Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1580 2 – Fiery Golden Eyes

Chapter 1580 2 – Fiery Golden Eyes

Fiery Golden Eyes

“This is a formidable ancient creature! Truly terrifying. Big Yellow’s right. The wondrous rock isn’t simple at all.” Jiang Chen was astonished. This ancient creature was overly strong. It had created such a huge commotion just after its birth. Nevertheless, the emergence of this monkey had excited Jiang Chen very much as it seemed that the monkey was standing on his side. In that case, it would become very difficult for Nanbei Chao to kill him.


The monkey moved. It stretched out its palm and grabbed for the iron staff. As though it had been summoned, the metal staff turned back into a 3 meter weapon and fell into its hand, and was twirled by the monkey with ease.

The monkey lifted his head, instead of looking at Nanbei Chao, he looked at Jiang Chen and then spoke a word that almost made Jiang Chen cough out blood.


This was the first greeting of the monkey. Jiang Chen staggered and almost fell from the sky. If it wasn’t because he had spurted out too much blood today, he estimated that he would have spurted out another mouthful of blood. What kind of f***ing greeting was this? Cursing someone on the first meeting? Jiang Chen carefully recalled and was sure that he didn’t offend this monkey lord before.

“If you had placed Master Monkey in the thirty-third level, Master Monkey would have already been born earlier!” The monkey spoke angrily.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen was stunned and became speechless, because what the monkey said was true. If the wondrous rock was placed in the thirty-third level, the monkey wouldn’t have to wait for so long to be born. No wonder the monkey called him a ‘fool’. Now it seemed that he was indeed a fool to have forgotten that.

However, during the time he obtained the wondrous rock, the thirty-third level was yet to be opened. As such, he had totally forgotten about the rock after condensing the thirty-third level.

To Jiang Chen’s amazement, although this monkey had always been in the wondrous rock, it seemed to know what had been happening outside. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have known about the thirty-third level.

After that, the monkey wheeled around to face Nanbei Chao. Limitless fury and killing intent instantly burst out from its sharp eyes.

“You idiot! You have almost ruined the cultivating place of Master Monkey! You should be sentenced to death!”

The monkey was incomparably arrogant. At least he was much more arrogant than Nanbei Chao, he acted as though n.o.body on earth could beat him.

“Battle Saint Ape…Jiang Chen, I never thought that you have hidden a Battle Saint Ape on your side.”

Nanbei Chao saw through the origin of the monkey and displayed a look of shock. The Battle Saint Ape was an immemorial battle creature and an extremely rare divine beast.

Never thought that a Battle Saint Ape was hidden in the wondrous rock. There are two species of apes in the ancient times – they were the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape and Battle Saint Ape. I didn’t expect that I could actually see both. The one being sealed in the spatial zone in Genius Prefecture by Senior Yang Junnlong was a Heaven Devouring Devil Ape. And the one ahead is a Battle Saint Ape.

Jiang Chen was startled. He had heard about the legends of the Battle Saint Ape before. Rumour has it that the first Battle Saint Ape burst out of the rock. After that, he joined the Buddha Sect and became an ancient Great Buddha. This ape was one with the complete bloodline of a Battle Saint Ape and was a rare descendant.

“Battle Saint Ape? Humph! You really looked down too much on Master Monkey’s bloodline. That alone will cost you your life.” The monkey harrumphed coldly. There was a rush of fury of being disdained inside of him.

This immemorial creature’s body seems to possess not only one type of bloodline. Let me use my Eye of Heaven to find out more.

Nanbei Chao immediately cast out the Eye of Heaven. As he scanned the body of the monkey, his facial expression changed dramatically.

It is a Battle Saint Ape! Its body has integrated with the bloodlines of immemorial Battle Saint Ape and Golden War Dragon. How could such a specie be born into the Heavens and Earth?

Nanbei Chao was shocked to death. His Eye of Heaven had seen through the ability of the monkey. As the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign, he knew loads of stuff. Which explained why he could see through the monkey. But immediately, the astonishment on his face turned to delight.

“Haha! Jiang Chen, I never thought that you will present me such a huge gift before your death. This Battle Saint Ape will also be killed by me. I will obtain limitless benefits by extracting its bloodline. This monkey is a ma.s.sive treasure. Its bloodline is even greater than the Golden Crow Bloodline of the Golden Clan. Haha! Sure enough, I, Nanbei Chao, am the one with the most vigorous luck under the Heavens and Earth. This monkey is going to be my greatest harvest in my expedition here.”

“What are you laughing at? You p.r.i.c.k! And your pair of eyes is truly annoying! You are courting death! Fiery Golden Eyes!”

The monkey seemed to have lost his temper. The fact that Nanbei Chao was using the Eye of Heaven to scan his body from top to bottom disgusted him.

With a yell, two flaming mountains appeared in his pair of eyes. Intense fire was spurted out. Or it should be said that the red light turned into flames. These two rays of light was enough to destroy everything. The Eye of Heaven that Nanbei Chao was so proud of seemed so insignificant under the s.h.i.+ne of the Fiery Golden Eyes.

*Pu Chi!*

Divine light was shot out from the Fiery Golden Eyes, eradicating the light emitted from the Eye of Heaven and shooting right into Nanbei Chao’s eyes without warning!

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