Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1581 – Dragon *Shishan

Chapter 1581 – Dragon *Shishan

Dragon *s.h.i.+shan

The Fiery Golden Eyes was too horrifying. Not even the Eye of Heaven was a match for it. With a pu chi, Nanbei Chao’s originally sharp eyes spurt out blood abruptly.


Nanbei Chao placed his hands on his eyes, then wailed miserably. His eyes were badly damaged. This was an unimaginable blow to him. It was the greatest pain even to a majestic Immortal Venerable.

“You f***ing monkey! You have ruined my Eye of Heaven! Dammit!”

Nanbei Chao’s blond hair fluttered. Both of his eyes were full of bloodstain. He was extremely angered and was almost about to go crazy. The loss of the Eye of Heaven was hard for him to accept, as it wasn’t an easy task for the damaged Eye of Heaven to recover.

“d.a.m.n! This monkey is overpowering.”

Jiang Chen gaped with rarely shown astonishment. He wasn’t just astonished, but shocked as well. This monkey only used his eyes to severely injure Nanbei Chao. If he wasn’t seeing this with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it even if he was threatened to death.

The blame, however, was on the misfortune of Nanbei Chao. His eyes were hurt because he had let his guard down. Given his strength, he didn’t seem so defenceless. And the thing that truly shocked Jiang Chen was that the power of the Fiery Golden Eyes was even more powerful than the Eye of Heaven. Nanbei Chao’s Eye of Heaven couldn’t even stand a blow under the s.h.i.+ne of the Fiery Golden Eyes.

The Fiery Golden Eyes was the innate ability inherited from the first generation Invincible Monkey King. Even the legendary Eye of Heaven was no match for the Fiery Golden Eyes. The situation ahead was a perfect example.

“Still want to act so arrogantly in front of Master Monkey even after your eyes are blinded? If I don’t teach you some lesson, you really won’t know Master Monkey’s power.”

The monkey’s momentum was tremendous. The iron staff he swung reached Nanbei Chao in the blink of an eye and smashed at Nanbei Chao’s body. Nanbei Chao’s response was extremely quick, however. Although his vision was temporarily blinded, his senses were incomparably keen. An armour appeared on his body’s surface at once. It was the Immortal Armour.


When Nanbei Chao was heavily hit by the iron staff, he was sent flying unknowingly far away.

“Stupid monkey! Jiang Chen, I will remember today’s score. The next we meet, I will kill you all!”

Nanbei Chao’s voice trailed off and vanished. Despite his mighty power, he was still sent flying away by the iron staff of the monkey. The scene was certainly astonis.h.i.+ng, at least to Jiang Chen. He raised his thumbs up to the monkey from the bottom of his heart. Apart from admiration, he was also filled with grat.i.tude. If it wasn’t because of the emergence of the monkey today, his life would absolutely be in total danger. Not only would he die, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da would also be destroyed.

The monkey kept the iron staff, shaking his head and swaggering towards Jiang Chen in a way as if n.o.body on earth could beat him. “Let me introduce myself. I’m Dragon s.h.i.+san, you can call me Brother s.h.i.+san from now on.”

“Brother Monkey is truly a majestic Battle Saint Ape. If it wasn’t for the help of Brother Monkey, my life would have been capsized.”

Jiang Chen raised a thumbs up for Dragon s.h.i.+san and spoke with utmost sincerity. It was hard for him to imagine how he would get away from Nanbei Chao’s entanglement if Dragon s.h.i.+san didn’t emerge in time.

Besides, he could only smile at Nanbei Chao’s fate. By encountering him, Nanbei Chao was doomed to fail. Whether it was Nanbei Chao’s clones in the world below, or his true self in the Immortal World. As long as Nanbei Chao encountered him, Nanbei Chao would be in bad luck. A potential monarch that could possibly conquer the entire world would, in the end, be defeated by Jiang Chen.

Today’s situation was also the same. Although Nanbei Chao’s power was far greater than Jiang Chen’s, luck wasn’t by his side. Not only was he not able to kill Jiang Chen, his eyes were blinded by the monkey as well. How unlucky was that!

This was the first setback Nanbei Chao had encountered in the Immortal World. Although it was Dragon s.h.i.+san who fought the battle, it all began from Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen hadn’t taken the wondrous rock, Dragon s.h.i.+san wouldn’t be born today.

Jiang Chen didn’t ask Dragon s.h.i.+san to pursue Nanbei Chao because he knew very well that Nanbei Chao hadn’t run out of luck and was still at his top condition. Even if Dragon s.h.i.+san hunted Nanbei Chao down, it didn’t seem that he could take Nanbei Chao’s life, given the amount of means Nanbei Chao had. More importantly, Jiang Chen wanted to deal with his mortal enemy by himself. As long as Nanbei Chao still existed, Jiang Chen would never be lonely, and this would be the motivation for his continuous growth.

