Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1588 – Shooting three hawks with one arrow

Chapter 1588 – Shooting three hawks with one arrow

Shooting three hawks with one arrow

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The experts of Great Cloud Empire couldn’t stay calm seeing the Seventh Prince’s predicament. Their higher ups had told them that they would encounter great fortune in this expedition in Golden Horizon, but in contrast, the Seventh Prince’s life had now fallen into someone else’s hands, and Yun Yi was still fighting an evil creature inextricably that came from nowhere and wouldn’t be able to save the Seventh Prince.

“Seventh Prince. Let Seventh Prince go, or else you will die very miserably!”

Yun Yi seemed extremely in a hurry but was still unable to break free from the entanglement with the blood demon king. The blood demon king was just too strong and was equally matched with him. So there was absolutely no room for him to rescue Yun Zhangxiao.

Yun Yi roared at Jiang Chen. At this time, he could only threaten verbally, even though he knew that this would be of no use to Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, you audacious man! You dare to hurt our Seventh Prince?”

“Quickly let our Seventh Prince go, so that you won’t regret your mistake.”

“Dammit Jiang Chen! Do you know what you are doing?”

Every subordinate of the Seventh Prince was in deep urgency, but they could only bellow with their mouths. None of them dared to take any action. Even the Seventh Prince was no match for Jiang Chen, and was almost trampled to death. If they lunged forward now, they would be killed with just a single blow. There was no question about this.

“Haha! You idiots! You still dare to threaten me even at this moment? I really have no idea what your brains are thinking. Could it be that only the lot of you are allowed to kill our prince, but I’m not allowed to kill yours? When the Seventh Prince killed our Crown Prince, do you know what you all were doing at that time? You all have already made a huge mistake. Now is the time for me to avenge the Crown Prince’s death.”

Jiang Chen laughed loudly, grabbing Yun Zhangxiao like a dead rooster. Currently, Yun Zhangxiao didn’t even have the energy to struggle in Jiang Chen’s hands, let alone resist. He was considered lucky that the fifth step of the Azure Dragon Five Steps didn’t take his life.

“What are the few of you still waiting for? Go and save the Seventh Prince now!” Yun Yi yelled at the half-step Immortal Emperor geniuses.

Upon hearing this, the geniuses’ countenance changed and swore privately in their hearts. How could this Yun Yi ask them to go and save the Seventh Prince at this time? That was no different than sending themselves to death, but if they just stand idly by and watch the Seventh Prince being killed by Jiang Chen, they would never be able to lead their usual lives anymore in Great Cloud Empire. Not just that, they guessed that Yun Yi would never let go of any one of them.

“Let’s strike together. We’ll try to stall for time.”

Someone gritted his teeth and spoke. They took out their Immortal Weapons and rushed forward at Jiang Chen. They were left with no other option. Despite knowing that the opponent was a ferocious tiger, they had to rush forward no matter what.

“Humph! You useless trash. Neither of you are even qualified to die under my hands. Blood demon, come out and kill them all.”

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly, and under his command, a blood light rushed out from the paG.o.da, followed by another earth-shaking roar. Another blood demon king had appeared. The cultivation base of this blood demon king wasn’t as strong as the one battling against Yun Yi. Only an early Immortal Emperor, however it would still be too easy for him to eliminate all these half-step Immortal Emperor geniuses of Great Cloud Empire.

“Dammit! Another evil creature? How could this happen? Why are all these powerful evil creatures listening to Jiang Chen’s commands?”

“It’s too late. The cultivation base of this evil creature has already reached the early Immortal Emperor realm. We are no match for him.”


Some of them panicked as they could sense extreme danger from the blood demon king. That was a threat to their lives.


Regardless of what they were feeling right now, the blood demon king let out a roar and struck out its sharp claws at maximum speed, reaching one of them in the blink of an eye. The disciple cast out all his techniques to block the attack, but how could he possibly be a match for the blood demon king. No doubt, he was shredded to pieces and died on the spot.

“Run, quickly!”

When the other two saw what happened, they wheeled around and fled, ignoring the life of the Seventh Prince completely. These two could be said to be intelligent individuals as they fled in different directions.

Unfortunately, it was already too late for that. The blood demon king would never give them the chance. The blood demon king was incomparably fast. His left and right arm caught the two, then by exerting his barbaric strength, both of the geniuses collided with one another furiously.


Two screams were heard at the same time. The two half-step Immortal Emperor geniuses were crushed to pieces under the brute force despite their solid physique.

*Roar...* *Roar...*

The blood demon king roared frenziedly, hammering his chest constantly, as though killing the three was not enough for him. An evil creature like the blood demon was naturally bloodthirsty and likes to kill. Like the blood demon king Lao Da, he had also been confined in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da for too long. Now that he had the chance to slaughter people, he would naturally express all his fierceness and aggressiveness.

