Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1585 – What a great heart you have!

Chapter 1585 – What a great heart you have!

What a great heart you have!

Yu Hao’s sudden reaction stunned the Crown Prince, but immediately, extreme fury emerged in the Crown Prince’s eyes. There was no way he wouldn’t be angry about this.

“Haha! Crown Prince, did you see that? This shows you how much of a failure you are. Even before your death, you have to be betrayed by your man. A genius alchemist of your Great Qian Empire is going to seek refuge in our Great Cloud Empire.”

Yun Zhangxiao chuckled, not missing a chance to insult the Crown Prince, but he didn’t gave Yu Hao a second glance and his face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with hatred and contempt. Clearly, he hated people like this very much.

“You’re right, I truly am a failure in my life.”

The Crown Prince smiled bitterly and shook his head, suddenly feeling loneliness. Despite being the dignified Crown Prince, there wasn’t even a person who was willing to live and die with him. Yu Hao was the person he trusted the most. He wouldn’t have thought that Yu Hao would behave in such a way at this moment.

It was a total irony to him.

“Crown Prince, don’t blame me for this. I still have a good future. I don’t want to die like this in Golden Horizon. I hope you can understand my feelings. From now on, I, Yu Hao, am no longer a citizen of Great Qian Empire. I have taken refuge in Great Cloud Empire and become a loyal servant of the Seventh Prince.”

Yu Hao spoke solemnly to the Crown Prince. Such a man definitely had no dignity for doing such a thing just to live.

“Motherf***er! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too brazen! Master Monkey can’t continue watching this. If Master Monkey can leave the rock now, I would have sent him to h.e.l.l with my iron staff.” Dragon s.h.i.+san swore.

“There’s no need for you to do that. He won’t live today. Do you think Yun Zhangxiao would want someone like him?”

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth wore a hint of a smirk. Yu Hao took himself too seriously, thinking that his talent in alchemy would be valued by his opponent, but he had forgotten that Yun Zhangxiao was also an incredible alchemist. In front of Yun Zhangxiao, all of his advantages were gone.

Furthermore, did Yun Zhangxiao want someone who would betray his own master at the most critical moment? It might be true that Yun Zhangxiao was indifferent about Yu Hao from the beginning, but now, he was certainly disgusted by him.

“Humph! Yu Hao, you really think you are qualified enough to live?”

The Crown Prince harrumphed coldly. In such a close distance, he could have killed Yu Hao on the spot, but he didn’t do so because he knew that Yu Hao wouldn’t live. He understood Yun Zhangxiao more thoroughly than Yu Hao. He wanted to let Yu Hao know how foolish the choice he had made was.

*Pu Chi!*

Just as the Crown Prince’s words were about to fade, Yun Zhangxiao’s long sword pierced through Yu Hao’s skull with a pu chi sound. Blood spattered out, until Yu Hao died. Yu Hao truly had no idea why this would happen. He was sure that he had stated his intention pretty clearly and felt that he would be greatly valued wherever he went. A young genius alchemist was a fortune to a major power. He was clueless why Yun Zhangxiao would kill him and why Yun Zhangxiao would kill him first before Crown Prince.

“Bah! Tras.h.!.+” Yun Zhangxiao spat at Yu Hao’s corpse.

Yu Hao’s end told everyone in the world to never put oneself in an overly high and important position. One’s life and death always depended on luck. Never leave behind an act that would disgust everyone after you died.

There was no doubt that Yu Hao would die today, but he had chosen the most cowardly way to die. Supposedly, he could’ve died in a very heroic way like the previous two, and his name would be remembered by the geniuses of Great Qian Empire. Even though his name would also be remembered now, his name would only be the object of disrespect and swearing.

“Crown Prince, now it’s your turn. What else do you have to say?”

Yun Zhangxiao looked over at the Crown Prince. Killing a powerful opponent had excited him very much. At least, this was an opponent that had earned his respect.

“Come on, today, I may have fallen into your hands. There’s nothing that I have to say.”

The Crown Prince closed his eyes and made no attempt to resist. Given his current strength, he was no longer a match for Yun Zhangxiao, and there was an even more powerful opponent, Yun Yin, standing behind. In this situation, he wouldn’t have any chance to flee. Since there was no way to escape, he could only accept his fate.

“Good. Crown Prince, you can be considered as someone I admire. After killing you, I will tell the people of the world that you, the Crown Prince, died in my hands.”

Yun Zhangxiao said, then thrust the sword forth. Without any resistance, Crown Prince let the sword pierce through his forehead and died.

“Stop! How dare you kill the Crown Prince of Great Qian Empire?”

As soon as the sword went into Crown Prince’s head, a bellow rang from afar. After that, a man in white robe raced forth with murderous momentum.

“How shameless!” Dragon s.h.i.+san couldn’t help but swear.

Jiang Chen was too good at picking the right timing. He used the moment when Yun Zhangxiao killed the Crown Prince to create an illusion that he was just a bit late. Not only would this help achieve his goal, but also irritate the Crown Prince before he died.