“What’s with all the fancy words? It isn’t the time for Master Monkey to be born yet. If it wasn’t because of that stupid idiot, Master Monkey wouldn’t have come out and wasted so much energy. I will now return. Place the rock in the spatial zone of thirty-third level. This will aid me in my birth. All right. This will be it,” Dragon s.h.i.+san said.

With a flash, he got into the wondrous rock once more. The golden brilliant rock dimmed at once, returning to its original look. If one didn’t look at it closely, one wouldn’t be able to detect anything unusual from it.

Seeing the monkey returning to the wondrous rock once more, Jiang Chen finally understood why the wondrous rock didn’t explode. It hadn’t reached the time for Dragon s.h.i.+san to come out yet. Due to the fact that the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was about to be destroyed by Nanbei Chao, the monkey had no choice but to act.

Jiang Chen didn’t dare to neglect it, he hastily moved the rock to thirty-third level. The temporal rule of thirty times was extremely beneficial to the gestation of the monkey king. It could vastly shorten the time taken for Dragon s.h.i.+san to be born.

“The birth of such an immemorial creature represents defying the heaven. It won’t do any good at all to force his birth, and would have harmful effects on his body. I really couldn’t imagine how powerful this b.a.s.t.a.r.d become after his birth.”

Jiang Chen sighed. There were some incomparably powerful creatures existing in this Heaven and Earth. Their bodies contained immemorial bloodlines and incredible battle spirit. Once a being like this was born, it would shake the whole world. They were the children of the Heaven who had ma.s.sive fortune and luck. Dragon s.h.i.+san was definitely such a being.

That Battle Saint Ape had fused with the Golden War Dragon, which gave him two types of divine beasts bloodline, and inherited the Fiery Golden Eyes of the Battle Saint Ape. Once such a heaven defying figure walked on the world, no one could tell how much chaos it would create.

Jiang Chen began to have some antic.i.p.ation. He even antic.i.p.ated the scene of him, fighting side by side with Dragon s.h.i.+san. The mere thought of it stirred his emotions.

The crisis had been resolved, but his severe injuries had yet to heal. Now he needed to recover as soon as possible.

The Golden Horizon has already been opened for a long time. I must race against the time now. Fortunately, I have the thirty-third level. This time, even the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had suffered serious damage and needed repair. I can only emerge again after achieving full recovery.

Jiang Chen thought to himself. The most urgent task at hand was to heal his injuries now. He needed to remain vigilant and at the top of his game at all times in the Golden Horizon as danger could be found everywhere. Only then could he cope with any sudden change.

Jiang Chen didn’t leave the region and had hidden himself in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. In the thirty-third level, he sat cross-legged beside the wondrous rock and began his seclusion, speedily circulating the dragon transformation skill and wood spiritual qi to heal his injuries.

Although the degree of his injuries was severe, his foundation and origin weren’t damaged. So there was no trouble for him. Given his terrifying speed of recovery, it wouldn’t take long for him to be full recovered. It was just that it wouldn’t be very easy to restore the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Luckily, the paG.o.da was still far from collapsing. As soon as he recovered, he would have to kill some powerful evil creatures for the paG.o.da to absorb and restore its original condition.

Jiang Chen stayed in the thirty-third level, he was not afraid that Nanbei Chao would return.

As Nanbei Chao’s Eye of Heaven had been destroyed by the Fiery Golden Eyes, he must need some time to recover. So, he wouldn’t dare come and cause Jiang Chen more trouble. After all, he had no knowledge that Dragon s.h.i.+san had only temporarily gotten out of the wondrous rock.

“I have been separated from Big Yellow and Sister Ning, but Sister Ning is under the protection of Big Yellow. So, there shouldn’t be a problem. This is the right time for her to seek her own opportunities.”

When Jiang Chen thought of Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu, despite the slight worries that he had, he was still very confident in Big Yellow. With the presence of Big Yellow, it wouldn’t be easy for anyone to harm Wu Ningzhu. He was afraid that he was at least a dozen miles away from the Broken Edge Cliff. The previous chase had brought him to an unknown place. He didn’t even know which part of the Golden Horizon he was.

However, all of these weren’t important. The most important thing now was to recover to his original state.

On the Broken Edge Cliff, Nanbei Chao hadn’t returned for a long time. More and more people were attracted to this place due to the spreading words, but the main character was nowhere to be seen. So, plenty of them began to leave due to impatience and disappointment.

“What’s going on? Didn’t he set up an arena to challenge all the geniuses of the world? Why did he disappear all of a sudden?”

“I think this Young Master Chao is no longer interested in the challenge, After all, not even Mo Wuqing was his match. A genius like him is just too scary. It seems like he’s truly the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign.”

“I thought I had seen him go after a young man. I wonder what has happened.”

“It seemed so. I saw it too. But that young man seemed to have an early Immortal King cultivation base. I don’t think Young Master Chao will waste his time on him.”

“Let’s go. Disperse now. Don’t waste your precious time here. There are loads of treasures in Golden Horizon. We better continue searching for our fortunes.”


*s.h.i.+san – thirteen in mandarin.

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