“Jiang Chen, you……”

Both of Yun Yi’s eyes turned red. He was angered to the extreme. Today, he was supposed to come here to kill the Crown Prince of Great Qian Empire. Just as planned, they had killed the Crown Prince which was something they should celebrate, but unexpectedly, Jiang Chen had popped out of nowhere. Jiang Chen was terrifyingly powerful and had subdued even the blood demons which killed all the geniuses of Great Cloud Empire within a few blinks. The Seventh Prince had been taken away by Jiang Chen. It didn’t seem possible for the Seventh Prince to live after all.


The blood demon king Lao Da wouldn’t give Yun Yi the chance to speak. He had received the order of Jiang Chen to kill Yun Yi, so he would do whatever it took to eliminate the target. Even if the target couldn’t be killed, he couldn’t allow the target to disturb his master.

Jiang Chen ignored Yun Yi. He didn’t intend to imprison Yun Yi. Given Yun Yi’s strength, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to stop him even with the help of the blood demon king, unless the monkey leaped out of the wondrous rock at this time.

“Jiang Chen, by killing me, you will start a war between the two great empires. At that time, Eastern Profound Domain will lose its peace. Can you afford this incident to happen?” The Seventh Prince warned.

“You have killed our Crown Prince, which makes the war inevitable. And I, Jiang Chen, am not concerned about the war at all. I only know that you wanted to kill me, so I have to kill you. Isn’t this fair?”

Jiang Chen spoke flatly. As he had already determined to kill Yun Zhangxiao today, nothing Yun Zhangxiao would say could deter his decision. Jiang Chen would definitely not leave the enemy who wanted him dead to live in this world.

“Haha! Never thought that given my intelligence, I would die in your hands eventually.”

Yun Zhangxiao burst into laughter all of a sudden. The sound of his laughter sounded sad and reluctant. He still had a great future, and could possibly become the Emperor of his empire. Now, everything was finished. All of his dreams would no longer exist.

“Die now.”

Jiang Chen was ruthless in his attack. He slapped Yun Zhangxiao’s head, killing him instantly. The brocade pouch fell into Jiang Chen’s hands. After killing Yun Zhangxiao, he had obtained the luck of two people, Yun Zhangxiao and the Crown Prince, but he wasn’t concerned of this kind of luck at all. Although these two were princes and had unusual luck, comparing theirs to Jiang Chen’s, theirs were just pitifully weak.

“Jiang Chen, you have killed the Seventh Prince. Be ready to face the vengeance of Great Cloud Empire. You will die very tragically and without a burial!”

Yun Yi used all his might to deflect the blood demon king’s attack, and after leaving a line of malicious words, he flew away in a blink.


The blood demon king roared furiously, ready to chase after him.

“No need to chase him.”

Jiang Chen spoke, ordering the blood demon king to stop. Since Yun Yi wanted to leave, it was no use chasing after him. Jiang Chen had already achieved his goal. Letting go of Yun Yi would be beneficial to him instead. He could borrow Yun Yi’s mouth to spread the words about today’s battle to other people, telling people that he had seek vengeance for the Crown Prince and killed the Seventh Prince of Great Cloud Empire. When the news spread, it would bring lots of benefits to him and Yang Bufan. The moment he returned to Great Qian Empire, his and Yang Bufan’s position would once again rise.

Regarding his status and ident.i.ty in Great Qian Empire, he didn’t care about them, but he wanted to do something for Yang Bufan. After all, the Crown Prince had died and this would leave only King Ping to compete against. This battle could create a good reputation for Yang Bufan that could indirectly suppress King Ping’s existence and raise King Fan’s status. This was what Jiang Chen wished to see.

The Great Qian Empire was merely a stage in Jiang Chen’s heart. He still had a long path to go. So he would never stay in this place forever, but while he was still there, he wanted to do something for Yang Bufan. He wanted to witness the growth of Yang Bufan and help Great Qian Empire build an unparalleled Emperor.

“You have let that b.a.s.t.a.r.d run away! Humph! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d is really lucky that Master Monkey hasn’t gotten out of this rock yet. Otherwise, Master Monkey would have sent the iron staff to his smelly b.u.t.t!” The voice of Dragon s.h.i.+san sounded from the wondrous rock. This dude seemed to be praising himself again.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen had no doubt about Dragon s.h.i.+san’s words. Even the mighty Nanbei Chao wasn’t a match for Dragon s.h.i.+san, so let alone a mere Yun Yi.

“His escape won’t do any harm to me. I can even borrow his mouth to spread today’s battle. I have to keep all the corpses of Crown Prince and the rest, so that I can claim my merit when I return. Hehe…”

Jiang Chen chuckled, then kept the Crown Prince’s, Yu Hao’s and the other two experts’ corpses in the paG.o.da as evidence.

“Crafty, but I like it.” Dragon s.h.i.+san praised Jiang Chen’s cunning act.

“Alright. After killing Yun Zhangxiao, I have vented out my feelings. What’s the next place we are heading to? Monkey, do you have any direction?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Continue going north, there’s an Immortal Vault there.” Dragon s.h.i.+san said.

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