Putting aside the hostile relations.h.i.+p between Jiang Chen and the Crown Prince, the concepts of having no one to rescue him and the rescuer being late was different to the Crown Prince. The former would bring him despair and no sign of hope. Although the latter would bring him a glimmer of hope, his rescuer had come late which cost him his life in the end.

The Crown Prince was clueless if Jiang Chen had done this on purpose or had already put aside all their grudges and conflicts. Anyhow, he felt very depressed by the situation. Of course, that wouldn’t prevent him from dying.


The Crown Prince rolled his eyes and let out a curse before falling to the ground.

“Crown Prince, Crown Prince, not good! The Crown Prince is dead. Yun Zhangxiao, how dare you kill our empire’s Crown Prince? What audacity! I, Jiang Chen, am going to avenge Crown Prince’s death.”

Jiang Chen exclaimed, and then bellowed angrily as he turned into his dragon-form. He seemed to be in agony and determined to have his revenge. Judging from his looks, it seemed like the Crown Prince was his blood brother. If the Crown Prince was still alive, one would wonder if the Crown Prince would be touched by his act.

“Shameless, totally shameless, I could surely say, Master Monkey can’t be compared to him.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san’s face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with conviction. He had never seen such shamelessness – a person who could borrow the hands of another to kill so naturally. This was what’s truly called using one stone to kill two birds. Not only would this eliminate the Crown Prince, but also give Jiang Chen an excuse to end Yun Zhangxiao’s life. Additionally, it would also create a good reputation for himself for being a sensible and forgiving person. So it should be killing three birds with one stone!

“Jiang Chen?”

The sudden emergence of this murderous person made Yun Zhangxiao dumbstruck, as the reaction was too much and sounded as though Yun Zhangxiao had killed the incomer’s own dad. However, after confirming that it was Jiang Chen, Yun Zhangxiao’s eyes widened delightfully.

“Haha! This is what they said ‘one will search high and low only to find it when one least expect it to’, Jiang Chen, instead of slipping away the moment you saw me, you have come to confront me instead. Has your brain been kicked by a donkey?” Yun Zhangxiao chuckled and said smugly.

“Yun Zhangxiao. You think you are powerful enough to kill me? Why don’t you take a look at your own idiotic character? You must be exceedingly audacious to kill my empire’s Crown Prince. I, Jiang Chen, will now have my revenge.”

Jiang Chen spoke sternly, displaying a look of pain. If one wasn’t aware of the infighting, one would really think that Jiang Chen and the Crown Prince were some kind of good friends. This was what rendered Yun Zhangxiao speechless. Others might not know about the situation within Great Qian Empire, but he had no doubt about it. Jiang Chen and the Crown Prince were enemies. Jiang Chen was the genius of King Fan. A while ago, the Crown Prince had suggested for them to work together and kill Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen had now come seeking vengeance for the Crown Prince’s death. What the h.e.l.l was going on here?

“Jiang Chen, are you sick? The Crown Prince even wanted to have you killed earlier. Now, you just stormed out of nowhere to avenge his murder? Shouldn’t you feel happy about his death?” Yun Zhangxiao asked.

“Why should I be f***ing happy about that? Although the Crown Prince has regarded me as his enemy, in Golden Horizon, our empire, the Great Qian Empire, is the most united of all. So the true enemy is you. I have witnessed you killing the Crown Prince, so if I don’t avenge his death, won’t I be looked down upon?” Jiang Chen spoke in a solemn tone, making him sound like a heroic figure.

Yun Zhangxiao rolled his eyes ferociously and almost spurted out blood. Even he didn’t know if what Jiang Chen said was true. All the so-called unity was bullsh*t. There were battles everywhere in the Immortal World. If there was a chance to end your enemy’s life, who would be willing to let it go? He absolutely wouldn’t believe that Jiang Chen have such a big heart.

Nevertheless, all of these were no longer important. He didn’t care what motive Jiang Chen had in coming here. Since Jiang Chen had come, he had to stay. The person Yun Zhangxiao truly hated the most in Great Qian Empire wasn’t the Crown Prince or King Fan, but this Jiang Chen. Back then, in Dan Prefecture, Jiang Chen had humiliated him. This incident had been kept in his heart for so long. If he couldn’t vent this anger out, he would get angry at whoever he saw. It was the same stifled feeling that Jiang Chen had felt when he was being chased by Nanbei Chao non-stop.

“You are that Jiang Chen?”

Yun Yi looked over at Jiang Chen and asked flatly. After confirming Jiang Chen’s cultivation base, contempt and disdain overflowed his eyes. Given his intermediate Immortal Emperor cultivation base, how could he put an intermediate Immortal King in his eyes.

“Yes.” Yun Zhangxiao gritted his teeth and said.

“Seventh Prince, it’s really unthinkable for you to be defeated by such a man.” Yun Yi chuckled.

This mockery had undoubtedly stung the wound in Yun Zhangxiao’s heart once more.

“After killing him, I will be able to wash away all my previous humiliation.” Yun Zhangxiao spoke maliciously.

“Seventh Prince, there’s no need for you to deal with such a small figure. Let your subordinate kill him for you.”

A half-step Immortal Emperor disciple suggested and lunged at Jiang Chen.

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