even if he could still live, his future cultivation might stay stagnant at his current level. Of course, it was only a luxury that he could stay alive at this moment.

Since Jiang Chen had decided to strike, he wouldn’t hold back. With a sway, he came to the side of the genius and struck out an iron fist impartially and heavily on the opponent’s skull.


The outcome was already imaginable. The miserable cry of the genius had stopped. His skull was smashed by Jiang Chen’s one fist, and shattered. His ident.i.ty brocade pouch drifted out of his body, and landed into Jiang Chen’s hand.

It was an instant kill, as easy as stepping on an ant.

The death of the genius could be described as tragic. Initially, he was aiming at Jiang Chen’s head, intending to get rid of Jiang Chen in one blow and display his excellent performance in front of the Seventh Prince and Yun Yi. Instead, his head was blown to pieces by his opponent. How ironic!


This time, it was Yun Zhangxiao and the others who exclaimed. The smug look on their faces was gone, and was replaced by a fearful face that looked rather complicated.

Jiang Chen had killed the genius too quickly. It was just a matter of a few blinks. A half-step Immortal Emperor genius had no power to fight back and was killed by just a single punch. This couldn’t be said that the genius wasn’t capable enough. The only explanation for this was that Jiang Chen was just too powerful, powerful enough to astound them.

“What a strong cultivator.”

The way Yun Yi looked at Jiang Chen changed entirely. He no longer had the contempt from before. Although he still didn’t regard Jiang Chen as his opponent, the fact that an intermediate Immortal King could kill a half-step Immortal Emperor so easily still shocked him, he had never seen such a heaven defying genius. Once such a figure matures, he would surely become a very terrifying threat.

At this moment, Yun Yi began to understand why Yun Zhangxiao was defeated and humiliated by this person.

“Dammit! Who actually is this guy? How could he be so powerful? He’s only at the intermediate Immortal King realm, but his combat strength has already reached such a terrifying extent. Our cultivation base isn’t enough to kill him.”

“That’s right. No wonder the Seventh Prince has lost his face fighting him. Sure enough, he’s an extraordinary opponent.”

“It seems like the fact that he dared to stand out shows that he has certain capabilities, however even if he can kill a half-step Immortal Emperor, he’s still being overly confident. The Seventh Prince and Senior Brother Yun Yi are both incredible Immortal Emperors, especially Senior Brother Yun Yi who is an intermediate Immortal Emperor supreme expert. It’s a joke to fight an expert like him.”


The geniuses of Great Cloud Empire were astounded. They no longer had the right to disdain someone stronger than them. In this world, only the strong were respected and this applied even to the enemies.

“What a good Jiang Chen. I never thought that not only is your skill in alchemy extraordinary, but your combat strength is also heaven defying. It’s a misfortune to us that someone like you have emerged in Great Qian Empire. An existence like you is the greatest threat to our empire. However, you really shouldn’t have come and confronted us so rashly. This will be your most foolish decision. You have just given me the chance to kill another top genius of Great Qian Empire.”

Yun Zhangxiao spoke without disguising his praise for Jiang Chen. Although they were enemies, Yun Zhangxiao had to admit that Jiang Chen was an extremely terrifying opponent. Putting aside the aspect of combat strength, he was utterly convinced in his defeat against Jiang Chen back in Dan Prefecture. He had never seen a tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill before. That was a chance that had opened his eyes.

“Yun Zhangxiao, I know that you have been wanting to kill me, and wash away your humiliation in Dan Prefecture. Unfortunately, you won’t have the chance, because you are no match for me. And you are in no luck, because I’m not in a good mood today.” Jiang Chen spoke.

“Haha…! Boasting without shame! I have to say that you are even more arrogant than the Crown Prince. How dare you say such words? You think that you could fight me after killing a half-step Immortal Emperor? How ignorant! Today, I’m going to show you my skills and how strong a true Immortal Emperor is. I will kill you with my own two hands today to clear my humiliation.” The Seventh Prince laughed aloud, as though he had just heard the funniest joke in the Heavens and Earth.

“You talk too much! Quickly attack now. I don’t want to waste any time,” Jiang Chen said.

He totally didn’t put Yun Zhangxiao in his eyes. Given his current combat strength, Yun Zhangxiao could never be his opponent. The total number of dragon marks in his body had already reached 1 190 000, only lacking 10 000 more to reach the late Immortal King realm. Plus, his cultivation base had already stabilized at the peak of intermediate Immortal King realm. It was just a simple task for him to defeat Yun Zhangxiao.

“Since you want death so much, I won’t wait anymore to fulfil your wish.”

Yun Zhangxiao spoke, then leapt into the sky. He kept his combat sword as he thought that he needed no weapon just to deal with Jiang Chen. He was extremely confident in his own skill and power, feeling that it would be truly effortless to kill an intermediate Immortal King like Jiang Chen.

*Hong Long……*

Yun Zhangxiao unleashed his incredible qi and condensed out a huge golden palm that lunged at Jiang Chen. The palm was like a ma.s.sive cage that could envelope everything, and a huge mountain that could crush anything in a second.

“True Dragon Palm.”

Jiang Chen acted. In the face of Yun Zhangxiao, he wouldn’t be lenient. Hostile relations.h.i.+p had long been established between the two of them. Once they encountered each other, the only outcome would be either one of them died. Nothing much could be said about this.

After being pursued by Nanbei Chao for several dozen miles, he felt extremely aggrieved. Now that his cultivation base had improved as well, he would naturally give no quarters in his attacks.

*Hong Long……*

An extremely powerful giant blood-red dragon claw that was as big as a mountain collided violently with the palm that was condensed by Yun Zhangxiao.

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